How to play with children to Hong Kong Hotel route is here!

Baby and baby travel is warm and full of a variety of "challenges" ~ with children to Hong Kong, you must want to know, what hotels in Hong Kong for children to live with? Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park which is more worth going? Where to go shopping is not tired and good to buy? Time is short. How do I choose to schedule my trip? Look at this I brought the baby from Hong Kong after the return of carefully compiled Raiders Oh!
geographical distribution of the attractions

Hong Kong attractions so much, my baby can play which?

Hong Kong has a lot of attractions and recreational facilities for children. Generally go to Hong Kong also play three or four days, with children give priority to play what? Let us first understand the geographical distribution of the attractions in the area.

Hong Kong can be divided into three areas: ① Disney, Ngong Ping, Eastgate, the airport is one; ② Ocean Park, Repulse Bay, Taiping Mountain, Central Ferris wheel, Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong University, tinkling, Causeway Bay SOGO, IFC and so on in Hong Kong Island side; ③ Science Museum, Space Museum, Victoria Harbor, Avenue of Stars, Star Ferry, Noah's Ark, DFS duty-free shops are concentrated in Tsim Sha Tsui.
Time and energy to allow the words can be divided into three days to four days to run around. Which Disneyland, Ocean Park, regardless of boy girl and age, is going to go. Central Ferris wheel can be a glance at the port view, but also very suitable for parent-child. Science Museum, Space Museum, Noah's Ark The three attractions are entertaining, while playing while learning, a good place to grow horizons.
In addition, to the Hong Kong Ma Ma who will certainly shop, I recommend to the Mong Kok shopping district over there, men and women all have something to buy, and Mong Kok Langham Square often have some animation theme exhibition, such as Hello kitty, Snoopy, Transformers, Viking, also the favorite of the kids.  

with the children, do not temporarily go to the scene line up to buy tickets, and put the tickets in advance to book a good place to the sweep code or sweep yards into the park, super convenient. See electronic tickets, or electronic coupons, e-tickets can be directly into the park, electronic coupons need to vote first.

Disneyland and Ocean Park which is more worthwhile to go?

Hong Kong Disneyland and Hong Kong Ocean Park are two completely different nature of the theme park: Hong Kong Disneyland is more full of fairy tale, the project is not exciting, suitable for children from 3 to 9 years old to Oh! Especially for the little girl, you can accompany her as a day when the little princess. But many projects one year old children are no way to play, but also must leave a parent custody.
Hong Kong Ocean Park irritating projects are more, there are large roller coaster what is suitable for older children, but also can see the marine life and dolphin show, incidentally complete a marine life education trip.

Personally feel that if there is time, it is recommended that both theme parks go. If time is limited, give priority to Disney Park, children of all ages can enjoy the fun of the fairy tale world. If the child is very small, it is recommended to buy two-day ticket, calmly play slowly  

Parental matters

1, first of all family members need to go to the residence of the immigration service hall to go to Hong Kong and Macao permits. Do not tell me nagging, baby also do!
2, Beijing straight to Hong Kong about 3 hours and 15 minutes, during which the children may at any time on the toilet, if too small, it is best to bring a urinal.
3, to Hong Kong, if the place to go more, it is recommended to carry a baby carriage, one and a half years old children can be pushed in the baby carriage, of course, some scenic spots are provided free of charge, such as Disneyland.
4, with younger children to go, we must pay attention to the children do not urinate in public places, stool, then have to prepare in advance to prepare, the people of Hong Kong are very disgusted with the children with urine and urine.
5, children like to eat snacks, we must pay attention to the subway in Hong Kong, parks and other public places, do not eat snacks.

Family Fun Tour Raiders

Do not be too concerned about the distance between Hong Kong attractions, from Hong Kong Island or Kowloon, any place near the subway station to Hong Kong Airport or Disneyland, basically half a hour, it is difficult for more than an hour. As long as do not stay away from the line and the bus line away from the line just fine.
Unless there is a special need, the best place to stay in Hong Kong is Central, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui , the traffic is very convenient. Among the mainland tourists, Tsim Sha Tsui is more famous, to the Avenue of Stars, Harbor City, Victoria Harbor to see the night, only need to walk to. Science Museum, Space Museum are also concentrated in Tsim Sha Tsui, and from the Kowloon area is relatively cheap and popular commodity distribution center is also more recent. Central and Wan Chai location is more gold, so the accommodation here is relatively more expensive than Tsim Sha Tsui, living in Central or Wan Chai, subway, bus, ferry lines, with children travel is also very convenient.

The best place to stay in Hong Kong

Option 1: Disneyland play 1 day or 2 days

Disney must go to Oh, it is recommended to play 1-2 days. I think with such a small baby to play, or buy two-day ticket it, two days to play up very relaxed, adults and children will not feel too busy. It is best to do a good job in advance Raiders, or early admission planning the day trip. A park first to get the park guide and timetable, a general understanding of the program today, and then to the line to line up. Be sure to bring a cup to go, because the park has a number of drinking water, and the beverage asking price is very high. The attitude of the staff in the park is very good, always smiling to answer your question, but also very polite. General staff will be in three languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, so there is no access to communication.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Play Raiders
1, take the map and performance table: admission must first take the map and performance schedule (free), all activities should be arranged in this schedule, and some performances as long as one or two, missed no , Or only the morning only Putonghua performances, missed only to see Cantonese or English, such as the lucky star of the game. These can be in the right hand side after the gate to get.
2, fast access to the theme park: 10 o'clock in the morning to the gate, after the door do not stay in the United States town street for a long time, first by the Disneyland Railway to the fantasy world train station to see Mickey fantasy, and then to the forest river travel Putonghua Road line up) to play other projects in the adventure world.
3, the morning relatively few people, more and more people in the afternoon, it is best to fight in the morning some of the popular projects (flying over space, Mickey Fantasia, Bath Light Star Adventure) finish in the afternoon to play some not popular attractions, Shop at night before leaving the park. Visitors rush hour 10: 30-17: 00,17 after the tour group to go a lot of people, so people less.
4, in advance to register FastPass (fast pass card): in the provision of "fast pass card" (Fast Pass) where the admission tickets will be inserted into the ticket machine, only flying over the space mountain, the lion king theater, Winnie the Pooh adventure tour and Pakistan The four projects have a fast track, as long as the card marked "reservation" time before returning to the rides do not have to line up, the appointment time is generally 1 hour later (can be on behalf of the collar), each Tickets have only 3 appointments, and 20 minutes after use to use the next time. Should pay attention to reasonable arrangements, because the number of FP cards per session is limited, and after a replacement FP, if you want to replace the project FP, need to be half an hour later.
5, luggage storage: Disney can deposit luggage, the general baggage HK $ 40HKD. Bulk Baggage HK $ 50HKD. There is a luggage storage desk on the left side of the gate. Disney hotel guests stay free of charge.
6, fireworks show: 19:00 start, the best viewing position is sleeping in front of the castle square. 30 minutes ahead of schedule, facing the best location in the middle of the castle.
7, parade performances: afternoon and evening have floats parade performances, can be admitted to the park at the door to obtain a timetable. Usually starting at 15:30, the best viewing position is sleeping princess roundabout garden, the best 30-45 minutes in advance to find a good location, in order to ensure that comfortable and have a good location to take pictures.
8, suitable for adults with children's play items: Hong Kong Disneyland Railway (Tour Amusement Park train), Mickey Gold Award musical, Mickey Fantasia, Winnie the Pooh adventure, small flying like the world, Cinderella merry-go-round Edge performance, blurred manor, little world, Winnie the Pooh honey cans.
9, the proposed (from the inside out) Tour order: into the park first and Mickey photo - fantasy world - tomorrow world - Disney flying parade - adventure world - fighting cavalry base camp - Grizzly Bear Valley - the United States small Town [Steele Reversing Street Show or Shopping] - Fireworks Show
10, with beautiful pen and pen, ask cartoon characters to sign, their signature posture and signature are ripe. There are free small souvenirs, you can go with the park's entertainment staff to Disney characters stickers, if there are peers birthday, you can go to the town hall to take a buckle, buckle on this, the trip becomes very wonderful.
Traffic Raiders
① subway: take the subway to reach Yan O station, then turn to the Disney line arrived. Parent-child tour is best suited for subway, Disney's subway is particularly nice!
② From Hong Kong International Airport (Airport Station) to Tsing Yi Station and then take the Tung Chung Line to Yan O Station. Yan Mei Station and Disney Station train service time: from Yan O station out 6: 15-00: 45; from Disney station out 6: 20-00: 40, frequency: 4 to 10 minutes.
Buy tickets Raiders
adult fare 499 Hong Kong dollars, can also buy parent-child tickets (two adults and a child), it is recommended to buy in advance online, eliminating the trouble queuing. In addition, it is recommended to buy lunch coupons in advance on the Internet, after the entrance and then a lot cheaper price.   
(65 years old or above): 100 Hong Kong dollars; ordinary day tickets apply to all of the valid period (1) Tickets: adult (12-64 years old): 499 Hong Kong dollars; children's tickets (3-11 years): 355 Hong Kong dollars; Except for the date of election.
(6 years old): HK $ 480; elderly ticket (65 years old or above): 170 Hong Kong dollars (for any two days within seven days): children's tickets (3-11 years old)  

Disneyland accommodation recommended

Disneyland There are two hotels in this large park: Disneyland Hotel (5 Star) and Disney's Hollywood Hotel (four stars), all close to Disneyland, have a free bus ride in the past, the bus is about 10 minutes, So come to Disneyland to play, stay in these two hotels is the best choice. The former more gorgeous dream, the latter more retro, everything is full of Disney elements, there are children's size bath towels, bathrobes, slippers, which are even some big hotel no law than the room size in Hong Kong, Night in the balcony to see the fireworks is beautiful, if it is parent-child tour, then live in the park is very cost-effective.
First, Disneyland Hotel
Disneyland Hotel is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, like to play the water baby do not miss. The hotel has a fairy tale event (participates in age 2-12 years old and requires an adult). When you check in, the waiter will give you a schedule of activities, some of which are free of charge. It is worth mentioning that the hotel's Disney theme buffet breakfast, with the baby to try it under the breakfast time there will be 3-4 Disney characters come to your table photo taken. The executive suites are large, the bed is soft enough, the bathrooms are spacious, the baths and the rain are separated, the rooms have balconies, see the downstairs maze and the sea. The hotel has indoor and outdoor swimming pool. Room Disney elements did not expect much, only in the mirror, toiletries, cartons, white snow princess image.
Price: 2500-6800 yuan / night

1. The hotel's check-in time is 15:00 pm, check-out time is 11:00 am
2. Hotel room can stay 4 people, should be taken into account the two baby's home design, this time we are the three A little just get a
3. The hotel room with baby pajamas and slippers, but still too large, buns like to sing like singing, haha. The hotel provides baby teeth is very bad, mothers still bring it.

Second, the Disney Hollywood Hotel
Disney from the urban area is relatively far, so the best stay inside the hotel in particular with children. This hotel relative to the Paradise Hotel cheap but feel the same style, is a very good price choice. Hotel room a lot of Mickey Mouse elements, children like, bed very comfortable, the hotel breakfast and dinner are very rich, very Mickey Mouse characteristics, but the price a little expensive. Behind the hotel there is a garden for children to play, you can see the sea, the hotel bus to the park is very convenient. Hotel to send a few hundred shopping vouchers, free to buy some souvenirs. Disney's two-day hotel choice.
Price: 1900-4800 yuan / night

Disadvantages is a little worse than Disneyland. But check-in room can be discovers when the room card as a souvenir.

Disneyland Hotel

Option 2: Ocean Park Hey play all day long

Ocean Park is worth your time to play all day long. In the park, there is a lot of marine animals, polar animals and rare animals to see, to the stimulating roller coaster, and to the gymnasiums that are not too laborious to visit and perform, no matter how the age of the visitors Can find suitable items here. And tickets cheaper than Disneyland, adult fare 321 yuan, children 161, in addition to eating all the activities inside will not be charged, and this is much better than the domestic do!

Hong Kong Ocean Park

Play the Raiders
1, admission tips: Park has two entrances and exits, from the main entrance of the park will be the first through the whale dolphin to protect the square, and then reach the green garden and children's kingdom, and then take the cable car can reach the mountain mobile area; From the back door of the entrance to the tree Bay, will lead to the ancient village, take the mountain elevator and then through the rapids, you can reach the mountain mobile area. From the back door into the park (big tree Bay entrance, but need to open around 12:00) into the crowd can be avoided, reverse line.
2, play sequence: Ocean Park is divided into the mountains and the foot of the mountain, the mountains for the peak paradise (ocean heaven and earth, rapids heaven and earth, tropical rain forest world, dynamic world): equipment amusement projects, marine animals to enjoy the mountain for the beach paradise (Viagra, Asian animal world, fantasy water): exhibition hall, performance, children's recreation project. Large amusement projects are mainly concentrated in the mountains, if it is with more than 5 years old children, it is recommended to focus on the mountains. From the mountains to the foot of the mountain. If you do not want to long queue, you can consider the first take the ocean train up the mountain, back and then take the cable car down the mountain.
3, catering: mostly concentrated in the vicinity of the Peak Tram, there is a fast food plaza, Bay View Restaurant (self) landscape, the price is about $ HK 75 / person.
Recommended items
Although the driving time is short, but 360 ° loopback racing, coupled with its built in the cliff side, in the car when the speed of several times subduction into the sea feeling, very exciting.
Arrangements around the orbit are very tropical, and there are tourists on the corridors along the way to the boat water gun "bad." Will be provided at $ 40 a raincoat, of course, wet feel more cool ~
sub-Arctic, Antarctic, snow fox (entrance in the Antarctic shop store) three pavilions, room temperature maintained at 15 ° below the perennial, After the admission of Meng Meng Penguin Jun, walrus, spot seals and so on.
as its name, including birds and animals, insects, fish and other tropical organisms. Favorite is the Amazon style aquarium. Staggered vertical and horizontal trees, the raw water plants, together with the cool colors of light and characteristics of fish, the original natural mystery blowing.
I am not ~ ~ the actual area of ​​the exhibition hall is not large, but depends on the jellyfish suitable for living in a dark environment, the exhibition hall in a large number of use of the mirror effect to increase the number of jellyfish kaleidoscope. The depth of the sense of space, coupled with the change in the water jar of the light source, creating a dream like the magic of the night wizard effect.
It is enough to do an aquarium alone.
Traffic Raiders
① Admiralty subway station has a direct bus, 20 Hong Kong dollars.
② can be in Hong Kong Admiralty MTR station or Central Star Pier Citybus station ride 629 green direct access to Ocean Park, one-way 10.6 Hong Kong dollars. Bus service time for the Admiralty Station 9: 00-16: 00, every 10 minutes; and by the Star Ferry out of every 20 minutes, service time 9: 45-13: 45.
: 385 Hong Kong dollars (321 yuan); children (3-11 years old): 193 Hong Kong dollars (161 yuan)
Ocean Park Some good places to provide sightseeing telescope, need to prepare in advance 1-2 Hong Kong coins.
Tickets can be purchased at the main entrance of Ocean Park, MTR Admiralty Station (Exit B) 629 Citybus Station (Monday to Friday before 15:00; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays before 16:00) It is best to buy tickets in advance on the Internet, cheap and do not have to line up at the scene to buy tickets, if the tickets directly to buy coupons more cost-effective, because the park's food is not the general expensive.  
Opening hours : 10: 00-18: 00; (suitable for early to go, usually around 14:00 is the team peak time)  

Scenario 3: City Center Day Tour (Ferris Wheel + Taiping Mountain Watch Night)

Hong Kong Ferris wheel

[Two routes to go to the law]
① night to see the Victoria Harbor night, so the day to go more smoothly: the morning to the mountain level near, including take the cable car, go to the wax museum, sit halfway elevator, walk in the Taiping Mountain to see, to the top overlooking Hong Kong , Lunch can be at the top of the mountain, recommended mustan shrimp, sugar toward. Afternoon directly to the Central shopping, take the Ferris wheel, eat dinner. And then in the Central Pier by boat or star ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui look at the bustling night, then take the Bauhinia cruise to enjoy the Victoria Harbor night.
② night to see the Peak of the night, so that the day to go more smoothly: to Tsim Sha Tsui side of the side with children to sit about the stars ferry, while crossing the sea while enjoying the scenery on both sides of the harbor; and then to the Central Peak cable car station, experience the Central Ferris wheel. And then sit on the cable car on the Peak Peak, visit Madame Tussauds Wax Museum; night in the Taiping Mountain to see the night (the best viewing point), in the Taiping Mountain dinner after dinner. 
[Travel Tips]
on the summit of Deng Taiping, do not recommend midfielder escalator on the top to sit in Pakistan, because the passengers are too complicated. It is recommended to take the subway to the Central Station J2 exit walk to the way if there is a problem to ask people like, it would be more convenient!

Program four: parent-child tour the best (Science Museum, Space Museum, Noah's Ark)

[Science Museum - interesting and highly active]
Hong Kong Science Museum strongly recommend children to go, in which children can play one day. Science Museum 4 layer 18 exhibition hall, most of the equipment are children can try to see, so it is very attractive to children. There is also a huge energy shuttle, the boys are estimated to like to see several times. For kindergarten children, the negative floor of the mirror hall, the second floor of the simulated driving, the third floor of the children's heaven and earth more interesting. Near a lot of restaurants, Cuihua, Xu Lushan, car face, etc., the middle of the play can be tired to eat out to rest.
Subway : From Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station Exit B2 along Kinmen Road to Tsim Sha Tsui East about 18 minutes walk. From Jordan's MTR Station Exit D, walk along Austin Road to Tsim Sha Tsui East for about 20 minutes.
Tickets : Adult 25 Hong Kong dollars, students 12.5 Hong Kong, every Wednesday free of charge.
Opening hours : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10: 00-19: 00, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 10: 00-21: 00 every Thursday (except public holidays), Lunar New Year's Day Museum. On Christmas Eve and Lunar New Year's Eve open to 17:00, the ticketing is closed for one hour before closing.
[Space Museum - astronomical knowledge supply station]
Hong Kong space museum is worth a visit. Especially the parents who travel with children. Very popular science knowledge. Position in the Victoria Harbor, to the Avenue of Stars will be able to see it. Tsim Sha Tsui stood out of the subway to the Avenue of Stars, can see Tsim Sha Tsui clock tower will be able to see the space museum, and a large spherical building, very modern shape chic. Space Museum often engage in some astronomical knowledge of the exhibitions and lectures, there are some astronomical models and instruments, is a large astronomical museum. The dome movie is awesome, and those stars are projected on a semicircle on a horizon that makes people feel like a space trip.
Transportation : 1, MTR Tsuen Wan Line Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit E, walk to Salisbury Road, turn right, take the Hong Kong Christian YMCA next to the Hong Kong Space Museum; 2, by Central or Wan Chai by the Star Ferry to Tsim Sha Tsui , Walk for about 10 minutes.
Tickets(HK $ 32), HK $ 32 (Rear Seat), Coupon Ticket Price, HK $ 32 (Front seat), HK $ 32, Children under 3 years old can not be admitted. The exhibition hall is free of charge every Wednesday.
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 13: 00-21: 00, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 10: 00-21: 00, on Christmas Eve, the Lunar New Year's Eve is open until 17:00, Except for public holidays), Lunar New Year First Day and Second Closed
Hours Reference : 2-3 hours
[Noah's Ark - Family Fun New Landmark] The
whole Noah Ark feels like an "Encyclopedia", not just play! If you want to give children more meaningful experience, broaden horizons, here is a very high cost of the scenic area! I think the biggest significance of this theme park is to educate people to cherish life, love the environment, protect the earth, so regardless of adults or children should come to see. And Noah's ark's environment is so good, from the noisy city came here, just like the paradise!

Most of the recommended is located in the museum on the 3rd floor of the "treasure earth hall", which has 15 theme museum, respectively, astronomy, geography, literature, history, art and other knowledge, each theme museum staff will explain, you can also Some hands-on interactive games, let the children experience the fun of learning. For example: in the archaeological exploration hall, exhibits include dinosaur skull fossil copy, archaeological relics, etc., children can play the role of archaeologists, digging dinosaur fossils in the gravel pool. "Mechanical City" which will speak Mandarin, singing robots, the children can use the remote control, driving the mini-car to explore the surface of the moon, from which to learn the principle of mechanical operation. These are very useful for the growth of children, so be sure to recommend!
Transportation : From Central, exit from MTR Hong Kong Station E1, through the International Finance Center Mall, take the ferry at Central Pier 2 to the Perry Bay Pier for about 20 minutes. After leaving the boat has been to Rosedale Road, and then turn left to Perkin Road.
Tickets : $ 155 for adults and $ 125 for children and senior citizens
Opening hours : 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Option 5: Outlying Islands Day Tour (Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cable Car + Tai O Boat Tour)

Ngong Ping Shan on the cable car is the longest cable car in Asia, the whole light to do cable car on the 20 minutes, take the cable car can see the scenery far beyond the expected, especially when the plane landed at the airport. If it is the first time to sit Ngong Ping cable car, be sure to choose crystal car, the foot is transparent, the children see the car at the feet open, it is excited.
Traffic : subway arrived in Tung Chung Station C mouth out, not far away, you can find 360 cable car ticket and ride points.
Take the cable car, arrived Ngong Ping can visit Ngong Ping City and the Temple of Heaven Buddha, and then take the bus (station near the Ngong Ping Market) to Tai O, take the boat to the sea, to see the dolphins! The Directly to the sea to see the sea dolphins in the side of the jump! Usually marine park that kind of captive and this can not be compared! If you encounter pink dolphins, children should be like. Return to return to the original route, or in Tai O directly to the bus to Tung Chung subway station. In addition, Tung Chung Station has Eastgate, is Hong Kong's largest Outlets, if you like shopping can also visit a shopping.  

Ngong Ping cable car

1, Ngong Ping cable car tickets can be set in advance on the Internet, so that everyone can save about 100 yuan.
2, the island proposal or buy a good day trip in advance project, after all, with the children but also subway, bus all kinds of cars too tired.
3, the cable car is being maintained in the near future, after six months to continue to open.

If this day not to Ngong Ping, you can also change to Seagate Pier to eat seafood, sea, travel wave Bay is also good. Sai Kung is located in the eastern part of Hong Kong, the Saigon Peninsula, the terminal in the city center. It is a hot spot for Hong Kong people. Where the vast sky, the island star Luo, birds fly diving. In the air from time to time exudes fragrance. Seaside dock with small boats selling fresh seafood to tourists; angler and photographer on the trestle leisurely; eagle flying in the air, egrets foraging ~ overall natural ambience of the reef edge to enable children to get close to nature, play music Music is like ~

Hong Kong parent-child travel must have traffic & calling card

Hong Kong Octopus

Ready to play Hong Kong? Ok, you need to prepare these two in advance - phone card, traffic card. 7 days can call and 3G Internet phone card is absolutely indispensable in travel! Hong Kong's traffic card is the so-called "Octopus card", whether it is public transport, subway, convenience stores can be used, eliminating the queuing of the delay and change the trouble. If it is a group of people travel, need to share wifi, you may also need to carry wifi. Hong Kong free exercise must be ready to get up!  

See here, Mom and Dad are not itchy intolerable friends? Although Hong Kong is not big, but it is "fully equipped", there are a variety of suitable for "big friends" and children play with it, you just go with the baby with it!