Zhanjiang special attractions and food recommendations

Zhanjiang, the southernmost tip of mainland China. There are sea, fleet, oil, seafood, food, coconut trees, beach... Zhanjiang, also the hometown of my husband, so I
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Zhanjiang, the southernmost tip of mainland China. There are seas, fleets, oil, seafood, food, coconut trees, beaches... Zhanjiang is also the hometown of my husband, so my feelings for this city are more subtle than others.

Zhanjiang featured attractions recommended

Zhanjiang Bay Bridge

Zhanjiang Bay Bridge is known as "", the first cross-sea bridge in Guangdong Province", connecting Zhanjiang City-Polatou-Wuchuan. Before the bridge is open to traffic, the people of Zhanjiang are very inconvenient to cross the sea by ship. The Bay Bridge has concentrated thousands of The hard work of more than four years from the builders of the north and the south has condensed countless efforts and sweat, and finally presented to the world perfectly.

In the warm sunshine, under the blue sky and the blue sky, a bridge flies on both sides of the east and west, and the scene of the dragon vacant is in sight, flying like a rainbow across the sea, giving off a dazzling brilliance!

Zhanjiang Bay Bridge

Tips: The
best spot to watch the Zhanjiang Bay Bridge is at the China-Australia Friendship Garden.

Techeng Island: “Maldives” in Zhanjiang

Special island

In the beautiful Zhanjiang Bay, there is such a beautiful island - Techeng Island, you need to buy a ticket to the island. In the modern history of China, Techeng Island became the bastion of the Guangdong people to fight against foreign aggressors. With special wisdom and courage, the special person guards this deep island fishing village. Surrounded by half of the islands are mangroves, which have been grown for thousands of years in ancient woods, densely tied, towering, and flying birds. When entering the forest at low tide, I saw that the roots of the mangrove trees are thick, the trunks are flexed, the leaves are burgeoning, and the fruits are beaded, giving a kind of spirit and strength.

Special island

There are hundreds of warships that have been anchored and stranded on the island, and there are hundreds of huts that have been covered by the ivy. The island has an elegant environment and unique scenery.

Special island

Next to the special island is the Chinese South China Sea Fleet.

Special island

Zhanjiang special food recommendation

In these years, I have traveled through many cities in Guangdong, and I am most attracted to me or the most appetizing for me, or Zhanjiang cuisine.

Morning Tea | Chinatown Hotel Restaurant

I have to drink morning tea in Guangdong. I have eaten a lot of morning tea in Zhanjiang. The most favorite is the Chinatown Hotel Restaurant. It is best to take the place at 8 o'clock on weekends and holidays. The business is excellent.
Address : No. 48, Leshan Avenue

Morning tea at Chinatown Hotel Restaurant

Raw rice porridge | old porridge file

Nowadays, seafood, birds and raw rice are placed in the pot to boil the raw rice porridge. The porridge absorbs the savory taste of seafood or birds, and the taste is extraordinarily pure. Zhanjiang seafood is fresh enough and it is also a must.
Address : No. 1 Leshan East Road

Old porridge file

Sister pig soup

A seemingly dirty and messy queue, but it is the favorite of Zhanjiang people, absolutely authentic old shop! Pork soup, 15 yuan for two people, Tang Qing sweet no smell, although light, but really very fragrant.

Sister pig soup


Zhanjiang's oysters, huge heads, fat and juicy. In Zhanjiang, the most popular method of oysters is fresh oysters baked in charcoal, directly topped with soy sauce and mustard, sipped into the mouth, waiting for the simmering juice to burst in the mouth, with the spicy squid of the mustard, delicious No.
I once ate 36 mustard oysters and continued to eat the next day. I couldn’t stop. After passing through Foshan, Beihai and other places, and looking for oysters, the size is generally doubled, and the meat is not small.
Zhanjiang's oysters, if used to make garlic, spicy, I think it is really arrogant. Be sure to eat it as it is.

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