Do not go to Tibet to Gannan? 4 reason to persuade you ~

Go to Tibet, you do not have plenty of time, the body may not be able to resist the altitude sickness, the cost may also be troubled by your reasons ... ... but do not have to disappoint, if you long for the magnificent scenery of Tibet, mysterious culture, not Tibet Can also, Gannan also can meet you! Do not believe? I'll show you Gannan and Tibet!

Too far from Tibet We go to Gannan it!

Gannan, there is a vast grassland, people feel back to nature; 
Gannan, a mysterious culture, fascinating;
Gannan, there are simple food, people memorable.

More complete, and now I have a detailed interpretation of Gannan, so that everyone on this beautiful place have a clearer understanding of it!

Interpretation of Gannan

Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, known as the "Little Tibet", is located in the southwest of Gansu Province, adjacent to Qinghai and Sichuan, belonging to the Amdo Tibetan area.

Choose Gannan reason one: beautiful scenery

Labrang Monastery, Bailongjiang, Za Ga, Sang Ge grassland are Gannan unique place, the Yellow River nine bend eight natural magnificent, Labrang Monastery solemn. It can be said, whether it is scenery or humanities, Gannan are not inferior to Tibet half points.
① [Lazhu Monastery] the world's largest Tibetan school, the film "the world without a thief" shooting;
② [Langmusi] Bailongjiang source, a town and two temples, across the two provinces;
③ [Ga Ga] Adam And the birthplace of Eve;
④ [Yellow River nine eight Bay] the Yellow River "S" bend the best sunset landscape shooting point;
⑤. [Flower Lake] China's most beautiful wetland protected area;
⑥. [Gan grassland] like a piece Natural green carpet;
⑦. [Colleagues] hot tribute art town;
⑧. 【Guide】 plateau small Jiangnan, the world's Yellow River Guide Qing;
⑨. [Tal Temple] one of the six monasteries of the Gelug Sect Sopa birthplace;
⑩] [Qinghai Lake, China's largest inland saltwater lake, "China national geographic" as "China's most beautiful lakes," the first;.
⑪ [Caka Salt Lake] met the sky territory;.
⑫ [Sabina. 】 Days of the world Qilian, "Oriental small Swiss";
⑬. [Source] Miles rape sea

If you want to see the beauty mentioned above, then you might as well try this route for me. A week of time, let you know what is the great beauty of Gannan.
The first day: Lanzhou -230KM-cooperation -250km-Diebu (2400 meters above sea level, mileage 480KM) the
next day: Diebu - Za Ga (elevation 3600 meters, round-trip mileage 60KM)
Day 3: Diego -77km- Langmu Temple -133km-Tang Ke (3500 meters above sea level, mileage 210KM)
Day 4: Tang Ke -106km- Flower Lake -194km-Cooperation (3000 meters above sea level, mileage 300KM)
Day 5: Cooperation - Sang Ge Prairie - Liao Temple - Xiahe (2800 meters above sea level, mileage
90KM ) Day 6: Xiahe-80km-Tongren -150km-Airport -30km-Xining (or Lanzhou) (2200 meters above sea level, mileage 260KM)

Although it seems that Travel the best way, but after all, there will be fatigue driving, unfamiliar and other issues arise. So the appropriate choice of local tour, or pack car, is also a good way.

If your holiday is long enough, want to experience the depth of the Tibetan experience, once the Gannan line and Qinghai Lake classic line finish, then the following line is very suitable for you ~

Gannan Qinghai Tour Tour Roadmap

The first day: Lanzhou -480km-Diebu -30km-Za Ga the
next day: Za Jia that -107km-Langmusi -133km-Tangke
Day 3: Tang Ke -106km- Flower Lake -194km- Pakistan -1km-cooperation on the
fourth day: cooperation -90km-Labrang Monastery -103km-colleagues
fifth day: colleagues -210km-Tal Temple -90km-Guidi
Day 6: Guide -280km-tea card Salt Lake - 80km-Qinghai Lake on the
seventh day: Qinghai Lake -360km-Qilian
Day 8: Qilian -170km-gate source -130km-Xining  

Gannan area of ​​the distribution of the scenic area is still relatively close, by car or car can make your trip more flexible.

Choose Gannan reason two: four seasons appropriate

5 to 6 months, the Ruoergai prairie will open a large flower;
7-9 months here the most beautiful grassland, "wind and grass to see the cattle and sheep," the scene can be seen everywhere;
12-4 months is the most monastery in Gannan Concentrated time, although it was already skyrocketing, but this is the best season to experience the Tibetan customs.
Gannan is a good place to let you experience the same scenery as the Tibetan area at a more suitable temperature.

Gannan grassland wildflowers

Choose Gannan reason three: convenient transportation

In the high season, by plane or train, from the north to the three
provinces were to Lhasa and Lanzhou, for example: Lhasa: aircraft spent an average of 5860-6620 between the train ride from Lhasa hard to spend between 830-998;
Lanzhou: fly Lanzhou spent between 1650-3480, to Lanzhou hard lying between 419-567.
Not only the aircraft train, Gannan area of ​​the road network extending in all directions, and better road conditions. Lanzhou can go G213 line arrived, Xi'an can go G312 arrived, Chengdu can take the G213 way Jiuzhaigou arrived, Xining can go with the summer road arrived.
Accompanied by the traffic advantages, is a very high cost of travel, for students and economic groups, and then appropriate!

Choose Gannan reason four: food rich

Gannan and Qinghai restaurants and more to Sichuan and halal restaurants, we can choose according to their own tastes.
Xiahe: must taste the meal, or be white! Many people are not used to, and now most of the summer river Tibetan food is improved, recommend you try;
Diebu County: barbecue most famous, to have to taste;
Tang Ke: fish in the plateau, but do not have a flavor. But in advance must communicate clearly the price, or was slaughtered affect the mood;
Qinghai: catch lamb is delicious, group town town taste is the best, through the passing can not miss;
Xining: Ya Jun lamb to lamb fresh For the characteristics of one will eat one!

Gannan travel need to know the size of things

Said so much Gannan good, you are not already the heart of it? Do not worry, let me share some travel experience to you:    

 1) Langmusi town no homemade yogurt, many restaurants selling yogurt is the store price of 3 yuan boxed yogurt, pour in the bowl that is their own brewing, it is recommended in the passage of melon when you can buy some Tibetan pure Handy yogurt, need to add sugar to eat;
2) Gannan Tibetan accommodation, most of the solar water heater, boiled water at night, one morning may not have hot water, and do not take a bath in the morning, remember to remember;
3) pull days after Pakistan need to take off your shoes before entering temples;
4) the way the restaurant is part of the Hui people business, not the Muslim faith requires guests take away food into the restaurant;
5) Note that most of the periphery of the building can be arbitrarily taken possession of the temple, but in the hall Is strictly prohibited shooting. A lot of Tibetan people do not like to be shot by others, in the time of making the Tibetan people to greet their friendly greetings to seek consent;
6) tea card on the Zhejiang identity card free of charge! Thatcher Qilian Mountain in Shandong identity cards free;
7) is Gannan overall climate is more pleasant, but preferably with a thick coat, do not wear too thin;
8) the best clothes in bright colors dominated, taking pictures out Effect is good.

Concluding remarks

The above description of so much, just want to tell you: If you want to go to Tibet, but the body, time, economy and other factors can not be done, Gannan Tibetan area is definitely the best choice for the first time in Tibet!