Super detailed Shanghai Disney Raiders, starting off to teach you to preempt every second

I want to be a kid and I want to go back to my time where there were Mickey Mouse Donald Duck, Snow White and the Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean and Tarzan, I would like to spend a whole day.

I want to be a child and I want to return to my time. There are Mickey Mouse Donald Duck; Snow White and the Little Mermaid; Pirates of the Caribbean and Tarzan. I'm willing to spend a whole day just to get away from life and play crazy at Disney!

How to Crazy in Disney

Start off

When you get out of the subway station, go to the gate of the park, as shown below. When you exit the subway station, you walk down the outermost road. At the time of security check, you also have the shortest straight line between the two points. The red circle is the subway station.

Disneyland has a total of two entry points. One is the security inspection channel, and the second is the ticket purchase channel.
From the subway station to the security channel, the security channel is best to go outside, so you can get to the far right ticket channel. Generally speaking, the ticket channels on both sides should be faster than the middle one. After the security check, go directly to the far right ticket channel.
Before entering the ticket channel, if it is a multi-ticket purchase method, people who must go to enter before they can enter! People who must go to arrive before they can enter! People who must go to arrive before they can enter! If it does not work, it is recommended to buy tickets separately.

The first train arrives at Disney around 7:15 and then queuing through the security checkpoint. If the first train arrives, the time for passing the security checkpoint will be about 7:35. After that, it will enter the queuing and ticketing area. If it is too early , Ticketing area is not allowed, need to wait in line to wait outside, about 8:00 or so, ticketing area will be open, and then after two tickets, the first time is just after the ticket is purchased, the second is Really enter the park. Therefore, the time to really enter the park is about 8:25.

While waiting for tickets, you can connect to Disney's official Wi-Fi first, and then you can also go through this pamphlet and get acquainted with the basics of the park.

Soaring over the horizon

After the second ticket gate, even if it really entered the Disney campus. When you enter the Disneyland Park, you are sure to be struck by the beauty of the moment, but don't be fooled by these beautiful scenery. The beauty is always there. It's awkward that you can't play entertainment. Then you will find that most people ignore the beauty of the moment and spread their legs to run in the same direction. That's right. Everyone is aiming at the FP of the Soaring Island that soars over the horizon, so follow the flow and rush to the expedition. .

However, it is not the most sensible option to go to Expeditions Island to take the Fly Over the Horizon FP, because the Expedition Island Visitor Center is the nearest of all Visitor Centres, so most people will run there, so the queue time is about 30 Minutes or more.

The most sensible decision is to simply fly over the horizon instead of queuing for FP, and the waiting time will not exceed 15 minutes. This is also a good friend of the landlord gave me advice, but also personally practiced, true and credible, that day only about 10 minutes of the team has already been played out, is a long line of more than 150 minutes of popular items!

From Mickey Street, to the end of Mickey Street, you can see a small pond, then turn right and keep walking until you see the Adventure Island sign, then follow the path of the Adventure Island and walk for about 5 minutes. You can see the big brand flying over the horizon.

This picture was taken in the afternoon. Don't think you can play after you enter the door. You are so naive. There is probably more than a hundred minutes to enter the queue in this door. So this is the first thing in the morning to play with this project.
Flying over the horizon is to make you fly like a bird and then leap into world famous buildings and regions. There is a giant circular curtain that allows you to enjoy the scenery along the way and enjoy the freedom and pleasure of flying the sky.

Tips: When
playing over the horizon, be sure to choose to sit in the front seats, first row or second row, and then try to choose the middle position!

After flying over the horizon, it's time to get FP. Don't worry about the fact that the visitor center of the expedition is still a lot of people, so don't worry about it. Go directly to the Dreamworld Visitor Center and take the FP of the Dwarf Mine Vehicle.

Visitor service center is like this

Dangdang Dangdang! This is the legendary FP!

Pirates of the Caribbean

The FP display time is 9:40-10:40. At that time, it was not even 8:30, so we had to spend more than an hour to play other projects.
Hesitated to decide to go back and prepare to start playing from the treasure bay. Looking at the App, the above shows that the Pirates of the Caribbean waited for only 15 minutes and did not hesitate to go immediately. There is also a single channel.

The queuing time was originally relatively short, plus the landlord alone, used a single channel, and went to play in less than 5 minutes.

Figure source Disney official micro

This is really fun, too fun, too fun! Most of the travels say that flying over the horizon is the best thing to do except to create a speeding light. But the landlord felt that in addition to creating a speed light, the second one was definitely a Pirate of the Caribbean!
Others can not play, but the Pirates of the Caribbean must play! Must play! Must play!

Thunder Mountain Rafting

Thunder Mountain Rafting is also a very popular item within Disney. It usually takes more than 100 minutes to wait in line.
At the same time, Leimingshan rafting is still a project for all ages, as long as the height of 107 cm or more can participate.

Treasure Bay

Strolling around the treasure bay and watching the surrounding scenery makes it difficult to get into the Pirates of the Caribbean. The captains led by Captain Jack wanted to recapture the treasures of the shipwreck. David Jones drove the Dutchman, the pretty girl Elizabeth, the giant mystical marine monster, the unfriendly Islander, and the gorgeous diviner Dharma. .

See this banner full of pirate winds, Congratulations! You have thus entered the territory of Treasure Bay!

The facilities displayed on the Revenge of the Kraken completely restored the pirate ships in the Pirates of the Caribbean. In times of plenty, it's better to go to the boat and see how the pirates live, exquisite gem-studded wine glasses, stop and take a quiet look at the compass for navigation.
Be sure to find someone when they are less, like a cup of coffee, savor the boat. Walking straight ahead, it will take a long time for the boat to play in the water. It will be a paradise for children.

[Disney Dream Passport]

From the ship's exotic water beach, there will be a small pavilion at the entrance. Inside the bottle there is a skeleton-surprise machine. This is the seal collection office of the dream passport.
With a passport of ¥70, there are a total of 14 chapters, and 14 stamp collection offices are scattered around every corner of the park!

It is said that as long as you gather 14 seals, you will be able to summon the dragon and get the dragon's treasure!
¥70 ¥70 Buy it or not! Can't buy it! After this village, there is no such shop.

See! This is the last special seal!

Heritage Exploration Camp

By the way, I have to mention that next to the rafting at Leiming Mountain, there is a more interesting project called a monument exploration camp.

There are three roads in the historic landmark exploration camp. The difficulty of the three challenge tracks is not the same. The specific arrangement is not clear. The landlord is not very clear. This can only be found on your own.
Hidden Curtain House Challenge Road - Enter the depths of the jungle and explore the mysterious cave behind the waterfall, where the galaxy is filled with gemstones and glittering.
The Echo Cave Challenge Road - Explore the amazing stone carvings and cave paintings of this place along a winding river valley and experience why it was named "Echo Cave".
Historic site ruins challenged the site - looking for a site that is currently under excavation. The archaeologists of the Explorers’ Union are excavating the ancient Aachen’s trade center.
Please note: height must be 106 cm (41.5 inches) or more to experience the 3 challenge trails of the Heritage Discovery Camp.

Seven Dwarf Minecarts

Looked at the table to find the time is close to 10 points! Seven dwarf carts, let's go!

Holding the FP just in hand, I came to the fast lane of the dwarf. I watched the app of the mobile phone. The waiting time for the mine car had exceeded 120 minutes. I was in a bad mood. Under the watchful eyes, I walked in with great joy. . In less than 15 minutes, you took a small mine car!

Mine car is really fun, too exciting, too sensational! The only downside is that it is too short, too short, too short! The feeling of being a mine car is that he has just played and the small mine car has stopped.

Mickey's Fairy Tales

E Space • Pepsi Stage
Every day at 10:00, 12:40, and 4:20 pm (the specific time may change) all of us
can see our lovely white, a white person who can make people sprout, and he Learn his tricks "A must-have mustard" and "Heartwalk", think of all excited!

At night, it is the music world. The DJ will light the night, bringing rock and roll music and hot dancing.
To get up and swing together, E Space Club is definitely not just a performance, but a feast of revelry.

Walking towards the small alley beside the Speed ​​Wheel of Light, you can see something that is sure to make all Star Wars fans excited! ! ! [Star Wars Expedition Base! ! 】

There are two floors in tomorrow's world. The Star Wars Expedition Base is located on the ground floor of Tomorrowland. On the second floor of Tomorrowland, there are other entertainment facilities, such as a speed dome, jetpack aircraft, and restaurants.

11:20 right now! 11:20 right now! 11:20 right now!
The highlight of Disney today is -----[Mickey's Fairy Tales] and there is a 40-minute opening time. I immediately decided to hurry to find a good location!

【Mickey's Fairy Tale Train】From the small house intertwined between tomorrow's world and the dream world, passing through the world of tomorrow and the Garden of Fantasy, Adventure Island will finally arrive at the intersection of Dream World and Treasure Bay.
There are a total of two games throughout the day: 12:00 am in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon
. The time to go is different. The time spent on a float parade is naturally different. Specific time remember to see the official App.
At the same time, when you enter the park, you can use the Mitch's Fairy Tale train in the park guide.

[Specific where to look best? ]
Around about 20 minutes before the parade began, the parade route will be pulled through the cordon.
The landlord had a day of experience playing in Disney. When there are many people, watching the show, if you want to grab a better position, you need to be at least 30 minutes in advance. If there are fewer people, 20 minutes in advance.
1. Shanghai Disney's float parade has a long route, so sticks are best viewed near the beginning, because actors have more experience and interact with you. Tired.
2. The specific viewing location, see below. The big brand of tomorrow's world will go a little bit forward.

Why did you choose this location? 】
1. This position is located at the top of the arc-shaped protrusion, so the field of vision is more open and it is not easy to be blocked by others
. 2. After this landlord's own practice, the team that found the parade of floats will have a short pause nearby. A dance and then move on, this gives the audience plenty of time to take pictures and interact with actors

[PS]: Be sure to watch the performance of this little brother. After the float of the Finding Nemo passed, it was too funny!

Marvel Heroes Headquarters

After watching the gorgeous Mickey fairy tale train, the next destination is where all the boys want to go--Marvel Heroes Headquarters.
Marvel Heroes Headquarters is very close to the location where we just watched the float parade. You can arrive in less than 10 minutes.

The appearance of Marvel Heroes Headquarters is very similar to that of the Star Wars Expedition Base. The only difference is that there is a door full of heroes Logo at the entrance.
Entering the hall, Iron Man's armor, Raytheon's hammer, black widow's leotard, and ant's armor are all present in front of the audience. They can't help but let the landlord make up various movie scenes.

And in this, I encountered another special meaningful souvenir in Disney ----- [Copper badge]
This badge is not only affordable, but also a gift (you) gift (huo) pro (xiao) friend (peng) (you) must have a li (wu)
badge of ¥10, about the size of your thumb, and listening to the staff said that there are about 70 different styles throughout the park:
Marvel Heroes Headquarters (wish Garden) 4
M Street shopping arcades (Mickey Street) 4 pieces
Old Station Store (Mickey Street) 4
Star Trade Port (Tomorrow's World) 7 pieces
Shindo supply station (Tomorrowland) 4or7 pieces (Forget)
(Other places , we must rely on everyone to find out, please feel free to add)

Golden Fairytale Festival

How can Disney be less princess? The afternoon event of the landlord, of course, is to date various princesses. Hahahaha.
It is about 12:50 or so, just in time to catch up with the 1:15----[Golden Fairy Festival]
[Golden Fairy Festival] is a fairy tale castle located in the center of the park. There are many performances and performances each day. Time can check the official App, or get a park timetable when entering the park.

If you want to have a better viewing experience, please be sure to arrive at the viewing location at least 20 minutes in advance. The best place to watch is the first row in front of the pool and the center of the stage. About 15 minutes before the start of the show, the broadcast will begin to broadcast, so at this time there will be a large number of people gathered here.
“Fantasy Fairytale Castle” staged a magnificent event and the popular Disney princess chanted their stories and songs.

1. There will be several columns queued up to enter the theater, so don't worry about being behind you.
2. Entering the theater will open two doors in total. Please be sure to enter the theater from the front gate in front of the queue. The front door leads to the front seat of the theater, and the other door leads to the back of the theater. seat.

This must-have landlord does not need to explain more, let us sing songs of ice romance together! The Lindau Theatre is a little bit far from the fantasy fairytale castle, about half way across the dream world, so we need to go quickly. After watching the show, walk out from the left side of the pool and follow the road on the left side of tomorrow's world. Walk about 15 minutes to see the Forest Theatre.
For the specific time of the show, remember to check the timetable of the park and the official App. The time of day and time of each quarter is different. The time for the performance is approximately 20 minutes, but it may take more than one hour to queue up, so be sure to be mentally prepared.
The landlord got there about 2:10 that day and was told that 2:45 was already full. Now the queue is 3:30. However, this one-hour team is still quite worthy. The degree of goodness of this musical is totally beyond my expectation.

In the glamorous Aarondale, a mysterious queen was born. She was born with the magic of calling the snow, but was surrounded by fear alone. Magic has been hidden all the time, but it is finally released one day.

Fantasy fairytale castle

It's hard to come to Disney once and not go inside the castle!
Into the fairytale fairy tale castle, there are two main projects: [Roaming fairy tales] [Disney princesses in the fantasy castle] (in fact it seems to be called [Welcome Pavilion])
Two items are entered from two different entrances, [ There are fairy tales time to enter the side of the Alice in Wonderland Maze. [Yong Bin Pavilion] Entering the side of the shop near the fantasy fairy tale castle The
landlord chose the "Roaming Fairy Tale", because after hearing that [Welcome Pavilion] entered, it was mainly with various princesses! Beat! Beat! So choose the former.

From now on, we will go through the magic mirror and enter the fantasy world: Snow White's fairy tale world. The magic mirror tells me who is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Out of the exit, to the lobby at the bottom of the castle, beautiful mosaic murals show the theme of the four seasons through Princess Diana, Princess Lepe, Princess Merida, Queen Aisha, and Princess Anna. The canopy of the canopy is also decorated with portraits of Belle Princess, Cinderella and Snow White.

Shanghai Disney Resort, the princess lives in the castle, the princes come here, with the rotating stairs, the golden fairy staged.

Create a speed light wheel

[PS] The creation of an extremely fast light wheel requires the storage of items. Larger items or items that are easy to fly out are not allowed to be brought in. Glasses or mobile phones can be brought in. There will be a small box in front of the car to give you these personal belongings.
There are two types of boxes where you can store your wallet.
1. Lockbox: When you have a bag, you need to enter a four-digit password on the computer. Then the computer prints a slippage with the number of your box. There are many rows of lockboxes, and the numbers on your computer may be in the back row or the front row. I will be in the row where your computer is located. Then find your box, enter the password you just set, and the box will open.
When you pick something, find the box and type the same password to open it. (Many people use it. When they need to queue up, they need to queue up. The lockbox for the speed wheel is free. The first two hours are free. The time behind must be paid, so it must be a good time to save the package.)
2 The coin-operated box is basically useless, so it is faster and saves time. Therefore, if you take a few more coins before you enter the park, you can save a lot of time.
【PS】Creating the speed light wheel as far as possible in the evening, because light and shadow effect is the best at this time, so take FP to be a good time. If you can't get FP, you can only hard drive like the landlord.

This is the last queuing area, is it right? Here are some precautions. Waiting for you to ride a light motorcycle, the game officially began. The motorcycle will slowly travel to a waiting area. This must be ample preparation! In this waiting area, it stays for a few seconds. There is a countdown. After the countdown is over, it enters the scream stage of the audience and starts to enter a big downhill. It accelerates to 100km/h in 3 seconds, so you must be mentally active in the waiting area. ready!
Light wheel bikes have a particularly short distance outdoors, and some are still indoors! Remember, open your eyes all the way!

After coming out, it's a word "cool!" Too cool! Another thing to note is that you must blink all the way. Those special effects are doing great!

Stepping out of the “City Speed ​​Light Wheel”, it’s time to “Create a World: Chevrolet Digital Challenge”
[Creative: Chevrolet Digital Challenge] is to enter the “Chuang” electronic world entrance. It has three different interactive areas:
“Chuang” Area , "Imagine" area, "control" area.

Fantasia Carousel

The Fantasia Carousel, located on the right side of Wonderful Wonderland, is more suitable for parents to ride with smaller children or people with innocence at all ages. Take a Pegasus, accompanied by the magnificent symphony in Disney's "Fantasia", and circling in the fantasy world.

[Fantasia Carousel] is conveniently located in the [12 Friends Garden]. In the [12 Friends Garden], Disney and Disney Pixar's animated stars once again reinterpreted the Chinese zodiac signs.

The Year of the Rabbit: Sampra
Samprade made his debut in the Disney classic animation “Bambi Bambi” released in 1942. He is the Guardian, Guardian and Good friend of the forest prince Bambi. Since then, Sang Pu has frequently appeared in Disney movies, TV shows and various theme park attractions. His rabbit murals portrayed the following image: Sampoo moved his left foot mischievously, so that the young companions could not help but laugh.

Alice in Wonderland Maze

In this magical adventure, there are huge flowers everywhere, and a towering fence, where hidden good things can be found in every corner.
Choose one of the three doors and walk into the maze. Each door will lead you through different routes and eventually enter the world of dreams. Alice and her friends are waiting for you.
Wonderful gardens go
down the winding path and you will find wonders, secrets and dangers here - big furry beasts, staring flowers and funny little armor animals lead you in secret underground caves. Forward. You don't need to be as crazy as a crazy hat, you can continue this journey!
giggly face of the Miao Mao cat may be amiable to Alice, but you have to keep an eye on him. When he floats in front of your eyes and makes people laugh, he will disappear when he is inattentive. A cloud of smoke. He is ridiculously funny to make you laugh... But if you are still curious about the unknown world in front of him, bid him farewell and move on.
The Red Queen's garden
"cut your head!" The heart-shaped arches, the strong red knights, and the ruby ​​rose bush all indicate that you are already in the Red Queen's territory. Climb up to the tower, sneak a glimpse of the grand tea party, or take a photo with the Red Queen's throne. Do you like her ball head? According to the magic mirror next to the door, you will see strange shapes from inside.
Hedge Maze
Even though every inch of land here is under the jurisdiction of the Queen, move the unblemished head and choose a path for yourself to pass through this complex labyrinth surrounded by rugged hedges. Left or right? Every route on the map leads to a maze, but how fast you can go out to participate in a fun tea party in a crazy hat is all on your own.
Tea party The tea party
here never stops! Come out of the maze and spend a happy time with a group of crazy people - they are also the most kind people. The tea party features whistling teapots, rotating cakes, and sculptural and sinuous teacups. A variety of interactive elements invite guests to join this grand event.

There is one here. The landlord thinks that it is the most difficult to get a seal in the whole park. Because of his position, it is too wonderful.

Light up the dreams, luminous luminous phantom show

[Lighting up the Qimonde Nocturne Phantom Show] is another top entertainment show besides the Mickey fairytale train. The performance time is 8:30 pm, and the specific time may change. Remember to check the official App in advance, or the timetable of the park.
In general, the [Glowing Phantom Show] is about one hour ahead of schedule, but if you encounter a particularly large number of people like the landlord, you have to advance two hours.
About 8:10 or so, the broadcast began to inform. At 8:25, the lights around the fairy tale castle began to darken. At 8:30, the "Illumination of the Qimonde Luminous Phantom Show" officially began.

Can you find these two locations?
Both locations are mobile party! Mobile party! Mobile party! The best location, although there may be a lamppost in front, is located in the middle of the castle! If the brightness of the light, the luminous Phantom Show begins and will be dimmed.
If it is a SLR, and there is a telephoto lens, the position can be slightly back, but it must be on the central axis of the castle.

Mickey wearing a magic hat, Lion King, Hua Mulan, Ice and Snow... Disney's century of glory presented before us. Watching Xiao Simba grow up step by step, watching Hua Mulan as his father, military officer, Lion King, Mulan, brought back the best memories in our hearts, as if returning to the era, sitting in front of the TV, watching Buy a DVD.
In this one second, I really want to close my eyes and enjoy the feast of sound and light. Let the memories in my mind flash through the scene. Needless to say, to accompany us to grow up after 90, it is Mr. Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, there are many anime stars.

Before closing the park, you can still play some of the more popular projects! But be sure to pay attention to the closing time of the project! So we can play some of the more interesting items after watching the [Glowing Phantom Show]! In general, the rides of tomorrow's world will be closed late, so everyone can enjoy playing for a while before they close!

Note: If you are not staying in the hotel and you need to change to the subway in Shanghai, you must pay attention to the departure time of the last train. In general, if you need to transfer three times, close the park at 10:00, 9 :Before 40 must go to the subway station! Otherwise it will not catch up with the last subway of the transfer!

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