To Xishuangbanna not to miss the wild elephant Valley, super detailed play Raiders

Wild elephant valley in addition to encounter wild elephant, but also play what? Of course there are many other new games! Do not believe then look down.
wild elephant valley view of the plank road aerial map the picture comes from the scenic area official

One, on the wild elephant valley

Xishuangbanna is located in Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, 32 km from Jinghong City, is the "UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Reserve", "national science education base", Asian elephant research and Xishuangbanna wild butterfly breeding research base, Bringing together tropical and subtropical forests and wildlife species, is the center of wild Asian elephant exchange.
Why is wild elephant valley in China can directly see the wild Asian elephant area? Why does "China only have a wild elephant valley"? It is because there are only about 300 wild elephants in China, and there are about 250, and some more than 40 elephant elephants have long been active in the area around the valley.

① scenic tour plan

Wild Elephant Valley scenic tour is arranged in a ring, visitors can choose from the scenic South Gate or North Gate into the area through the high-altitude view of the plank road, walking tour, tropical rainforest sightseeing cable, the connection does not have to go back, visitors in the area The tour takes about 2.5 hours to 3 hours.

Wild elephant valley scenic map, the picture comes from the scenic area official

② area address

Jinghong City Mengyang town north of Xishuangbanna Meng Yang National Nature Reserve 213 National Road line, 32 km from Jinghong City.

③ opening time

8:00 AM-18:00PM

④ ticket information

Tickets Price: 84 yuan
Tickets preferential policies: height 1.2m and above children, 6 years of age (including 6 years old) to 18 years of age (excluding 18 years of age) minors hold valid identity documents, students holding their own valid student card half price Discount 42 yuan / person, 60-69 years old holders of identity cards offer tickets 67 yuan / person.
Tickets free of charge policy: the height of 1.2m or below the age of 6 children free of charge; holders of my effective "officer card", "disability card", "elderly card" and other documents to implement free of charge; 70 years of age and above Of the elderly holders of identity cards free of charge.

British Prince William to visit the rescue as "natural", the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑤ wild elephant valley scenic event schedule

Second, scenic viewing projects

① elephant school (free to watch): recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

See elephants how to learn the viability of the field, watching elephants on physical education, listening to elephant music lessons, but also with the elephant interaction, to elephant feeding (elephant food 20 yuan / copies)

Elephant school, the picture comes from the scenic area official

Feed the elephant, the picture comes from the scenic area official

② rain forest small theater (free to watch): recommended index ★ ★ ★

Here will see Xishuangbanna colorful national song and dance performances, such as the Wa "wood drum dance", "throwing dance" and so on.

Wa people dance. by xwxgz

③ snake lizard garden (free watch): recommended index ★ ★ ★

Here is the tourist's favorite "wild animal display area", but also a variety of injured wild animals warm home. Most of the wild animals living here are shelter. Snake lizard parked in the wild were protected state-level protected animals are: python, glasses king snakes, lizards, wild boar and so on.

lizard. by thinking

④ Butterfly Garden (free viewing): Recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★

Is China's first artificial breeding breeding butterfly garden, is currently the most successful, the largest investment in the butterfly farms, with high scientific value. Wild Elephant Valley Butterfly Garden was originally a co-operation project of the Xishuangbanna Nature Conservation Bureau and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) - Wild Butterfly Breeding Research and Testing Base.

Butterfly garden butterfly, the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑤ Bird Park (bird art show free to watch): Recommended index ★ ★ ★

To show the tropical, subtropical birds, while the introduction of some rare birds and a cohabitation of a bird world, but also to carry out a base of related bird research. Park show peacock pheasant, the original chicken, white 鹇, partridge, green dove, parrot, rhododendron, acacia birds, black collar noodles and other rare birds.

Bird park in the parrot, the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑥ high-altitude view of the plank road (free to watch): recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

It is the place where the whole elephant valley is the easiest to watch wild elephant. Because near the pond, become the most popular areas of wild Asian elephant, the corridor can often see the group of wild elephants travel, foraging.
High-altitude view of the plank road length of 2280 meters, generally used in accordance with the use of time is divided into two paragraphs, the first paragraph for the Bird Park to the Asian elephant Museum (the first put into use), about 1 km, the second paragraph for the Asian elephant museum Observatory (open in 2017), about 2 km, most tourists walk the first section of the cliff on the area, it is a pity, if there is plenty of time, it is recommended that the second paragraph of the plank road will go, because the plank end: There is water, wild elephant often go to that drinking, bathing, so there is the highest probability of wild elephant infants, good luck may see wild elephant.

occasional wild elephant best season (focus): each year in November to the following year before and after the Spring Festival this time, wild Ru hai the highest probability of choice, this period to the wild elephant Valley, may be able to meet Meng Meng wild elephant Family Oh! So do not say wild elephant valley can not see wild elephant friends, because the occasional wild elephant also need fate! I went to the wild elephant valley so many times also met the wild elephant, it can be said that really need a very good luck.

View plank road, the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑦ Asian elephant museum (free to watch): Recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Is China's first Asian-themed museum, aimed at popularizing elephant knowledge, so that visitors more understanding and understanding of Asian elephants, concerned about the survival of the Asian elephant crisis, improve the protection of Asian elephant consciousness, promote harmony between man and nature development of.

Asian elephant museum, the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑧ tropical rain forest sightseeing cable: recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★

Full length of 2063 meters, 35 minutes of unilateral trip. Take the tropical rain forest sightseeing cable, the vast tropical rain forest panoramic view, wild elephant infested, but also a clear view of the wild elephant in the forest walk, foraging leisurely picture. If you want to choose the choice of one-way cable can be.
Adult ticket: round 70 yuan / person, one-way 50 yuan / person
Children tickets: one-way 30 yuan / person, two-way 50 yuan / person (free of charge for children's height 1.2m, 1.2-1.5m minors preferential fares)

generally choose one-way cableway to meet the tour needs

Tropical rainforest sightseeing cableway, the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑨ like meal: recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Like a meal" from the elephant usually like to eat fruit and vegetables, according to people's eating habits, processing and transformation, making into a ecological, healthy food feast. Like a variety of fruit and vegetable platter together into a unique creative food, its fresh ingredients, colorful colors, as well as a variety of secret sauce and sweet and sour taste of taste experience, people eyebrows, mouth-watering.

Price: 50-80 yuan / person

Exquisite "like meal", the picture comes from the scenic area official

Features "like meal", the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑩ portraits: recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hand-painted Asian elephant model, to understand the Prince William came to the wild elephant Valley "leaves white elephant" story, to participate in portraits, to the white elephant color, give full play to their imagination, draw the most beautiful elephant.

Price: 50-100 yuan / month

Image activities in progress, the picture comes from the scenic area official

Hand-painted Asian elephant, the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑪ China Asian elephant breeding and relief center: scientific research is not open to the ground

As the name suggests, China Asian elephant breeding and relief center's main responsibilities are: seed breeding and medical assistance. In the rescue center, a total of 28 Asian elephants living, which through the natural breeding way to successfully breed three small elephant, successfully rescued back to the injured elephant elephant, detoxification like eight.
China Asian elephant breeding and relief center, has been committed to the Asian elephant protection, Asian elephant artificial breeding research work, for the wild, wild and ornamental to provide provenance, increasing the number of Asian elephants.

Rescue the small orphans "sheep girl", the picture comes from the scenic area official

Love Asian elephant, the picture comes from the scenic area official

⑫ Asian elephant volunteer experience: recommended index ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Can give a bath like a bath to help them clean up the dirt, silt, let them go clean and clean. You can clean up the homes, for them to clean up like homes, experience the enlarged version of the family cleaning. Bananas, corn, carrots, cucumbers are Asian elephant favorite snacks, can participate in feeding interaction, posed for pictures.

belongs to the depth of the experience of scenic areas to customize the project, in case of rainy weather it can not carry out this activity, generally at least 5-6 people to participate in the experience area to receive, need to be in advance and scenic time to experience.
Price: 100-150 yuan / person (clean up like to go to the elephant bath + feeding)

To the elephant bath, the picture comes from the scenic area official

To the elephant bath, the picture comes from the scenic area official

Third, the conclusion

You can directly choose a wild play valley with a pure play day tour line, usually wild elephant valley with other attractions with the tour, carefully designed classic itinerary, travel schedule is just right, neither travel too busy will not waste Valuable play time, and 2 people will be able to make a trip. Do not and other people to fight the car's independent private group, is the most suitable for children with the elderly family travel, easy to worry about private and strong, scenic tour time is free, want to play how long to play, can let you play fun.

If you think the above description of the line is not fun to play, can not meet your needs, I also have another unusual line to choose from, this line is the depth of the wild valley experience, Experience the best combination of the project, one of the biggest bright spot is the tropical rainforest elephant, taste the characteristics of "like a meal", but also to elephant bathing, cleaning elephant dormitory, I believe this special play experience can bring you not the same Of the wild elephant valley tour.

Rain forest animal elephant, the picture comes from the scenic area official

Finally hope that this full of dry goods Raiders can help everyone in Xishuangbanna through a pleasant and beautiful holiday, can let you find a different Xishuangbanna, not the same wild elephant valley.