Deep in Ngari region of Tibet, Ali South and the northern line of tourist routes recommended

West of Tibet, is the real Tibet! Tibet Western secret, heaven Ali.
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Ali is the roof of the "roof of the world", many people think that Ali is not suitable for the first time to Tibet people to go, because Ali's high altitude, poor climate, I do not fully agree with this argument. I think the biggest reason is that Ali as an extension of the western line of travel in Tibet, the main consideration is the time problem. Tibet has a vast territory, if you want to play once in Tibet, not a month is playing endless, and more need two months. So the elevation can only be said that one of the reasons is not important, it is important that you have time!


How to visit in the Ali region? How many days should the Ali region be visited?

Ali South Line: the simplest, the shortest time to play, it takes eight days. The main attractions: Mount Everest, Lake Manasarovar, Lake Raksas Tal, Mt. Kailash, Pulan, Zada;

Ali Big North Line: Ali will experience a line, it is a combination of Ali South and the North line, highly adventurous, take 13 to 16 days. The main attractions: the holy mountain holy lake (Gang Rinpoche, Lake Manasarovar), Zada Tulin, ancient Guge Dynasty ruins, Lake Palgon, Selinco, Dangreyongco, Shuanghu, Pu Ruogangri glaciers, Namtso the Holy Elephant Heaven Door.


Ali South Line 8 days

Trip Overview: Lhasa - Sheep Lake - Mount Everest - Ma Pang Yumco - Gang Rinpoche - Zada Tulin - Guge Dynasty ruins;

Day 1: Lhasa - Sheep Lake - Shigatse

Day 2: Shigatse - Lazi - Saga

Day 3: Saga - Zhongba - Ma next Yumi - Pulan

Day 4: Pulan - Zada - Guge Dynasty ruins

Day 5: Guge - Tachin - Gang Rinpoche

Day 6: Tachin - Saga

Day 7: Saga - Shigatse

Day 8: Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Temple - Lhasa


South Line Day 1: Lhasa - Sheep Lake - Shigatse


Starting from the Lhasa, along the 318 National Road and Lhasa River to the southwest, over the county, turn to the provincial highway 307, you can see one of the three holy lakes on the road Yamdrok. After returning to 318 National Road, stay in the city of Xigaze at night. The whole about 360 km, the main viewing and stay of the attractions are Yamdrok.

Yamdrok referred to as the Sheep Lake, and Lake Manasarovar, Namco and said the three major Tibetan gods in Tibet, is my favorite (Namtso in the north of Lhasa, one day round and round; Lake Manasarovar in the Ali region, climate And the environment are more difficult). Sheep Lake is located in the Shannan area Langkazi County, the lake's entire shape branches, like coral, light blue lake, moist jade. Lake elevation of 4100 meters, standing in the snow-capped mountains, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, looked from the mountain, the light of the reflection of the holy lake more dazzling. Lake color is better than Qinghai Lake and Namtso! The Sheep Lake is the end of the southeast of Tibet, Tibet is also the starting point of the ring line. If you want to visit the viewing platform, tickets 40 yuan.

South Line Day 2: Shigatse - Lazi - Sang Sang Town - Saga


Today, the plateau desert and grassland landscape-based, will pass the 318 National Road 5000 km monument, the morning will be followed by 219 National Road, a small lake - Lang Co and Anren County, Angrenjin Co, At noon, you can be in the county of Sang Sang town to eat rest. At afternoon, you mainly to grassland-based, began to enter the sparsely populated place. Sky, mountains and lakes, all the way vast expanse. Stay in Saga at night.

Lhaze County is a more suitable for the rest of the county seat, a lot of cars to Ali will be here in the way to stop refueling to buy supplies. The county is small, the population is small, very quiet. But because we just came out from the Shigatse 4 hours, so do not stay in Lazi, but continue west along the 219 National Road arrived in Sang San town stop. Sang Sang is the largest town on the National Highway 219.


  1. west of the way, there will be a lot of checkpoints, check the ID card and border card. After a few kilometers after the Lazi, State Road 219 and State Road 318 intersection there is a big checkpoint.
  2. On the way to the gas station on the toilet may encounter the phenomenon of being charged, so please say hello in advance whether the charges. I went to Ali last year to go to Ali, passing Sang Sang town, in the town of a gas station on the toilet, come out to receive a 10 dollars, too affect the mood, you self-driving friends please note.
  3. This section of the road there is a point (note that I said is a point) can see Everest, turn to see after the turn, because there was no village before and after, so this need to observe carefully, find a specific location after the map to see the location , To facilitate future small partner reference.

South Line Day 3: Saga - Zhongba - Lake Manasarovar - Pulan


Today began to travel to the real snow - the Ali area. Here is the most wild of China, with a vast grassland, rolling snow-capped mountains, holy lake, today you can see the Tibetan wild donkey, Tibetan antelope, Tibetan gazelle and other wild animals. Afternoon will see the mountain - Gang Rinpoche, St. Lake - Manasarovar, which is China's Tibet, India, Nepal, Bhutan and other multi-ethnic common mountain holy lake. And there are separated from the side of the Magistrate,

Gang Rinpoche and Yunnan Meili Snow Mountain, Qinghai Amne Machin, Gaduo Juewo, and said Tibetan Buddhism four gods. Gangdise mountains such as a dragon lying on the vast plateau in Ali, Gangrenpoqi is the main peak of the Gangdise Mountains, although only 6656 meters above sea level, but it is recognized as the king of mountains. The name of the god of the river is the world, because it is also known as the center of the world by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan native religion and ancient jurisprudence, and every year from India, Nepal, Bhutan And other countries of the pilgrims come to the mountain pilgrimage.

Gang Rinpoche round a total of 56 km, usually takes three days to complete on foot. Pious Tibetan people knocked a long turn to take a circle to take 15-20 days. A good walk to the land of the best Tibet 10 hours can be completed.

Lake Manasarovar is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet, the birthplace of the Maquan River, the Peacock River, the Shiquan River and the Shiquan River, the largest freshwater lake with clear lake water in China, Mysterious color.

La’nga Co is located in the west side of the Magistrate, the two are separated by a dike, known as ghost lake. Ghost Lake is known as the wind no wind three feet of waves, often Ma Pang Yung wrong lake over the sky, and Laon wrong but dark clouds, and the holy lake is close, but the lake is salt water, very magical.

Mountain holy lake scenic tickets: 200 yuan / person.

South Line Day 4: Pulan - Zada - Guge Kingdom ruins


This day, personally feel that the most beautiful day of the South line! Zada soil is definitely the highlight of Ali South Line! From the Pulan county out, along the 219 National Road west, turn left at a fork in the road to go to Zada county new repair of an oil road, turned over several Yamaguchi, Zada soil forest greeted, put the Buddha to the Another planet, I had the first time to Zada when it was this magical natural landscape shocked, peer partners are all feeling the magic of nature. Drove along the road all the way downhill, shuttle in the soil, and finally in a valley area, a clean town appeared in front, this is the ruins of the ancient kingdom of the site - Zada.

The ruins of the ancient kingdom need to climb up, the first time to really put me tired, but when I climbed to the top overlooking the earth when the earth, suddenly feel that this is not what the physical strength to pay. And if you have time to wait for the sunset, under the sunset, the mysterious Guge and the soil are like gold-like dazzling, put the Buddha here there are many stories waiting for you to listen.

Zada is the lowest in the Ali region of the county, about 3600 meters above sea level, lower than the Lhasa, Guge dynasty sites in the west of the county, to Zada ​​must go here to see, look at the disappearance of the dynasty overnight. Famous Torin Temple, in the town of Zada. Live tonight in Zada ​​county.


Zada soil: ancient lake lakes and river river bed experience thousands of years of geological changes, gully aspect of the soil throughout the Zada County. Radius of hundreds of square kilometers within the range of high and low scattered "soil forest" in different poses and with different times, in the glow and sunset under the map, the mountains are shady, hue golden, vivid and beautiful. Very spectacular! Definitely worth a go!

The ruins of the ancient kingdom, its ancient, mysterious and majestic, attracted us from thousands of miles away. Approached the hills on the ancient city of the site, the more can feel its towering steep. From the very moment, to the sudden demise, the fall of civilization is still the mystery of the mystery, faded past glory, and now only full of broken walls. For hundreds of years, Guge Gucheng quietly standing here, silent to tell the lost tragic and desolate.

Tuo Lin Temple: Guge Kingdom (AD 10 ~ 17 century) in the Ali area built the first Buddhist temple, modeled on the former possession of the temple design and construction. For hundreds of years, although the temple has been through a variety of natural and man-made destruction, but still is temples everywhere, pagoda towering. Tuo Lin, meaning that flying the air never fall. As the ancient dynasty of the strong Buddha, Torin Temple will gradually become the Buddhist center.

Guge Dynasty site tickets 50 yuan, 50 yuan Tuolin Temple tickets.


  1. Many places soil is loose, we must not go to the edge
  2. The next morning can also go in at the highest point to see the sunrise, the sun sprinkled on the broken wall, especially the dazzling.
  3. Driving in the soil, you must slowly open, because both sides of the soil forest wall, and a lot of turn, and some corner there is no mirror, do not see the opposite is the car, so slowly open.
  4. If not by car, want to go all the attractions on the ticket is very convenient, chartered is simply astronomical. So it is recommended FIT fight fight group, very cost-effective.

South Line Day 5: Guge - Tachin


Tacquie is located at the foot of Mt. Kailash and the holy Lake Manasarovar, is the starting point of the Tibetan religious turn and the activities of the lake, but also a post, where you can prepare some materials and equipment. Tachin was the beginning of a small village, and later landed in the name of the mountain from the mountains of more and more people, Tachin also quickly more places to eat and eat. Here you can clearly photographed Gang Rinpoche peak.

Personally think that the need to do it, if there is no outdoor walking experience, do not recommend to the mountains, because the mountains difficult to walk, higher altitude, in this environment to carry out high-intensity walking or a certain risk. Of course, you can ask the back husband, but I always feel that is not enough pious. The price is about 500 yuan a circle, or 200 yuan a day, if you want to find regular back husband, please go directly to Tachen Township yak horses rental center (back husband and wife take care of themselves).

Gang Rinpoche round a total of 56 km, usually takes three days to complete on foot. Pious Tibetan people knocked a long turn to take a circle to take 15-20 days. Physical and good route and familiar Tibet 10 hours can be completed.

South line Day 6 - Day 8: return to Lhasa (Everest optional)

After a night in Tajin, if you do not intend to go to the big north line, then it is necessary to start in the sixth day to return to Lhasa, and return to Lhasa, never been to Everest friends can choose to fold to Everest base camp, after And then return to Shigatse - Lhasa. You can not go to Everest base camp, directly back to Shigatse. The time required for these two lines is the same, all arrived in Lhasa on the eighth day.

  1. Direct return to Lhasa: Tachin - Saga - Shigatse - Tashilunpo Temple - Lhasa
  2. Pass by Everest base camp: Saga - Laodingri - Everest base camp - Lazi - Shigatse - Lhasa. The main attractions are: Lake Paiku, Shishapangma peak, Everest, Rongbu Temple, Ural Hill, Tashilumpo Temple, the Brahmaputra River.


If you have enough time, then it can also be on the fifth day after the end of the South Line, by Tacquist along the 219 National Road to the northwest, to continue the trip to Ali North Line, so the North line and the South line, it takes a total of 13 days.

In the road from the Namtso back to Lhasa, you can go to Yangbajing to bubble hot springs, ten days of the big north line down, soak a hot spring, wash away a tired, exposure to the outside, lying in the hot spring pool, Looking at Nyainqentang and Everest, is also good.


What is the traffic situation in Ali?

From Lhasa to Ali, mainly along the 219 National Road forward, after the Ali North line only 301 provincial highway this main road, arrived in the scenic area or lake, mostly need to go along the rut, a lot of dirt road, and even swamp. This also reflects the Ali region is not the same as other places in Tibet.

If you only take the Ali South line, you may choose to ride or take the bus way, but if you take the big north line, then the above methods will not work, read the Raiders you know, the North line is basically no way to go, so North line travel only two modes of transport - either chartered, or fight group. This is definitely not alarmist! Chartered price comparison group is more expensive, but relatively free. Fight the group are also the old driver, regular coach, security must be guaranteed.

What are the ali accommodation and medical conditions?

Pulan, Zada ​​and Shiquanhe town conditions are still possible, Zada ​​and four-star hotel can choose. Other places due to remote areas, most of them are board room, especially in Tacin, Shuanghu and other places, it is recommended that you go to Ali travel with sleeping bags and cold clothing. Where the medical conditions are also poor, so we recommend that you prepare some cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine and other daily drugs.

What do you need to pay attention to traveling by car?

As the Ali region is behind the conditions, many places on the map is marked with the road, but in fact only dirt road and even rut print, if you intend to go to Ali, especially in the big line, then, be careful not to take a bicycle, at least about two Car to go together, on the road car anchor, puncture what can have a care. Once the vehicle is a problem, do not panic, if you can solve the best, can not solve their own, waiting for road vehicles to rescue, do not keep away from the vehicle, so as not to be wild animals attack.

Do you need to apply for border defense card to go to Ali?

Is the need for border defense. Ali area is located in the northwest of Tibet, and Nepal, India and other countries border, so the border card is a must, at the time of writing the Ali area can be written. Border defense card can go to Tibet before the account to do the office, you can also go to Lhasa to find travel agents. Charge the most convenient, the season charges about 100 yuan / person, but requires at least four teams to start. Visitors are not allowed to apply for personal defense in Lhasa. However, to Ali North and South lines, the general will be booked day trip, which is included in the border card of the agency services, so basically do not worry about border defense problems.

What time is the most suitable for Ali?

Ali area due to the higher altitude, cold weather, every year from May to September is the best time to go to Ali. After September, there will be snow in the Ali area. Personally feel June and September is the best for two months, because the two months one after the rainy season before the rainy season.

Whether you go to Ali for a few months, down jacket is a must, because the high altitude, low temperature, sooner or later the temperature difference. Another waterproof jacket and shoes is also necessary. Also prepare some commonly used drugs, because Ali's poor medical conditions.

Concluding remarks

Above is my eight years old Tibet to everyone in-depth Ali Raiders, or that sentence, west of Tibet, is the real Tibet! Tibet West secret environment, heaven Ali! I am here waiting for you!