How can Tibet live to a five-star viewing room?

Mention five-star viewing room where would you think? One island hotel in Maldives? Amane chain of low-key and luxury? A large number of people stay for a long time. However, in Tibet, only need to spend a few thousand travel expenses, you can enjoy the special viewing tour. And even covers the cost of transportation and tickets

The first step, give you inventory, Tibet in the end where there are five-star viewing room ?
(Shigatse, Everest, Ali), the southern Tibet (Yadong, Shannan and other places), the northern Tibet (the same time), Tibet, Lhasa as the center, Naqu area) four large areas.
Then I will from the four regions one by one for everyone to show the best viewing room and the surrounding play route.

First, the direction of the East

1. Nyingchi → Basong measures → new measures

Basong wrong

People who travel to Tibet should never miss Nyingchi . Do you know that Nyingchi is the most not to be missed? Basongzao is almost one of the attractions to all visitors to Nyingchi. But every day there will be a tour of Lhasa in about 3 pm arrived in Basong measures, when tourists focus, head provocative. Sightseeing car row is not on the team do not say, want to take Zhang alone is difficult This time, you may wish to consider in the Basong under the measures.

In Basongco Lake , you can find a good viewing hotel, or in-depth Basongco in the village of stuttering can also find Tibetan family hotel, lay down their luggage, walk the lake, walk in the country roads to escape the bustle of tourists, More of a peace of mind.

New measures by Lin Hua Xie Chunhong

Every year, there will be a lot of Tibetan people coming to Basong to measure the lake, and the day will be the most lively day of Basong.
So lively Basong measures, you can still find a rare beauty of the paradise - new measures. This is a very few people involved in the virgin land, has not been fully developed, there is no commercial atmosphere, need to go through more than 20 kilometers of dirt road bumps to reach, in the past only a few people to play outside the hiking came here. Here you can see the new measures such as Lake, Sang Tong Ranch, virgin forest, primitive glaciers, waterfalls and many other scenery.

How to reach new measures?

Ride to Sutong Ranch, get off the place you can see the map, indicating the direction of walking to the new wrong

In the past to the new measures can only be on foot, but now Basson measures in the area to trim the road, you can take the bus from the bus door to buy tickets to buy tickets directly drive Sang Tong ranch. Generally 19-23 Yutong bus, sightseeing fare is 180 yuan, environmental health fee is 10 yuan.  
When the car arrives at the new Sutong Ranch, you will need to walk. From Sang Tung Ranch to Shinjuku, there are light footsteps of 6 km from the road, the scenery on the road, walking on foot.
This is a just for the entry of the novice on the line, you can also take the child to experience the joy of walking, only need a pair of shoes can cope with shoes.

The new time is the eyes of the stars

New measures

How to play new measures

Starting from Lhasa, after 4 hours, driving 360 km can reach the Basong measures. Along the way beautiful scenery, but need to be careful along the way through the Mira Pass, more than 5000 meters above sea level is not the average person received. So the insurance for the time, or not by car, as far as possible the choice of experienced drivers on behalf of the car, such as packs.

If you plan to play 3 days can be arranged such as:
Day1: Lhasa starting - Mira Yamaguchi - new error - live Basson measures
Day2: Basong fault - Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon - live Suo Song Village (view of Nanjia Baya peak)
Day 3: Suo Song Village - Kadeng Ditch Falls - Niyang River scenery - Lhasa
arrived in the afternoon when the sunshine sunshine has not so dazzling, quiet walk, stay in the evening Bassong wrong lake guest house, but also taste Nyingchi characteristics stone pot chicken. The next day to visit the Basong wrong, staggered the peak, not only to the island of the lake, you can also view the panoramic view of the Grand Chesapeake Observatory. If not by car, you can choose to participate in the car or chartered group, so do not have to worry about the temporary set not to the hotel, do not worry about the Basong wrong area how to go wrong. And the Senate has a benefit is that you can buy cheaper tickets, after all, travel agencies get the price much cheaper than the store price.

Three days of fear of playing enough, there are four days, then this can be:
Day1: Lhasa - Basong measures - Basong new measures
Day2: Basong measures new measures - Basong Quo - card Ding ditch - Lu Lang Linhai - Nyingchi
Day3: Nyingchi - Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon - more than the Japanese mountain - Nyingchi
Day4: Nyingchi - Nepal River scenery - Lhasa  
trip more than the Lulang Linhai, there are two attractions than the Japanese mountain.

2. Nyingchi → Lulang Linhai

Lulang Linhai is located on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway about 80 kilometers from Bayi Town, Nyingchi Prefecture . This is a typical plateau mountain meadow long strip, both sides of the mountain from low to high by the bushes and dense spruce, pine composition.
Many people think that Lulang Linhai nothing to see the head, it is because the Sichuan-Tibet line 318 by car into the conventional line, Lhasa local Nyingchi regular group, are only through the chi chi tan pass, looking around the Lulang Linhai. So how to see the depth of Lu Lang Linhai scenic landscape? Have people who have been missed to know where there are people in the area?   

(1) Zhaxigang village

Zhaxigong village by walking the fish

From the town of Lulang continue to go east about 8km to reach the Zhaxi Gang Folk Village, the road constantly, walking in the country on the road, especially to be careful of cattle and sheep suddenly across the road, bruised to lose money. According to legend, the text into the Princess through this place, fascinated by fairyland scenery here, named "Zhaxi Gang", meaning "lucky slope."
Zhaxigang village currently has a lot of inn, mostly clean and warm, reception ability is also good, off-season one night about 100 yuan per person, the season budget of 200 yuan per person can. Moreover, it is said that many of the inn owner to do their own stone pot chicken are not lost in the city of the hotel, if you may wish to taste. The best way to experience the best of the town is to forget the time, live here for a few days, leisurely enjoy the countryside every day.

Bayi town every morning there is a train to Bomi, halfway to Lulang or Zhaxi Gang, about 80km, the fare is about tens of dollars, but also rent a car to Zhaxi Gangcun.
Of course, Nyingchi more than this one classic, set aside three days can enjoy a more thorough, in-depth scenic Zhaxi Gangcun, plus Basong wrong, Grand Canyon and so will the attractions, the trip can be arranged:
Day1: Lhasa starting - - Mira Yamaguchi -
Basongzao - Nyingchi Bayi Day2: Bayi Town - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Lulang Linhai - Zhaxi Gangcun
Day3: Zhaxigang Village - Qaedou Falls - - Nepal River scenery - Lhasa
first to Tibet, unfamiliar, Tibet public transport is not developed, take the bus more trouble, less frequent. Driving hard to find the road, it is recommended to fight the car or pack car, a driver with.  

(2) Lulang flowers ranch

Lulang Flower Ranch

How to reach the Lulang flowers

Lulanghua Ranch is located between Lulang Town and Bayi Town, about 5 km from 318 National Road, is an open natural pasture. Here meadow gentle, surrounded by forests, mountains around the environment is very fresh. Every year from May to July, colored flowers in full bloom, it is indulge in pleasures without stop. Especially in July the veins of iris, which was Van Gogh and Monet repeatedly painted flowers, it is large tracts of large. Bringing a child must be very happy.
There are several accommodation in the area of ​​Lulanghua Ranch, especially the villa resort is the best condition, if the accommodation can also be exempted from tickets. In addition to viewing meadows, forest scenery, but also in the ranch to ride to play.

How to play Lu Long flowers

In front of the recommended Zhaxi Gangcun accommodation, most of the bed and breakfast, the basic is no independent bathroom room, most of the multi-room room, season booking tension, if the higher accommodation requirements, you can choose a better condition Flower Villa Resort.
Lynch play three days live Lulang flower villa trip can be arranged:
Day1: Lhasa starting - Mira Yamaguchi - carved ditch - Lulang Linhai - Zhaxi Gangcun - Lulang Huahai Ranch Resort Hotel
Day2 : Lang ranch flowers - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon (Namjagbarwa) - Bayi town
Day3: Nyingchi - Basongco - Niyang scenery - Lhasa  
rouland flowers ranch Resort & villas is only one, The entire peak season was basically controlled by the travel agency, so it is recommended to choose the fight group can be a smooth stay.

3. Nyingchi → Namjagbarwa peak → cable village

Suo Song Village

Said Nyingchi is a small Jiangnan scenery, Nanjia Bawa peak sister can not agree: Although I often hide in summer, but people all year round snow worthy of the name plateau snow-capped mountains.
The general view of the town of Namjagbarwa is the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon and the Sejila Pass, but the Yamaguchi Elevation is higher, the general traffic is not long to watch, the snow-capped mountains are often surrounded by clouds, especially the 7-8 month rainy season , The general trip to see the whole picture of the probability of only 5%.
If you are willing to wait for the beauty, the Grand Canyon area in the cable village is the best scenic spots.
Grand Canyon Suo Song Village to see the location of Nanjibawa is definitely not one of the best, the village has a lot of inn, the more inside, the better the location, from the gorge of the nearest inn window opened to face Nanjia Bawa. The village is located in a few hundred meters high on the cliff, the mountain is singing the song of the Brahmaputra. You can stay here waiting for the clouds to disperse, the rainy season to watch it the probability can be increased to 65%, good luck can see the sunshine Jinshan, even if not see, the village of Tibetan people full of mulberry flowers, the scenery is also good.      

Suo Song Village

Nanjaba tile peak

How to get to Suo Song Village

(1) From the Grand Canyon:
Suosong Village is the village of the Yarlung Zangbo River Grand Canyon entrance, 8 km from the scenic gate. Located on the west side of the Brahmaputra River, across the river from the opposite straight village. Into the area bus to the left less than 1 km after the bridge to the right to open less than 10 km road can be reached. This way to buy tickets to the Grand Canyon at the same time into the cable village.
(2) starting from the Milling airport:
turn left the Milin Airport, about 60 km to take a bridge, over the bridge about 30 kilometers to reach.
(3) starting from the Bayi:
Nyingchi Bayi town came out of the village peach, went to the direction of Lulang, probably less than 1 km walk on the right side of the road can also reach the cable village.
2.3. Two ways if the day departure, there are Tibetans will stop buying tickets, good luck at night do not need to buy tickets.  

How to play cable pine village

If you want to live in three days and two nights to live in the five-star viewing room, you can choose this line:
Day1: Lhasa starting - Mira Pass - new error - live Basson measures
Day2: Basong fault - Brahmaputra Grand Canyon - Sumo Pine Village (View Namjagbara
Falls ) Day3: Suo Song Village - Kadong Ditch Falls - Niyang River scenery - Lhasa 
one night live Parsong wrong, one night stay Suo Song Village, including the previously described The new fault on foot, this line is covered.  
On the cable village of traffic, sum up, to Suosong village the most convenient way is directly from the Grand Canyon area into, but the Grand Canyon tickets more expensive, adult ticket is 290 yuan. Carpool fight travel agents and scenic spots have a partner price, if the number of peers less direct registration, the price will be cheaper than the car, and convenient. If many people, you can also choose chartered, custom trip.  

4. Nyingchi → Bomi → Gang Papaya Forest

Gang Yun shirt by Karon

Gang Papaya Forest, full name Bomi Gangxiang Linzhi spruce forest, by China's national geography as China's top ten most beautiful forest. Speeding in the 318 national highway you may have missed this "keep in the boudoir no one knows" Millennium spruce forest. You can see the "Wilderness Hunter" this Oscar-winning movie, which small plums and bears fighting scenes, everywhere in the Bomeng pines forest can be seen.
There are many collectors in the resort, the hotel is located on the edge of the Pallong Tibetan cloth, the balcony can see the blue glacier water flowing into a piece of sandbar, distant blue mountains, the top of the mountain White snow. Baiyun winding green mountains and rivers, is a good place to relax.

How to arrive at the guard

Gang Papaya Forest Nature Reserve is located in Tibet's Nyingchi Bomi County ancient village Baka village, positioning can search: Bomi ancient village eight card village. From the Nyingchi Bayi City in 318 State Road on the open about 200 km, not to the Bomi County, in the national road side can see the ancient village of Baga village bridge, from the bridge into the way the village forest, the journey to more than half an hour , To reach the ticket to buy tickets can enter.

How to play the transfer of spruce forest

Lhasa from Linzhi Bomi, then Wuhu, in the case of the full speed limit in Tibet, it takes four days to arrange. "Stay in the boudoir no one knows" Gang Yun-shirt forest only the old driver is better to find the car, of course, this road can not miss the classic attractions, trip it can be arranged:
Day1: Lhasa starting - Song more - - Nyingchi
Day2: Nyingchi - Mizhi Glacier - Ran Wu Lake - Bomi - Gang Yun Tie Lin
Day3: Gang Yun Tie Lin - Lulang Linhai - far view of Nanjia Baya - eight one
Day4: Nyingchi - Cage ditch - Mira Yamaguchi - Lhasa  
want to facilitate trouble, direct booking pure play fight car fight group can, and their car to play less than where.  

Second, the direction of northern Tibet

1. Namco wrong → Zhaxi Peninsula → St. elephant door

Namco staggered elephant door

Every friend who came to Tibet would have to go to the spot in addition to the Potala Palace.
But the current Lhasa market on the ordinary Namco wrong two-day tour, are starting at noon, the next morning at 8 o'clock on the return, back to Lhasa, the driver and then pull a bus in the past, the trip is relatively busy And ordinary Na Mu wrong two days only to the Tashi Peninsula area, although the scenic area is mature, but the island is currently no one has a separate bathroom hotel. But the lake dining rent tent, oxygen and so everything, relatively convenient.
If you do not want to fly so much, then you need to deep into the north shore of Namco - the elephant Tianmen area.

Namco trip to the north shore of the door like the door

From Lhasa to Namco the wrong north shore about 650 km back and forth, of which about 80 km around the lake line. The elephant door is hidden in the legend of the Holy Land. Few people can get here, even the locals have a lot have never heard of here. As the road is far away, as well as the desolate land of no man's land in northern Tibet, only the real devout people can worship this world rare beauty.

Nam Co wrong as the door of the lake

Namco staggered elephant door tents

The elephant city in the past few years to develop, visitors are relatively small, the camp has a tent 6-10 human beds, bedding clean, there are fire equipment, oxygen pillow a 30-50 yuan, but the lake no restaurant, only instant noodles , It is recommended to bring dry food or hot rice.
Scenic area is the most shock of the Moon Bay, need to climb about 50 meters on the hillside, overlooking the entire Namco poor vision, you can enjoy the sunset, lake color change infinite, no cliffs cliff, take pictures must pay attention to safety. Small hillside has been in the beginning of the hotel, presumably later this hotel is the best viewing area of ​​the whole room, but everyone who has been to the door of the elephant do not have the heart to be developed, do not want to build more conditions here Better hotel.

Holy gate of the moon

How to reach the elephant door?

Map of the icon

From the Dangxiong county starting 9 km to the scenic gate, and then go to open 23 km to a fork in the road, here is Nam Co wrong Township, turn left west to go to Tashi Island, do not go to Zaxi Island, to another A way to the north. From the east of Nam Co, go 56 km, this road is full of asphalt road is very good And then to the East Ga village after the turn left is the dirt road, and take the 30 km dirt road to the village of Gongxiong, along the north of Namco and then go 27 km dirt road to the elephant door.     

How to play the elephant door

Shengzhutianmen travel to and from Lhasa, about 650 km, plus dirt road, so the day is too busy, it is recommended to go two days, in the area can also see the stars overnight. Can be arranged in this way:
Day1: Lhasa - Nyainqentanglula - Nakagawa Yamaguchi - the elephant day door, moon bay, Sansheng stone scenic area (host)
Day2: Nam from the north shore of another view of the main peak of Nyainqentanggula, along the Qiang Pond prairie lake, watch the endless natural grassland, yak and flock ~ back to Lhasa.
In the microblogging search above the elephant door, not only to see the friends of the sun pictures, but also can capture some traffic information by car. I remember reading a microblogging, netizen said: "find 2 days and 2 nights to find the elephant door". Although the user does not know what the level of Lutheran class is a few, but the first self-ride this line, really hard to find, because there is no navigation (in fact, there is a mark wrong), there is no signs, and back and forth 50 More than a kilometer of dirt road, more weary car. So it is strongly recommended chartered or carpool play this line.  

Third, the direction of Tibet

Ariama next to the Yuka Lake lodging the sunset

Tibet is west of Tibet, but the conditions west of Tibet is the most difficult of Tibet.
From Mount Everest, Jilong has been to the Ali region, the roof of the roof of the world, the scenery can not be used as a five-star description, is world-class, the average elevation is the highest. Tibet West hotel accommodation development is behind, but every one has been looking forward to one day will go back, every one has not been to look forward to set foot on this piece of land, which is the magic of Tibet. 

How to play to the West

If less time, Tibet west four to five days of the trip can take the regular Everest four-day tour, or Everest Nam wood wrong five-day loop. The itinerary includes Yang Lake, Kagola Glacier, Shigatse after the scenery, Everest base camp and other attractions.
The trip can be arranged as follows:
Daya: Lhasa - Sheep Lake -
Koruo La Glacier - Shigatse              Day2: Shigatse - Panshan Road - Everest Camp         
Day3: Everest Sunrise - Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Temple                      
Day4 : Shigatse -
Ma Bajing - Namco wrong            Day5: Namco wrong - Naga pull Yamaguchi - Nyainqentanggula Pass - Lhasa
If you apply for a direct fight to fight the fight, the border card can be free of charge, do not worry did not worry about the letter Public Security Bureau To handle, or work in different places inconvenient to go home to do.

Enough time to arrange eight days to go Ali South line, the more West Vietnam Tibet. Ali's holy mountain calls you. Itinerary:
Day1: Lhasa - Gambara snow-capped mountains - sheep Zhuo Yong Lake -
Caguo La glaciers - Gyangze castle - Shigatse Day2: Shigatse - Lazi - Saga
Day3: Saga - Ma next Yuming - Tale Chin -
Laono - Pulan Day4: Pulan - Zada ​​Tulian - Guge Dynasty - Zada
Day5: Zada ​​- Gangrenpoqi - Saga
Day6: Saga - Pei Miao - Xixia Bangma Feng - old Daya - Everest base camp
Day7: Everest base camp - velvet temple - Ulashan - Lazi - Shigatse
Day8: Shigatse - Tashilhunpo Monastery - Zhongni highway - Yarlung Zangbo River Valley - Lhasa  
over Saga, everything becomes More purely broken, my first time to see the Galaxy is 13 years in the Saga go mountain road night, as if you can reach the stars.
Choose to fight the same package as proof, only need to bring the original ID card, you can easily handle. Ali's car trip only with pure fares, accommodation tickets themselves, frugal by the already corruption can be saved. 

Four, southern direction

The direction of the southern Tibet is mainly in India and India border areas of Bhutan, traffic is not convenient, travel is not developed, the more recent fire is 40 glaciers, 40 glaciers this year, the Tourism Bureau control, not to enter, but the car some master or a way around Road into the road, the road is very bad to go, you must use off-road vehicles can.

You will want to go to Everest, you will want to go to Ali, went to Ali, you will want to go to some niche places, such as Yadong, Jilong, Loeb Ditch, there are many undeveloped scenic spots, and even humans have not yet found the beauty. Tibet is a place can not be a one-time play, spring and summer autumn and winter, different seasons have different views.
Tibet, is a place where you will want to come back.