Self-driving Daocheng Aden 丨 a Raiders to clear out the starting line in Chengdu, Yunnan starting line

7-10 month is the most beautiful season to travel Daocheng Aden it! Love travel friends are not planning a new tour it? Mention Daocheng Aden by car, most of the first choice will be Chengdu - Daocheng, Yunnan - Daocheng these two directions of the route, because the two routes from the car regardless of scenery or along the humanities, called into the Daocheng Aden two of the most beautiful route The
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Daocheng Aden's beauty is more attractive? Blue and white, such as the sky, goose yellow broad yak pond meadow, yellow and yellow leaves of the original forest, towering snow-capped mountains, gurgling flow of spring ... ... here you imagine everything, but also you imagine everything of. Here is Daocheng Aden, a place where the spirit of Shangri-La.  

Light to say how beautiful it is not enough, more importantly, how do you go there. I would like to thank you to open this Raiders, I carefully sorted from the Chengdu area by Taicheng Aden , Yunnan Zaida Daocheng route Raiders, traffic information covers the latest Daocheng Aden road information, I hope you want to go to Daocheng Aden friends some help.

First, ready to work

Route map

From the above figure we see that there are two lines starting from Chengdu (the ring can be divided into: South Line, North Line) can reach Daocheng Aden (Daocheng County + Aden Nature Reserve); and from the Yunnan area, Lijiang and Zhongdian can be used as a starting point.

Documents and insurance

Car rental documents required is simply "two cards a card": second-generation ID card, driver's license, and in line with the amount of credit card credit card. Because it is by car, so it is best to buy insurance before the trip, which is on the road economy and security of a guarantee. You can understand the type of insurance under the rental company.


To prevent accidents on the way, do some emergency measures. Highland reactivity can be prepared by the plateau Kang (prevention and treatment of acute high altitude disease drugs), plateau safety (health food, is conducive to alleviate the altitude sickness), Rhodiola and its preparations (Tibetan traditional health food, help to enhance physical fitness, Altitude sickness, into the plateau 10 days before taking) and other drugs.

Sunscreen cold

Plateau area UV is very strong weather is very dry, must do sunscreen and moisturizing work, sunscreen, lip balm, mask with the best.
In addition, the plateau area sooner or later the temperature difference, pay attention to more clothes, do not catch a cold, in the plateau area cold easily lead to high altitude pulmonary edema, brain edema.

Second, the mode of transport

Chengdu - Daocheng by car line

Chengdu to Daocheng Aden by car north and south routes (Note: the picture comes from the network)

At present, Chengdu to Daocheng Aden tourism has two routes can go, respectively, the south line and the north line . Two routes of different scenery, for travel by car, if time permits, it is recommended that the south into the north, north into the south. The two lines along the scenery panoramic view.

[ South ]: Chengdu - Yaan - Erlang Mountain - Luding - Kangding - Xinduqiao - Yajiang - Litang - Daocheng - Aden
Road Profile: The whole process of about 810 km. Which Chengdu to Ya'an Expressway about 140 km, the road is very good. Yaan to Kangding is divided into two sections: Yaan to asbestos, highways, good road conditions, the next high-speed may be traffic jams; asbestos to Luding, secondary roads, a bit steep, the overall traffic is good. Luding to Kangding, asphalt road, continuous uphill, good road conditions. Kangding to Xinduqiao, 80 km, the vast majority are asphalt road, but Kangding out of the city 5 km in the road, the road is not very good, other good road conditions. Xinduqiao to Daocheng more than 355 kilometers, Yajiang to Litang first tunnel slow road did not lighting, traffic is much better than in the past, if you want to see Gore Temple Pass can take the old road, do not take the tunnel, but the old road conditions difference.

Kangding By Lu Peng

[ North Line ]: Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Yingxiu - Wolong - Bayan Mountain - Dayong Town - Danba - eight beautiful - tower public - Xinduqiao - Yajiang - Litang - Daocheng - Aden
Description: Chengdu to Yingxiu 100km, 213 National Road, cement road and asphalt. Yingxiu to Wolong 45km, 303 provincial highway, cement pavement, is relatively slow uphill, because it is in Wolong protected area, less vehicles, air quality is good. Wolong to the Bayan Pass Pass 69km, elevation from 2000 meters to 4000 meters, Panshan uphill, slope, driving more difficult, but all the way to see the snow-capped mountains, sea of ​​clouds, scenery unlimited. Baron Hill Pass to the day Long town cement pavement, all downhill, more corners, the official speed limit of 40km / h, accidentally overspeed. Dayong town to Danba County 71km, asphalt road, very good driving. About 30 km along the lot is known as the "East Valley Natural Bonsai Scenic Area", pleasant scenery. Eight beautiful town to the tower town, the whole about 30 km, are asphalt pavement to the plateau scenery mainly to the tower grassland, tower temple and the wooden tower, Yala Snow Mountain is the most famous. Tower Township to Xinduqiao, full 37 km, two to three asphalt pavement, is the only way through the Sichuan-Tibet line. All downhill, Xinduqiao morning and evening scenery is the most beautiful, so need to prepare the electricity. North line and south line in Xinduqiao transfer, so the route with the south line to Daocheng Aden.

Danba by Chen Fulai Frank

Line highlights ①: Erlang Mountain (see the South line can be seen)
as inlaid in the West Sichuan ring on the emerald. Erlangshan 172 kilometers away from Chengdu, is the Tsing Yi River, Dadu River watershed, for the boundaries of natural geography. Scenic areas with majestic, steep, magical, Shaoxiu, quiet original style and unique cultural connotation of Tibetan and Chinese culture.

Erlang Mountain panorama (Note: the picture comes from the network)

Line highlights ②: Xinduqiao (south, north line are)
here is also known as the world of light and shadow, because countless photography enthusiasts here only to take a beautiful scenery. Xinduqiao is located in the western part of Kangding City, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is located in the crossroads of Highway 318 South and North Line. It is a picturesque paradise. Xinduqiao is not only a great place for photography, every year to attract a lot of wedding friends attracted to come, harmonious natural scenery, simple style of humanities, you and your family, friends from the new bridge, Will encounter a pair of lovers here, to see these, together with the unique beauty of the new bridge, your mood is not open up it!

Xinduqiao beautiful scenery (Note: the picture comes from the network)

Xinduqiao by water cold

Line bright spot ③: Litang ( south, north line are through )
Litang is located in western Sichuan Province, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in the southwest, Litang is the hometown of recruiting, he said: "In that Dongshan top, Raise a moon, according to Mani Aggi 's face, printed on my heart, white crane, please lend me the wings, do not fly far away, only to Litang back.  

Litang by day bow

Chengdu to and from Daocheng Aden's trip is generally 7 days , of which 5 days are in the hurry (but the scenery along the way is also good, such as Danba, Xinduqiao, etc.), really in the Daocheng Aden area only 2 days is on tour. In addition to traveling by car, you can also take the bus in Chengdu New South Gate Station, about 22 hours by car.
Another chartered and newspaper group also has its own advantages. Professional drivers are good at driving on the plateau, driving experience and experience are enough to do, they will give you some of the process to explain the romantic process of it. Many people choose the chartered, less people on the newspaper group, the price is cheaper than driving (oil fee + tolls + rental fees, etc.), and do not have to worry too much.

West of the road by the picture from the network

To recommend a trip, Daocheng Aden North line trip recommended: Danba + Siguniang Mountain + Xinduqiao + Daocheng Aden 7 days 6 nights the
first day: Chengdu - Wolong - Siguniangshan Shuangqiaogou - Danba
The next day: Danba County - Aju Zhaizhai Village - eight of the United States - tower public - Xinduqiao town (about 145 km, about 5 hours)
Day 3: Xinduqiao - Kazan Hill - Haizishan - Sangbu town - Daocheng County - day tile (about 440KM, driving about 8 hours)
Day 4: Day tile - Aden village (Aden scenic area) [Driving kilometers: 33KM, take scenic tourist car]
Day 5: Aden village (Aden scenic area) - day tile Township - Daocheng County [driving kilometers: 111KM, driving about 2.5 hours]
Day 6: Daocheng County - Haizi Mountain - Litang County - Litang long youth Kohl Temple - Yajiang County - Xinduqiao Town
Day 7: Xinduqiao - Chengdu  

Yunnan - Daocheng by car line

At present, the direction of Yunnan to Daocheng Aden has two routes to choose from.
[1 line]: Zhongdian - Benzi column - was wing - Zuou Township - Ma On Shan - Township - Sang Heap - Daocheng.
Brief introduction: Zhongdian - Fu Longqiao (asphalt road, 70 km) - get wing (asphalt road, 72km) - Ciwu Township (asphalt road, 90km) - hot fight Township (20 km intermittent gravel road, 40 km) - Asphalt (19km) - Shangri-La (Asphalt Road, 78km) - Aspen (Asphalt Road,  

[2 lines]: Zhongdian - Ge Zan - Shen Chuan copper mine - Langdu - Si Zi Gong - Cass Village - Shangri-La town (Aden scenic tourist center)
Main trip: Zhongdian - Ge Zan (asphalt, 36km, 1h) (Asphalt Road, 60km, 3h) - Si Zi Gong (Gravel Road, 25km, 1.5h) - Cass (Asphalt Road, 5km, 10m) - Russian Mountain - Shangri-La Town (Asphalt Road, 65km, 2.5 H)  

Line highlights ①: rural
city ​​is located in western Sichuan Province, the southeastern margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is located in Sichuan Province Ganzi Westwest border. As a result of the unique geographical environment, rural villages and villages are mostly distributed in the bottom of the valley or halfway up the mountain, looking down from the height, green fields surrounded by the unique area of ​​the rural area, picturesque, and was called For Kamba Jiangnan small township . Nowadays, it is the best time to enjoy this beautiful Tibetan rural scenery.  

Township by the picture from the network

Line highlights two: get Rongde
Rong is located at the junction of Sichuan and Yunnan Grand Shangri-La Tour Central. Here, the snow-capped mountains, canyons, meadows, forests, blue sky, the sun pavilions, its risk, Jun, show, strange natural scenery and brilliant Kham culture, unique ethnic style known to the world. People are sunrise, sunset and interest, good pastoral life!  

Get the picture from the network

Line bright spot ③: Meili Snow Mountain
is located in Yunnan Province Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Deqin County about 10 km northeast of the middle of the cross mountains, between the Nu River and the Lancang River. Xuefeng directed at the blue sky, the river deep valley, surrounded by rich virgin forest, the local Tibetans call it "snow god", is the Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage holy land.

Meili Snow Mountain by the picture from the network

If you do not drive, you can also choose (aircraft, shuttle, 4 + 2)

If you take into account the distant way to Daocheng Aden, driving their own and not familiar with the local traffic, in addition to the Senate , you can also take the plane , shuttle or try a new way of travel 4 +2 , so that your travel more in-depth!

Daocheng Aden scenic area (Note: the picture comes from the network)

Daocheng Aden airport, 4411 meters above sea level, is the world's highest civil airport.
Chengdu - Daocheng: 7: 05-8: 06 Airbus 319, the original price of 1600, taxes and fees 120 yuan.
Daocheng - Chengdu: 8: 55-9: 55 Airbus 319, the original price of 1600, 120 yuan tax.
Airport bus: because there is only one flight every day, the bus is basically a time, the airport and rice between the city needs 1 hour.

It is not recommended to fly from Chengdu to Daocheng, in particular, has not been to the plateau before the children's shoes, because the Daocheng airport elevation of 4410 meters, is the world's highest altitude airport, directly from the plains to the plateau is likely to cause high resistance, Suggest the car into the plane out.

Daocheng Airport by the picture from the network

Yunnan Shangri-La to the Daocheng bus only one day, starting time for the morning 7:30 minutes, about 12 hours by car, the fare is 124 yuan, basically the winding road, the earliest only one day in advance tickets. It is recommended to go to the station early in the morning to buy a little before the location, sit back to the uncomfortable.
Most travelers travel to Shangri-La and Daocheng Aden's various attractions, tend to choose chartered or carpool, because the public transport system over there is not very developed, chartered to be much easier, the price will not be too much difference with the bus. In particular, Daocheng to Aden this paragraph, the price of carpool and shuttle are 50RMB / person one-way, the inn will help you contact a good car operator to take an appointment time, very convenient.  

【4 + 2 = 4 wheels of the car + 2 wheels of the bike
The bicycle is passed through the frame, fixed on the car / business roof, or the folding bike can be put into the car rear compartment. The car driving to get, the bike is for you to enjoy the fun of riding.
Whether it is Chengdu to Daocheng or Zhongdian to Daocheng, on the way through the 213 National Road or 303 provincial highway asphalt road, good road conditions, suitable for riding, you can enjoy the scenery along the grassland, and long asphalt route. Of course, can also be loaded for the ride, sent to friends circle said: a group of riding "Sichuan-Tibet line" walkers. Of course, this is the time in the case of energy are allowed. Or pay attention to traffic safety.

Third, accommodation articles

Scenic areas of the Aden Village or the day of the tile are recommended to live, high against the serious or not ready to walk on the colored sea, you can live in the tile . Aden two-day trip, and even ready to turn the mountain, have to stay in the village of Aden one night.

Aden village overlooking (Note: the picture comes from the network)

Fourth, diet articles

Sichuan Hotel to Sichuan-based, per capita 30-60 yuan / meal, it is recommended to confirm the price in advance. Daocheng locals to bread, tsampa, butter tea, beef and mutton, highland barley wine, yogurt and other staple food, but also for visitors to provide rice, cooking, Sichuan, northwest pasta, the price is more expensive than Chengdu, some of the blunt rice, Eat need to prepare dry food, remember not to bring instant noodles, highland area bubble noodles bubble open.

Concluding remarks

At the same time, the basic situation of Daocheng Aden have a deeper understanding, feeling very deep!......... Daocheng Aden is the dream of Ronaldinho has been young, and finally in 2017 trip! So that this Raiders is also their own Daocheng Aden trip again memories of it! I hope this rice city Aden own Raiders to help you! Have a better suggestion to remember the message.