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Hong Kong
family hotels
How to play with children to Hong Kong Hotel route is here!
Baby and baby travel is warm and full of a variety of "challenges" ~ with children to Hong Kong, you must want to know, what hotels in Hong Kong for children to live with? Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park which is more worth going? Where to go shopping is not tired and good to buy? Time is short. How do I choose to schedule my trip? Look at this I brought the baby from Hong Kong after the return of carefully compiled Raiders Oh!
Laolaojia Hotel: Aman designers after the transformation of the century-old house, low-key luxury to the United States to fry!
Piedmont Hill Mountain under the Huangshan shop "grandmother home", is a multi-courtyard of a courtyard-style rural residential, the courtyard has four different styles of the courtyard, especially for small teams organized to build. Courtyard of the mountain, trees towering, because of the preservation of the ancient walls of the ancient house structure and look rustic, because the interior and space layout design exquisite filled with modern art and feel extravagant luxury.
Resort hotel
Romantic resort hotel for Tanabata in Beijing
This year's Tanabata is not embarrassed not embarrassed, Monday. Although the next day is a working day, can not play to dawn, but fortunately we can celebrate in the weekend ahead of time. Eat and drink during the day and go home at night to squeeze in the 1 meter wide bed to see the movie? This is fully open do not open Well ~ so, a rare Tanabata, it is better to try some special hotels it After all, love, also need freshness + new experience.
folk house
Reservation depends on grab! Look at those "hard to find" Tongli hotels!
Tongli, one of the six ancient towns, 18 kilometers away from Suzhou, Shanghai 80 kilometers, quiet town compared to the bustling city is another heaven and earth. Compared to other towns, the same seems to have a lot of low-key, small town, free to stroll, are the taste of life, the night under the Millennium town, the old house, stone bridge alley more worthy of your stay thin taste.
Resort hotel
Inventory 丨 sleep these pubs to be considered Zhouzhuang!
Walking Jiangnan town, an inn is a landscape, a stop is a trip. Some people say that the beauty of Zhouzhuang in the morning and evening. Daily sun rises, the whole town from the sleeping in the wake of the daily night falls, the whole town and brightly lit, whether it is early morning or evening, are beautiful as a dream. If there is time, it is better to choose a inn, feel the town of slow life!
five star hotel
How can Tibet live to a five-star viewing room?
Mention five-star viewing room where would you think? One island hotel in Maldives? Amane chain of low-key and luxury? A large number of people stay for a long time. However, in Tibet, only need to spend a few thousand travel expenses, you can enjoy the special viewing tour. And even covers the cost of transportation and tickets