Where do you go to Shanghai Disney?

To say that the hottest tourist attractions, it must be the number of Shanghai Disney is none other than friends. Dream of the Disney world, is all of our big friends and children's dream, really want to play a two days and a night! But Shanghai Disney from the urban area a little far, Shanghai Disney around what is a good hotel? And look at my Raiders friends.
disneyland shanghai hotel location picture from the network

1. Disneyland Hotel

【Key words】 Park, Disney elements, the main couple and family, service intimate
[Recommended level] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Disneyland Hotel is one of the two theme hotels in Shanghai Disneyland Resort, the location is very good, you can directly save On the road to run around the time. This 5-star standard, high-end resort hotel is located on the sparkling lakeside, with a beautiful exterior. Even more surprising is the hotel's internal environment and atmosphere, the designer to the hotel design style into the Disney elements, when you walk into it, your favorite Disney friends will appear in different corners, waiting for you meet with it The

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Lobby (picture from the network)

Especially recommended Lumiya kitchen breakfast, so that you start from the morning like a good mood. If you bring the kids, welcome to the "Hakulamata Tower" to enjoy the call of the wilderness - this is a tropical savannah-themed playground and hedge maze. Of course, do not forget the fun of the Mickey children's playroom, enjoy the deep parent-child feelings.

Shanghai Disneyland Room (picture from the network)

Address : 1009 Shendi West Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Tel : 021-20998002
Official website : https://www.shanghaidisneyresort.com/hotels/shanghai-disneyland-hotel/

2. Toy Story Hotel

Toy Story Hotel (picture from the network)

【Key words】 Park, Disney elements, the environment is good, suitable for parent-child tour, service intimate
[Recommended level] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Relative to the Disneyland Hotel, Toy Story Hotel theme of this hotel is more simple and modern, bright and bright. Into it, just like exposure to Disney Pixar series of the same name movie "Toy Story", the purpose of all cartoon dolls, all the toys are like to get life, every corner is full of unexpected Surprise.

Toy Story Hotel (picture from the network)

The most noteworthy is that the "Houdi Cowboy Court" and "Bath Guangyan Court" two courtyards, is simply a child and Disney iron paradise. In addition, the hotel service is quite good, will solve all kinds of problems for you, intimate service will make you feel more relaxed. If the budget is sufficient, for the size of friends, the Toy Story theme hotel is your choice.

Toy Story in the "Buzz Lightyear" (picture from the network)

Address : 1009 Shendi West Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai
Tel : 021-20998002

3. Shanghai Buster Hotel

Shanghai Perth Hotel location

Key words free shuttle bus , cost-effective, full of science and technology, suitable for parent-child tour
[recommended level] ★ ★ ★ ★
[distance Disney] 8.9 km / 17 minutes drive
Shanghai Park Hotel is located between Disney and Wildlife Park, It is only ten minutes away by car, and there is a free shuttle bus to Disney, very convenient. Here designed the tree, including the tree room, parent room, including the six spindle room type, parent room there is a child slide, can be described as "originality." Of course, for the parents with the parents, where the children's paradise is also can not miss the exclusive experience Oh! Children in the playground Sahuan, parents can also go to the book bar to drink a cup of coffee, quietly waiting.

Shanghai Ba Site Hotel Room

The most worth mentioning is that here a full sense of science and technology, wireless WIFI full coverage, but also equipped with WeChat remote control technology, fingertips will be able to Fun Hotel, is not cool?

Best Western Shanghai hotel restaurant

Address : Shanghai Pudong New Area, South Road, 1188, No. 1188, No. 1
Tel : 021 - 58162288
Shuttle time : 8:00 am, 9:00 start, 7: 00 pm, 9:00 return
※ need to book an appointment with the hotel one day in advance

4. Shanghai Pudong Green Holiday Hotel

Shanghai Pudong Green Holiday Hotel

【Key words】 Convenient transportation, air swimming pool, Disney dress up service, suitable for parent-child tour
【Recommended level】 ★★★★★
【Distance from Disney】 9km / 16 minutes by car
at Subway Line 11 (2 stops directly to Disneyland) Shanghai Pudong Green Holiday Hotel, the hotel also provides a shuttle service to and from the subway station, simply can not be more convenient.

Shanghai Pudong Greenland Holiday Inn Executive Suite

The overall hotel is very contemporary. The most worth mentioning is the transparent air pool, father and mother can swim in this high-altitude, you can also overlook the ground scenery, very cool. In addition, there is also a genuine license to Disney, the children can provide Disney small princess and prince dress service, want to give children a Disney dream? Come here right now!

Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Holiday Inn Indoor Swimming Pool

Address : 1088 Xiushi Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai (near Henghe Road)
Transportation : 15 minutes walk from Subway Line 11 Xiujing Road Station, 2 Stations Direct Disney
Tel : 021-38291888
Remarks : The hotel provides free shuttle bus to the subway station
※ Reservations are required one day prior to the hotel

5. Shanghai Huangting World Hotel

Shanghai Imperial International Hotel location

Key words location is good, free shuttle bus , cost-effective, parent-child theme
【recommended level】 ★ ★ ★ ★
[distance Disney] 13.8 km / 18 minutes drive
in the Pudong Chuansha functional area bustling area of ​​Shanghai Huang Ting International Hotel, Adjacent to the Disney theme park, to Shanghai Disneyland is only 12 minutes by car, the traffic is very convenient.

InterContinental Shanghai International Hotel

Modern minimalist decoration style combined with oriental culture, to create a modern and classical blend of elegant and beautiful style, where the hardware facilities supporting the perfect, providing swimming pool, gym, etc., is said to have a variety of delicious Chinese restaurant. Not only that, there are major shopping shops nearby, eat and drink all the necessities of life, cost is high.

Shanghai Huangting World Hotel Restaurant

Address : 588 Tang'an Road, Shanghai
Transportation : 10 minutes walk up to Metro Line 2 Tang Town Station
Tel : 021-51696251
Shuttle time : 8:30 am departure
※ need to book an appointment with the hotel one day in advance

6. Shanghai Guanjun Hotel

Shanghai Guanjun Hotel Room

Key words free shuttle bus , cost-effective, parent-child theme
【recommended level】 ★ ★ ★ ★
[distance from Disney] 15.1 km / 19 minutes drive
is located in the international financial center Shanghai Pudong New Area, Shanghai Guanjun Hotel, is a warm Parent-child theme hotel, North Wildlife Park and Disneyland, to both places are very convenient. Into the hotel lobby, you will trance into a fairy fairy fairy world. Here each floor has a very rich color and brilliant patterns, so you experience a sensory feast, comfortable atmosphere is very warm.

Shanghai Guanjun Hotel Room

Address : Shanghai Xinqi Town, Shanghai South Road, Lane 7508, Lane 9
Tel : 021-68173333
Shuttle time : 8:00 am, 10: 00 start, 7: 00, 9:00 pm return
※ need to make an appointment with the hotel one day in advance

To cost-effective, to stay experience, but also easy to play Disney, want to serve three purposes? Choose these few on the slightly!

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