Tips to get Shanghai Disney Fast Pass tickets for free

Disney, who does not love, there is a childhood fairy tale, even if you grow up still obsessed with the cartoon characters. It must be here, maybe more than once. But you love the same thing is everyone love, and everywhere are crowded and can not see the end of the team, really can not afford to hurt. The The But it does not matter, now you have me - to provide you with this Raiders ah, teach you from all directions to start, as much as possible to reduce the queuing time of each project, lucky, maybe you do not line up to play the hot items It is not heart? Hurry to see!

Why do not you line up?

There is a quick ticket!

Fast ticket FP is what? Not money?

Knock on the blackboard, grading, you are most concerned about: do not money! Free da da! Shocked is not ~ then down to business.
Sometimes you go to some of the people who have been to Disney to inquire about some Raiders, Ta always casually say some of the words that make you look foolishly, the most common is the "FP".

In fact: fast ticket = fast pass (Fastpass) = FP, is this thing Well.

Whether it is holidays or working days are overcrowded Disney, if you want to play the happy little line, how can the FP of this artifact!
Under normal circumstances, a few hot items can line up three or four hours, but some FP words, about ten minutes you can play to the project. When you take the fast-track admission, will feel long to see the tail waiting for the crowd biu to envy jealousy hate eyes ~ However, you are cool!

But so powerful artifact, of course, is a limited number of first-come-first-served, The current rule is that by virtue of the hands of the tickets, a project can only receive a FP at a time, although the number of FP applications per day is not limited, but you can determine their own hand speed?
At the bottom of the FP you receive, there is a time to mark your next claim. Basically in two hours or so, there may be ahead of time, specifically to see their own face Kazakhstan, time to you can apply for the next one FP. But because we do not want to line up, so the general no after the basic no FP can lead, sad.
Since it is so precious, you can use it on a large project, such as those queuing in a half hour or more, with a FP fast approach, cool.

The current seven FP can be applied to the attractions include:
① adventure island: leap horizon, Lei Ming Mountain drifting
② dream world: seven dwarf miner, Peter Pan sky adventure, Winnie the Pooh adventure
③ tomorrow world: Basil Light Day Star Rescue

Artifact FP how to use?

step1: find the "dream world" tourist service center, "adventure island" tourist service center, "tomorrow world" tourist service center, which can receive FP.
step2: After finding the FP machine, scan your valid tickets for the day, choose the game you want to play, the machine will spit out a FP.
step3: arrive within the specified time for the waiting area of ​​the item you choose. There will be staff to guide you to take the fast pass entrance. Speed ​​approach, High turn the sky.

① quick pass the use of the project will be based on the day of the passenger situation to adjust, if you are not sure the day to receive the situation FP, remember to ask people ah! Shy may miss it!
② if lost FP, you can take the ticket to the door ticket office fill Kazakhstan. But so much trouble, you still get good FP is not good, do not engage in things.

Only the single dog is the welfare you know not?

If you are a person, no one to accompany, nothing, Disney to give you love! (Even if it is not a single dog, a person can also use this benefit Well ~)

Some projects are "single channel" can go, we must make good use of it. Because many projects are two rows of a few, but just a poor person, we will be able to stand alone on the bench!
There are single channel in the official website are marked, such as the Caribbean Pirates - sink the treasure of the war, seven dwarf miner, a speed wheel, Lei Ming mountain drifting.

Million medicine: early! point! go with!

As long as you have to queue than the time to open the queue, then you can certainly become the first batch of admission. After all, admission security, admission brush votes, luggage storage is to line up. Early to go early, cure all diseases.
Although the official website that 9:00 to open the park, but the summer when the general 8 o'clock has opened the door, some people went to the entrance at 7 o'clock line.
Know that you do not want to get up, but do you want to play? Quickly get up le ~ ~

Official APP, you, worth having ~

Before you leave, you remember to download a "Shanghai Disneyland Resort" official App.
This APP can be real-time view of the various recreational facilities waiting time, we can wait for the time to choose their own travel plans to adjust, save the queue time. In addition, APP can also query all the entertainment time and daily operation information, so that we can adjust the plan at any time; its map navigation can be positioned at any time to facilitate the reasonable arrangements for garden time, as little as possible to take the wrong way.
Nanny type APP, yes, but also to buy tickets. With it, you have the world, oh no, Disney, Shanghai.

Anyway, in general, Disney day trips can arrange up to 10 items. Tragic, is not it, toss a day to play ten projects, not convinced, Zezheng the whole
Nothing! Money is good! Now have to sell VIP tickets, of course, is not official, but they contain 6-7 FP yo, all-inclusive meaning ah! But a little expensive, nearly a thousand pieces, but if you want to play the whole, live in Disney to play two days the price is almost the same. This arrangement is suitable for money no time players, we choose Kazakhstan.
Fairy tale world is here, it does not go, waiting for you to come.
having said so much. Did you tell me something?

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