Zhujiajiao 丨 Shanghai's most low-key luxury hotel even hidden here!

The shelter is not just to sleep, watch TV, keep luggage so simple. Good hotel, full of local characteristics of the inn allows you to experience a more complete holiday experience on the road. And Zhujiajiao this ancient town and the combination of literary and artistic temperament, must hide a lot of temperament and have to force the hotel, the inn. Let's go and see now.

One, in the meditation house soak a pool of warm soup, to find Kyoto life

【Key words】 high-end atmosphere on the grade, Japanese, tea, hot spring private soup
【Recommended index】 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
from the city center about an hour's drive in the town of alley, there is a courtyard called Zhu Do not stay, you can feel authentic Kyoto life.

Japanese-style tatami bed, table and table with tea and snacks. "Tong" is a luxury suite, so the room has a private bag of barrels, as well as dry landscape courtyard.

The hotel is a 3-minute walk from the river to the release bridge, which is conveniently located in the town. Hotel supporting the quiet meditation of the meditation, hot springs and other experiences are good, there are dinner Japanese birthday hi burning package, said to be platinum and cattle, the price is also a little expensive, but taste no words. That is, the room is not soundproof.

The room is completely full of Japanese decoration, had high is not high, the bedroom area needs slippers to enter, the room will not only make the Japanese style is reasonable, and the outside of the temple outside the wind in the wind white stone into the room landscape , Very hard, and surrounded by small stones.

Jurie Hotel & Spa

Hotel Address: No.
368, Xinfeng Road, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China Tel: 400-404-6281
Reference Price: RMB 1,600 /

Second, the great hidden in the city 丨 Shanghai's most low-key luxury hotel

【Key words】 low-key luxury, Chinese-style courtyard, retro, high-end atmosphere to force the grid high
【recommended level】 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
high luxury rhyme, originality of the secluded life has always been the hotel control the heart of the holiday model. Zhujiajiao Anlu Hotel West from the Pearl River Road, east of Zhuhu Road, South Park Garden Road, north of Yuejin River, simple brick walls and wooden doors will be the hotel area and the hustle and bustle of the road completely isolated, the entrance is extremely low- Only a humble dark Anlu (AHN LUH) signs as a guide, big hidden in the city. One went in, completely do not have the realm, the traditional space and modern combination, originality.

The hotel is around the Wufeng floor and the ancient stage of the two ancient buildings as the core and built

The hotel has a total of 35 townhouses, ranging from 120 square meters to 680 square meters, full of warm, all with panoramic garden view or independent exclusive private garden. And the hotel's overall antique feeling different, the room is full of warm and comfortable, pattern, furniture and lighting can reflect the design sense. And some furnishings are revealed the Chinese style wind It is worth mentioning that the mattress brand is the Swedish national treasure DUX.

The hotel is invited by Mr. Nicholas Fung from Malaysia to surgeon and interior design. Nicholas is a leader in the design of luxury hotels.
At the same time, the Australian lighting designer Flaming Beacon Mr. Zhu Jiajiao in charge of the lighting design, so that this ancient building is not only spectacular towering day, at night also exudes charming charm.

Third, Zhujiajiao Royal Tulip Garden Hotel

【Key words】 vacation, business, parenting, convenient
【Recommended level】 ★ ★ ★ ★
Shanghai Zhujiajiao Royal Jin Xu Garden Hotel is located in Qingpu District Jiangnan town - Zhujiajiao tourist attractions, is a high-quality holiday business hotel, 33327 square meters. The overall style of the hotel is simple and elegant, and you can see the decorative art of the flowers and trees, the beautiful water pictures, the bridges that the city's hotels do not have, the pavilions are decorated with the unique pond landscape of Jiangnan town and the luxurious yacht filled with modern leisure spirit Interdependent, as if exposure to the paradise.

Four, Zhujiajiao persimmon park inn

【Key words】 Huizhou architecture, classical, garden
【Recommended level】 ★ ★ ★ ★
persimmon Park Inn is located in Shanghai Qingpu District Zhujiajiao ancient town scenic area, is a classical garden style inn. Nine Street by the water Pang River, more than a thousand residential buildings Lin River built, a small bridge water people scene. Persimmon park inn and Zhujiajiao attractions release bridge, garden 100 meters away. Persimmon Inn was originally a private house with a private garden, specially invited Huizhou architectural experts, ancient Huizhou old craftsmen to transform, using a large number of Huizhou three birds. Exquisite public space, each with design sense of the room, high-end bedding, electric flush toilet, 100 trillion fiber optic Internet. The courtyard has a stone bridge, rockery, fountain; tightly connected to the Cao Hong Kong River can drink tea, hammer fishing, sun in the sun across the river round Temple from time to time the bells make people feel calm mind calm. Whether it is alone travel, or leisure vacation, bring family or three five friends, come here on the day the water quiet life, find the real self ...

Five, Zhujiajiao see time inn

【Key words】 coffee, viewing, leisurely, good location
[Recommended level] ★ ★ ★ ★
Shanghai Zhujiajiao see the time inn is located in Shanghai Qingpu District Zhujiajiao West Lake Street, quiet surroundings, convenient traffic, only 40 meters away from the Qing Post Office The The inn has two separate second floor water features residential, the first floor has Zhujiajiao the largest near water terrace, the first floor of the coffee tea room painting and folk display; second floor ad hoc two large river view balcony room, the good time to see here The

To the town, the best of the inn, the first environment, the balcony side by the river, living room side of the street, the first floor for the cafe and teahouse, the second floor of the two rooms, the cafe which is the boss of their own Hand, very literary Fan, there is no lack of literati Artist art of the improvisation. Besides the proprietress, see it as if it is to describe her, very warm hospitality guests at night boss will get off work, the store entirely by the guests themselves, if the evening has the interest to drink tea and the proprietress said she will stay tea tea, but also Help the guests to book breakfast wonton, very recommended.

To Zhujiajiao, I heard that the scenery at night even more well, choose a inn, seated the window, watching the bridge water people, feel this moment of leisurely it!

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