Hongyuan Nan Men Hot Pot food tour

hongyuan nan men hot pot store

Originally wanted to go to the cattle street Ju Baoyuan line (in addition to the previous day to eat more, no physical running cattle Street, near to Hongyuan Nan Men Hot Pot, the way to visit some of the Temple of Heaven.

Coordinates: Tiantan Park South Gate Entrance Road
Hongyuan Nan Men Hot Pot shop traffic: bus 36,53, special 11 and other Tiantan South Gate off, the nearest subway is Line 5 Temple of Heaven East Gate Station
Order: (010) 67017030

South gate shabu-shabu started at the beginning called "Hongyuan Shabu-Shabu", the shop's signature also printed on these words it Because the head office is located in the South Second Ring Road, Temple of Heaven South Gate, it is often friends and friends known as "South Shou Shou". South Gate Shabu noodles shop big, up and down three layers. Do not think that the big shop do not have to line up. But I went out to call the number line, to the door of the people in the sea shop outside the shop are lined it. We are very proud to get the phone number to enter the appointment. So it is strongly recommended to take the first phone number! The

The famous "three-point" small material a large bowl of ah, sesame is very fragrant. Complimentary side dishes are delicious! Sugar garlic delicious! Pickles delicious! Peanuts delicious! All are very praise! The Really is not served it, small material has caught my stomach! The

Big pot bottom 20, broth, presented a fan cabbage, a frozen tofu, these two do not need a single point, very affordable!

Generally come here to suggest fresh lamb, there is a fresh lamb four fight very popular, 88 one. As the day before eating more, I degrade to the battle of five slag, so a single point of two fresh lamb. Most recommended sheep on the brain! The The meat is very thick! The Big chew up very cool! The Tender and juicy The Must point! The

Fresh lamb slices are also recommended, this meat is more tender.

South Shou Shou Shou's biscuits super famous, very crisp, often someone finished also packed away. Divided into biscuits and fried biscuits. Fried biscuits more fragrant Oh! We ordered the ordinary biscuits, very fragrant! The

Finally, sigh, Beijing is really a very suitable place to eat and eat. We eat so many Dayton, in addition to Gui Street Ma bull frog, no meal over a hundred! But it is delicious! Eat all cool!

Please allow me to sing at the end: Beijing welcome you! There is always a meal to meet you!

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