Beijing food map | Luzhuo bean juice, bullfrog Ma small, plus Shabu Shabu and roast duck!

How to no repeat the taste, not to cry every day to eat all kinds of wonderful old Beijing cuisine, bear the brunt of the Luzhu and bean juice. Followed by bullfrog and Ma small, shabu-shabu again, roast duck poor to me do not take the initiative to mention nothing to exist sense. Traffic reasons, this time mainly removed from Fengtai, Dongcheng and Chaoyang.

Removed the emperor more than ten years, referring to the Gui Street is booming trance, to the Gui Street there is delicious da!
I have been true love for Jialing House, a greedy frog and dry stir the fish enough for me to die for decades to change heart! And the famous Hu big, mainly the team can not row, ranging from dozens of tables, as many as hundreds of tables, usually I have to take away. This time for the old classmates, I decided to fight to eat Hu big.
Gui Street, just one kilometer at least three Hu big, every family line, the degree of hotth can be imagined (the last to see a new store in the decoration, I do not know whether it has opened the fourth, when the whole Gui Street in the transformation). This time to the head office, Huayi Yi Park next door.

Coordinates: Dongcheng District, Dongchengmen Street, No. 233, Hu Da main store
traffic: Metro Line 5 North Bridge B, 300 meters east. Line 2 Dongzhimen station can also, but walk a little distance, it is estimated that there is a kilometer, not recommended.
Order: (010) 64003511, (010) 59490989

Friday afternoon at 4:30 to the store, was received on the 2nd floor, the dishes have not been on the full place. After dinner to see the downstairs mighty queuing crowd super sense of accomplishment. Students for the first time to point to the most classic Gui Street two signs: spicy crayfish and greedy frogs. With a large side dishes, baked oysters, Arctic Ocean.

Ma small in Gui Street on the general only to sell, according to the head has 4,5,7,10,15 and other grades. Selected 7 yuan file 10 only. Lobster head is no small, big pliers powerful it Very clean, taste heavy enough, salty spicy spicy, very delicious!

Compared to Ma small, I love bullfrog, fat juicy, fresh shell teeth, just want to talk about saliva out. Hu big bull frog 88 a pot, about five or six.

We also ordered the oysters, taste super delicious! Garlic is very fragrant! Big fresh, juicy juicy! Fried chicken recommended! Two starting points, 15 / only. Would also like to roast the scallops also 15 / only, stomach no less than the.

Big biscuits had to make up the number of surprises later found really good taste! Acid cool mouth, and spicy food perfect match!

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