Romantic resort hotel for Tanabata in Beijing

This year's Tanabata is not embarrassed not embarrassed, Monday. Although the next day is a working day, can not play to dawn, but fortunately we can celebrate in the weekend ahead of time. Eat and drink during the day and go home at night to squeeze in the 1 meter wide bed to see the movie? This is fully open do not open Well ~ so, a rare Tanabata, it is better to try some special hotels it After all, love, also need freshness + new experience.

Hello, in Beijing can ...

To the front door to enjoy the bath, round bed, powder yarn account

Front door Royal Inn Recommended reason: convenient transportation and strategic location. Free L'Occitane toiletries.

Shop as its name, located near the front door, authentic under the imperial city. The hotel is in the fresh fish mouth next to the food street, although in the lively commercial street, but it can be done quietly let you enjoy the quiet night.

The highly acclaimed hotel terrace should be the place of your day affectionate table (white). Or, you can also be in the hotel roof of the open-air swimming pool to do a pair of play mandarin ducks. After the fatigue, but also through the L'Occitane professional SPA massage to be alleviated. The perfect night is here.

Enjoy the red wine

Zhang Yu Aifei Fort International Winery Recommended reason: a style, "we get married," the shooting, you can choose to pick, visit wine and other activities.

Here is simply a castle in Miyun County, although away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but do not have to worry about nowhere to do. The hotel's matching picking park, as well as wine-making tours and other activities, can make your weekend is very fulfilling. This season is just fine grapes

Interior furnishings are all imported from France and can enjoy the same quality as European aristocratic life. And in the winery must not be the mellow wine, romantic night in the end is issued a glass touch of crisp sound, or between the lips and teeth of the collision, to see you slightly.

Lennon good in Shanghai can ...

Into the most real fairy tale world

Disneyland Hotel Recommended reason: theme hotel, location awesome, convenient admission.

Between the couple, not necessarily candlelight dinner was romantic, do not have to be a sweet diamond ring, go to Shanghai Disney, through to the innocent and magical fairy tale world, and why not a different kind of good and love? Day as children generally crazy play one day is not fun, at night to the Disney theme hotel as an adult to continue the second half of the night PK it.

But near the holidays, the hotel prices will be larger, suitable for full of pockets or for the time of admission to the lovers. After all, this is the closest hotel to Disney. Live here, Paul first you went to the park door.

In the old house feel the old Shanghai style

Polaroid Hall Recommended reason: big bay window and tiger window, the old Shanghai style full, literary youth favorite

Is located in the French Concession, the summer afternoon quiet tree-lined road, so you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the other half hand step on the street Wukang Road, you can find this small house-style hall. Looked through the tiger window scattered under the mottled, will let you have the feeling of time and space shuttle it Perhaps last time, you have been a pair of people it.

But because it is the old house, and can not do all the rooms have a bathtub. So if you want to wash a duck, remember to contact the hotel in advance whether there is room with a bath Oh.

Thunder monkey in Guangzhou can ...

Flowers love, castle confession

Flower Love Castle Hotel Recommended reason: flowers theme, Million Kwai Park area, excellent atmosphere.

A two roses where enough to express my love for you, at least one million flowers to represent 1%. And you hand in hand through the flower field, across the flowers, in the aroma shouting a "I love you".

The hotel consists of 11 different styles, the integration of Eastern, Continental and other elements of the composition of the buildings. Next to the million Kwai Kwai scenic area, so that the whole building are surrounded by layers of flowers. This year to send a two outdated, and directly into the flower theme hotel is king.

Take the Ferris wheel and visit the Merrill Lynch

Merrill Lynch Hot Spring Hotel Recommended reason: rich entertainment facilities, milk hot spring pool, Ferris wheel.

Take the Ferris wheel to enjoy the sunset, in the privacy of the lips attached to the most nauseating love words. And only 10 yuan a fare, take a few times also no harm. The hotel also has tennis, golf venues, incense sweat to a movement, the release of their own vitality it.

How can we relieve fatigue after work? Do you like the milky milk pool, or the lavender pool? Or let the professional massage therapist for you to do a SPA Well, all the fatigue and let go, midnight to continue.

Hello, in Shenzhen can ...

Experience speed and passion in the car

East OCT RV Hotel Recommended reason: Featured theme hotel, close to the tea valley, large indoor pool.

This hotel is located in the mountains near the valley, located in the mountains, more suitable for driving. During the day and play in the area to play, if the temptation to seek excitement at night, casually racing car fun, but it will be very embarrassing. It is better to try a car theme hotel good ~

But do not be misleading by the title, this is the theme, not living in the car. After all, really car room is relatively small, young men and women who can not show their hands Well. Passion after the hot, just can experience the large indoor swimming pool. After the fatigue of the night, always sleep sweet.

Draw the gondola of Venice

Shenzhen Venetian Ruiju Hotel Recommended reason: Venice theme decoration, close to Happy Valley, Window of the World.

A weekend only, to travel to Europe unrealistic. But with the Shenzhen Venetian Road, we can quickly enter the water city of Venice scene. 1: 1 restored Gondola, luxurious hotel decor, multi-themed room selection, oversized gym and swimming pool are very much in line with the couple's appetite.

In addition to its architectural style, the location is also very suitable for couples. Opposite the hotel is the window of the world, next to Happy Valley. Hotel next door is Yitian Holiday Plaza, shopping, food one-stop service. Our lovely users to live here in the couple, there are in-depth play recommended ↓ ↓ ↓

And then walk into the OCT OCT Creative Park, where there are Run Garden four seasons coconut chicken, Siam Thai, drink afternoon tea, stroll old bookstore, good to enjoy.

Well, in Hangzhou can ...

Experience the new world brought by high technology

Hangzhou Love Poetry Hotel Recommended reason: high-tech smart home, good privacy, for the customer group flagship couple.

This hotel, called Mylines, is designed to redefine the concept of a couple hotel from interior design. So, with the word "professional" to describe it is not too much. There are nearly 9,000 private enjoyment of the garden, but only five mountains and built Jiangnan villa, only to create a 33 couple room, wide, thin, private good.

As a couple hotel, it is not only to serve the stimulus, but also to meet the "relaxed, romantic, release, passion," these four must not be parallel to the demand, so that couples can return to me. And whether it is curtains or lights you can all control through the WeChat, without getting out of bed. In the high-tech support, the interpretation of your two most unique freestyle it ~

Eat the sweetest sugar, say the warmest words

William's toffee hotel Recommended reason: American pastoral style, sugar in the name of the individual room, cost-effective high.

The shop from the design to the room name, everything is particularly special art, each house is a different candy candy name, and presented the corresponding candy, feel inside are sweet. If Tanabata choose to live here, you will be able to leave a comfortable, sweet, warm memories.

The hotel is located in the slow living area of ​​Qingzhi, walking distance to Zhejiang Yuquan Island campus, botanical garden. As well as the remaining physical strength, riding a bike can be 20 minutes to the West Lake friends.

Huan Hao, in Chengdu can ...

In the night to drink Lan Kwai Fong wine

Shangri-La Hotel Recommended reason: old five-star genuine, near Lan Kwai Fong nightclub lovers preferred.

Shangri-La Hotel is also a well-known five-star hotel brand, and want a quality and quantity of a perfect Tanabata, choose here will not be wrong. And this Shangri-La, Chengdu, this location is very good, near the Lan Kwai Fong, suitable for those who like the nightlife couple.

Open the hotel room door, first into the eye is the luxurious decoration and comfortable natural housing layout. Overlooking the window Jinjiang charming scenery, it is a pleasure. Night falls, and the other half to share Shangri-La unique CHI Spa treatment, physically and mentally new.

Tell me that you love me with florid words

Jia Hao Yue Mei Hotel Recommended reason: different styles of flowers theme, beautifully decorated, open bathtub, location super good.

Zhao Lei's song fire in Chengdu's Yulin Road, "and I walk in the streets of Chengdu Oh ... until all the lights are extinguished do not stay, you will hold my sleeves, I will hand into the trousers pocket ... ... "But Chengdu is not only the Yulin Road Oh ~ wide alley, Chunxi Road, Kam is very worth a look. And live in Jiajia Yue Mei, you can easily reach these places.

Each layer of the hotel is different from the theme of flowers. There are representatives of loyalty, love of sunflowers, there are representatives of love, brave roses, but also on behalf of love lavender waiting for love. No matter which layer of stay, I believe you can write a new definition of love.

Hello in xin i can ...

Taste authentic Spanish cuisine

Shengmei Liya Hotel Recommended reason: luxury side, the hotel comes with Xi'an's first "DUO Spanish theme restaurant".

Chinese classical school of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the European fashion to send the Spanish luxury hotel, the two mix after the collision quite out of color. Want to give the beloved Ta the most perfect holiday memories, choose here will not be wrong. The hotel is very close to the surrounding attractions, Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Hui Street, the ancient city wall can be reached by the moment.

If you do not want to go out, the hotel's five different flavors of the restaurant can meet your picky taste buds. In the choice of the restaurant, if you have some hesitation, then try "DUO Spanish theme restaurant" bar. This is the restaurant opened in Xi'an, the first Oh, absolutely authentic.

Into the art district, sleep in the art gallery

Spring Hill House Designer Recommended reason: located in the largest art district of Xi'an, a very artistic design style, the artist favorite.

If you are a pair of unique, like the art of the couple, then do not hesitate to choose the spring and autumn it. The hotel was awarded the "13th Modern Art Decoration of the Year 2010", the annual hotel space award itself is a work of art. The location of the hotel is also in the Banpo International Art District, so that enthusiasts really immersed in the arts.

The hotel's English name is Time Tunnel. But also very straightforward to reflect the mission of carrying the time tunnel here. Here turned out to be a distillation boiler room and dye workshop, also had done a copier production workshop, done canteen. Therefore, the main idea of ​​the designer's transformation is to preserve the historical traces of the building itself, with some symbols with the imprint of the times to tell the memory of the seventies and eighties. Is there a story that has not been discovered yet? You can explore it yourself.

Tanabata, even the Cowherd and weaver have met, how can we not meet? Across the mountains, leaping the ocean, even if you need to cross thousands of miles of water, I have to see you. Wait until no one in the middle of the night, the lights gradually extinguished, the steady stream of people gradually dispersed. We are no longer talking about life, no longer talk about ideals. Maybe wait a moment, I will say:  Come on, we ... hey hey hey ~

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