Reservation depends on grab! Look at those "hard to find" Tongli hotels!

Tongli, one of the six ancient towns, 18 kilometers away from Suzhou, Shanghai 80 kilometers, quiet town compared to the bustling city is another heaven and earth. Compared to other towns, the same seems to have a lot of low-key, small town, free to stroll, are the taste of life, the night under the Millennium town, the old house, stone bridge alley more worthy of your stay thin taste.

Spring Jiangnan is a beautiful season, the wind is very soft, the air is fresh, the sun is very warm. Tongzhuang and Zhouzhuang belong to the same town, but with the more fresh, where the tone of the simple simplicity, less commercial gas and more Jiangnan well gas and human touch. And Zhouzhuang narrow waterways and alley compared to the same seems to open up a lot. Ancient town surrounded by water, the town was a few small river randomly divided into seven small continents, dozens of ancient bridges will be connected to each other.

Where is the same?

From Suzhou to Tongli, as long as half an hour by car, and from the Shanghai area by car to less than 2 hours away, Wuxi, Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai every day to travel with the bus line or bus, the traffic is very convenient The  

How to get there?

The train
with the train station there are no generally take the train to Suzhou and then turned the car, the nation's major cities have sent Suzhou high-speed rail or motor car, fast convenient travel. Suzhou has four railway stations, of which Suzhou Station and Suzhou North Station near the bus station, transfer to the same place only half an hour, very convenient.
Suzhou, Zhouzhuang direct access to the same car, other areas of the direct train are generally for the tourist line, only one day a day, the same day, fewer shifts. No matter where you can start in Suzhou City, Suzhou to the same place is very convenient, the traffic is very much, in the various bus stations in Suzhou can be purchased directly with the town of tickets, 20 yuan discount than the attractions, but do not sell student tickets The
Since driving
a Nanjing - Tongli
by the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, the south line in Suzhou, east exit to the same years.
Second, Suzhou - with the
Suzhou - Sujia Road - Wujiang - Tongli.
Third, Shanghai - with the
1, from Shanghai to 318 National Road to Li Xing to Song She Road arrived in the same. 
2, by the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, in the east exit of Suzhou to the same line. 
3, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Jiaxing export to Pingwang direction, the 205 provincial highway to the east of Songling 6 km arrived in the same.
Four, Hangzhou - with the
1, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, in Jiaxing export to Pingwang direction, by 205 provincial highway to 6 km east of Songling arrived. 
2, the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, in Jiaxing exports to Sujiahang Expressway to the same.  

Second, what inn "a bed hard to find"? Reservation depends on grab!

1, with the King courtesy house inn

【Recommended index】 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  
  try to sleep Keywords: garden, design, a hundred years old house, carved bed, cat sky city 
inn is located in the town with the town, is 350 years of history of water conservancy uniform Yamen Come into being. At the same time with the "edge of the water" "There are courtyards" "Ming and Qing style houses" one of the three characteristics of the inn. Go to the west to go to the funny Church only 3 minutes, east to retreat Park 3 minutes, the door is Chong Ben Tang, across the river is Jiayin Church.  

- carrying sedan chair to walk three bridges, cormorants catch fish, these local customs show, live here is very easy to see.
- This inn is also within walking distance of the cat's Sky City Bookstore, which is very convenient for the bookstore.
- Wang boss is very warm, but also burn a good dish. Health clean, so that guests feel the warmth of the family in general.  

To the Jingyi Tang Inn, really too satisfied here, and antique, and later listen to the treasurer said that his family has 350 years of history, with the oldest inn is their home, but also on television, also filmed Movie yeah, also went to CCTV ... ... like his home there are two yard, so beautiful, so feel ah. Sleep is a super large carved bed, had been set before the suite, a bed of a small bed, but unfortunately, ah, others as early as we set a step, depressed death of us. We are super super like here.

2, the same is the welfare of the cottage garden inn

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  try to sleep Keywords: Chinese style, old house, carved bed, quiet and elegant
cottage from home, Xin Si early fall into. Feihong small building on the second floor in the northeast, corridors around the southwest, courtyard wide Zhangzhang. Building ring fighting water for the pool, koi carpophora bamboo three water diversion on its, Fei Fei, such as rain, dripping dripping, the sound of water in the ears. Gallery before the pine wood plum, breeze over, swaying, own some graceful. Cottage set by the old Jiangnan people of things, or elegant, or gorgeous, but to restore the charm of the water, the elegance of elegance.  

- the inn is a small garden. The front desk can help buy a coupon.
- can see the boss is very careful in the details of the people. The equipment is very simple and elegant.
- soak in the cottage reading, drinking tea, very relaxed.  

Living in the same is the welfare cottage, really praise! A "neither the art culture nor the Buddhist atmosphere" cottage ". Is worthy of the same town in the town of the best inn! Good location, in the Ming and Qing streets, is a residential alterations, the inn is very small, two floors around a small courtyard, the room design is elegant, always show the owner's intentions and taste. Favorite room outside the reception room, to sit on a scene, drink tea chat, this quiet and peaceful days long awaited. Service is very intimate, warm. Very suitable for family travel! Worth recommending.

- Inn for the Chinese style, is located in the same town, do not have a flavor.
- the front is an export of the town, go out right is back thinking garden.
- rooms have their own characteristics, away from the hustle and bustle of the city experience the bridge, the artistic conception.  

3, with the Enzeze Church Inn

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  try to sleep Keywords: Chinese design, the old house, carved bed, location Jia
Inn is located in Dongxi Street Lingjia Gallery, into the town under the bridge left a few steps to go, near Jia Yin Tang, Geng Lutang, retreat Park and other famous tourist attractions. Enze Church to classical decoration, simple and elegant. Wooden fences and curtains made of Jiangnan's unique blue cloth, Chinese furniture and wooden ornaments on the walls reveal the quaint taste, showing the owner's taste and attention.  

- boss's craft is very good, and therefore attracted a lot of food.
- Ming and Qing architecture, sculpture, furnishings, home, are said to be the boss's ancestors handed down, corners are filled with the Ming and Qing atmosphere.    

4, Suzhou with the flowers in the Church of Li Li female school

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  try to sleep Keywords: sense of history and modern coexistence, design novel, coffee tea, a hundred years old school girl
- the hotel is located in the south of the river with the back of the park, in the town center but Very quiet, from Chong Chong Road parking lot only seven or eight minutes away from the main entrance of the area just 5 minutes walk. The back of the ancient stage, adjacent to retreat garden.
- rich breakfast, there are Chinese and Western, dinner is also very delicate, recommended champion trotters, there are flowers between the caramel pudding, taste very good. There will be a barbecue party and an open-air movie every Saturday.  

Blossom Hill with Leigh in the women learn the history of
Korea the female school was the early Republic of aristocratic ladies educational enlightenment, the founder of schools is in the garden in 1906 by a garden retreat second-generation descendant of any Chuanxin, opened by town woman Education precedent, after the fame of female school, Wujiang ladies, new generation of women are attracted to come. Six-column eight-word years of school years do not change static, although a hundred years ago, the southern generation of the school in the form of more than the case, but the integrity of the retainer is only here, arched post corridor, the main balcony with white gypsum Fence, light through the room spacious and bright, magnificent and tall and beautiful and delicate. The flower hall will fully respect the original space of the building, the use of pure method of repair old as old, so that "with the flowers in the Church of Li Li school" continue to witness the surging beauty of the times.  

- There are cafes in the public areas of the hotel, which can drink tea, write calligraphy, read books; there are cafes "a lot of bread tree", provide a variety of coffee and dessert; there are atrium garden, the
room configuration adhering to the flower hall has always been Exquisite and comfortable, top bedding, large size bathroom space, Kohler bathroom, high-grade hot water circulation system, electric towel rack, floor warm, lemon verbena shower gel and moisturizer and aromatherapy.
- the room has free drinks and water, and tea sets can soak roses and Pu'er.
- front desk piano, toys, tea sets, parrots, puppies, whether big friends and children, will not feel bored.  

5, Suzhou Huan Lu other homes · Qing Lan Church

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  try to sleep Keywords: courtyard, design, old house, landscape pavilions, baths in the  
same place in the original site Pang house is the ancient town of cultural relics protection building, the original owner Pang Yuanrun is the Republic of China with the Of the businessman. Hidden flute took over when the dilapidated, but after the repair was completely not see the slightest traces of residual old. After the repair of the seclusion in the same homes, is still the ancient town of Jiangnan architectural form, a total of four into the courtyard five suites, whether it is carved wooden bed or porch under the seat, the details of the everywhere highlights the charm of the East The In addition, there is also a Chinese restaurant with exclusive local twenty-four vegetarian dishes, and only cultural space such as tea room and incense room.

There are 13 rooms in the clear lake, and the whole courtyard is built around three ancient trees. It is equipped with a hidden layer of the garden. There are also tea rooms, hidden houses and meditation rooms. And co-operation with the construction of the bureau of the hidden garden not only provides a poetic reading of the poetic environment, but also for every stay of the guests regularly replace the room books. If you like it, you can also find a few good heart from here, buy home slowly appreciate.  

Living in the clear blue hall of those days, wake you is no longer the side of the phone, but the small garden that two "annoying" cicadas; you will remember to quietly enjoy a simple breakfast , Followed by the master with boxing morning repair; afternoon time, enjoy to enjoy the lazy nap, back to the dream of the same water.  

Although the beauty of the United States, but the United States but quietly water life, cut the head of the rice head of the lady looked up at you smile, people under the arbor leisurely chatting, people can not help but want to slow down here. Stay here for a night, quietly enjoy this unique water life.