Inventory 丨 sleep these pubs to be considered Zhouzhuang!

Walking Jiangnan town, an inn is a landscape, a stop is a trip. Some people say that the beauty of Zhouzhuang in the morning and evening. Daily sun rises, the whole town from the sleeping in the wake of the daily night falls, the whole town and brightly lit, whether it is early morning or evening, are beautiful as a dream. If there is time, it is better to choose a inn, feel the town of slow life!

Where is Zhouzhuang?

If there is the plot of the town, do not miss Zhouzhuang, "bridges, water, people", Zhouzhuang body in the perfect combination, from an early morning quietly daze, or stroll in the night of Zhouzhuang, are people intoxicated. It is necessary to choose a distinctive inn is necessary, and then Zhouzhuang live on a night, feel the quiet town of the night life, feel the early get up, the ancient town of the share of quiet harmony. Must go in the early morning quiet is the stone road, take a look at the living picture along the river. Choose a weekend or a small holiday, from Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing and other surrounding wind about the past!

How to get there

Address: Suzhou Kunshan City Zhouzhuang town southwest corner (Wujiang, Wuxian, Shanghai Qingpu County junction) by
1. Shanghai Departure: Shanghai → Yan'an elevated road → G50 → Kanazawa export → business to the town of Zhouzhuang 
2. Nanjing starting: Nanjing → Shanghai
(S343) → Kunjie Highway → Jinxi → Zhouzhuang
4. Zhejiang Departure: Huzhou → Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang high-speed ( high-speed (G2) → Kunshan exit → Kunzhou highway → Jinxi → Zhouzhuang town  3. Suzhou departure:  G318) → Kanazawa export → business collapse → Zhouzhuang town 
public transport 
1. Shanghai Departure: Shanghai Bus Terminal, North Bus Terminal, Qingpu Bus Station has a direct train to the town of Zhouzhuang 
2. Suzhou departure: Suzhou North Railway Station to Zhouzhuang There are direct train, time 1 hour, fare 17 yuan; car South Station to Wujiang Jiangze, fare 13 yuan, 1 hour and 20 minutes, get off after the walk is soon Zhouzhuang town 
3. Kunshan starting: starting from the new station "Kunshan - Zhouzhuang / 130 Road" or from the city inside the Pavilion Forest Park, Hongfeng two village side of the origin of the "161 Road" are direct bus
tickets: 100 yuan pass, the day effective, if necessary Into the town need to take pictures at the ticket gate, tickets Can be used repeatedly, valid for three days; night tickets 80 yuan (16: 00-21: 00), 7: 30 until 20: 00 free of charge after. 18:45 minutes to work on the staff, and no longer receive tickets, but Zhang Hall, Shen Hall is still ticket

This little inn you have no reason to miss!

A town of Jiangnan, "China's first water" reputation. Jiangnan is one of the six ancient town. Regal Shen home, style Zhang hall, San Mao's miss. Boat squeaky, flooding double bridge, draw a water Zhouzhuang. Zhouzhuang accommodation conditions are more developed, in addition to many beautiful environment, well-equipped star hotels and resorts. As well as from the attractions close to the building most of the antique, mostly home inn, the boss are warm and friendly. Inn can see the bridge outside the water, sitting in bed can feel the thick atmosphere of the water. Living in this area, can deeply feel the ancient town atmosphere, and now to see which inn worthy of our sleep!

1, the flower hall between the beautiful humanities inn

[Recommended index] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
- Zhouzhuang flower hall of the beautiful humanities inn is the predecessor of Zhouzhuang local famous Zhaizi - Dai house.
- located in the city of West Street Zhenfeng Bridge, was built in the early years of the Republic of China, by the Zhejiang businessmen Dai three brothers built by several sites.
- sitting south, a total of five, each four into the two rooms, forming a shop before the shop, under the shop on the house, deep courtyard of the water landscape pattern.

The hotel was rebuilt on the basis of the old house of the house, without destroying its original structure. But the interior of the decoration and the size of the courtyard so that we looked for a while.

Originally an ancient building called Shenzhai, now converted into a hotel. Service staff is very nice, before you will be prompted to drive, to come to pick up, to help buy tickets. The environment is good, Naozhongqujing, everywhere drifting with flowers, but also flowers fragrant, no wonder the flowers between the Church! Although the old Zhaizi changed, but the renovation of the new facilities more complete. The hotel has a book, a lot of books inside, thick cultural atmosphere, sitting in the gallery under the rocking chair reading tea is very good. Room street, the whole row of wooden windows can be opened to warm air conditioning is very hot, opened the window is not cold. The room has free soft drinks and tea to improve, toiletries are L'Occitane, very tall. Breakfast buffet is rich, coffee is good to drink, afternoon refreshments, sweet soup at night to drink. Overall it is recommended to stay.

2, Zhen Fengxuan boutique inn

【Recommended index】 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
that the "Zhenfeng Xuan", because it is located in the core area of ​​Zhouzhuang town Zhenfeng culture street, Shen Hall, Fu'an Bridge, fans, Cheng Xu Tao and other attractions around the distribution The window can enjoy the rhyme in the eyes. The guesthouse is a classic 18th arrondissement for classical Jiangnan people, luxurious suites, business suites, deluxe double rooms, deluxe double bed rooms, standard double rooms and so on. The rooms are elegantly decorated and equipped with modern and classical delicacies. Designers love the Koi and lotus leaf elements with the front of the back wall, corridor walls, room decoration ... full of Jiangnan painting, do not have some elegant taste.

Carefully calculated also lived a lot of such a fine hotel, from Dali cat duo to Phoenix's kite inn, and then to Wuxi Lingshan Jing homes, Tang model of the Sino-French cooperation hotel. Personally think that going out to play, accommodation is still very important. Zhenfeng Xuan for the classical Jiangnan people-style architecture, back to the shape of the layout, up and down two, a total of 18, each are particularly named.
I and Miss Zhu are particularly interested in such an antique hotel, looking around the East to see the West, the inn design elegant living elegant are embodied in these details.

3, Man Habitat No. 5 Guzhen Panorama Inn

【Recommended index】 ★ ★ ★ ★
Lake built in the diffuse home on the 5th, the location is very good, but it is not in the area, but built in the scenic area, but very very close from the town. Live here, less of the town of a noisy, more of a quiet. Very cute a inn, the layout of the petty bourgeoisie, from the inn's small furnishings can be seen that the boss is very thought, especially the inn's small courtyard, a rocking chair, a swing. The panoramic view of the courtyard is very beautiful, open the window you can see the Zhouzhuang Lake mountains and rivers, the only bad place is that more mosquitoes in summer, which may be built with the lake and the lake. Nice inn can be recommended.

Service: when we arrived at the shop when the phone, the boss on time at the door to meet us, so kind, oh, find the feeling of going home, we go out for dinner because of the rain back to the shop phone, the boss personally Send us an umbrella, so touched!
Environment: landscaping is very good, in the ancient town of these inn seems to find the feeling of this yard, really beautiful, see a lot of tourists passing to the hospital to take pictures.
Room: very comfortable, we took two little baby, to a multi-bed room, another buy should be on the first floor, the boss in order to let us live near to give up the level, the bathroom did not taste, health Also feel that the owner of the store is also very hard, and pretty good ah! The most worthy of recommendation is the shop aunt cooking is very tasty, we basically three days are resolved here, very good! Wanted to live one night left, and later could not help but live a day! Will come again!

4, is blessing Cottage in the other homes

【Recommended index】 ★ ★ ★ ★
hotel for the Chinese style of the other buildings, is located in the center of Zhouzhuang town (90 in the city, near the whole blessing road), the room is very Chinese national characteristics, the hotel location is very quiet, there are several The characteristics of the other homes, is full of cottage plaque is very distinctive, the middle of the grass word is written in the grass written in Oracle, into the righteousness of the cottage, you will see a group of harmony and four characters, there is a " , The inn as a whole are highlighting the antique temperament.

5, clear water cloud home boutique inn

【Recommended index】 ★ ★ ★ ★
- Inn in the scenic area inside the edge of the hall, to the ship dock and attractions are very close, the inn is very beautiful atmosphere of petty bourgeoisie.
- Zijia travel set up Zhouzhuang Hotel, do not choose the shortest route can be, opposite the opposite side of Fu'an Bridge.
- Very good condition, there are a lot of theme room. Decoration is very unique charm is very antique.
- the boss is responsible for car pick up, although Zhouzhuang is not big, but the feeling is very intimate.
- Quilt is silk, very comfortable.

With the mood of the holiday to go, the courtyard has a mood, the room is also very clean, air conditioning hot water is enough to live very comfortable, the boss and the boss are very good, the boss personally opened q5 to Zhouzhuang station then take the time to help us Take luggage to our station is very convenient, but also take us to take tickets, save a very cumbersome thing, go to Zhouzhuang will stay. Like the swing inside the yard, his son was very happy to play, still in the yard inside the chair while watching the rain, while eating, playing with his son playing cards, the room is very large, very feeling, very quiet. The boss all the way to help guide, but also to the outside to meet us to help carry the box, very good place.

A b & b is an age, a feeling. Living in Zhouzhuang, looking for the then Jiangnan Water Village, feel the 60's to the 00's different water people, taste nostalgia rhyme.

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