Famous with the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang and Dazu Rock Carvings in Chongqing

North Dunhuang, South Dazu, "even read the Dragon Gate, walked through Yungang, Dazu Rock Carvings as the representative of ancient Chinese rock art still can not be missed.
dazu rock carvings by duckuia

The story behind Dazu Rock Carvings

Close the richest man

In Chongqing Dazu Bao Ding Shan Sheng Shou Temple, a moss-covered stone wall, inlaid with a smooth stone tablet. If visitors scrutinize the inscription, can not help but be surprised that the above wrote: Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang Jianlin and his wife, Ms. Lin Ning donated 300,000 yuan to build the temple. This small history is this: one day in 1995, a large foot welcome us a tourist Baoding Hill, after his visit to Baoding Hill blessing, the second year also made a special trip to donate 300,000 yuan for the renovation of Shengshou Temple . And the kind-hearted person who later became China's richest man, his name is Wang Jianlin. It can be said that Dazu Mountain, Shushou Temple, Chongqing, China, was repaired with the financial support of Wang Jianlin.

Dazu stone carving small history

When it comes to China's "caves," many people think of the so-called three major caves, the Mogao Caves, Yungang and the Longmen Grottoes. The history of Dazu is not yet known to many.
History books have recorded Dazu rock carvings, but can not be found for hundreds of years. Time went back to Chongqing 70 years ago, when an archeological group boarded a ship moored on the banks of the Yangtze River, ready to go to a mysterious place, a week later, the experts came home full of excited. In the ensuing years, a stone statue hidden in the mountains and forests of Chongqing, Dazu Rock Carvings, began to appear in people's eyes and from now on the world. 

According to relevant information, the birth of Dazu Rock Carving is related to a local official in the Tang Dynasty named Wei Junjing. The man who fought a lifetime fight was murderous, but it was puzzling that he was a Buddhist. He was worried that he would one day go to hell, so he would like to put aside his slaughter. Shrewd Wei Junjing use of local resources, out of pocket, recruited a large number of painters and artisans, the day in 892 AD, began a large enough to cut the northern mountain cliff cutting. They successively chiselled the Psalm King and Avalokitesvara, and opened the third (and last) large-scale stone carving of China after Yungang and Longmen. The legend is wearing an armor armor of ancient Chinese generals Bishamen king is engraved according to Wei Junjing own image.

In many presided over statues of people, there is a person can not be ignored, this is the Song dynasty master Zhao Zhi Feng. He presided over the excavation of Baoding Mountain Stone, which lasted more than 70 years. Legend has it that when Zhao Zhifeng was young, his mother was seriously ill. In order to reduce his mother's illness, he went to the temple for advice. The monastery teacher told him to cure the mother's illness and help the beings to remove their suffering. So he was a monk and held the Mantra 16 years old, 21 years into the holy life Shizuyuan, from the tomb of emperor Zong Liu, and won the essence of Tantric Dafa, and later became the Tantric six generations of preachers, preaching sermons. Presided over the construction of Baoding Mountain stone engraved 26 years old, is also a monk Dad. According to the scientist's inference, there are more than 30 curly hair monk statues of the same face repeatedly appearing in Big Buddha Bay , which is likely to be Zhao Zhi-feng himself.  

Dazu is located 95 kilometers away from Chongqing, from the late Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty here carved more than 50,000 statue, located in the county more than 70. Baoding Mountain, together with Beishan, Zhuan Shan, Shimen Hill and Nanshan, are known as "Dazu Rock Carvings" by the world. Among them, the large Beishan and Baoding Mountain have the title of "art treasure house." As early as 1999, Dazu Rock Carvings have been included in the World Heritage List, comparable with the Yungang Grottoes and Longmen Grottoes.

Dazu name origin, is the Tang Dynasty Emperor Suzong was built to commemorate Wu Zetian, is to take the "Dafeng Dazu" meaning, in order to be able to feed the world are sufficient and famous.

Dazu stone carved essence attractions

1: Baoding stone carving + Sheng Shou Temple

Bao Ding Shan stone by 阿凡驴

Baoding Mountain Stone Carving is a magnificent tomb of Buddhism, Buddhism and China's Confucian ethics and Taoism doctrine of the perfect blend together, and mining income. With the performance of stone, to tell the world philosophy of life.  
Tickets  】:
Low season (December 1 - February 28, the following year) 
1. Bao Ding Shan Shi, Sheng Shou Temple Tickets: 110 yuan 
2. Baoding Hill, Kitayama stone carving, Holy Shousho United Ticket: RMB120 
3. High Season (March 1 - November 30) 
4. Bao Ding Shan Shi, Sheng Shou Temple Ticket: 
RMB135 5. Bao Ding Shan, Beishan Stone Inscription, Sheng Shou Temple Joint Voucher : RMB 170 yuan
visitors to visit the free tickets, respectively, to pay the cost of ticket system costs: 2 yuan. Except Beishan and Baoding Mountain Stone Carvings are valid for one time within two days respectively, all other tickets are valid on the same day.
Opening Hours  】: 08:30 ~ 18:00

Dazu Rock Carvings by duckuia

In the temple, a monk said: First, there is a large foot Sheng Shou Temple Baoding Mountain Dazu Rock Carvings. Word of mouth legend has a story, it is said that when a solitary monk came to Shengshou Temple "Monk home is empty," the phrase, the Buddhist Southern School pay attention to Zen enlightenment, 'should not live, and live their heart' out, there is no All persistent, that is, the meaning of the Buddha said the four are empty, it is buried in ancient temples --- Dazu Shengshou Temple in Chongqing.

Sheng Shou Temple

1. temples have a monk holding the book so that you donate, such as sincerely Buddha, you can put a few dollars in the hall casually meritorious merit, without leaving a name.
2. Visit Baoding stone inscription please explain a lot of travel agencies near the car park instructors, the cost of 150 yuan. Scenic Ticket Hall is opposite to explain the service, the price level may be 120 to 200 yuan (explain all for the headset to explain, do not hold mixed with others psychology).
3. Scenic Gate to the wicket there are sightseeing scooters, 5 yuan return trip 10 yuan, sweep two-dimensional code to register a certain member from 8 yuan.

2: Beishan stone carving

Beishan stone engraved by smoke and rain

Beishan stone and stone compared to the top, in addition to more magnificent momentum and majesty, the stone image also exquisite Delicate. Visitors to the North Mountain is not so much, weathered in the North made more serious damage to stone, in order to well protect the stone, the area is a lot of scattered stone carving are cut together, focus together to protect, watch tours do not touch .
 Low Season (December 1 - February 28) 
1. Beishan Stone Carving Tickets: RMB 70 yuan   
2. Bao Ding Shan, Beishan Stone Carving and Sheng Shousi Temple Tickets: RMB 120 yuan 
High Season (3 January 1 - November 30) 
1. Beishan Stone Carving Tickets: RMB 70 yuan    
2. Bao Ding Shan, Beishan Stone Carving and Sheng Shousi Temple Tickets: RMB 170 yuan
Visitors who visit the museum for free tickets pay a fee separately : RMB 2 yuan. Except Beishan and Baoding Mountain Stone Carvings are valid for one time within two days respectively, all other tickets are valid on the same day.
Opening Hours】: 08:30 ~ 18:00  

Beishan stone engraved by smoke and rain

Beishan stone car traffic route is not very convenient, there is no bus or through train, the general taxi drivers are unwilling to go up.

3: Long Lake

Dazu Long water lake

Hangzhou West Lake world-famous, but there is also a West Lake in Chongqing, that is, Long Lake . In the eyes of Dazu people, Lishui Lake is not inferior to Hangzhou West Lake. Dragon Lake West Lake area is large, many islands in the lake, in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, Longsheng West Lake, there are many entertainment facilities, such as live CS experience, outdoor entertainment. Is a good place for leisure and entertainment.
【  Tickets 】: 50 yuan.
A. No-ticket policy: children less than 1.2 meters tall and free of charge; 70-year-old elderly with elderly card or ID card, active service military officer card, disabled with disability card, tourist guide card (to bring group) 
B. Preferential policies: children's height 1.2-1.4 meters, 60 to 69 years old with elderly card or ID card, teachers holding teacher license area discount tickets.  
 【Opening Hours】:
May-October: 07: 00-22: 00;
November-April: 08: 00-20: 00

Long Lake Resort

4: Changzhou ancient city

Changzhou ancient city by the Dongmou door

The ancient city of Changzhou is Dasu District efforts to create a historic and cultural landscape of Begonia Xiangcheng City, the ancient city of Changzhou City, reproduction of the bustling city of Song Dynasty, the city restored the bustling Song Dynasty markets such as government Yamen, temples, 100 ancestral temple, handicraft workshop , Stage theater, pubs, etc., people seem to be back through the ancient city of Changzhou, it is lively.
Transportation: From the city center, about 20 minutes walk to the ancient city of Changzhou, about 10 yuan taxi.
Tickets】: free
Opening Hours】: all day

Monk in Changzhou ancient city by Yan ink tour

5: Lotus Villa

Lotus Villa by Jackie

Dazu Lotus Villa , is a large farmhouse. Into the Villa, greeted by the large tracts of lotuses and lotus, and some also began to Lian Lian Peng. Villa is close to stone scenic spots, pavilions pavilions, flowers and birds. Tourists want to eat authentic Sichuan cuisine or Chongqing cuisine, elegant environment Lotus Villa is highly recommended.

Transportation to Dazu attractions

Go to Bao Ding Shan stone carving

The most economical: Take a long distance bus
starting in Chongqing, leading Temple, Chenjiaping, Caiyuanba bus station has to dazu car, schedule about 1.5 hours, departure time is 6: 00-18: 00, made every half an hour Class, the entire fare 40-50 yuan / person, via: Chengdu-Chongqing Link high-speed, Yu-Rong Dazu bus arrived at the station, then go out and then turn right before the 50-meter road across the 205 bus to reach the terminal can be.

205 bus to go to Bao Ding Shan stone carving

The most convenient: Travel by car to
Chongqing nowadays the traffic is developed, and another like driving a friend is very convenient, from Chongqing to a large foot about 100 km, about 70 yuan from the toll. You can choose to go after the Twin Bridge on the G50 high-speed, high-speed via the Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed, Yu-Chengdu high-speed to reach large enough, such as straight to the top of the treasure from the Dazu Toll Station 8 km under the Road (specific line navigation).

Dazu toll station

Go to Beishan stone carving

Take a long-distance bus arrived after a large enough to take the No. 105 bus after 5 stations to get off at Beishan home station about 30 minutes walk.
(Taxi drivers generally hear the Beishan stone is not playing table, direct outcry, it is recommended to use drops in advance taxi)

105 bus up to Beishan stone carving

Go to Lotus Villa

The line is the same as the way to Baoding Stonecutter. We went to Baoding Mountain on the way (when we went there was no season, the lotus was gone, there was only one pool of water, and if we wanted to see the beautiful lotus, please go to the end of June - Visits during September).

Lotus Villa by Hannah

Go to the ancient city of Changzhou

From Dazu bus station to the ancient city of Changzhou can walk about 30 minutes or take a taxi (general urban taxi starting 5 yuan, 1.6 yuan per kilometer toll) You can also take the 101 bus to Changzhou Ancient City Station can get off.

101 bus up to the ancient city of Changzhou

Big foot moment of play

1: Classic Bai Buddha day trip

Dazu rock carving essence in Baoding, if the time and physical strength is limited, only choose Baoding stone engraving or stone + carved stone Kitayama
Recommended route :
Chongqing departure - arrived in Dazu County - to reach the Peak Dingshan area - Dazu Rock Carving Museum - Baoding Rock Carvings (Avalokitesvara, Shengshou Temple) - County lunch - Beishan Stone Carving - Back to Chongqing

by Sам → sharp Lord

Bigfoot food more time to catch up, we eat is the optional fast food, large enough to choose this type more, more selective, eat more appetizers.

2: picking seasonal fruits + Baoding stone parent-child day trip

Dazu area to Baoding stone carvings along the way there are many farm orchards such as: loquat garden, vineyards, strawberry garden. If you are a family travel or with a female ticket can fully enjoy the fun of farm life.
Recommended routes:
Departure from Chongqing - Arrival Dazu County - Arrival of Baoding Mountain Scenic Area - Dazu Rock Carving Museum - Baoding Mountain Stone Carvings (Asean Goddess of Mercy, Shengshou Temple) - Lotus Villa with seasonal meal - Return to Chongqing

Four: Dazu food and specialty

Dazu's business card has two: First Longsheng knife, the second is the kiosk crucian carp.
In 1992, Deng Xiaoping wanted to buy a household kitchen knife in Longshui Town, and Longsheng's Deng's knife made about ten, including choppers, kitchen knives, machetes, etc., with thick backs, thin leaves and hollow , A sharp hole, good finish, so that Xiaoping Grandpa is very satisfied, from "Deng Xiaoping to buy Deng knife" became the United States for a time. Since then, Dazu tools production process to rapid development, origin Dazu Long water town and Zhejiang Yongkang, Yangjiang, juxtaposed as the country's three major home hardware scissors.

Post Pavilion in Dazu County, "Post Pavilion Crucian carp" but the first food. From the postal cement factory along the Great Cang Road to the Gongti Bridge, there is also a postage carp street, operating more than 20 households, many foreign guests come here especially to taste the authentic postage carp. Dazu tourists, in Baoding, Kitayama stone carved eyes, and then to the town of a street full of delicious food. The most famous signs here are "Liu Sanjie carp," "Yang Mun authentic carp", "Post Pavilion Chen carp" and so on.  


As one of Chongqing's business cards, Dazu Rock Carvings is well-deserved as one of the symbols of Chongqing. It occupies an important position in the history of culture, art and religion. It is a gem in the history of the grottoes. If you come to Chongqing, it will be a must. 

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