Are you want to play something to stimulate? Trampoline climbing skiing once full experience are all in RunningRiver X-Game Park.

Spring, the earth recovery, the end of the snow season, there is no snowy day where we go to continue to play it? Beijing has such a place, you can play enough throughout the year, and even you will fall in love with it.
embankment roadside with the beat

6 months of the snow season is too long idle period, since the end of the snow season that we do something else, Beijing has such a park, a small part of the extreme sports are included in it, you can also go skiing snow Oh The Heart to act quickly, with a taste of it

First, the general situation of the extreme limit park

Park parking and forest paths

Rush extreme park is the first set of a number of extreme sports in one extreme sports venues. The total area of ​​5,000 square meters, rich facilities and equipment, professional limit training, party big party, outing play and so on. Have been to the small partners certainly know that here, but outdoor, skiing, trampoline and other enthusiasts of the party paradise, not only to play but also leisure, must be a great outing play the Holy Land.

Second, many projects for you to choose

As the limit park, there will be a lot of exciting experience to stimulate the project, the following follow me into this mysterious place, find out what When you buy all the items at the same time, the staff will be charged an additional fee to help you buy insurance, which is for safety reasons, or very necessary.

1, indoor trampoline

Trampoline somersault

Board trampoline practice

Indoor trampoline covers an area of ​​600 square meters, 8.5 meters high, with a professional trampoline 5, a sponge pool, safe facilities are complete, is a great trampoline.

1, our ordinary socks in the trampoline easy to slip, for the safety of small partners, it is recommended to buy a pair of trampoline socks (socks at the bottom there will be a lot of rubber particles to increase the friction), in the extreme park there is to sell, Not expensive and very practical.
2, novice friends must be gradual, do not play too Hey, do not blame me did not remind you, play too hi the next day you must whole body ache, do the activities before and after the stretch is still very important.
3, trampoline tips, do not use the heel to the ground, must be two legs open shoulder width, feet to the ground, or else easy to Wei feet.

2, outdoor trampoline

Outdoor trampoline

In addition to the indoor trampoline, there are two outdoor trampoline, security facilities as much, in the shade under the trampoline is definitely a good way, but also recall the feeling of a child park trampoline.

playing trampoline in the outdoor must pay more attention to water, to prevent the occurrence of high temperature dehydration.

3, dry snow slide

Snow skiing

Outdoor dry snow slide for the primary road level, 36 meters long snow, and equipped with raised magic blanket, small partners do not have to worry about no snow and worry about it! So that you can enjoy the fun of skiing all year round.

1, dry snow due to the special material caused by the snow, the staff will often increase the degree of slippery water on the snow, want to play dry snow little partners remember to bring a dirty clothes Oh!
2, summer to play a small partner must pay attention to, protective gear must wear, to prevent the fall injury.

4, dry snow platform

Drought Ski Jump and Air Cushion

Master platform practice

The snow skiing platform is equipped with a large air cushion, in the dry snow platform you can better practice freestyle action, is a perfect companion for freestyle skiing.

1, where the snow ski jumping need to cobble together three staff to inflate the air cushion, in order to experience the small partner of the dry snow platform or in advance with friends around the good communication or the weekend to bang bang luck.
You can listen to me nagging about it, this is not like the real snow, because you are in the dry snow on the snow, as long as the balance is just fine, do not brakes, rest assured to fly, there are big Air cushion to protect you?

5, indoor climbing wall

Indoor climbing wall

In the indoor trampoline hall is also equipped with climbing wall, rock wall area of ​​160 square meters, 8 meters high, in Beijing is also relatively large indoor rock climbing facilities.

If there is no professional coaches in the presence of small partners or not free to climb, and fall may be worthless.

6, a variety of bike lanes

Stimulated bike lane

Bicycle Teng Road

There are mountain biking trails and Teng Road in the woods, providing a perfect training ground for mountain bikes. Of course, there are 40 km along the bike lane, you can let you and small partners in the spring of the weekend, while riding a side view of the scenery.

bicycles and protective gear can be leased here, the price is not expensive, to experience what is good.

7, limit U slot

Forest U-shaped groove

It is equipped with large international standard wood U slot for skateboarding, roller skating, scooter, BMX BMX and other extreme project training and free taxi. So you can enjoy here Sahuan, secretly to practice this new skill is also good.

equipment or need to bring their own, whether you are a master or a novice, be sure to do it

8, motorcycle driving range

Gallop in UTV

Oversized motorcycle driving range allows you to soar the audience, some small partners will certainly ask, I will not ride a motorcycle how to do? Do not worry, there are not only off-road motorcycles, there are four rounds of motorcycles, riding four rounds of cross-country motorcycle rushed to the track, experience a speed and passion is also a good choice.

no matter where you are riding a motorcycle need to wear helmets and protective gear, the hands must light to the oil, out of the track injury is not good.

Third, the limit park catering camping area

Here to provide Chinese and Western sports meals, coffee, drinks and so on, extremely convenient, play a small partner can be a little rest here, add the physical or very necessary.

Park woods camping area

With 40 acres of forest camping area, equipped with electricity supply and life service facilities, play tired can be called with friends on the support of the tent, in the shade green on a small rest for a while.

Features stew furnace barbecue

Rich barbecue feast

Features handmade pizza

Sunny forest terrace

130 square meters of sunshine forest balcony to provide professional BBQ barbecue feast, rich dishes absolutely beyond your imagination, the unique stew furnace barbecue is really fragrant, there are unique hand pizza for your choice.

BBQ barbecue dinner is required in advance with the customer service book, do not book the next day you can not eat.

Comes with ingredients barbecue area

Of course, here also provides a barbecue area with their own ingredients, about three or five friends together to barbecue grass is also a good choice.

BBQ food comes with a small partner here to barbecue is the need to collect the cost of the venue, after the barbecue remember to put out the fire, such a good environment or we need to cherish.

Fourth, the limit park price overview

Where the ticket prices are still very affordable, there are many types, often come to play a small partner can also apply for membership cards, a lot of benefits, according to your situation to choose it.

Limit park price

Extreme park member price

Equipment rental price

To play this equipment can not take anything, because the equipment needed here can be rented, the equipment is very new, the price is not expensive, after all, come back and forth with equipment is very troublesome.

Five, to the extreme park the most complete mode of transport

The torrential limit park is located in the middle of the river bank of Wenyu River in Beijing. Due to its remote location, there is no public transportation or subway station. However, there are shared bicycles in the vicinity of the bus station. The whole is very convenient. , One by one how much better.

Rivers extreme park navigation positioning

By car: the capital of the second high-speed airport north (to the direction of the airport), Jinzhan Road auxiliary road, open to the embankment after the right turn 3 km. 
Public transport:
1, no car can take a small partner to the subway line 6 to the material school road station to get off, good strength of small partners can ride to, is expected to 35 minutes, 9.6 km.
From the subway out of the taxi is also very convenient, more than 20 minutes to the price is not expensive, about 30 yuan.
2, take the 989 bus to reach the Yin Gezhuang West mouth bus station, good luck, then the station will meet the public bike, riding 3 km, about 15 minutes to the.
3, but also take the 306 Road, 639 Road, 659 Road to get off the West Village, find a shared bike ride past, not far, only less than 3 km, just 10 minutes.

Six, concluding remarks

As the first multi-project in China, the limited park playability is still very high, where you can recall childhood in the trampoline, experience speed and passion on the track, in the sun forest terrace to give you a taste of a new experience. Find a weekend about three or five friends set off the torrent of extreme park, absolutely let you boge the whole weekend.

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