Take the baby to Shanghai, these places you must not miss!

Every year in March - May, is the best time to go to Shanghai. Summer Shanghai is too hot, but also sauna days, autumn and winter cold and some can not stand, so now this season with a child to Shanghai is just suitable for you, but the world is so big, big hand small hand travel, we look forward to a long time! To see where in Shanghai in the end for the parent-child tour it ~

First, Shanghai Disneyland

With children to Shanghai, the highlight of the recommendation is Disney, standing on the child's position, to Shanghai to Shanghai Disney is certainly not less. So what is Disney's favorite item for children?


Very suitable for parent-child, sitting in the small flying like, high and low, as if immersed in the fairy tale. Xiaofei fly to the highest point, is to enjoy the front of the Disney castle a great perspective, the other process has a small flying like voice enrollment (waiting time about 50 minutes)
ps. Into the park will be able to see de, because it is a popular project, queuing for a long time, need to accelerate the foot force, trot running.

Alice in Wonderland Maze

So that you and your child in Alice's fairyland maze, as if with Alice adventure, the biggest surprise is that this is not a need to line up the maze project, although no other items thrilling, but can be very real to restore the fairy tale scene , Suggest that if you have been to, you can go to the theater to see a "Alice in Wonderland"!

Ice and ice singular event

Personally feel the light, the stage effect, special effects, all sticks! The performance will be about 20 minutes, the show will be interactive, the sky will fall snowflakes, three sides of the screen surrounded by three-dimensional, like Wanda's x-screen screen, snowflakes fall the whole theater immersed in the world of ice and snow, as if and " The princess together to experience the ice and snow it!
ps. can download Disney official APP to understand the performance time, as well as the performance of the situation, with 3 years old baby, personal feeling eat less than, if the father is not tired, you can take care of the baby, then you can. Also reminded, do not have to be too concerned about the seat before and after the theater is still relatively large, basically can see, the actors, actors throw the ball do not stay in the hands, they are to take back.

Basil Light Day Star Rescue

Bass Guangnian can go to get a fast pass, fast pass referred to as "FP", in the park a number of attractions on the machine can receive, you can save the queue time, first come first served, if you can not find, you can always consult the park Within the staff. Mom and Dad and the baby can be a group of two, take the "spacecraft", in the simulation of outer space scene, holding a laser gun fire enemy, very interesting experience.
PS. Suitable for young children, the game is relatively simple, there are guns on the car can aim at the target launch, the theme of Buzz light years, in the universe of space inside the monster, the last panel will see the score. The whole process more casual, you can play while resting, men and women ages

Mickey Club, Mani Heroes headquarters

Mainly to take pictures, queuing time is not long, next to the Mickey Club is a heroic hero headquarters, and Mickey, the US captain, Spiderman camera, the US captain is a real person, not a statue, you can interact, very humorous, but also According to different design of different men and women take pictures!
PS. Children can bring their own Disney clothing to take a photo. In the Disney map with Mickey White Glove logo, are in photo

Pirates of the Caribbean

Strongly recommended a project, absolutely can not miss, panoramic view of the visual effect is very realistic, stunning, you can feel the thrilling adventure, but also to see the sea giant octopus! But not suitable for fear of black children and too small children, timid little girl easy to be scared to cry Oh ~ ~
PS. This project is not recommended to take pictures, it is recommended that you feel good Oh

The speed of light wheel

Very exciting, so popular, so still have to take a fast pass, height restrictions 122cm or more, a sense of science and technology super, in other words is riding a cool cool drag Diao fried motorcycle, playing a roller coaster, a light, projection , Sound effects.
PS. Adventure Index Park ranked first, need to deposit luggage items

Jet backpack aircraft

To Disney animation as a prototype, a bit like the upgraded version of the small flying like, so you turned into space astronauts, in space, the back of the jet backpack mobile position, so you are fixed in a separate jet backpack, Enjoy the pleasure of flying, look at the high altitude, enjoy the "Tomorrow's World" and the breathtaking beauty of Shanghai Disneyland.
PS. When you fly to a certain height, be sure to grasp the handle firmly, it can help you control the height. This item is not suitable for small children.

Soar the leap horizon

Early to start the birds have insects to eat, this project is one of the Disney hot items, starting from the time in more than 1 hour, if not early to get FP fast pass, may only regret and return, the height of 1.02 meters of the children can Sit, fast, like a movie theater to see the same, a few minutes to take you around the world, into the experience of the time is actually very short, sitting in a chair on the ground, some scenes really feel that they fall from the sky , And some feel the animal group really ran toward their own, in fact, did not move, similar to the effect of 4D, there will be bursts of floral fragrance.

Shanghai Disney [fare] window 370 yuan a weekday, 499 yuan a weekend. It is recommended that you book online in advance, it is convenient, do not have to line up tickets, live tickets to row for a long time team. (At least one day in advance)

Second, Shanghai Changfeng sea world

Take the child "zero distance" to contact the mysterious underwater world. You can watch the white whale performances, witnessed the white whale rich rounded forehead, smiling beautiful lips, white and smooth skin and full of lovely fins, but also listen to the whale's breathing and wonderful "dolphin sounds." Let the children and polar marine animals intimate contact, personal experience and people live in harmony with animals. If you are lucky enough, may also be invited to stage and shake hands with animal stars and kiss Oh.

In addition to the white whale, there are sea lions seal performances, sea lions will actually learn seals to walk, attracted a laugh, teach you to distinguish between sea lions seals, children like, excited incredible, sea lion whales The show is very interesting.

Moby Dick Performing Hall Weekdays show time for 10:30, 13:30, 15:30, each performance about 30 minutes

On the second floor of the aquarium is a transparent "shark corridor", through the sea corridor of the large glass curtain wall, close to enjoy the sharks and tropical fish, and there will be a variety of rays, eel, turtles and other animals in your head tour Swim to go.

In the final "Penguin Museum" there are black penguins from Peru, they can be Ju Ju, loved, but also at a particular time to see a variety of animal feeding performance, very interesting.
Changfeng Ocean World activities [birthday party]
can take the dynamic simulation submarine (participants need to be more than 1.2M height); visit the aquarium, the whole tour guide to explain, you can personally experience the fun of feeding fish, watch the wonderful whale watching, There are a lot of birthday party lunch   
price: children (3 years old -12 years old): RMB98 yuan / person; adult: RMB138 yuan / person the 
number of each birthday at least 10 people, every 10 children can be an adult, Book two weeks in advance.
[Overnight Aquarium] 
to the sea for the day to the water was, exposure to the blue sea, and the fish in the sea swaying together, together to sleep, for children, this is how fantastic experience ah! (Need to bring their own : sleeping bags, pillows, flashlights.)
Overnight activities Price: activities cost of 200 yuan / person, the team number of not less than 15 people; every 15 children free an adult fee, the remaining adults are 200 yuan / person Reservations must be made in advance.

(The two adults a child): 370 yuan,
[how to reach] Changfeng Ocean World in Putuo District Dadu River Road, No. 451 , the family ticket (two adults a child) , That is, in Shanghai's Changfeng Park, where traffic is very convenient, Metro Line 3 and 3 in Jinshajiang Road Station after about 30 minutes walk to reach.
Free shuttle bus
for the convenience of play, in Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World and Shanghai Madame Tussauds wax between the arrangements for the shuttle bus, with the child's father and mother, couples can be free ride through the two museums, the specific departure time to Front desk staff consultation.

Third, Shanghai Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Dusa Wax Museum is a place to see celebrities close together, it is a popular science and entertainment in one place. In addition to the child can be enough to indiscriminate Chinese and foreign stars leave a close photo, you can also join the star with the song, making movies, playing basketball and other interactive experience to go. And each character is very realistic, and some fine to the hair can be seen, especially the eyes too God, and really the same, there are wax knowledge popular. 4d area is also very praise.
Online booking is very convenient, do not have to line up to vote, it is recommended that you advance booking online. Live tickets to be arranged for a long time team.
【Ticket】 Rising price 190 / person, the network price 170 / person, 1-1.4 children ticket 125 / person, 1 meter the following free ticket
[how to reach] Hongqiao train station on the train → Metro Line 2 (Guanglan Road direction) 10 Station → People's Square Station (7 out) get off

Fourth, the Shanghai Bund

The first time to come to Shanghai, you must take the children to see the Bund's night, blowing the river wind, enjoy the night of the Huangpu River, take pictures, listen to the clock, understand the history, watch people hero monument, walk outside the white bridge, feel all of these.

Five, Shanghai surrounding attractions recommended

[Xitang] Shanghai to Xitang about 80 km, about 1.5 hours by car.
Xitang town "bridge more, get more, gallery more", you can take children to experience the unique construction of the water, bridges people, Jiangnan town has a high artistic and ornamental, quiet, peaceful and simple, in this live on a Late, early morning you can see the people here the most natural and simple state.

[Wuzhen] Shanghai to Wuzhen about 128 km, about 2 hours by car.
Wuzhen and Xitang seemingly similar, but the biggest feature is the Wuzhen night view is very beautiful, and relatively large, sub-East Gate West Gate, is the Internet Conference, the state leaders, Rene Liu and many other celebrities came to the place, A lot of quiet, elegant, quiet, hearty sultry brick Daiwa and Shiheqiao panoramic view.

【Suzhou】 Shanghai to Suzhou about 100 km, about 2 hours by car.
If it is a small travel, you can take the children to experience the book under the Suzhou garden, with their parents to stroll Zhuozhengyuan, Park, Huqiu, Pan door, Hanshan Temple and other attractions. If you arrive in Jiangsu in September, you can also eat plump crabs.

[Wuxi] Shanghai to about 135 km to Wuxi, about 2 hours and 15 minutes by car.
Wuxi is known as "Taihu Pearl", the most famous attractions are Wuxi Lingshan Buddha, Yuantouzhu and so on. Parents of the special favorite, with children, you can also go to pray.

[Hangzhou] Shanghai to Hangzhou about 180 km, about 2.5 hours by car.
Hangzhou since the G20 summit, the greater the change, we must recommend to see the "paradise" reputation of Hangzhou, misty misty West Lake, fragrant Longjing tea, are worth to personally experience ~

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