The best travel program in February has been good for you to see the rape flowers in Luoping

Immediately opened the spring, and many small partners who began to travel around the plan, and how can not enjoy the flowers in spring, 2, 3 months preferred destination, here is recommended to you to see the first batch of rape rapeseed, That on the Raiders, to "sweeping" it
luoping rape sea

One, Luo Ping will play beauty

Rape flower festival main venue

Here is the outskirts of Luoping County, the annual opening of the cauliflower festival held the main venue, but also an excellent place to watch rape, resulting in a large first station. And the Golden Rooster from the screw field in one direction. Arrived in Luoping, the first to be able to shoot in this. Rape flowers spread the sky, ran eyes. On the west side is the aviation campsite, providing camping tent rental, dining, barbecue and other services.
Play: rape, photography, rape festival. Every year from April to April in the rape season in full bloom, in the suburbs will be held a variety of exciting activities of entertainment. 2017 years with flowers marathon, flower biking and other activities.
Address: Jiang Zhao Highway and 004 rural road intersection south of 100 meters. The county seat is 5 km from the main venue.
Arrival way: take the county road Luoping 3 bus to the second Fort factory to get off, then walk 2 km, the proposed package car.

Golden Rooster

Luo Pingfeng from the core scenic spots. Sunrise panorama and sunset when the scenery drunk, the film rate is extremely high. 2 - March is the flowering period, there are 20 million rape flowers, very spectacular.
Play: board the viewing platform, overlooking the panoramic view of the sea; into the fields, personally rippling in the flowers, in-depth spectacular scenery.
Point: 324 National Road on the left of the Great Montenegro (boarded the top); halfway up the viewing platform (charges); other can climb the hillside.
Address: Banqiao Town Jinji Village, about 9 km from Luoping County.
Arrival: Arrived at the Luoping Passenger Station to Golden Rooster's car (5 yuan CMB).

Kowloon Falls Group

The local Buyi people call it "big stack of water". South a must, the river rocks rugged, shallow beach deep pool.
Tour attractions : Dragon waterfall, Shilong roaming waterfall, Valentine's waterfall, white waterfall waterfall. (Scenic area can walk, choose the carriage or riding a ride) along the scenery particularly beautiful, it is best to stop with the shot.
Festivals are played: the second day of February Lunar New Year in the Kowloon Falls Group Scenic Area held Buyi "February 2" song, if just this time to go, you can experience the traditional folk culture of Buyi.
Opening hours: 09: 00-17: 00
Tickets: 90 yuan tickets for Kowloon, sightseeing cable car 15 yuan, bamboo raft 10 yuan.
Address: Long Ping Township, Luoping County, Qujing City.
Arrival: can be in the Luoping passenger station to travel to the Kowloon Falls car to (6 yuan); if it is by car, because the scenic area has two doors, a better way to visit the car parked in the scenic East Gate, and then sit the local people Of the carriage to Simon (10 yuan per person), from Simon all the way back along the waterfall.


River wandering deep, Qingquan waterfalls, cloth village along the river and cloth, Diaojiaolou hidden in the grove of bamboo, mysterious tropical scenery, especially in the game scene.
Play: There are rafts, rafting entertainment can participate. Tour line for a single tour, need to return the original road. Along the river is King, is an open tourist attractions, is the real life of Buyi place, as well as sugar cane, banana garden, leisure Bazi, terminal, etc. to visit.
Address: 40 kilometers southeast of Luoping County. And Guizhou Xingyi City Maling River Canyon National Key scenic spots connected with the landscape.
Arrival mode: can be in the Luoping passenger station by car to the salary of the car (less trips, only daytime departure, take the river off) or take the travel green car. Can also pack the car.

Screw field

Although hidden in the mountains, but the large photographic, pictorial darling, rape is composed of beautiful stripes and geometric patterns.
The best shooting time: sunny afternoon 4: 00-6: 00
Address: Luoping Jiulong Town (Niujie) County to the cattle street Qiuqiu 15 km
Arrival way: in Luoping passenger North Station to sit "Aru" van, 10 Yuan 1, in the snail field viewing platform to get off; or in Luoping passenger station to sit "Niujie" car, fares 5 yuan, to the cattle street after the mountain road two kilometers.

That color peak sea

Hidden beautiful scenery, not many tourists found, still honest, the original ecology. Karst terrain wonders, the peak height of ten meters to hundreds of meters, often wild monkeys come and go, in the trees, the rock play, free.
Address: Luoping County, the old house Yi Township. Yi-based, mixed with Miao, Buyi family.
Arrival method: no public transport, the proposed package car. (After arriving in the village, only on foot)

Second, Luoping view flowers flower skills

Time: Spring Festival to mid-March, is the most golden travel time Luoping.
Convenient transportation, everywhere can be purely natural scenery. Highway construction is very good new, to repair in the middle of the field, you ride the car to wear through the vertical in such a magnificent view, feel quite shocked.

More professional skills, we do not do the ax, here to give you a small ranger tips:
① Luoping is located in the warm and humid zone, more rainy days, shooting a certain degree of difficulty. (Because the need to shoot the cauliflower bright light)
② more along the river area lower, hot and humid, equipment need to apply sunscreen, wearing a sun hat.
③ lens needs wide-angle, medium-length lens, gradient mirror, night mirror.

Third, Luoping will eat delicious

Luo Ping is a long history of the Millennium town, famous dishes a lot of snacks, a stack of meat, cattle dry bar, jelly, casserole and so on.

1. rape rape and Luoping can draw about equal, rape flowers in Yunnan dialect.
Salad rape, fried rape is more common to eat, it was made of soup, under the hot pot. To Yunnan must see a rape sea, try the taste of vegetables.

2. colorful flowers rice cloth by the human, the world only Bu Yi people can do. Multicolored rice All the pigments are plant brewed, contain a lot of body needs elements.

3. Pea powder can be cold or fried, taste great. Yunnan people are very fond of miscellaneous grains products. Scenic areas are common to eat cold, finished acid, sweet, hemp, spicy, fresh and fragrant, very enjoyable.

4. Fulai crisp meat to the authentic, crisp meat authentic originator, fame of the delicious. Luoping County, there are several Fuling flavor restaurants, you can eat authentic Fulu crisp meat.

Fourth, the way of arrival

1. The train has a tourist express and other Nanking line of the train, the fare is about 38 yuan.

2. Car Kunming East Bus Terminal: starting from 07:00 in the morning, every 40 minutes a trip car. Fare of about 72 yuan, the last train 18:20 departure, about 4 hours by car.
3. car / car Kunming (Kunming stone into the highway) - Stone Forest toll booths - Luliang West Bridge toll station (entering the G324 National Road) - Zhao boast (song into the land highway) - Shizong - Luo Ping (into the G324 National Highway)

train time-consuming, not fatigue, but the train tickets are often sold out, need to book early;
car times, the time can be more selective, regular safety;
self-driving chartered, traffic is good, ordinary car 600-700 / day Two-way)

Luoping local traffic has a "Luoping - small Three Gorges - Lubuge power station - multi-river - Luoping" tourism green car.
Related CMB / Bus price (Reference):
Luo Ping - Rooster: 5 yuan (CMB)
Luo Ping - Panchiao: 5 yuan 
Luo Ping - Kowloon Falls: 6 yuan
Luo Ping - Niujie: 2 yuan (bus)