Laolaojia Hotel: Aman designers after the transformation of the century-old house, low-key luxury to the United States to fry!

Piedmont Hill Mountain under the Huangshan shop "grandmother home", is a multi-courtyard of a courtyard-style rural residential, the courtyard has four different styles of the courtyard, especially for small teams organized to build. Courtyard of the mountain, trees towering, because of the preservation of the ancient walls of the ancient house structure and look rustic, because the interior and space layout design exquisite filled with modern art and feel extravagant luxury.

Broken brick, rotten tile, old walls, to see such a farmer room, I am afraid you are absolutely not interested in living here for two nights.

Step into the courtyard deep, lush vegetation, although it is a small courtyard, but also some complacent quiet.

In the afternoon, the sun lounged down, a small courtyard in the mottled sunshine, suddenly a little touched, like a child's grandmother's home, is the general look like ah.

The courtyard in the basking in the grain, naughty squirrels have long been here, as their own home.

"But it is a broken farm room!" Just when you intend to turn away, suddenly a little trance, this farmer, how a little sense of design out?

Although the old beam, but to a large window by King.

Said good farmhouse courtyard, this light with the design of the hotel is completely ah!

A large floor of the glass, the same color white walls, as well as glass skylights, where there is the feeling of dilapidated farmhouse.

Even the walls, have modeling, revealing a wall to the ground, playing with light, coupled with the bar, a small bar with a tone out.

This bathroom is directly the most avant-garde clear cement on the wall, and then a panoramic sunroof, you say the night side of the number of stars while bath how much praise!

Actually there is such a video room! I think, I must go to the "fake farmer room".

Well, do not sell off, here is popular in Beijing friends circle of bed and breakfast - grandma home, driving from the North Fifth Ring two hours, reinforced concrete did not, haze far. If it is autumn, you can see the mountain tree persimmon tree.

In the green and green mountains under the mountains, where the house is still the most pristine mud wall, time did not change the grass here, the same sun, warm through the leaves of the gap, according to people's heart warm The

There is no grandstanding logo, only a low-key hemp rope brand - grandma home. Yes, since it is a grandmother, must be hidden in the deep Lane, a small village.

The door of the low-key courtyard, is the owner of the old house, more than 90-year-old grandmother specially asked the designer not to tear down
when she was 16 years old when the door, that is, from the gate went inside, guarding the house, the wind and rain Rain, children and grandchildren. So, the designer keeps it intact.

Here to keep too much grandmother's memory, the old wooden beams in the bed and earth, and even above the holes, scratches, are deliberately retained.

The whole yard, but also like its original appearance, the courtyard a deck chair, how many nights, we in such a courtyard, listening to grandma, that past story.

Grandmother's designer Kim Lei is full of interest in the old house, the designer returned from the United States has presided over the design of the Amman Hotel, in the north, the sun is precious, one side of the small skylight, gave a afternoon reading , Good reason for drinking tea. Though we kept warm feeling of old house, we carried out modern transformation of house, large area floor glass, and invited the best sunshine into room.

In the north, the sun is precious, one side of the small skylight, gave a good afternoon afternoon, a good reason for drinking tea.

Although it is a modern room, but the temperature of the grandmother's home is not lost, through the windows look, vaguely or the former yard.

A semi-open restaurant, even the broken wall ruins are not treated, the summer time can be as in the past, in the yard to eat cool, winter time can sit in the room,

A total of only 6 rooms, each room is bright and bright, those carved window lattice, in the sun became the most beautiful wall decoration.

The most unique, that is, each room, the designer will deliberately expose the original wall part of the old wall of the warm feeling, still accompany you.

Although the number is in the mountain farmhouse, the configuration of the B & B is unequivocal, comparable to the five-star hotel of various supplies, there is also a luxury in the country to enjoy.

If only the design, perhaps just a "grandmother home" form, this bed and breakfast in every detail, are trying to pass the kind of warmth.

Solid wood partitions on wooden racks, cherry flavored candy cans, woolen mats in baskets, Australian organic skin care brand in bathroom Sukin toiletries, wooden soap dispenser on hand dish, wood toothbrush, wood Products give a warm, accompanied by the feeling, so that travelers feel more practical.  

Sweet and delicious sweet potatoes, pumpkin, corn, sweet wine brewing, exquisite pastoral organic food, not too much seasoning, are "grandmother home" taste.

Bed and Breakfast to provide a rich vegetarian meals, red brick large stove cooking handmade bread, pepper leaves Wotou, local fresh sweet mountain spring water handmade tofu, seasonal selection of organic vegetables, secretly dipped in sauce, feel comfortable Mind time.  

Bed and Breakfast to provide a rich vegetarian meals, red brick large stove cooking handmade bread, pepper leaves Wotou, local fresh sweet mountain spring water handmade tofu, seasonal selection of organic vegetables, secretly dipped in sauce, feel comfortable Mind time.  

Of course, come here, you have to try, their home in the old Beijing noodles, the traditional hand rolling surface poured on the characteristics of the flavor of halogen called a must, authentic taste of my taste buds,  

In such a place, and do not know the guests gathered in a table, no two or three glasses of wine into a family, regardless of the sea went to the north and south, are the grandmother's heart meat ah.  

In the vicinity of walking, but also a school of pastoral scenery. About 2 km from the grandmother's house, there is a good place to watch the scenery - slope peak ridge area. Got to go to the mountains, go to see the grandmother it

Designer profile

Jin Lei, undergraduate study at the Beijing Institute of Architecture and Architecture, after the University of Arizona to study the master of architecture, after graduation in the United States NBBJ, Line and Space and many other well-known design agencies involved in architectural practice. Jin Lei in the design of the site is very stressed the understanding and respect, to promote the natural, according to local conditions of the design concept. In the operation of the project, he strongly advocated the design of the borderless, emphasizing the architect from the site planning, landscape concepts, building monomer, indoor environment to soft clothing accessories and furniture art and other design of the whole process of control. He believes that architecture is a stage, the architect's task is to deal with the construction and nature, building and human relations, after the stage left to life itself.    

Address: Beijing Zhoukoudian in Fangshan District Town Village Huangshan 80
facilities: more than 100 multi-purpose conference room, tea party more than 10 people living room, parking, wireless wifi
reception: six rooms, can accommodate a total of 12 adults and six children The More than 20 people long table restaurant.
Meal: room price includes pastoral afternoon tea & breakfast dinner organic vegetarian
transportation: Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway Yancun Bridge exit under the high-speed, along the Beijing week road 15.7km to Zhoukoudian, into the road to drive 4.8km to turn right into the new Si Road (formerly Zhou Huang Road) is driving 6.2km.

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