BeiXinQiao LuZhu Old Shop food tour

Take the subway to the North Bridge, is also a hot fried chicken boiled old shop - North Xinqiao brushed old shop. This store is recognized more heavy, just let my colleagues under the knowledge.
beixinqiao luzhu old shop

Coordinate: East Fourth North Street 141 North New Bridge Luzhu old shop
traffic: Line 5 Zhang Zizhong Road A mouth to the north 600 meters or North Xinqiao station D mouth south 500 meters, thin tube alley mouth.

Shop where the smell of Luzhu fire burning, smell on the greedy insects move. We are to the point of rice, queuing situation is very scary, around the whole shop in a circle. Shop filled with people, there is no vacancy. We separate action, I went to line up ordering, classmates to wait for seats. If you do not stand at the table, etc., you can not wait for the vacancy! The Fire to burst! The The

Pro window kitchen this big tank of halogen good intestines too heavy mouth! But what do I see so cool?

Ordered a bowl of large intestine Luzhu fire, a pig skin frozen, a bottle of Arctic Ocean. This is actually a standard of one person.
Large intestine Luzhu 28 a bowl, a frozen pig skin 12, the Arctic Ocean 5 dollars a bottle. The price is still more conscience. Luzhu fire really is full of a bowl, the fire is too porcelain real, two choke choke. I only love the heart, but not much, afraid of the smell. Lung I basically do not eat. So they did not eat a bowl of a bowl.
Pork skin frozen super delicious! The entrance that is, vinegar, sour taste and the perfect blend of meat flavor!

After eating the next interview with the students, that tasted, and satisfy the curiosity. Not used to the smell of the large intestine. Us neither Eat the feeling of large intestines have a special fragrance, very beautiful very cool, a variety of bowls of bowel. But the problem is to eat, between the mouths are lingering pig's unique taste of the colon, I called the smell. This taste is not so good, this is why I eat less Luzhuang reasons. Eat cool, eat worry. Special fee chewing gum ah ha ha ha,

but we come to Beijing if it is not a physiological conflict into the water, or to try to try under the Luzhu, can be considered a feature is not big enough to eat endless ha ha ha (how to listen to so obese)

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