The best route to watch peach in the Nyingchi area of Tibet

In March and April each year, in the peach blossom season, the peach blossom village in the Nyingchi area of Tibet seems to soak in the purple fog of the peach, and the fragrance of the peach presses the pine and cypresses.
tibet suosong village peach blossom

The Himalayas, the Nyainqentanglula Mountains and the Hengduan Mountains, formed a gesture for Nyingchi, a unique terrain and a huge drop in the elevation to show you the "one mountain has four seasons, ten different days" wonders. Different from the ordinary sightseeing tour, because Nyingchi territory throughout the virgin forest, once set foot on the land of Nyingchi, you seem to have been in the painting. March Nyingchi Peach, April Mohao Rhododendron, May Timber Peony ... ... just flowers can be amazing throughout the spring, not to mention there are fairyland like the mountain and holy lake.

Why should I enter Tibet from Nyingchi?

Nyingchi averaged about 3000 meters above sea level, of which Nyingchi Prefecture, the capital of Pakistani area about 2800 meters above sea level. While the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon at the lowest point is only about 900 meters. In the Nyingchi area will not have high resistance, and the climate is humid, suitable temperature, very suitable for the first time into the Tibetan tourists.

At present, Nyingchi can go straight to Lhasa, Chengdu, Chongqing and Kunming, almost all other cities have Chengdu, Chongqing, Kunming transfer Nyingchi flight, the lack of the latter part of the fare is often no discount. In the winter and spring season, Lhasa and Chongqing often have special tickets, this time to take the flight between Lhasa is worth it, you can see from the high altitude snow mountain can not reach the numerous mountain lakes.

Nyingchi free exercise, in addition to the more time in the 3-day tour back and forth are taking the high-speed, the rest are taking the South Link, from Nyingchi into Tibet, will miss the high-speed next to the Bahrain and the card pit ditch, but taking into account the back of you May go to sheep Zhuo Yong wrong and Namco wrong, missed the loss of Basong is not big.

In summary, in the case of more favorable economic conditions, from the comfort and travel efficiency to consider, from Nyingchi Jin is the best choice.

The best time and place to watch peach flowers

Every year from March 15 to April 20 or so, Tibet is not cold spring, but is located in the southeast of Tibet Nyingchi, but it is the flower of the ocean. Distant snow-capped mountains are also covered with snow, and the front of the peach is like a pink cloud generally covered the earth. Want to come to Nyingchi peach, do not miss this time!

Mountains and plains of the peach, in the end where to see the most? Where can I see peach and snowy mountains echo? Where can I see the online pictures often appear in Tibetan houses and pastoral peach scene? Please use the text description and map reference, I will give you a detailed description.

The most famous peach village - Gala village

Gala village has almost become a synonym for Nyingchi Peach Blossom Village, which is close to the Nyingchi District of Nyingchi City, easy to reach, usually the annual official activities are held here, spend more people, there are a variety of activities during the Peach Blossom Festival available Visitors to participate.


China's first peach valley - Bowei peach valley

Stretching four or fifty kilometers of Bowei peach valley has been in November 2016 by the Shanghai World Guinness headquarters as "China's largest peach valley." Peach blossom valley mainly includes the town of Zhamu, ancient and rural, dumping the town of nine villages, about 18-20 million light walnut trees, it is said that more than 70% of the peach trees are more than 300 years old.

Come here may wish to enter the multi-ditch, all the way wild peach trees, mix and match. More absolutely is the more ditch has a very spectacular glacier group against the background, here is the general tourists will not come to the paradise of the peach.


The most Tibetan peach - Mili Township

Maybe you've seen some pictures of the Nyingchi peach blossom with Tibetan dwellings, most of which are taken at Mili Township. Mili Township is located on the way from Nyingchi Baoyi District to the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon. Miriam is known as Nyingchi's "Granary", and its original pastoral scenery is fascinating, and dozens of villages along the jurisdiction of the peach are open Very lush.


The most can not miss the peach - Suosong village, Zhibai village

These two peach blossoms villages are located in the Brahmaputra Grand Canyon area, across the river, straight white village at the foot of the Nanjia Bawa River, Suosong village facing the South Bay of Pakistan, is to watch the best mountain and peach flowers watch. If you have enough time, you can slowly walk in the village, looking for a piece of their own peach blossom.


The best route in Nyingchi to watch Peach Blossom

Day 1: Lhasa - Mira Yamaguchi (5013 meters above sea level) - Matsumoto town - Goblin Jiangda - Basongco

It is best to start early in the morning from Lhasa, about two hours will reach today's high speed of the itinerary - Mira Yamaguchi, the general traveler will be here to throw Longda blessing and sea and stone, because of the higher altitude, stay time Best not more than 20 minutes. Under the Mira Yamaguchi, in the valley hit the first town is pine town, where the hotel everywhere, we can choose to eat here to rest. Continue to move forward for some time, gradually reduce the elevation, green mountains and green workers of the cloth area began to show you the color of the possession of the South. Along the way has been with you down the river, sparkling blue river is Nyingchi area famous Nyang River. Afternoon and arrive at the Basongo resort area and stay here.

Day 2: Basongco - Cadinggou - Gala peach village - Lulang woodland - Bodui peach valley - Bomi

Be sure to get up early to enjoy the sunrise of the Basongco, and then drive 80km to Cadinggou to visit, in Cadinggou as long as one and a half hours is enough. Because from the beginning of the afternoon, the scenery on the way will use the breathtaking US return hard to come to the traveler. Way the most famous peach blossom village - Gala village, where fame, peach, and more people, all the way to shoot the edge of the play soon began along the 318 National Road through the Lulang woodland. Night can stay Bomi.

Day 3: Bomi - Mili Township - Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon - Suosong Village

On the way to Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, the route from Bomi to Nyingchi Baji district will coincide with the route of the previous day, but I am sure the snowflakes are matched by the beauty of the snowflakes. At noon in the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon eat a meal, add the next physical. After the tour of the Grand Canyon area, in the evening when staying in the village of Suosong.

But this fairyland-like beauty really let you reluctant to rest, shooting Nanjababa sunset, peach, snow-capped mountains, villages, then the beauty of the memory will make you unforgettable. Night looking at the stars, find a piece of their own peach blossom source.

Day 4: Suosong Village - Paizhen - Milin - Long County - Garcia

Today began to take the Linzhi East Link by the Shannan area to return to Lhasa, do not go back to the road, is the central area of Tibet, the correct way to play. Along the way as if it has been in the beauty of the landscape, from the forest of the peach blossom environment to the Yarlung Zangbo giant Berlin, Ssangyong dune of the Shannan area. Arrive at the night of Garcia.

Day 5: Garcia - Yongbulakang - Sangye Monastery - Yamdrok - Lhasa

There is no doubt that today will visit the oldest Tibet. There is the first piece of farmland in Tibet, the first temple, the first palace, here all over the incredible legend. It is recommended that we can eat in the neighborhood of Samye Temple, and there are many Tibetan teahouses and Sichuan restaurants around Sangye Monastery, and the price is similar to that of Lhasa. After lunch driving 3 hours to reach the sheep lake, enjoy playing after the return to Lhasa can end this perfect peach line.

In the Nyingchi area, there are cuckoo and peony in the season

Nyingchi peach beauty, the United States in its number of numerous, magnificent, which is no doubt, but the succession of the cuckoo and peony is more mysterious and gorgeous, or even not bad.

In May, Lulang - Motuo Rhododendron

Every year in April, from the Buomi to Motuo on the road, it will be filled with a variety of azaleas, which is a muddy road, but it is also a beautiful way of the cuckoo, to see so rich Of the plant species, growing in the magnificent snow-capped mountains, it is estimated that no one can restrain the excitement of the mood. From the foot of the mountain with the mountains, tens of different kinds of different types of cuckoo times open, climbing in the tens of meters high on the giant pine, as if into the fairy fairy fairy world, which allows any knowledgeable visitors Hook up!

In June, Milin's wild peony

Into the Zagang ditch, the wild yellow peony is moving in the sun blooming, here is the only wild yellow peony in Tibet in full bloom, the annual five or six months Zagang ditch yellow peony growth is very gratifying, into a piece of yellow peony, no Impurity of yellow flowers, a cluster next to a place, such as fist-like size in the sun glittering, the entire vegetation mostly higher than visitors.


Concluding remarks

Spring is always the most beautiful, whether it is pretty Jiangnan or magnificent Northland, but only Nyingchi spring, there are snow-capped mountains and the world's largest canyon, glaciers and green fusion.

Nyingchi's spring, in the peach and blue sky against the background, even the fog is pink and purple, and even do not have to deliberately looking for, full of mountains and plains of pink always belong to you a peach blossom source.

Nyingchi's spring, higher than the visitors of the wild alpine cuckoo mysterious unpredictable, she is all over the original jungle, it is not difficult to find a trace, there is always a let you comprehend a flower of a true meaning of the world.

Nyingchi's spring, small home jasper's peach is the absolute protagonist, we demeaned wild alpine yellow peony but not with her spring, quietly blooming in the mountains.

Nyingchi's spring must be included in the life must go to the place, if you have the opportunity to please as early as possible, before more people did not find.