To Wuzhen, how can I live to live these hundred years old house!

In Wuzhen play, generally only live overnight to be considered a complete Wuzhen. When the night falls, drinking a small wine, watching the other side of the floor singing opera, or to the water to put a few lotus lanterns, will be enchanted. Wandering to the evening, back to the brightly lit one hundred years old house, as if through time and space, and you are that "Water Love" in the Rene Liu and Huang Lei.

One, live Donggou good or good West Gate?

1, living in the West Gate

Accommodation in the West Gate includes a variety of bed and breakfast, shopping malls, CYTS, economic hotels and resort hotels, due to the unified management of the area so the price is more expensive, and sometimes there can not be booked in advance of the situation. But relatively speaking in the unified management of the area under the various aspects will be more secure. And there are Xijiao scenic area within the room card, then you can access the West Ridge several times. There is the quiet of the morning in the West Gate, because only those who can live in the inside to enjoy, and live in the West Gate you do not have to consider the night to play a few questions. 

2, living in the East Gate

Dongkou accommodation mainly to the local people to run the main bed and breakfast, are self-employed, not subject to scenic management, the price will be cheaper than the West Gate some. If the advance booking, then the landlord can bring people to the scenic area, you can not buy tickets Donglu scenic area, but the East Gate of the various attractions are to enter the ticket, that is not to buy tickets from the landlord to the East Gate inside the words Is not able to visit the various attractions inside the East Gate.

It is worth noting that the Ritz-Carlton Visitor Center will provide luggage storage and delivery services, that is, visitors can luggage first deposit in the tourist center, if living in the West Gate, then the visitor service center will be responsible for the luggage to the room. However, the Donggou Visitor Service Center only provides luggage storage services. In general, live in the East Gate, then it will be more affordable, live West Gate, then you can enjoy the service will be more comprehensive, see the night gate will be more convenient.
There is also a place to stay outside the East Gate West Gate, and the price will be cheaper than staying in the area. But in Wuzhen as a famous tourist area usually tourists will be a lot, if you want to avoid the peak traffic to take pictures or play, then we must grasp the morning and evening time. If you live outside the scenic area is no way to advance into the area, if you live in the area, then you can always go out to play.

Second, the West Gate accommodation which strong?

West Gate consists of 12 islands, more than 70 bridges will be connected together, Jiangnan Water Beauty in which. Where the most popular night, may wish to sit on the boat experience the blue screen under the Ambilight. In the West Gate can not only feel the antique charm of the water, but also enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern life.

1, Wuzhen line 丨 old base of the big family

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Wuzhen line Museum is located in Wuzhen Xijiao scenic area, by the "Kam Hall, Sheng Ting, Heng Yi" three sub-branches. Jintang Jingliu Wuzhen II scenic area center - West Gate Street, covers an area of ​​15,000 square meters, for the two-story classical hard mountain garden architecture. Sheng Ting from the centuries-old water mansion remodeled in the rich Jiangnan residential courtyard charm, enjoy the ultimate perfect butler service. Hengyi Church Health Club is located in the West Gate Street 606, covers an area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, for the typical Ming and Qing garden architecture. The museum is made from the original home decoration, the Department of classical hard mountain Ming and Qing architectural style, supporting facilities exquisite, complete, luxurious but elegant and elegant, "big faint in the city" momentum.

Sheng Ting from nearly a hundred years of history of the water mansion remodeled, Ming and Qing style furniture, exquisite works of art, exposure to which can enjoy a large Jiangnan rich garden charm.

Jintang for the second floor of the classical hard mountain garden architecture, Kam Tong in the south of the meandering stone street, east of the elegant Luo Shen SPA, the North can look at the natural wetlands, the West has a stream through the city, the location is extremely advantageous.

2, pillow water resort 丨 push the window is a small bridge water

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in the female red street pillow water hotel is the largest scenic area of ​​the hotel, the East Gate of the lobby set is very distinctive, the middle part of a bird cage, from the east to the reception Simon about 10 minutes, we can see the hotel occupies a large area. East Gate of the West restaurant, Simon Green Corridor special restaurant can meet the different eating mouth of the diners, it is recommended in his home green corridor to enjoy a buffet breakfast, fruit variety and fresh pineapple delicious! 

- the room antique, there is a thick Jiangnan flavor.
- Some rooms can see the river directly from the window.
- breakfast more varieties, taste is also good!

- Located at the entrance of the West Gate area, close to the parking lot and the visitor service center.
- not far from the high-speed intersection, all the way signs accurate, very easy to find.
- A 10-minute drive from Dong Ridge Scenic Area and Mao Dun House.
- from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is about 1.5 hours by car.

3, Tongan Inn 丨 Jiangnan Qiao family compound

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Tongan Inn is located in Wuzhen Xiliao scenic area on the island, for the typical two-story Jiangnan style Ming and Qing architectural communities, elegant style, divided into the main building, residential buildings and VIP floor three area.

- Inn is located in Wuzhen Xiliao scenic area Andufang ferry east, the typical Jiangnan Ming and Qing architectural communities.
- large size, there are double standard room 70, single room 13, there are luxury, 24 sets of ordinary suites.
- there are four-star hotel standards, the inn there is a swimming pool, in the ancient Jiangnan water is particularly eye-catching.

4, Tongxiang Wuzhen Bed and Breakfast 丨 close to the hydrophilic room

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Wuzhen is a fire of a bed and breakfast, the boss warm, the surrounding environment simple and beautiful, the distribution of the Xigou scenic area within the west of the city on both sides of the city, or surface water or street, go out into the stretch of the West Gate Street, push the window can take the city River Xiuse. Although there are bed and breakfast, but there are different styles of exquisite rooms, from room design to tableware configuration, always embodies Jiangnan gentle style. In 2011, Wuzhen Bed and Breakfast won the international hotel catering cooperation media, the United States "hotel" Chinese version and other media selected "my favorite specialty hotel" laurel.
In Tongxiang Wuzhen b & b, you can fully integrate into the local life, in the water Pavilion porridge, pull home, tease little fat dog; go to the market to buy the freshest vegetables stew pot delicious fish soup; or drink white chrysanthemum tea , Meditation tea. At night, quiet, comfortable town, so you enjoy the vaguely water, sweet dream.

Three, East Gate accommodation which strong?

Shadow Theater, three liquor workshop, Wenchang Pavilion, comprehension view, the former residence of Mao Dun, where everywhere full of history and culture. Although the East Gate is not so busy Cixi, but retained a lot of local primitive style and charm. When the TV series "Water Love" most of the viewfinder is in the antique East Gate.
In addition, the East Gate most of the bed and breakfast are their own transformation, the conditions of facilities certainly no West Gate is good, but would like to feel more authentic local life, East Gate is a good choice, and almost every guest house will have a warm boss, boss For your service.

1, Wuzhen Zhenqing other garden boutique hotel

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true Qing not Yuan is Yan Zhenqing in Huzhou when the provincial governor where the former residence. Its former residence on the basis of Yen to repair old as the old idea, to maintain the original style of the courtyard, while hiring well-known designers from Shanghai well designed.

2, flowers rhyme courtyard Wuzhen beautiful humanities hotel

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inn in the East Gate area, to retain the original Wuzhen old house, the front yard and the backyard of the green plant is also a special charm. The boss is particularly enthusiastic, not only to our local specialty, in Wuzhen also free shuttle at any time.

If the West Gate of the night intoxicated, then I love the East Gate of the ancient, there are still I love all kinds of alley, there are inadvertently beautiful everywhere bloom.

Suggested tour schedule

D1: If the afternoon arrived in Wuzhen, you can first visit the West Gate, feel the night when the Wuzhen, until the dark light reflection Wuzhen another beauty. Can be in the West Gate overnight.
D2: the next day early in the morning can shoot the sunrise when no one Wuzhen, there is the mystery of the mist around the river. Afternoon can visit the East Gate, generally half a day to visit is completed, if there is time to go to the North Gate to see, mostly the original Wuzhen residents moved to this, more life breath, see Wuzhen people's life is what.