How are the most romantic travel? Have you tried these tricks in Beijing?

For each lover, the ritual is what I give you a look, it can be a never change of heart eachother, it can be tired when suddenly appeared bunch of flowers, as long as there is love, as long as the heart, every day, Every moment, will become "I love you" ceremony, let us resist. Every morning, are the beginning of the heart!
trb bites by network

In Beijing, I want to be with you ...

1, go TRB bites Meimei to eat afternoon tea

And the Forbidden City is only one river separated by TRB bites, is known as the "most beautiful temple restaurant" TRB vice line restaurant, has a unique dining scene, called the capital of the best afternoon tea scenery one. Come here, no matter who, will be immediately attracted by the environment here: the French style of the decoration, the clouds like a marble table, there are bright and large windows. Eating a fine snack, a cup of sparkling wine, across the tripod from the crowded voice and crowded traffic, and the beloved you together, watching the moat clear water lingering ancient red palace wall, tea color sunset glittering glazed tiles. This situation, always people can not help but emotion, life is so, Fu Fu asked?

TRB bites by network

Address: Donghua District, Dongcheng District, No. 95
Tel: 010-64016676
per capita consumption: 307 yuan
Business hours: 11: 30-22: 00 (Saturday to Sunday); 11: 30-22: 00 (Monday to Friday )
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2, in the spring of the garden of the private soup completely relaxed

Chunhui Park by the network

And Xiaotangshan Hot Springs in the same vein Chunhui Garden Spa Resort is a well-known private suburbs of Beijing suburbs, where exudes a quiet and elegant Zen, known for Japanese style. Every time busy dusk secretly, wait for octopus-like to grow eight hands, wanted to go with you to Chunhui Park bubble a private soup. Spring chill season, soak in the warm hot soup, quietly watching the moon, listening to the gurgling sound of water, for a time, forget all the sadness and trouble, wantonly to say that you belong to my whisper, How sweet and so pleasant!

Chunhui Park by the network

Address: Beijing Shunyi District, Gaoyi camp in the village of
traffic: by car, on the Beijing Expressway to the sand valley after the export, turn right to the ancient city bridge, turn the bridge turn left 3 km to the
price: Monday to Friday 168 yuan / bit, weekend 268 Yuan / bit; room weekend average of 500 or so, about 400 rooms on weekdays
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Chunhui Park weekend guests more, the best booking. To Chunhui Park, the best self-driving, where a taxi, even by the resort to help guests call the car, can only be called "black car", expensive.

3, to the Waldorf Astoria hotel enjoy unforgettable romantic time

Waldorf hotels by internet

From the opening to the influx of people in Beijing by the influx of the Beijing Waldorf Astoria Hotel, its design style is full of modern, personalized and independent, always refreshing, but also all kinds of "big lying" favorite. Find a time, and here with you to eat a beautiful meal, to meet your picky taste buds, after dinner break a moment, in the Waldorf Aston Fancier candlelight to enjoy a perfect double SPA, enjoy this No one bothers romance, sweet 2017 a whole year.

Waldorf hotels by internet

Address: Dongcheng District goldfish alley 5-15
Tel: 010-8520 8989
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In Shanghai, i want to be with you ...

1, in the Disneyland gorgeous fireworks say once again, "I love you"

Shanghai Disney by @ Ala Lei is a lazy cat

Between the couple, not necessarily candlelight dinner was romantic, do not have to be a sweet diamond ring, go to Shanghai Disney, through to the innocent and magical fairy tale world, and why not a different kind of good and love? About the favorite you, into the Disneyland, take your heart once again read the "Fantasia Carousel", as if a second back to childhood. Night falls, gorgeous light and light illuminate the dream kingdom, in the bright fireworks, the force clenched your hand, gently in your ears, seriously say once "I love you", watching you Yingying tears And the night can not cover the reddish face, my heart is unspeakable sweet.

Shanghai Disney by @ Ala Lei is a lazy cat

Address: China's Shanghai Pudong New Area, Chuansha New Town,
opening time: 08: 00- 22:00
Tickets: adult day tour 370 (weekday ticket), 499 (peak); two day coupons 700 (weekdays ticket), 950 (Peak period)

To ensure that visitors to Shanghai Disneyland experience, Valentine's Day is expected to park during the flow of traffic may also be larger, if necessary, the resort will likely stop on the spot ticket sales tickets, it is recommended to plan visitors to buy the best in advance Tickets.

2, in the Pearl Tower revolving restaurant to experience the real sweet romantic

Pearl Tower Rotary Restaurant by @LJ Co., Ltd.

Watch to the evening, the magic of the sky gradually showing the blue velvet-like color, gorgeous city landmarks are in advance to meet each other to say hello, Wow to look exactly brush "burning" up! Dark blue sky, the color of the sunset, bright landmark lights and the night in the sparkling River, in front of a glimpse of a beautiful night, which is unique to the Oriental Pearl Magic Moment. To the Oriental Pearl, be sure to come to the top of the rotating restaurant. Through the bright and spacious globe glass windows, Pujiang Ambilight panoramic view, looking around, sitting on the side of your beloved, happy as if really in the clouds the same.

Pearl Tower revolving restaurant by @ the first appearance of the beautiful girl

Address: Pudong New Area, Pudong Century Avenue on the 1st (near Line 2 Lujiazui Station)
Tel: 021-58797138
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In Guangzhou, I want to be with you ...

1, at the highest point of the Ferris wheel left a romantic kiss

Guangzhou tower by the network

It is said that the Ferris wheel on behalf of happiness, Ferris wheel how high, how high happiness. When the Ferris wheel reached its highest point, if the kiss with the lovers, will always go on. Therefore, the world's highest Ferris wheel - Guangzhou Tara Ferris wheel must be the first choice for fantasy dating. And the world's most beloved you together, sitting in the happy romantic Ferris wheel, bird's eye view of the bustling night of the city, when the rise to the top of the sky, will be hidden in the seat under the red rose holding out, offer a sweet kiss Warm about the sweet love, really Jiaoren eyebrows.

Guangzhou tower by the network

Address: Guangzhou Taizhu District, Guangzhou City, No. 222 West Tower tower
tickets: Ferris wheel single ticket 130, Ferris wheel package 260 (including E District ticket 150 Ferris wheel ticket 130)
Tel: 020-89338222
Business hours: Monday 17: 00-23: 00; Tuesday to Sunday 10: 00-23: 00

2, to the Pearl River night boat river blowing together

Guangzhou night tour by the network

Pearl River night is a very romantic thing for the couple. Ten miles long embankment, a Bi Zhujiang water. In the evening, after the end of the Ferris wheel, in the Guangzhou tower pier boat, brightly lit cruise through the river, the two sides have lit bright lights, light light shadow, like a romantic background for lovers. Neon flashing night, slowly Jiang wind, standing beside me the most beloved you, my eyes are the most beautiful scenery.

Guangzhou night tour by @ gluttonous come

Address: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Zhaojiang Road, No. 222, Guangzhou Tower Terminal
traffic: subway station in Guangzhou Tower A export
business hours: A class 19: 05-20: 05; B class 20: 15-21: 15; : 35-22: 35

3, to Baiyun Mountain challenge couple bungee jumping

Baiyun Mountain couple bungee by the network

"If you want him to fall in love with you, and he went to bungee jumping." This is the movie "search" Yang Shoucheng said a word, many people think that perhaps Yang Shoucheng is embracing jump in the high screaming love Autumn. So, bungee jumping into a list of many couples want to punch one of the few things, South Korea popular love variety "we get married" in a lot of stars on the hypothetical couple for love to challenge the couple bungee jumping, and the most dear you together Feel "death", we will be more cautious to treat the feelings, no matter how difficult the future life of the road, we will not separate.

Baiyun Mountain couple bungee by the network

Address: Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province (near Baiyun Mountain Lianquan Road entrance)
Transportation: take the bus 110 Road, 109 Road to Lianquan junction station, get off along the Guangyuan Road, walk to Lianquan Road, Along the Lianquan Road, walk more than 500 meters to the Baiyun Mountain Lianquan door, into the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area along the hundred steps to the end of the
business hours: 09: 00-17: 30
Reference price: 280 yuan / person

In Shenzhen, i want to be with you ...

1, go to Shenzhen Rose Coast hand walking

Shenzhen Rose Coast by @ muddle

For the local office workers couples, to find a weekend to the Rose Coast love, is also a good choice. Located in the eastern part of Shenzhen, Shenzhen, the town of sunshine Chung River community Dapeng Bay on the Rose Coast, is the new wedding photography collection, there is no hustle and bustle of the city, there is no size Meisha lively, there are thousands of style of the original ecological forest, Bridge dream, Acacia Lin, rainbow sunrise, concentric lock, love career, the sea corner and other romantic scenery. Sunny afternoon, with your beloved hand walking, facing the sea, spring bloom.

Shenzhen Rose Coast by the network

Address: Shenzhen East Beach, Kwai Chung Town, Tsui Chung Community
Traffic: take the b755 road, m207 interval line, m357 road, m362 road to the rose coast car
opening time: 8: 00-21: 00
with reference: 3-4 hours

2, to B10 to see a live performance

B10 performance site by the network

CD is nice, but only belongs to the studio. Every city should have a live house, like Shenzhen B10, hidden in the day when the city's most ordinary secular, but after the night came glittering dazzling. Find time, go with you, escape mediocre daily, listen to the charm of jazz, and find freedom in unrestrained music. May the future of every day, have such a fresh music and the world's most beloved you accompanied.

B10 performance site by the network

Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, OCT Creative Cultural Park, North District, C2 North Building
traffic: Luo Bao line (Line 1) Qiaoxiang East Station A export; Shekou Line (Line 2) Overseas Chinese North Station Exit B

In Chengdu, I want to be with you ...

1, holding slowly in Yulin to go

Yulin Life Square by the network

"And I walk in the streets of Chengdu Oh Oh until all the lights are extinguished and do not stay you will hold my sleeves will hatch his hand into the trousers pocket," "I am a singer" Let Zhao Lei's "Chengdu" Night popular in the north and south. Eat a bunch of Chengdu Yulin string incense, to the king of the mother to tear the rabbit solution of a greedy, go to Zhao Lei song that many rock, folk musicians "favorite" - a small tavern to sit a moment, listen to a ballad, feel Zhao Lei Singing in the sweet feelings of Chengdu. In this rainy little town, and you can slowly walk together in the familiar street, has been spent to the stars sky. Side by side and walking, at this moment, I can think of the world's most romantic two words.

Bistro by internet

Fangqin shop Address: No. 47, Yongfeng Road, Fengshun Road, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Business Center on the 1st floor with 5, bistro
traffic: bus 26,28,93,153,340,1006 Road, get off at Yongfeng Road Station, Walk to the door of Changsheng Royal Hotel, back to the hotel gate turn twenty meters,
Fangqin Street intersection and then turn left thirty meters to reach the bistro Fangqin shop Tel: 028-85158790

2, go to Happy Valley to relax

Chengdu Happy Valley by the network

No matter how our age changes, how to change the identity, playground, always a heart of pure white land. In Chengdu, the most famous playground is Happy Valley. Where there is a gorgeous gorgeous appearance and bright gorgeous light festival, where there are panic and laughter, there is the best place to date. And love you swim together Happy Valley, screaming in the screams, took the opportunity to hold your hand tightly, two hearts closely dependent, after screaming together again and again wantonly laugh, forget all the troubles.

Chengdu Happy Valley by the network

Address: No. 16, Xihua Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Transportation: ① bus, train North Station by 36 Road, New South Gate by 48 Road, Salt City by 56 Road, other places by 3,93,101,109 Road Jiuli dike get off, and then take 88,119,712,715 Road; ② by car, take the Third Ring Road in the Jiaotong University, or along the crossroads before crossing the crossroads to Happy Valley; ③ subway, take the Metro Line 2 To the tea shop sub-station, and then take the 209,656 Road to OCT station
tickets: full price ticket 200 yuan / person; student tickets 170 yuan / person; half-price ticket 100 yuan / person; night ticket 80 yuan / person
Business hours: day 09 : 00-21: 00; night 18: 00-21: 00

In Paris, i want to be with you ...

1, under the Eiffel Tower under the sweet kiss

Eiffel Tower by @ Ghost Red Deer

Paris, France has always been a romantic and heart of the endorsement, and the Eiffel Tower is romantic romantic. It is said that almost anywhere in Paris, the rise can see it, so the tower itself is a beautiful love words: no matter where, whenever you are willing to look back, I have been waiting. If you can, and loved you come to Paris, the most romantic landmark - the Eiffel Tower, nestled with each other, no one else to embrace the kiss, it will be the world's most romantic thing.

Eiffel Tower by @ Ghost Red Deer

Address: 5 rue Anatole France Paris, France
Transportation: ① bus 42 to Tour Eiffel station; 69,82,87 road to Champ de Mars station; ② subway line 6 to BirHakeim station; RER C line to Champ de Mars station; Metro Line 9 to Trocadéro Station
Reference: 2-3 hours

2, enjoy a champagne romantic dinner on the Seine River cruise

The Seine River by a Dutch treasure

The Seine is the mother river of Paris, the night of the Seine do not have some fun. Shore lights flashing, sparkling, river wind clear water, elegant and quiet. Night fell, accompanied by my dear, with the Seine to an unforgettable romantic encounter. Sitting on the cruise of the Seine, through the transparent glass windows, enjoy the double romantic dinner, revel in the charming night. Beauty and food with love, this is my romantic most beautiful imagination.

The Seine River by a Dutch treasure

In Tokyo, i want to be with you ...

1, go to Asakusa Temple with a wish forever love forever

Asakusa by @kido

Founded in 628, Senso Temple is the oldest cultural center in Tokyo and the oldest temple in Tokyo. The architecture is simple and elegant, beautifully carved, Tokyo is essential to punch card sign. One day, and the beloved you together, wearing Japanese traditional kimono, through the bustling crowd, to the Buddha Buddha fair and tolerant Asakusa Temple for our future pumping on the charge, pick up the water scoop wash hands, in front of the gods, Wish love for a long time.

Asakusa Temple by @ Wei Yishan

Address: Asakusa, Taicang, Tokyo 2-3-1
Transportation: Ginza or Toei Asakusa Line To Asakusa Station
Opening Hours: 6: 00-17: 00
Hourly Reference: 3 hours

2, go to the aquarium to revisit the sweet date of the first date

Epson Aquarium Aquarium by network

In Japan, the aquarium is the most classic choice for the first date. In many lovers view, the aquarium is like an adult fairy tale world, full of unknown and mysterious. If you go to Tokyo, will be in hand and beloved you go to Japan's most popular Epson aquatic aquarium, in the dark room to see the marine life in the water shaking the tail swim, in the atmosphere filled with romantic atmosphere Speaking only we can understand the secret language, just as the first date when the day, feeling everything is just good, wonderful incredible.

Aquarium by internet

Epson Aquarium
Address: 4-10-30, Shinji-ku , Higashi-ku, Higashi-ku, Higashi-ku, Higashi-ku, Higashi-ku, Higashi-ku , Tokyo
Ticket Price: Adult 2200 yen
Business Hours: Opening Hours: 10: 00-17: 00 (16:30 for the final admission time)
※ every Tuesday and January 1. In the event of a holiday in spring, summer and winter on Tuesday, it is open as usual

3, to Hakone Hot Springs Hotel spent a good two days and a night

South Wind by the network

5 minutes away from Tokyo Romantic Express, there is a place called "Hakone", where Japan is the most famous hot spring town. And the favorite you together, to Hakone popular high temperature hotel - South Wind Village, live one night traditional and style hotel, eat the most authentic Japanese cuisine, in the room of private open-air hot springs, together to see The stars look at the moon, from the poems to talk about life philosophy, feel the elegance of literature and art.

South Wind by the network

Address: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, Hakone-foot Shigetani Hakone-cho Soup this tea house 179
Transportation: Hakone Soup Station walk about 20 minutes; Hakone Tangji Station, take the hotel shuttle bus about 7 minutes (one way ¥ 100)

In Seoul, i want to be with you ...

1, go to N Seoul Tower to hang a symbol of love eternal concentric lock

N Seoul Tower by @ CChen

Located on the top of Namsan N Seoul Tower is the landmark of Seoul, is the "pattern of men" "from the stars you" "oh my spirits adults" and many other popular Korean love drama shooting location. At sunset, and you set foot on this 360-degree sightseeing tower, looking at each other to see the sunset, sunset soft sprinkled on your face, the United States was eyebrows. After, and then go to the famous lover lock wall, bring a concentric lock, hanging in the fence and love love tree, I hope this love is no end.

Hearted by @CCChen

Address: Nanshan Park Road, Longshan District, Seoul 105 (Longshan Cave 2)
Transportation: Metro Line 4 Myeongdong Station Exit 3/4, walk about 9 minutes
Business Hours: Monday to Friday, Sunday 10:00 - 23 : 00; Saturday 10: 00-24: 00 (Observatory admission until closing 30 minutes before)
Reference: 2-3 hours

2, in the Han River Park outing cycling

Hanjiang Park by the network

Valentine's Day lovers dating, to the Han River Park on the right! Yeouido park area with many cherry trees, one to the spring, thousands of cherry blossom, beautiful as a dream. Before the hit love "I love it", "pomegranate couple" Liu Wen and Cui Shouyuan had strolled in the streets of the Han River Park, cherry blossoms together, put each other Pose camera. Looking for a sunny day, like a pomegranate couple, in the Han River side of the grass covered with picnic mat, put a fried chicken and then drink beer, you feed me, I feed you, make a scolding a pretty, Chat with a view of King, sun, happy happy. And other picnials and then go to rent a bike bike, like the hero in the Korean drama, two people around the Han River, blowing a cool breeze, to a sweet and honey bike dating trip, eyes are braving happiness The bubble.

Hanjiang Park by the network

Address: Seoul Yongdengpu District Ru Youtong Road 330 (Yeou Island Cave); 서울 특별 시영 동 포구 여 의 동로 330 (여 의 도동)
Transportation: Metro Line 5 Ru ou ferry (여 의 나루) Station Exit 3, Direction can go

3, in the popular "net red" dating to the Common-Ground buy buy to buy

Common-Ground by the network

Located in the vicinity of Jianguo University, Common-Ground, is the world's largest, South Korea's first pop-up container shopping center, brought together many of the long-awaited people in Seoul super popular shop. The use of 200 special materials on the whole building showed a unique appearance. Although it was less than two years to open, but the Internet has aroused great repercussions, but also South Korean women's groups SISTAR and men's team Dynamic Duo MTV shooting very popular pursuit of young people, has now become a popular young people about the local dating. One day, and the beloved you come here, while buying to buy, while patted, really "good things" in pairs, serve it twice

Common-Ground by the network

Address: Acha Mountain Road, Guangjin District, Seoul City, 200
traffic: 3 minutes walk from Exit 6, Taikou Station, Metro Line 2,7

"What is the ceremony?" Asked the little prince. "It is to make a day different from other days, so that a moment and other moments different." Fox answer. Let us find a long forgotten ritual, open the door so that we once again eyebrows, go to date!

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