Have children go to Shanghai where to play? The history of the whole family travel Raiders here!

Some people say that parents are the children's first teacher. The best education is with the children together, eat very delicious food to eat, to a lot of places, to see the beautiful scenery. Today, Xiao Bian for everyone to recommend the most suitable for children and spend time together with the children, you know, the magic is not only a Disney Oh!
shanghai disneyland by  pete depp

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Shanghai Disneyland

Disneyland, here is the children's favorite, but also have a small people to see the big Disney cartoon characters. This is a place where this life will go, no matter how many are still longing for the heart. Into the Disneyland, and the children sit together to read the heart of the "Fantasia Carousel" to see a bright fireworks and gorgeous light and shadow, so that a familiar fairy tale into reality.
Recommended items : Xiaofei like, Alice in Wonderland Maze, snow and ice singular event, Basil light years Star rescue, Mickey Club, the heroic hero headquarters, the Caribbean pirates, the speed of light wheel, jet backpack aircraft, etc.

① to Disneyland, then the subway than to facilitate their own car park from the park far away, to wait for a shuttle bus.
② baby food and supplies can be brought into the park.
③ Disney is a rental car, there are places to play the father and mother to rent a best, the baby "tied" in the cart can quickly reach the destination, but also save effort. But all the baby carriages can not advance the snake array, can only stop at the designated location Oh.
④ If the children are not tall, parents and want to play how to do? Do not worry, Disney is very intimate to set the parents of the rotation area, a row of a team, a baby up a play, and then exchange the task, do not re-line up.

Shanghai Disneyland by @ Pete depp

Address : Shanghai Pudong New Area Chuansha New Town
Traffic : Metro Line 11 Disney Station (1 exit) get off, walk 250 meters
Tickets : Tickets are divided into two ordinary day tickets and peak day tickets. Play two days of visitors can buy two days coupon, the price of the corresponding two days on the basis of tickets hit 95 fold.
① weekday ticket (Monday to Friday): adult ticket 370 yuan, the elderly, children, disabled visitors 280 yuan, children free of charge
② peak day ticket (weekends, holidays, summer): adult ticket 499 yuan, the elderly, children, disabled Visitors
: need to provide proof of disability; infants and young children: 1 meter and the following
opening hours : 08:00 - 22:00 ; children: height of 1-1.4 meters (including); disabled visitors:

Shanghai Happy Valley

Shanghai Happy Valley by @ left bank

Happy Valley is very suitable for parent-child tour of the large theme park. Adults can experience the roller coaster and other stimulus projects, children can swim ants castle, feel the 4D film to bring the visual feast. In addition, there are many large-scale circus performances and floats parade, Maya Carnival, International Magic Festival and other major festivals, both the size of friends will love it!

Shanghai Happy Valley by @ left bank

Address : No. 888 Linhu Road, Sheshan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai (near the boulevard)
Transportation :
① by Songjiang 19 Road, Songjiang 19 Road section, loose line in Happy Valley Station, walk 5 minutes to Shanghai Happy Valley
② Take the Shanghai Metro Line 9 in the Sheshan Station, off the bridge to sit Happy Valley free shuttle bus five minutes to Shanghai Happy Valley
tickets :
adult tickets 215 yuan
full-day half-price tickets 115 yuan (March 4 - 8, 3 Month 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26)
college student ticket 160 yuan (with my valid full-time college student ID and identity card verification admission)
weekend night ticket 68 yuan (February 15 - April 28, fIVE - Sunday 16: 00-19: 00)
children's elderly ticket 110 yuan, 1.2 meters tall (excluding children under 1.2 meters) -1.5 meters (including 1.5 meters) of; 65 (including 65 years of age) -69 (including 69 years old) Elderly (with my valid documents) Ticket admission
※ Children under 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters) can enjoy free of charge; 70 years old (including 70 years old) with their own effective ID card Enjoy free of charge.
Opening hours :
09: 30 - 18: 00 (February 15 - April 28, weekdays)
09: 30-19: 00 (September 15 - April 28, weekend day)
16:00 - 19:00 (February 15 - April 28, weekend night)

Jinjiang Paradise

Jinjiang Paradise by @ DEUTSCHE Deutsche

Jinjiang Paradise is the first modern amusement park in Shanghai, where China's first giant Ferris wheel, there are many 80,90 full of memories. If available, may wish to take their own children to choose their favorite projects to participate in the companion also in the way to find some memories of childhood! Yes, there will be from time to time to organize a variety of large-scale theme of food activities, as the food and clothing of the father and mother can be a mouthful of slightly!
Paradise project : volcanic theater, motorcycle roller coaster, giant hanging roller coaster, pirate ship, large luxury double turn horse, rapids Yongjin, canyon rafting, wave tumbling, magic windmill, roller coaster, Shanghai turntable

Jinjiang Paradise by @ DEUTSCHE Deutsche

Address : No. 201, Hongmei Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Traffic :
① bus: by 50,218,703,704,712,122, Maple Line, Shanghai gold line, Shanghai Xin line, Xu Min line in Jinjiang Park Station Car
2 subway: take the subway line in Jinjiang Park Station
fare :
tickets 70 yuan / person, with 2 items (except Shanghai turntable);
coupon 110 yuan / person, with 6 projects (Shanghai turntable Except for);
sightseeing tickets 20 yuan / person (excluding items), more than 65 years old, people with disabilities, height 1.4 meters below children.
Opening hours :
9: 00 - 17: 30 (April 1 to October 31, July, August two months of business hours extended to 22)
9: 15-17: 00 (November 1 to March 31, the opening hours of the holiday is 8:45 to the end of the tour)

Chocolate happy paradise

Chocolate Paradise by @nini

Read friends and children class show "Daddy back" friends must be on this chocolate happy paradise is no stranger to the program where Wu Zun and beloved daughter NeiNei is here to a "sweet date" Oh! As the country's first "chocolate" "dessert" "biscuits" and other elements to create a large creative theme park, chocolate happy park set to eat, do, play in one, there are fantastic chocolate kingdom, sweet Eden, China five thousand museum, Baking magic street and other 8 major theme museum, and a variety of lifelike chocolate works, very worthy of the children to play. If you buy tickets, you can also participate in donuts, marshmallow, chocolate, pizza and other children like the food, do you can eat directly Oh!

Chocolate Paradise by @nini

Address : 100 Pucheng Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (near the steel)
Transportation :
① Zhou Nan line: in the subway China Art Palace Station, turn the bus line south line, to the terminal, walk (on the road Bo Bo junction) 5 minutes 1030 Road: in the subway China Art Palace Station No. 3 exit, transfer bus 1030 Road, to Bo into the road to the steel that is to the road.
② rail transit line 7-8 to Yaohua Road Station, Yaohua Road subway station on the 4th mouth of the transfer to the chocolate happy park free admission shuttle. The first day of the bus departure time is 9:30, every 30 minutes a
ticket :
adult ticket 100 yuan
children's ticket 50 yuan, for the height of 1.0 meters -1.4 meters of children (excluding 1.4 meters)
old ticket 50 yuan, apply (With ID card)
military ticket, 50 yuan, with the officer card
disabled person discount ticket 50 yuan, with the disability certificate (each country, region)
Opening hours : 9: 00-17: 00 (ticket and into the End of the 16:00 pm, Friday and Sunday during the summer and Golden Week, the end of the day to 18:00

Shanghai LEGO Discovery Center

Shanghai LEGO Discovery Center by @ Angela

Shanghai LEGO Discovery Center is composed of thousands of Lego blocks of indoor playground, 10 theme area provides a Variety of Lego blocks play, it is suitable for children to play, but also for the music of the big friends, you can stay inside The Looked at a child carefully focused on building their own unique LEGO model, as the father and mother will be very touched it! In addition, some projects only children can enter a person, so Mom and Dad can also be relieved in the next, rest assured for a while yo.
Recommended items : mini heaven and earth, Debao farm, LEGO racetrack; recommended children over 4 years of age to play, Lego factory, castle adventure, LEGO creative studio, magic turntable, Lego 4D experience

① unlimited, unlimited, unlimited! (Important things say three times), the official proposal to play 2-3 hours. But this "unlimited" to give us not urging the child to play the reasons for creative play. ② stressed once again, adults can not play alone Oh, must bring a child. ③ There is a restaurant inside the park, providing light meals, drinks. Discovery center does not eat and drink in areas other than the restaurant, for the sake of the cleanliness of the park and the child's health.

Shanghai LEGO Discovery Center by @ Suegra no end

Address : 196 Daduhe Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, Changfeng Joy City, the second floor
traffic : Metro Line 13 (Dadu River Road Station) Line 2 (Zhongshan Park Station) Line 3 (Jinsha River Road Station) 30 minutes after the arrival of the train
tickets : 180 yuan
※ children under one meter tall and free admission; one or more adults to carry at least one child (children defined as 18 years of age).
Opening hours : 10: 00 am-8: 00pm (last admission time 7:00 pm)

Science articles "up position"

Shanghai Science center

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum by @greatness

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, including the Museum of Heaven and Earth, the Museum of Life, the Museum of wisdom, the museum, the future museum and other five major exhibition hall and the exhibition hall, the contents of the exhibition hall all-encompassing, natural knowledge and knowledge is very rich, Participation, feelings, interactive links, a lot of knowledge in simple terms, for the children, is the "up position" a good place yo!

Recommended route

1F: animal world: to five continents to visit the rare indigenous "residents"
biological Vientiane: microcosm, amphibious crawling angle, insect garden, aquatic landscape
designer cradle: CAD classroom
wisdom light: magic house, ring laser piano, glow ball group
rainbow children's paradise: a new experience
2F spider exhibition: the world's largest spider, weaving spider, spider living
world of robots: robots will exercise the robot theater, robot musicians
information age: encoding and decoding, virtual dog trainer
for the planet : Ecological catastrophe theater, endangered birds
3F: people and health: food travel, play football
space world: Shenzhou V manned spacecraft, planet weighing

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum by @greatness

Address : Shanghai Pudong New Area, Century Avenue, 2000
Traffic :
Metro Line 2 Shanghai Science and Technology Museum Station (No. 7) out of the
bus east line, the third line of the tunnel, Shen Chong second line, Shen Chong four lines, public transport 640,794,815,984 , 638,983,184,975 Road
tickets : ordinary ticket 60 yuan / person, student tickets 30 yuan / person
※ children under 1.3 meters free
opening time : Tuesday to Sunday 9: 00-17:15, Monday closed (gold Except for week)

Shanghai Natural Museum

Shanghai Natural Museum by @ Lvxi guest

Shanghai Natural Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is a natural branch, is also one of China's largest natural museum. There are a variety of realistic animal model, which brought the visual impact of absolute shock, is definitely the best time to let children know the animal! There is also a natural living area, children can be more intuitive to feel the bee's group life, really touch the real life, observe the natural changes. In addition, the "Discovery Center" also opened a natural classroom, a dedicated teacher to lead the children to carry out interesting activities to explore the nature of Oh!

① Museum air conditioning more foot, it is recommended to wear off the clothes easily, give the child with a kettle at any time to add water.
② There is no public car park in the museum, if you drive, please go near the parking after the walk.

Shanghai Natural Museum by @ Lvxi guest

Address : No. 510, Beijing West Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (Jing'an Sculpture Park)
Transportation :
Metro Line 1 Xinzha Road Station, Metro Line 2 Nanjing West Road Station (Exit 2), Metro Line 13 Natural Museum Station (Exit 1).
(41 Road, 301 Road, 324 Road, 927 Road), Shimen Second Road Beijing West Road (104 Road), Beijing West Road Taixing Road (15 Road), Beijing Road West Road (324 Road), Shimen Road, , 955 road) and so on.
Tickets :
adult tickets 30 yuan
60-70 years old voucher 25 yuan
1.3 meters above children to 18 years of age minor, full-time undergraduate and below diploma student certificate 12 yuan
70 years old, 1.3 meters (inclusive) or 6 years old (Including the following) children, retired cadres, active military personnel, disabled, martyrs family certificate free
opening time : Tuesday to Sunday 9: 00-17: 15 (16:30 stop ticket), closed on Monday (except statutory holidays)

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Shanghai wild zoo by @ Pimi monkey horse

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is currently the largest national zoo, where the animal species is very complete, not only the world's representative rare animals more than 200 kinds of more than 10,000 head, built the world's most advanced animal immersion Exhibition area and animal interactive experience area, take the car tour beast area, with those who appeared on television guys close contact, like small animals, children and parents must not miss here Oh!

Shanghai wild zoo by @ Pimi monkey horse

Address : Shanghai Pudong New Area, Sanzao Town, South Road, No. 168
Traffic : Wan Ye line, Tourism Line 2, South Line, Wilderness Line, Zhang Nan line can be
tickets :
adult tickets 130 yuan
student tickets 65 yuan (6 ~
65-year-old adults, full-time undergraduate college students, with valid documents to buy) elderly tickets 117 yuan (60 to 64 years old, with valid documents to buy); 65 yuan (65 years old and older, with valid documents Purchase)
Opening hours :
3 - June, 9 - October, 8: 00-17: 00 (16:00 stop ticket)
7 - August, 8: 00-18: 00 (17:00 stop ticket)
December - the following year February: 8: 30-16: 30 (15:30 stop ticket)

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium by @Robert

The Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, which is the theme of "Water across the five continents", contains 28 large-scale theme biotech areas, sub-Asia, South America (Amazon), Australia, Africa, cold water, polar, sea and ocean Exhibition area. South American electric eel, Australian sawfish and water fish, penguins in Antarctica, as well as the town hall of the treasure sea dragon, ribbon dragon style, these rare animals can be seen here Oh. 180 degrees and 270 degrees of all-round landscape windows and unique automatic walking submarine tunnel, with children to explore the wonderful underwater world together!

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium by @Robert

Address : 1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Traffic :
① by 81,82,85,583,774,795,798,799,870,961,971,985,992,993,996 Lujiazui Ring Road Fenghe Get off at the railway station
② Metro Line 2, get off at Lujiazui Station, walk 200 meters to reach the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium.
Tickets :
160 yuan for adult tickets, 1.4 meters and more adults with independent visits and adolescent
children tickets 110 yuan, height 1.0-1.4 meters of children, children may not be a separate entrance to the museum, accompanied by the adult
opening time :
daily 09 : 00-18: 00 Ticketing and admission 17:30 End of
July and August summer vacation, 11 Golden Week and Spring Festival business hours adjusted to 09: 00-21: 00 Tickets and admission 20:30 end.

Shanghai Changfeng Sea World

Changfeng sea world by @ Italian sailor ~ Jiuyu

Located in the lush Changfeng Park in Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World, is the first national theme of the aquarium. As a world-class marine theme park, here has a wide range of marine life, lifelike theme of the landscape and entertaining creative interaction, people unknowingly into the Trolltech of the marine world. The new venue also introduces the UK's interactive diving log experience, encouraging children to entertain, entertain, and learn the knowledge of marine life and environmental protection in a relaxed and interesting way. In addition, the Ocean World also created a variety of exciting interactive experience and vivid ecological simulation scene, so that children more truly feel the beauty of the ocean, immersed in the ocean world Oh!

Changfeng sea world by @ Italian sailor ~ Jiuyu

Address : No. 451, Daduhe Road, Putuo District, Shanghai (Changfeng Park No. 4)
Transportation : Metro Line 13 Dadu River Road Station (1 exit) Get off, walk 820 meters
Tickets :
Adult tickets 180 yuan
Children's tickets 120 yuan
※ Height 1.0 meters below children free of charge, 1.0-1.4 meters to enjoy children's ticket concessions, more than 1.4 meters, please buy adult tickets
opening hours : 8: 30-17: 00,16: 00 stop booking

Companionship is the most lively confession, in every child's heart, the most important thing may not have a lot of pocket money, wearing a very beautiful clothes, but with parents to spend every day. Those who accompany the bit by bit, those who get along with the laughter, they will become the most solid in the process of growing up their strength, so that they are happy, brave and strong. Mom and Dad, are you ready?

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