Various museums in Shanghai, from nature to humanities

Magic is a metropolis with a variety of museums that will benefit you from nature to the humanities. You can play in Tujia and you can also feel the red wind of the time at the Great Memorial Museum of the Communist Party of China. You can see the location in the drama, and you can see the world with your child~
you can see this wall from the subway it is very beautiful and suitable for taking photos_987bf2

Shanghai Museum of Natural History

The Shanghai Museum of Natural History is one of the largest natural museums in China. The original old building has a history of 50 years and it has been closed in 2014. It is now located in the new building in the center of Shanghai. It was completed in April 2015.

1Recommendation index: ★★★★
2 Route: Subway Line 13 Natural Museum Station Exit 1, 211 meters walking distance.
3 tickets: on-site purchase, no Internet ticket sales. Adult ticket is 30 yuan, child 12 yuan, and old man 25 yuan.
4 Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-17:15 (15:30 stop ticket sales) closed on Monday.
5 is very suitable for parent-child play, with children to visit here can enrich the child's vision, increase knowledge. Young people are also worth taking a look at, but if they are not interested, they will feel boring. On the internet, the Shanghai Museum of Nature is more fun than the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Many things are similar and relatively new.

The blue wall beside the ticket gate is also very beautiful!

The Shanghai Museum of Natural History is very large and very new. It has a floor on the ground and 3 floors underground, with British architectural style.
With the theme of “Nature, Human, and Harmony”, the three major lines of “Evolution of Movement”, “Painting of Life” and “Epic of Civilization” present the mysteries of origin, the long river of life, the road to evolution, the exploration of the earth, and the colorfulness. There are 10 permanent exhibition areas such as Life, Eco-Vientiane, Survival Wisdom, Human-Land Relationship, Shanghai Story, and Future Road, as well as a supporting exhibition area, a 4D theater, and an exploration center.
It is a comprehensive museum that includes various natural sciences such as paleontology, botany, zoology, anthropology, geology, and astronomy. The main task is to carry out scientific research and social education on the basis of collecting natural specimens and book materials.

Many people in Shanghai will have such a statistics card.

You need to buy another ticket to watch the movie.

The museum showcases over 11,000 specimen models from seven continents, including nearly 1,000 specimens of rare species; nearly 1,500 square meters of walk-in restoration scenes, a vivid representation of the vibrant African savannah; “a gathering across time and space” The array of specimens brought together more than 200 pieces of animals and plants in ancient and modern times, and five immersive theaters such as “Escape from the Cretaceous Period” to reproduce the major events in the history of evolution.
The "Window of Nature" and other 26 groups restored the ecological landscape box, and paid tribute to the classic exhibition of the Natural Museum; 400 visual media and a set of online museum systems to meet the needs of the public in the era of the media; 1500 groups of scientific paintings to visually display art and Scientific combination; 300 square meters of living culture area, zero distance to touch nature; 1200 square meters of “Exploration Center” to build a paradise for observation, hands-on experimentation, dialogue and exploration; “Natural Epic” multimedia show to create science and technology, humanities In one art feast.

All of the animal species that came in were simulated.

In the museum you can see many fossils of dinosaurs, some are real fossils, and some are reconstructed fossils. Real fossils are very heavy. Reconstructed fossils are lighter and have no rebar.

These are all true creatures. See the blue spider for the first time!

African Pavilion

Particularly beautiful butterfly specimen! !

Shell specimen!

The pinecone spelled out!

You can hear a variety of natural sounds by tapping your head into this pillar hole.

There is a game of digging treasures in the museum. Many children participate in the game, but there is a fixed opening time. Those who are interested can go and see.

This beating life figure in the future world is the most meaningful place in my entire hall. Quietly standing in front of this beating figure, I feel that human life and death are in one moment.

6 Post-Concept Sense:
It is worth playing. There are many things that have never been seen. It is spectacular and beautiful. It is enough to open your eyes. It takes 3 hours to complete the entire museum tour, with an absolute value of 30 yuan. There is also a voice guide next to the entrance. The rent is 20 yuan, and the deposit is 200 yuan. If necessary, you can also rent it. There is also a free drinking water and restaurant in the hall.

Shanghai's "One Big" Memorial Hall

The site of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was the birthplace of the Communist Party of China. From July 23, 1921, the conference was held in a guest hall of about 18 square meters on the ground floor. Attending the meeting were 13 representatives including Mao Zedong and Dong Biwu. The meeting was spotted by a French investigator and the delegates immediately withdrew from the scene and continued on a cruise ship in Nanhu Lake, Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The convention passed the party program, elected the central leadership, and established the Communist Party of China.

1Recommendation index: ★★★★
2 routes: Subway Line 1 Huangpi South Road 2 exit, walk 529 meters (suggested from the shared bike to go)
3 tickets: free, you need to swipe your ID card to enter, and security.
4 Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00-16:00, closed on Mondays.

This is a Shikumen building with Shanghai local style built in 1920. It was the home of Shanghai representative Li Hanjun and his brother at the time.
The layout of the meeting room of the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China was restored to its original appearance. Furniture items were copied as they were. (Attractions are not allowed in the meeting room)

The memorial hall of the "big" conference site of the Chinese Communist Party was established in 1952. After the founding of New China, the site was rehabilitated according to the original features of the memorial hall. The interior layout was maintained as it was in the current year. It is now a national key cultural relics protection unit. There are also three showrooms in the memorial hall to display historical sites and cultural relics during the founding period of our party. In order to better protect the site of the “big” site of the Chinese Communist Party, this revolutionary site of historic significance is in place.

The memorial hall is divided into two levels. The ground floor is an spectator service facility. It has a hall, a multi-functional academic lecture hall and a VIP hall. The second floor is the Exhibition Hall for the Establishment of Historical Relics Displayed by the Communist Party of China.

In more than 100 square meters of exhibition halls, 13 delegates' booths are displayed in the unit of origin: Li Da and Li Hanjun of Shanghai; Dong Biwu and Chen Tanqiu of Wuhan; Mao Zedong and He Shuheng of Changsha; Wang Jinmei and Deng Enming of Jinan; Zhang Guozhen and Liu Renjing of Beijing; Chen Gongbo from Guangzhou; Zhou Fohai, a student studying in Japan, and Bao Huiyu from Chen Duxiu, the representatives of the Communist International, Ma Lin and Nikolsky.

Under soft lighting, these old historical photographs and historical materials seem to have brought people back to that period.

These great ancestors spent their lives exploring the development path of the Chinese revolution, fought for the cause of communism for a lifetime, and become the most outstanding communist fighter in contemporary China. It is worth remembering all Chinese people.

5 Post-Concept Feelings:
As a communist, don't forget to come back to Shanghai to see your own family. Standing in this memorial hall, my heart was filled with admiration, a kind of pride, and I was proud to be a Communist. Today, the People’s Republic of China is rich, peaceful, democratic, civilized, and free and equal. The great people of the People’s Republic of China were born from the wisdom and life of these great ancestors. Great communism, the great China will surely do a better job! Don't forget your heart and move on!
I think that parents can also take their children to see here and let them feel the great communism, the great motherland, the great history, and the great ancestors from a young age. From childhood, they can establish a yearning for the Chinese Communist Party. admire. Let them experience the history behind the red scarf on the chest and it really makes sense!

Shanghai Film and TV Park

Shanghai Film and TV Park, also known as Shanghai Che Dun Movie and Television Base, is one of the top ten film and television bases in China. Shanghai Film and TV Park has the old Shanghai style, there is the secret behind the film, a European-style standard courtyard. There is “Old Residence of Songziwen” and “Faculty of Arts and Crafts” on Xiangyang Road. The characteristics of old Shanghai is one of its characteristics.

Most of the domestic TV dramas about Shanghai stories were filmed here. The most famous of these are "Deep Rain," "Lust, Caution," "New on the Beach," "Love in Allure," "Kim Taipan," "Dancing with Wolves," "Drifting," and "Yao Xiong." , "Sparrow" and so on.

1Recommendation index: ★★★
2 routes: Take Subway Line 1 to 【Shuangzhuang Station】 → Transfer to Metro Line 5 to 【Jiaoqiao Station】 → Exit Cichuqiao Subway Station Exit, go to the bus stop opposite the highway, take the The bus 【Metal Line】takes three stops to the bottom of the car pier (2 yuan per person per one-way fare). (The film and television park is located in the remote suburbs of Shanghai. It is very far from the urban area to the car pier. It takes about one and a half to two hours' drive to get the subway and buses.)
3 Tickets: The adult ticket is 56 yuan, which Ctrip bought.
(Spot tickets: 80 for adults, 50 for undergraduates and 40 for middle school students)
4 Opening hours : 8:30 to 16:30

In the summer vacation, there was a night ticket for Midsummer Night Shanghai. The time was just the week I came to travel. After that, there was no such event. However, I did not buy it. Because of the price, with the experience of the Shenzhen Night Window at the last night, I would like to play in the evening. It should be black lacquer. I can't see anything. It is nothing more than a light show. Decided to play at a high temperature of 41 degrees during the day...

The filming of the crew is one of the oldest players to come here. During the day's play, these three dramas are being shot. It's quite a lot. I think the crew I saw on Nanjing Road was supposed to be "The Hunting Safaris," but the actors I saw were not starring...

European standard courtyard

Shang Ying Road, the essence of exhibition hall

Old things after the 30s

The old Shanghai in the drama finally came into view... Many TV shows were shot here.

Nanjing Road in the 1930s (now Nanjing West Road Pedestrian Street)

This is the architectural style of the Upper Mahal apartment on the beach.

Shanghai Theater ~

Trams, Dangdang...

Do not remember Yiping here to skip the river...

Shanghai Chinese Art Palace

The 2010 Shanghai World Expo (EXPO 2010) is the 41st World Expo. Held in Shanghai, China from May 1st to October 31st, 2010. At that time, the World Expo was also the first World Expo held in China. The theme was: City, Better Life, Better City, Better Life.

Seven years ago, I came to Shanghai for the World Expo. At that time, the World Expo was really spectacular. People from all over the world came together to learn about the world culture. The unique venues were dazzling.
The grand scene of the World Expo is now gone, and the stadiums of other countries have disappeared without a trace. Only the Chinese Museum in Hong Kong and the Moon Museum in Saudi Arabia still stand, leaving people with some thoughts.

1Recommendation index: ★★
2 routes:
Tickets for the Subway Line 8 Zhonghua Art Palace Station 3 are free. Security check is required.
4 Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00. Closed on Mondays.

Today's China Pavilion has been renamed the Chinese Art Palace, the Shanghai Art Museum. There are 1-20 exhibition halls, 7-10 of which have been closed.

Looking at the once Shanghai Lujiazui, only the Oriental Pearl towered proudly, but now it has a lot of tall buildings and laments the rapid development of a city.

Deng Xiaoping, who sat on a boat on the Huangpu River, once thought about what the future Shanghai Lujiazui should develop. Thirty years later, Shanghai really developed as he wished. Shanghai's prosperity cannot be separated from this one. Great old man.

Hong Kong has a "Lan Kwai Fong" bar street, Shenzhen has a "Sea World" bar bay, and Shanghai has a "New World" bar world. Foreigners can always find their own fun in every bustling city.

All exhibition halls 11-13 are Li Qingping's paintings.

In the Palace of Arts, I like most of the two painters. One is a painter, Yu Yunjie, apprentice of Xu Beihong.

There is also a children's gallery in the gallery.

Opposite the Chinese Art Palace is the Moon Boat House.
Moon Ship is the Saudi National Pavilion of the former Shanghai World Expo 2010. It has become one of the most popular venues at the World Expo with its unique display content and impressive display. (However, I have no impression on it seven years ago. I haven't gotten into it this time. I am also very quiet outside the venue.)
Opening hours : 9:00 to 18:00, Closed Mondays
: 60 yuan

Madame Tussauds Shanghai

Shanghai stood out from among the world’s 30 candidate cities and became the sixth place in the world for Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. The Dussar Group saw China’s huge star superiority and broad market prospects. Through detailed and accurate market surveys, selected from a long list of candidate candidates, each candidate is a celebrity that most Chinese people aspire to see.

1Recommendation index: ★★★★
2 Route: Subway Line 2 People's Square Exit 7 , 249m walk, 10th Floor, New World City, Nanjing West Road
3 Opening Hours: 10:00~22:00 ( Closed at 21:00) Tickets)
4 tickets: 170 yuan for adults, [Ctrip] purchase. (Don't buy [where to go], Du Sha only admits that [Ctrip] sells online tickets)
buy 190 yuan on-site, need to line up. In the first week of Shanghai Tourism Festival and China Tourism Day, tickets are half price.

Madame Tussaud (1761-1850) is an outstanding French artist who is famous for making wax figures. The Wax Museum was founded in 1835 on Baker Street in London by the wax sculptor Madame Tussauds. She studied the skills of wax sculpture with a doctor since she was a child. The wax figure of French writer Voltaire was her famous work. In 1835, when she was 74 years old, she set up a permanent pavilion on Baker Street in London.
Having visited Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hong Kong and Shanghai, I feel that Dussau in Shanghai is definitely bigger than Du Shah in Hong Kong, with many characters and more fun!

Each pavilion is small in size, and more than 1,000 people are close to the crowd.

Madame Tussauds Shanghai is divided into seven thematic exhibition areas: Behind the Scenes, Shanghai Charm, Historical Celebrities and National Leaders, Film, Music, Sports and Speed.

Edward! ! !

The three of them are the hottest! ! So, take pictures to pay for a piece of 100...

There is a hand-made touch in Dusha, a 100 yuan, and the children love it.

How about, no matter what style you like. Whether you are a parent-child or a family traveller, you're a little girl or your classmate. You can't miss these museums.

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