Shanghai Disneyland how to play, after reading this you understand it!

Recently, with the "joy of the song" in Guan Guan and Xie Tong "a kiss affection", Shanghai Disney and double fire a hair. Shocked over the horizon, stimulating the roller coaster, stunning luminous phantom show, all this is too suitable for braving the pink bubble first love girl heart it! Blink of an eye, Shanghai Disneyland have to open the first anniversary of the! what? Have you ever been? Bring this Raiders quickly go
figure horizon by ala lei is a lazy cat

Shanghai Disney will play articles

Q1: Shanghai Disneyland which will play the project?
A: soar • fly over the horizon (Adventure Island): This is one of the most popular items in Shanghai Disney and everyone has played after reflecting the best items. Where the line up more than 2 hours, if you catch the peak may be ranked 4 hours, so we can use the FP (what is the FP after the time of the article has a detailed explanation yo). If there is no FP, we can also use the Shanghai Disney Resort official App at any time concerned about the timely queuing situation, the crowd a little less time to line up. This item tells the story of the players turned into Thunderbirds, flying over the world of various historical sites of the wonderful journey, the whole stunning, its effects done very well, through the ultra-weight loss spray simulation of the whole world process, very shocking!

 ② seven dwarf miner (dream world): Shanghai Disneyland which is one of the more popular items, perennial line up the need for 1 to 2 hours of the project, steel imitation wood style roller coaster, seven dwarf theme. In the seven dwarfs of the mine in the fall and sprint, the whole experience is half room indoors, beautiful and realistic landscape environment, very exciting.
③ the speed of light wheel (tomorrow's world): each is a motorcycle-style roller coaster, the whole person lying on the car "speed wheel", and the ordinary roller coaster experience is very different. Visual effects are very dazzling, a sense of science and technology sense of the future full, super-super-stimulation!
④ Pirates of the Caribbean - sink the treasure of the war (Treasure Bay): light and shadow effect is simply amazing, naked eye 3D effect is good to outrageous, the whole story arrangement and expressive people praise, layout and details are very serious and intentions. Queuing up here will be relatively fast, if you can take a single channel, very time-saving, you can wait 20 minutes to turn you friends.
⑤ sky Peter Pan adventure (Dream World): Peter Pan row but a long row of teams, quite fast, after the start, you will follow a flying boat, and went into Peter Pan's fairy tale world, a lot of creativity point. Hanging roller coaster, rushed from the roof level, very exciting, very fantastic, very suitable for children's projects!
fantasy fairy tale castle (fantasy world): Disney castle as an image logo, not only the core of Disney, but also the most Disney's most dazzling the most fantastic building. During the day staged "fantasy fairy tale castle day stage show" at night with "bright dream: luminous phantom show." Lights, fireworks light up everyone's dream journey.
⑦ Alice sleepwalking wonderland maze (fantasy world): here like a fairy tale world, into the inside, it will be the Queen of the Queen's expression of the deterrent, the garden that a small door, when you will open speak. There is almost no line here, there are "haha mirror", especially for love to take pictures of the baby.
Tips: ① everyone in the play when the popular items, we should pay attention to the tickets and fast tickets to those who do not wear uniforms, beware of being cheated. ② part of the project has height restrictions, everyone in the line before the play must check the relevant information. ③ popular projects line up a long time, FP and single channel can be fully used up.

Q2: Shanghai Disney's fantastic dream: luminous phantom show (fireworks show) What time? How long does it last?

Figure: fireworks show, by Ala Lei is lazy cat

A: Shanghai Disney's dream: the luminous phantom show is starting at 8 pm, for 30 minutes. If you want to watch the effect of a little better, it is recommended that you half an hour in advance to occupy, or only in the back, this will not see the water curtain, but not too far in front, otherwise the castle is not comprehensive, fireworks on both sides The sky.

Shanghai Disney route

Q3: What are the routes to Disney?
A: ① Popular items covered by the route: soaring • flying over the horizon collar fast pass → the speed of the light wheel → (appropriate interception of the future theme of the world theme area) → roaming fairy tale → (appropriate interspersed with the dream world theme area of ​​other projects) → Floating parade → Caribbean pirate • Settling treasure war → (appropriate interspersed with treasure bay or adventure island other items) → Other projects → Mickey Street → Castle luminous Mirage show

fast pass is likely to be in the park after an hour without being charged to play. And then the votes of the tourists will be empty-handed, and even the cattle to fly over the horizon of the fast pass

(2) to stimulate the thrilling route: a speed of light rounds → jet backpack aircraft → golden fairy tale performances → seven dwarf mine car → small flying sky sky adventure → crystal color odds flying to fly over the horizon → rope challenge Road → Pirates of the Caribbean - sink the treasure of the war

③ parent-child tour route: roaming fairy tale time → Winnie the Pooh adventure → Alice in Wonderland Maze → seven dwarves miner car fast pass → float parade → Peter Pan sky adventure → crystal color odds Festival performances → small flying like → Fantasia Carousel → Mickey Street → Castle luminous Mirage show

Shanghai Disney

How to save time in Shanghai Disneyland? First: fast pass (FP)

Q4: fast pass (Fastpass) What is it?
A: want to play more efficient Disney, it is strongly recommended that you a little queue of artifacts time - fast pass (Fastpass, hereinafter referred to as FP). In general, some popular attractions may need to line up three or four hours, if you receive FP, and in a specific time to experience the designated attractions, the actual waiting time is only 5-15 minutes. We can receive FP at the tourist service center in the resort area, limited to the first day. At present, Shanghai Disney a ticket a project can only receive a FP card at a time. FP card at the bottom of the next time you can re-apply for the time (the general time interval is 2 hours), to this time, you can then receive a quick pass. After noon will basically not receive FP card. Special instructions FP is free, we can take a valid ticket to receive. It is recommended that you use FP in the line more than 90 minutes of the project, so as to maximize the value of its yo. GET got this skill and used it up quickly.
The current seven FP can be applied to the attractions include:
① adventure island: leap horizon, Lei Ming Mountain drifting
② dream world: seven dwarf miner, Peter Pan sky adventure, Winnie the Pooh adventure
③ tomorrow world: Buzz Lightyear Star Trek

Q5: How to use FP? Step 1: You need to find the machine that issues the FP. At present, the three major tourist services provided by FP include: "Dream World" Visitor Service Center, "Adventure Island" Visitor Service Center, "Tomorrow World" Visitor Service Center.
Step 2: After finding the machine, scan your effective tickets for the day, choose the fun game you want to play, you can get a fast pass.
The third step, within the specified time to reach the project waiting area. According to the time displayed on the FP to return to the amusement project, in the queue area according to the director's instructions to go fast pass entrance. So that you can calmly enter the fast track, start a happy experience!
Tips: the use of fast passes the attractions will be based on the day of the passenger situation and have to adjust, if you are not sure the day of the FP to receive the situation, you can ask about the staff next to Oh!

Figure by steamed buns

Q6: how is FP lost?
A: to receive a fast pass, you need to scan tickets, if lost, you can go to the gate ticket office ticket. So tickets are essential, we must properly keep their tickets do not lose yo.

Q7: In addition to FP artifacts, as well as shorten the queue method?
A: Second: single channel
If you are a person, can be a single channel to make good use of it! Some projects are "single channel" can go, limited to a single person to play the use of tourists. For example, some projects are two rows, if a family of three together, and more of a vacancy can be "single channel" in the passengers to fill. There are single channel in the official website are marked, such as the Caribbean Pirates - sink the treasure of the war, seven dwarf miner, hit the speed of light wheel, Lei Ming mountain drifting.
Third: early admission to the park
as early as the opening time, so before admission, after waiting for less, because the normal admission to the park before the security line, before the admission ticket tickets line up (if the scene to buy tickets to line up), luggage storage To line up once. Official website that 9:00 open the summer, the general 8 o'clock in the summer has opened the door, the basic 7 o'clock on the opening line up, then people rarely much easier. General Disney day tour, then up to 10 items can be arranged.
Fourth, download the Shanghai Disney Resort official App
before the trip with WiFi (in the park also has free WiFi no dead ends) to download the Shanghai Disney Resort official App, you can view real-time waiting time for each play, we can choose according to the waiting time to adjust their own Tour planning, saving queuing time. In addition, APP can also query all the entertainment time and daily operation information, so that we can adjust the plan at any time; its map navigation can be positioned at any time, but also facilitate the reasonable arrangements for your garden time, as far as possible take the wrong way.

Shanghai Disneyland Tickets

Q8: Disney ticket prices how to calculate? Which people have ticket concessions?
A: Disney tickets are divided into day trips and two-day tickets, and only 1.4 meters below the children and 65 years old and the disabled and the concessions, the rest of the crowd no concessions.

Tips about everyone yo, September 15, September 16 (Mid-Autumn Festival holiday) and the National Day holiday need to buy the peak ticket.

Q9: How to buy tickets?
A: It can be purchased at Shanghai Disney's official ticketing channel: Shanghai Disneyland Resort official website, official APP, official WeChat public number (micro search: Shanghai Disneyland resort), reservation service center and resort ticket office. The purchase process can be said to be the most convenient micro-signal, but the use of functional aspects, but also recommend APP, you can directly purchase tickets, but also to see the park map, the opening hours of each project, and even see each project Of the queuing time, very convenient. Or the use of ant cell nest platform to buy packages including the hotel's products, are more cost-effective.

Figure: Shanghai Disney official APP use interface

Q10: Can Disney Tickets be refunded after booking? Can I change the date?
A: Tickets are booked, do not support refund refund, nor transferable. However, in the case of more than one ticket, allow two days before the validity of the ticket to apply for a change in admission date. If you purchase tickets on third-party platforms, you can contact the platform customer service to make changes.

Q11: After the purchase of Disney tickets, whether the same day many times admission?
A: Yes, show tickets and proof of identity. Facing the right hand side of the entrance of the small town of Shanghai is the second into the park's import and export, can save the queue time.

Shanghai Disney food articles

Q12: What kind of food is recommended in Shanghai Disneyland?
1: Old rattan grape stack (address: fantasy world)
old vine grape juice inspired by the Disney movie "magic hair" in the "duckhouse." Enjoy grilled chicken, fried fish and fries, Mongolian beef and other delicacies here. There are desserts, side dishes and vegetarian options for you to choose, if you play tired, ready to choose where you like snacks, children and young people prefer, Disney most of the hotel packages are in eighty or so. The Chicken Package 80, Chuan Chicken Chicken Fries 75, the so-called package is the dish, Disney's restaurants are large, can accommodate a lot of traffic. There are indoor and outdoor seats, direct meals after the door, the general package are about eighty yuan, children's package 60 yuan, not many varieties, but the amount of Tingdui, eat is no problem, the taste in fast food Yes, the price is not bad, the key do not have to wait in line. After lunch, go to the theater next to see the snow and ice performance is very good, 12:30 there is a.

2: water tiger fish big mouth bite (address: adventure island)
where there is a unique garden in the South Korean kimchi beef. In addition to these restaurants and snack kiosks, there are many trolleys in Shanghai Disneyland to sell all kinds of snacks and beverages. Went to Tokyo Disney small partners know that there is a major feature of the characteristics of different shapes popcorn bucket, limited edition popcorn barrels generally before noon will be robbed empty, allegedly Shanghai Disney after the official opening will also Featuring popcorn bucket.
Tokyo Disney a barrel of popcorn price of about 100 to 170 dollars, and Shanghai Disneyland popcorn in the park will be a lot cheaper, the price as long as 30 yuan. The 25 yuan of corn hot dogs are also very tasty, and the head is very large, a girl full of under the stomach Oh
The park's frozen drinks and ice cream supply is also very adequate, the price of 10 to 25 yuan.

3: Royal Ballroom (Address: Dream World) The
most high-end atmosphere of the "Royal Ballroom" is located in the entire Disneyland's core Disney castle, which is the only one in the park a la carte restaurant. Tiffany blue menu is very domineering with wood? Here dishes are unified three-way Western food, you can choose appetizers, entrees and dessert each one, the price is 368 yuan. Think about it, sitting in the castle to enjoy the delicious, is not the feeling of becoming a princess?

Q13: What are the most economical ways to eat in Shanghai Disney?
A: We will basically wait until 9 pm after the show will leave the park. This means that one day there are two meals in the restaurant needs to be resolved in the park. The current Disney restaurant is the main supply of fast food class packages. Adult packages in 75-100 yuan, children's meal 50-60 yuan. According to this calculation, if a family of three in the restaurant to eat a meal, the minimum consumption of 200 yuan or so, even if the choice of "the most economical" to eat, the minimum per capita consumption of 100 yuan. While the park hot dogs, chicken rolls and other portable food prices are 40 to 50 yuan a. Drink reference price is 10 yuan / bottle of mineral water, cola 15 yuan / bottle, ice cream 25-35 per month.
The most economical way is of course to suggest that you bring good unopened food and unopened drinks into the park, so that not only can save money can also save everyone into the restaurant waiting in line time. We are also very much concerned about the food, like nuts and energy bars and other food volume is relatively small and high calorie recommended to carry, which can help everyone in the hunger when the longer time. Disney park which will have direct drinking water, in the park on the edge of the bathroom, but no direct hot water. So we can carry a cup, you can solve the problem of drinking water in the park friends. But if they did not bring food into the park, and want to save money, then the first part of the drinking water can buy the lowest price of 10 yuan a bottle of mineral water, the use of empty bottles to the park in the drinking water continued water.

The rest is "heavy head" in the evening two meals. Paradise food is the cheapest snack, a single price mostly in twenty or thirty dollars, but do not recommend that you buy snacks to eat, first, because snacks are mostly dessert, eat too much tired; the second is because it is not very good To add energy, just eat a long time will still feel hungry It is recommended that you can choose meals in the hot dog, chicken roll, or "rice" class of single products, such as fish and pork rice, etc., the price of these foods in 45-50 yuan. Of course, the most time-saving to be hot dogs and chicken rolls, because all belong to portable food, visitors can line up while eating, and can add energy for a long time. So from the cost of speaking, two meals can choose forty or fifty yuan hot dog, chicken roll, according to projections, one day in the park's consumption of about 100 yuan.
In addition, girls can choose children's meals. Paradise children's meals and adult meals compared to most of the price of cheap twenty or thirty dollars. However, the food in the package in addition to drinks and side dishes than the adult package was significantly less, the staple food is only slightly smaller than the adult package. For example, in the star terrace restaurant to buy a hot dog children's meal, priced at 60 yuan, and the price of 85 yuan for adults compared to the hamburger, in addition to a small half of Coke, the fried fries and adult meals is basically the same amount. And the size of the hot dog is only slightly smaller than beef burger, very suitable for girls appetite.

Shanghai Disneyland

Q14: how to go to Shanghai Disneyland
A: Shanghai Disneyland is located in Pudong District, Shanghai Chuansha New Town, Huang Lou community flagpole village and Zhao line village, covering a total area of ​​more than 6000 acres. You can choose the most convenient route in the following modes of transport:
① subway: Metro is the most cost-effective choice to go to Disney. Take line 11 to the terminal, exit 1 to the left side of the walk 5-10 minutes to the. But in the crowd peak period, in order to maintain the order of the subway station, the subway industry to take No. 3 mouth "only not into the", 2,4 mouth "only out of the way" approach, so pay attention to the entrance prompt. (5: 30-22: 30), Disney → Flower Bridge (5: 35-22: 00), Jiading North → Disney (5: 38-22: 10), Flower Bridge → Disney (5: 40-21: 51).
② bus: take the Pudong 50 Road, 51 Road or 52 Road (fare 2 yuan) to the Shanghai Disneyland Resort South bus hub, and then you can walk or get off after the transfer to Shanghai International Tourist Resort shuttle bus. Bus specific timetable can view the official website:

Shuttle tourist resort which is divided into the following three:
International Tourism Resort 1 channel (green line), sites are: Metro Station, Shopping Village Station, Shendi South Road Station, Disneyland Hotel Station, West Bus Hub Station, South Bus Terminal Station, Shendi South Road Station, Shopping Village Station (not yet operated), subway station.
International tourist resort 1 Road (blue line), the site are: subway station, shopping village station, Shendi South Road Station, Disneyland Hotel Station, West Bus hub, Toy Story hotel station, Shendi North Road Station, subway station The
International tourist resort 3 Road (red line), the site are: subway station, God Emperor North Station, Toy Story hotel station, South bus hub, shopping village station (not yet operated), subway station.

Figure: Disney Castle, by Ala Lei is a lazy cat

③ Business Express: Business Express is the best way to get to Shanghai Disneyland from the airport, the railway station and the main bus station, the tourist hub.
Express Line 1: Shanghai Railway Station - Shanghai Disney, a total length of 33km, one way time 60 minutes.
Express Line 2: Shanghai South Railway Station - Shanghai Disney, a total length of 37km, one-way time 45 minutes.
Express Line 3: Hongqiao Railway Station - Shanghai Disney, a total length of 46km, one-way time 60 minutes.
Express Line 4: Pudong International Airport T1, T2 - Shanghai Disney, a total length of 20km, one way 30 minutes.
Express Line 5: Tourism Distribution Center terminus - Shanghai Disney, a total length of 30km, one-way time 45 minutes.
Express Line 6: Hongqiao Soccer Station - Shanghai Disney, full length 36km, one way time 70 minutes.
Express Line 7: Nanpu Bridge Station - Shanghai Disney, a total length of 23km, one-way time 35 minutes.
④ by car: including the town of Disney, Star Lake, ecological park, including the Shanghai International Tourism Resort core area, prohibit social non-motor vehicles into. There are 7 parking lots in the resort, a total of 10688 parking spaces, once the case of large passenger flow parking spaces saturation, the police will take the diversion. P5, P6 is also a charge, each time 60 yuan; P1, P2, P3, P4 parking lot, the parking lot of the seven parking lot is different: Disney parking lot, small car on charges, each 100 yuan; Of the small car by hour, 10 yuan per hour, 80 yuan per day cap. Disneyland parking lot which is close to the resort elevated, from the scenic area recently, so parking is very sought-after, people for 10 hours before the full stop. If the Disney parking lot is full, we can choose another parking lot.
④ taxi: Shanghai taxi starting price of 14 (3 km), more than 3 km per kilometer after 2.4 yuan, the total mileage of more than 10 km after more than 3.6 yuan per kilometer charges.

Shanghai Disneyland Accommodation

Q15: play Disney, where is it better?
A: ① Shanghai Disneyland has two direct hotels : Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Toy Story Hotel. Disneyland Hotel Shanghai is a high-end hotel in Disneyland, with a low price of around 2000RMB in the off-season. The season will rise to around 3000-4000RMB. Toy Story hotel season prices are close to 2000RMB or so.
② Hotel near Disney: In order to be able to play in Disney fun, one day choose to stay away from Disney near the hotel is necessary, it can also be convenient to enter the park the next day early. In addition, the same day in the play Disney can also take the subway than the pro who play an hour. Family travel family can choose parent-child theme hotel, couples to Disney can also choose couples theme hotel, to introduce you to several cost-effective hotel.
Perth Hotel: standard five-star hotel, a large bed room, twin room, parent room, tree house (for parent-child), round bed room (for couples). About 5 km from Disney and about 15 minutes by car. The hotel includes a shuttle service to and from Disneyland. There is a shuttle bus to Disneyland at 7:30 am and 8:30 am. There is a shuttle bus to the hotel at 20:30 pm and 21:45 pm. The hotel is about 5 km from Shanghai Wild Animal Park and about 15 minutes by car. House prices ranging from 500-1000 yuan.
Charlotte International Hotel (Disney): Located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, Zhoupu Tazhou, close to Cambridge Industrial Park, about 3 km from Disneyland South Gate. To the airport and Disney are very convenient; family room is spacious and comfortable, large space, suitable for the elderly, children stay, including Disney shuttle shuttle, housing prices ranging from 500-700 yuan.
Sheraton Pudong Hotel: International brand five-star hotel, 25 km from Disney, 30-40 minutes by car, subway about 1 hour. Room costs around 1,000 yuan. Such as the hotel there are many options, visitors can fit their own needs to choose a suitable for their own hotel.
③ near the city center hotel:If the hotel near Disney is not in line with the mind, we can also choose to stay in the city center hotel, so that the choice of space is relatively large, and relative to Disney around the standard hotel with a lot cheaper. We can also choose the Pudong area subway line 11 of the Royal Bridge, Sanlin area of ​​the economic hotel or theme hotel accommodation.
In addition to the high price of the hotel is relatively expensive, there are many family-style apartments, hotels, budget hotel prices in the 100-300 yuan a night range, we can according to their spending power to screen. When the season must remember to book in advance yo.

Photo: Shanghai Disneyland Hotel corner, by the wind of the colorful

Shanghai Disneyland

Q16: Shanghai in addition to Disney What are the fun?
A: ① the Bund: that is outside the Huangpu Beach, 1844 (Qing dynasty twenty-four years) from this area was classified as the British concession, a true portrayal of Shanghai ten foreign market, but also the old Shanghai concession area and the beginning of the modern city of Shanghai starting point.
② Nanjing Road: Shanghai Nanjing Road is the first building in Shanghai after the opening of a commercial street, Nanjing West Road is today's Shanghai's top commercial district. The interweaving of tradition and modernity adds a different kind of charm to this century-old street. Here is the treasure of all merchants, is open to the window of Shanghai is also a paradise for domestic and foreign shoppers.
③ Oriental Pearl: Oriental Pearl TV Tower is one of Shanghai's iconic cultural landscape, the first batch of 5A-class tourist attractions, located in Pudong New Area Lujiazui, tower height of about 468 meters. Tower has a space capsule, revolving restaurant, Shanghai city history development exhibition hall and other landscape and facilities, in 1995 was included in Shanghai one of the top ten new landscape.
④ Tianzi Square: Tianzi Square is from Shanghai's most distinctive stone library door from the evolution, located in Shanghai's Puxi, Shanghai is a very petty place. The name is the painter Huang Yongyu a few years ago from the nickname, personality, art of young people first came to Shanghai will Ben here, to feel Tianzifang distinctive personality.
⑤ Yuyuan: the Ming Dynasty private garden, known as "city mountain forest" reputation, and "odd show in the southeast," said, is a pearl in the south of the garden. Known as one of the four major cultural markets, there are well-known plaque, inscriptions, as well as nine bridge, Lake Pavilion and other landmark attractions.
⑥ Town God Temple: Shanghai Chenghuang Temple is one of the important gods of Chinese religious culture. It is the hero of the local people who is active in the local people. It is the god of Chinese folk and Taoism. Located in Shanghai's most prosperous and most prestigious Yuyuan tourist area, is an important Taoist temple in Shanghai, was built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle years (1403-1424), dating back nearly six hundred years of history. Wind and rain, the dynasty, Shanghai Chenghuang Temple also after the rise and fall.
⑦ Madame Tussauds Wax Museum: Shanghai from the world's 30 candidate cities stand out, become the world's sixth Madame Tussauds Wax Museum of the land. Seven theme pavilions, we can in addition to more than 80 can be enough to indiscriminate Chinese and foreign stars like to leave a close photo, but also can be added to the "star" with the song, film, playing basketball and other interactive experience to go.
In addition to the above seven popular destinations, there are Global Finance & World Trade Building, Expo China Pavilion (now Art Museum), Xintiandi, Xujiahui Catholic Church (Jiaotong University), Zhujiajiao town and other tourist attractions.
Q17: What destinations can be recommended around Shanghai?
A: ① Xitang: Shanghai to Xitang about 80 km, about 1.5 hours by car.
② Wuzhen: Shanghai to Wuzhen about 128 km, about 2 hours by car.
③ Suzhou: Shanghai to Suzhou about 100 km, about 2 hours by car.
④ Wuxi: Shanghai to Wuxi about 135 km, about 2 hours and 15 minutes by car.
⑤ Hangzhou: Shanghai to Hangzhou about 180 km, about 2.5 hours by car.
Although the trip to Shanghai Disneyland to go through the sea, but it is definitely worth the trip is the most important thing is happy, especially with the important people to keep this happy moment. Hope that this Raiders can make your trip in Shanghai Disneyland more fun, have fun!

Shanghai City God Temple, by Mr. Xiaoqiang

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