What are the most authentic Tibetan restaurant?

Came to the Tibetan Plateau travel, can not ignore the life of the top priority - eat. So how to solve this problem? Fat monkey open radar search all over the streets of Lhasa, for small partners carefully selected a number of stores to meet your taste buds trip. There is nothing to eat can not solve the problem, if there is, then continue to eat!
photo maggie ami restaurant by chopper

First, the restaurant big fight

The most popular red restaurant - Maggie Ami food bar

Address: Lhasa City Chengguan District Hospital Road, next to the Jokhang Temple, near the octagonal street
per capita: 72 yuan because the name of the warehouse Gyatso, each person will go to Lhasa to feel the basic. Point cup butter tea look downstairs Barkhor Street, breathe fresh air look blue sky, feel the local folk customs. Butter tea, to Tibet, the majority of people is the first attempt, basically that drink, but it can be adapted to the advantages of high resistance. Stone baked yak meat, taste a bit like iron to do it, the taste is very international, less amount. Tibetan vegetarian rolls, taste okay, there is nothing too special place. The restaurant is really famous, but the taste is ok, the price is too expensive

10 o'clock at night to the hotel, we live in Bangda warehouse, out of Maggie Ami, the first meal in this. His family is very famous, it is said that this store is the location of the warehouse with the Valentine's Day, so whether it is out of the name of the store or meals have been to eat a meal, it is said that the day to line up, The evening is still very quiet, are on a pot of sweet tea called a few friends here small together, because too late so only a pot of sweet tea and a piece of mutton noodles, taste good, recommended.

Figure: Restaurant environment. BY Lee _Snowpear

The most popular restaurant - Na Mather Restaurant

Address: Yu Tuo Road 30 , Everest Albert 2 floor
per capita: 40-60 yuan
Branch: Lin Ping South Road, Lubblin Lin 1 (Red River La to the hotel hospital)

Na Mather is Nepalese "Hello" means, A total of two, one in the vicinity of the Jokhang Temple Square, another one, is the old shop, hidden in the red river to pull the map of the hotel. His home is a very unique Nepalese restaurant, both Nepalese cuisine, Indian dishes and Tibetan food, cheap, taste is very praise, curry taste is very rich, many locals often come here to eat, the store is extremely low-key.

Figure: Na Mather restaurant store. BY Pang Pang

The mushroom here is also an English la carte. Eat time do not think about the public comment ranked first and more good, to normal to eat, or very good drop. Eat here is very exotic feeling, so you think: ah, I really in Tibet ah. But at 8 o'clock also overcrowding, to wait, so I suggest you choose more than rice or push a little bit of time to go.    

Figure: Restaurant environment. BYWall-E

must recommend
1, pancakes: two a, very good to eat.
2, yogurt cake: thick yogurt flavor, ice taste, limited daily, sold out no.
3, potato beef buns: Although it is buns, in fact, is the oval potato mud balls. Not fried, inside the soft, very fragrant.
4, lamb chops: If you like to eat meat, will point, crisp and delicious, rich taste but no smell of mutton.
5, Gillette: There are many varieties, a large man may not eat, there are salads, fries, mixed vegetables, steak / chicken Pa and so on.

Figure: dishes. BY lost

Yutu Street is very famous in a Nepalese restaurant waiter most of the Nepalese little brother hand-written menu English is very beautiful ah eat the recommended yogurt is also good test ribs or what slightly hard dishes weight is also good to line up the price of moderate taste And no localization worth a try

The most fire restaurant - the snowy restaurant

Address: Chengguan District Tibetan Hospital Road 4 Hao
per person: 50 Yuan
prestigious restaurant, next to Hong Kong Joan sweet tea light, also very good looking. With the positioning of Na Maidu, there are Tibetan food, Nepalese meal, Indian meal and Western food, the main exotic. The environment is very good, two floors, the new decoration after feeling great, it is said that foreigners prefer to come.

Figure: Snowy restaurant. BY Sika

Tips: the
environment: a door to see a lot of donkey people who write a variety of recruiting companion information, very human;
taste: there is no imagination that there are smell of mutton, quite in line with everyone's taste. Sweet tea and highland barley wine are very light, easy to import;
food: Tibet yogurt side of the yogurt than usual a lot of yogurt, frozen after the cake together as a cake, wrapped in sour acid cake crushed. Grilled lamb chops are also delicious, fried lamb outside the coke in tender, bones also fried crisp.

Figure: Snowy Restaurant Meals. BY Lee _Snowpear

Lowest restaurant - Lhasa kitchen

Address: Gongguan District, possession of the hospital on the 3rd Road , Jokhang Temple Square,
per capita: 45 yuan
This restaurant is opposite the Jokhang Temple. Just go up into a channel may be a little dark light, do not worry, go into the discovery of the cave. It is also a favorite restaurant for foreigners. Taste is good, the price is not too high, the store layout is good. The staff here is better than Chinese, and the service is very good.

Figure: Restaurant environment. BY walking the fish

1. dining environment: rice mouth when people are particularly large, some foreigners like here, eat chat.
2. Meal experience: curry beef rice is very good, rice rice flavor, curry taste is very authentic.
Especially recommended is the beef pie, a lot of meat, taste super praise. The beef cakes are baked outside the coke in the tender, very soft. This is the highest click here rate, but also recommended by the ALICE. There are spring rolls, curry and Nepal packages are very good, fruit salad is also very fresh.

Figure: Lhasa kitchen meal. BY walking the fish

Second, sweet tea fight

The oldest sweet tea house - bright Hong Kong Qiong sweet tea house

Address: Tibet Autonomous Region Lhasa City Chengguan District Tibetan Hospital Road Shambhala Hotel diagonally opposite (near Beijing Road)

Bright sweet teahouse is said to be the most positive taste of Lhasa, the longest history of a sweet tea house. Direct Google this store name, even Wikipedia has a brief description of it. Come here to feel the daily life of Lhasa. Sweet teahouse larger, unlike the kind of street a little black tea house, local people, Tibetans here to chat, playing cards.

Figure: bright Hong Kong Qiong sweet tea house. BY YIN SHAO

The following hand to teach you how to bubble sweet tea house.
If you want something to hide the surface, go to the front desk to pay, and then go to the back of the total station to the end of the noodles. Drink sweet tea cup is also in the total station to take, and then find a vacant sit down. Tea house are relatively simple table stool, anyway, sitting next to you is not a big brother Big Brother is a backpackers. After sitting down you can put some change on the table, usually a few dollars. And then there will be a white gown to come over to pour tea, she will take your own on the table of change, a few cents a cup, she will find their own, you just need to sit there just fine. If people are more or want to sit a little longer, you can buy a pot of sweet tea, a few dollars only, their tea to drink. There are also fried potatoes can eat, two dollars a bag, but also to the back of the total desk to take their own. And then you can and your companion while drinking tea and chatting friends ~ ~ ~ ~

Figure: sweet tea and Tibetan face. BY sweet sweet -

1, staple food: dumplings, Tibetan face and fried noodles. Tibetan side is one of the Tibetan people's daily diet, noodles are the mouth of the taste, it may be because the plateau area such a good face it well cooked it. Soup is cooked beef, with some beef broken, the taste can be. Fried noodles taste actually very good, more in line with our tastes.
2, where most of the tables and chairs are not back, suitable for travelers early adopters, rather than sedentary.

Figure: The internal environment. BY stare forward

The most characteristic sweet teahouse - Canggu Temple sweet tea house

Kurume Temple teahouse is a very special teahouse, as its name is an Ani monastery opened the teahouse, which all the staff are female Nepalese, they are real in life practice, living in the Red, heart repair silence.

Figure: Canggu Temple sweet tea house. BY polygone measures

Because it is the temple of the operation of the teahouse, every place can see the prohibition of smoking, prohibition of drinking notice. Come here to tea is mostly near the old man, while drinking tea, while turning to turn the tube, so leisurely! Come too early, but also to hear the girls who do homework chanting fine music. The temple will collectively learn Chinese, nuns together with primary school textbooks seriously follow the teacher read, very interesting.

Figure: Canggu Temple sweet tea house in the elderly. BY compete for Janice

Third, snack big fight

The most popular yogurt - front yak yogurt square

Address: Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region, Beijing Road 41 , Beijing Road ( Potala Palace on the west side )

Lhasa yogurt shops, but most are tourists. There are a lot of fun on the wall of the decoration and stickers, is definitely a paradise for young people. Yogurt is thick, fine particles, the entrance is more acid, a little faint "possession of taste", although add raisins and fruit looks good, but in fact the taste can be the most acceptable to the mainland tourists, or honey yogurt.

Figure: store yogurt. BY leaning stone to listen to Tao

The most secret yogurt - old yogurt

Address: Tibet Autonomous Region Lhasa City Chengguan District Bazhou South Street on the 28th old

trees and trees are just in front of the tree that "hundred years old willow" on the crown like a super umbrella, how much to block the store Sight, it also brought a quiet feeling. The place is clockwise to the outskirts of the Jokhang Temple octagonal street, go to a tree, you can see this shop, which 6 small table, arranged with Tibetan characteristics, yak skull, possession of ornaments, walls Is the signature wall of tourists around.

Figure: Ancient yogurt. BY blue sky

A variety of yogurt tastes and exquisite beauty is one of the reasons why it is favored. Like ice cream yogurt, ice cream is homemade, there are nuts, with yogurt to eat the taste is also good. Shopping tired to come here to take the quiet sitting in the shop, the way the next taste of this rich Tibetan-style yogurt.  

Figure: Ancient tree yogurt category. BY white

The most word of mouth snacks - gun jelly

Address: Chengguan District Ecological Park Road ( near Fubeng Sheraton Hotel )

line up people is silent advertising, taste good, little place, a lot of people packed away. Things are very cheap, a few dollars of the majority of snacks, the menu are not eaten how much money. But not a lot of things late. Jelly tender and tender, taste good taste; potatoes soft fragrance, jelly cake bite down, will be found on the cake covered with a layer of jelly, novel combination. recommend!

Figure: Jim jelly snacks. BY love stroll to the mushrooms small


  The impression of Tibet is not limited to that beautiful scenery or the devout temples, and the Tibetan food that you can not miss is waiting for you to date with it.
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