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Supper no more than the line string more ecstasy! Fangzhuang bridge south home for several decades of popular old shop - old door frame burst belly shabu-shabu. Halal of the restaurant, mutton is a faith, the taste is fresh!
laomenkuang fangzhuang store

Coordinates: Fengtai District Fangzhuang Road in the home grave 157 old door frame burst belly shabu-shabu 【24H business】
traffic: bus 684,128, Fangzhuang Bridge South Station southbound walk 200 meters, Metro Line 5 Songjiazhuang.

Please look for Fangzhuang this old shop! Other stores are not as good as this evaluation!

We ordered the sheep miscellaneous soup, lamb skewers, roasted garlic, roast chicken brittle bones, baked mushrooms, bean juice. Eat is still very rich ~

sheep miscellaneous soup not too rich! Never fishing! The most important thing is the price as long as 12! Soup is very rich, wood smell of mutton, very good drink Sheep mixed rich and varied, I do not like the people who do not love the high

His family's mutton soup is also very good, as long as 15 yuan. But I recommend sheep miscellaneous. Mutton soup is to put some cashmere lamb slices and fans, not as rich as the sheep mixed taste.

His family grilled meat is very fresh, fleshy tight, a eat is really good lamb!

Lamb skewers and mutton ribs are 8 yuan / string, but the absolute value for money, meat a lot, not to the meat wrapped in flour's coat, taste and taste is definitely more than the front door of a dragon restaurant and the sea barbecue season hot outbound roast string! Those are also 10 yuan, 12 yuan / string! Conscience reminder!

This copper pot shabu-shabu is charcoal, before leaving to see their home before the table a few guests to withdraw from the pot charcoal fire has not all extinguished. Shop smiled and said that this is nothing, when the pot can be covered with hot half of the shop, waiting for charcoal burning more than exhausted. Want to come that scene should be very spectacular.

Finally is the bean juice. Heavy taste of the students have not come to cry to drink soy sauce, I gave her point, the results of this matter actually sip a bit to kill no longer drink! Even with the donkey are no longer touch! The Blind me three pieces of milk endure the sticky sauce! The

I also tried to drink a mouthful of soy sauce, haha ​​a little bit embarrassed, do not want to admit that this thing taste better than I imagined to accept, drink is not particularly sour, but the smell is too difficult for me to accept! Is the bitter radish sour! A lot of people will drink cucumber with coke, that thing I had a bite before, do not want to eat. Is the donuts, accept incompetence.

Now into the summer, the old door frame of the sheep bone bone fried chicken hot! The

Sheep bone bone a 26 yuan, 8 to 10, affordable, fresh and delicious, people can not stop!
26 full of a large basin, almost every root has a rich sheep bone marrow, specifically take the suction sucker suction, especially cool! This sheep is really not a small flesh, went to some sheep bones shop, a lot of meat almost tick finished! 20 even if the cheap, but no meat I eat Han! The
Old door frame according to my field certification, lamb or a lot of! Not to mention there are a lot of cartilage and bone marrow, value! Strongly recommended to a bowl of suction suction! The
Sheep bones every day at 5:30 pm supply, generally until 6:30 before sold out! Only one pot every day! I often go to get off work 7:00 to be told to sell! Finish! The! Want to taste this one must go early! The