Wuzheng travel

Ancient Town
Wuzhen before the small science, help you play the water town!
Origin: Occasionally, when Liu Ruoying was seen as a propaganda film by the ambassador of Wuzhen, she was attracted by the face of her forbidden years. Of course, she was moved to Wuzhen. Suddenly remembered
To Wuzhen, how can I live to live these hundred years old house!
In Wuzhen play, generally only live overnight to be considered a complete Wuzhen. When the night falls, drinking a small wine, watching the other side of the floor singing opera, or to the water to put a few lotus lanterns, will be enchanted. Wandering to the evening, back to the brightly lit one hundred years old house, as if through time and space, and you are that "Water Love" in the Rene Liu and Huang Lei.