How can a real Dragon Boat Festival?

Dragon Boat Festival holiday in sight, I believe we have either set a good trip trip, or looking forward to looking forward from the busy work out of home at home comfortable to paralyze a few days ... ...
jiangcun longzhou wins the gorgeous participating boats picture from the network

However, at this time Miluo River at the end of Qu Yuan grievances crying: not out of the waves, that is, home at home, you in the end there is no small holiday to give me that even a lost concern! Your conscience will not hurt you!

Eh……? Think about it, race dragon boat, eat dumplings, Mu Lan Tang, hanging grass grass calamus, drinking male rice wine and so spread the Millennium Dragon Boat Festival tradition, in addition to never absent to eat can also set off an electric carnival and social media On the salty of the dispute, the other, as if away from our real life farther and farther ... ...

Now the Dragon Boat Festival, more like the weekend plus one day holiday window period, seems to have lost some should belong to its cultural meaning.

And its home lazy to house, as this year came a really Dragon Boat Festival?

First to rise and up position!

The most widely spoken folklore is that the establishment of the Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan; in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, there are commemorative Wu Zixu, commemorate the filial piety Cao E said. But in fact, as early as Qu Yuan Zhijiang before, our ancestors have had the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

According to Wen Yiduo's research, the Dragon Boat Festival originated in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River region of the ancient Baiyue ancestors of the totem worship of the dragon, the first dragon boat racing activities for the totem festival to help, and dumplings were put into the water to worship the dragon god. In addition, due to the Dragon Boat Festival coincides with the beginning of the summer, extermination of evil claims also gradually joined in, resulting in hanging wormwood, hanging sachet, Mu Lan Tang, drink male rice wine, eat five poison cake and other customs.

With the gradual integration of the Chinese nation and the continuous development of history, coupled with the differences between China's natural and cultural style, and now have different geographical characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival custom -

But no matter how many different regional characteristics of customs, the most representative of the Dragon Boat Festival logo is recognized by the world: race dragon boat, food dumplings.

Traceability: the traditional can not be lost, where to see the dragon boat?

Perhaps you have already seen in the book "flags, gongs and drums, water splashing" and so on ten thousand kinds of dragon boat game description, perhaps you also seen in the TV broadcast athletic dragon boat race exciting, but you Have not thought, if one side to see the dragon boat, while also visiting the area, there will be nothing different experience?

Hangzhou, Zhejiang: Xixi dragon boat will

Although the Xixi wetland has long been a charge of the national park, Jiangcun Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival has become a Xi Xi a scene, but for the native Jiangcun people, the dragon boat is not a strange thing in the eyes of tourists, but their childhood to large life. "The dragon boat is the root of the village." They said. Xixi see the dragon boat, not only to see a lively festival, but also from generation to generation feelings, is a simple but deep heritage.

This year, Xixi Wetland Park will be held on May 30, that is, the Dragon Boat Festival morning, held in the deep tiger mouth annual dragon boat tournament. Before the official start of the game, there are Jiangnan style water art performances for the event warm, while Xixi military field will also be held Dragon King worship activities. To see the boat dragon boat, but also the way to visit the West River Wetland Park, would not fast ~ ~

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Guangdong Guangzhou: Lai Chi Wan "Pa Long boat"

Dragon Boat in the Fujian and Guangdong region used to "steal dragon boat", from Guangzhou, Shenzhen to Chaoshan, Dragon Boat Festival every day there are a variety of activities, there are competitive racing, there are water parade. In Guangzhou, for example, this year will be held in Lai Chi Wan Scenic Area "May 5 Dragon Boat Drum" large-scale folk activities, including "Please Dragon", "Julong", "Dragon", "You Long", "Solitaire" Dragon "six plates, the dragon boat culture throughout.  

Guangzhou litchi boat dragon boat parade activities (picture from the network)

Lai Chi Wan, also known as Lai Chi Wan Chung, located in Liwan District of Guangzhou City Pan Tong area, about in Liwan Road, Zhongshan eight road, sand road (north), treasure road (west), Longjin West Road, is a criss-cross Waterway composed of the famous scenic area (no tickets Oh), along the coast have Liangjia Temple, Vintage, Xiguan residential and other attractions. After watching the dragon boat cruise, just can walk along the river stroll, feel the area of ​​deep cultural heritage.

Practical information
activities time: dragon dance blessing for the May 28 09: 00-12: 00; land parade for the May 29 09: 30-11: 00; dragon boat parade for the May 30 9: 30-11 : 30,14: 00-16: 00
Venue: Wentai Square, Liwan Lake, Lai Chi Wan One, two, three
traffic: take 8 Road, 55 Road, 61 Road, 66 Road, 74 Road, Road 226, 541 Road Bus to the city of Sannomiya station

All over the country: u ... maybe at your doorstep

As a "national movement", race dragon boat in the country can have a deep mass base. Although not every place can be like Hangzhou, Guangzhou, will celebrate the activities of traditional festivals in this very worthy of the tour area, but like Guizhou Tongren, Fuzhou, Fujian will be held during the Dragon Boat Festival China Dragon Boat Association official event, almost Each city will also host the local characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival activities. Small holiday, of course, to take legs, maybe go out to see, surprise at the door it!

Taste: not eat these dumplings, anxious to fight salty sweet?

In our ancient country with five thousand years of wines, we can not do without food. Speaking of the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings Well, perhaps not many traditional festive food can become more than it is the pattern of the. In addition to the most traditional classic rice dumplings, jujube dumplings, eight treasures dumplings, bean dumplings, or has long been famous in the sea Jiaxing meat dumplings, Cantonese-style egg yolk dumplings, there are many very local characteristics of the dumplings varieties. Do not personally try them all again, how good to wire salty sweet? Unfortunately, limited space, it is difficult to introduce here one by one, then choose some of my favorite taste to sell Amway it!

Quanzhou pork dumplings

Although Jiaxing meat dumplings has long been a salty dumpling sector "carry the child", but the less famous Quanzhou meat dumplings have a richer taste. Quanzhou meat dumplings use glutinous rice need to add spices stir fry to three mature, and then mixed with mushrooms, shrimp, chestnut, taro, lotus seeds, pork and other ingredients, and then dumplings wrapped good boiled. After the pan there is a step in the finishing touch, that is, all flavors of sand tea sauce! After pouring the sauce, whether it is glutinous rice fragrance, chestnut sweet, or pork salty incense, shrimp Q bombs, will be contrasted more delicious.

Quanzhou famous "Hou lady" pork dumplings (picture from the network)

Qiannan grass gray dumplings

In the mountains of southern Guizhou, the local Buyi family will use grass ash bubble glutinous rice to package dumplings. But there is no strange taste, and then accompanied by pepper, star anise, peach kernel, fennel, chestnut, pork, etc., into a pillow-like rectangle, edible When directly with a dumplings leaves cut into pieces, but also some good to enjoy.

This looks like a black rice dumplings while its appearance is not Yang, but the entrance is delicious (picture from the network)

Xi'an honey cool dumplings

Dumplings must use zongye wrapped? Is the answer yes! Xi'an honey cool dumplings is no need to wrap dumplings leaves, not only that, it is also easy to even fillings are not. When eating, just use the thread cut into small pieces, pour the dates of honey or sweet-scented osmanthus syrup, crystal clear glutinous rice will Qinchu the original rice incense, like creamy as sweet and smooth, it is Jieshu summer to share.

Although I did not wear clothes, but I also dumplings! (Picture from the network)

Sichuan spicy dumplings

See here, your first reaction might be: what? Hot pot like dumplings it? No, Sichuan spicy dumplings spicy, and hot pot of spicy is not the same thing. The so-called spicy dumplings, in fact, glutinous rice, red beans as the main material, transferred to pepper noodles, salt and pepper, and sometimes will add a little bacon, wrapped into four small dumplings. Fresh beans incense, salt salt salty incense and micro-corn pepper collision layer of rich wonderful taste, if the fire cooked and then a small fire fry system, it is crisp and soft waxy perfect fusion together, although No hot pot so re-mouth, the same will eat celes sweat drops, ironing posts cool.

Sichuan "spicy" dumplings, not the kind of spicy you want Oh! (Picture from the network)

Quest: Hey! Minorities have also been around the Dragon Boat Festival?

Dragon Boat Festival, the Korean people, Zhuang, Buyi, Dong, Tujia, Dai, Gelao and many other ethnic minorities also have the tradition of the Dragon Boat Festival. Finally, let's take a look at what the Dragon Boat Festival is like

Guizhou Miao Village "dumpling cake festival"

Miao's Dragon Boat Festival is called "dumpling cake festival", this day, Miao Village people have to go home to households, eat dumplings, drink rice wine, but also around the dumplings held a series of interesting activities, such as package dumplings, bite Dumplings, do colorful glutinous rice and so on. In addition, the Miao characteristics of Lusheng performance is indispensable. Dragon Boat Festival is the best time in Guizhou, if you have the opportunity, may wish to experience the Miao Village Dragon Boat Festival!

Yunnan Dai family "dumpling section"

Dai and Miao with the southwest of the main ethnic minorities, even the people of the Dragon Boat Festival name are similar (Dai Dragon Boat Festival called "dumpling Festival"), but if at this time to Dai, you will feel this event More like a collective blind date - every dumpling section, unmarried Dai young men and women will be dressed in festive costumes, sitting together to sing love songs. If any guy who took a fancy to the girl, the hands of the dumplings will be discarded to her, if the girl picked up, two people can hide together where no one to talk about love to go!

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Sichuan Aba "song fairy festival"

"Song cents Festival" also known as "tile Seoul foot section", known as the Qiang Dragon Boat Festival. In the county of Maoxian and Li County, the festival is mainly led by women: they dressed in traditional ethnic costumes to the stockade on the lawn, while singing folk songs, while the branded sun steamed bun, the moon Steamed bun, mountain-shaped steamed bun and fragrant cypress cypresses dedicated to God only.

Qiang Qiya waffle festival has been included in the intangible cultural heritage list, this year Aba is the integration of the territory of the Qiang District Dragon Boat Festival festivals, will hold a spectacular "Dragon Boat Festival" activities Oh! Among them, the activities of the festival will be in the Dragon Boat Festival (May 30) the day in the county of China's ancient Qiang city held, if you want to go to participate, may wish to nearby Peppong Qiang Qiang, Bi shed ditch and other attractions Also planning into the trip, even up a Qiang characteristics of small holiday ~