Before going to Wuzhen, you need to know the cost of these transportation accommodation tickets

Wuzhen tour concise practical tips
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About Wuzhen

Geographic location

Wuzhen is located in the northern end of Tongxiang City, west of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, west of Huzhou City, north of Wujiang County, Jiangsu Province, at the junction of the two provinces and three cities. There are county-level land transport Yao Zhen line runs through the town area, the Yao Zhen Highway with the provincial highway Salt Lake Road, State Road 320, 318, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Shen Jiahu Expressway, Zhajiasu Expressway convergence. Wuzhen is 13 kilometers away from downtown Tongxiang and 27 kilometers, 45 kilometers and 60 kilometers away from the surrounding Jiaxing, Huzhou and Wujiang cities, 80 kilometers away from Hangzhou and Suzhou and 140 kilometers away from Shanghai. Town area of ​​71.19 square kilometers, the construction area of ​​2.5 square kilometers.

Wuzhen scenic

Wuzhu scenic area generally refers to the East Gate and West Gate, both compared to more tourists tend to go to the West Gate, as well as South Gate and North Gate basic few tourists mentioned and tour because these two are not scenic range.

[East Gate]
East Gate Water features a full style, rich life atmosphere, the area are basically Aboriginal residential and some shops, compared with the West Gate, the East Gate is very small, two or three hours to all the shopping. East Gate water quality and environment are not as good management of the West gate. East Gate is said to be the earliest development, but later shifted to the center of gravity West, so now the management of the East Gate in addition to receiving tickets basically no other control.

【西 栅】
Lasting four years, more than one billion investment in the West Gate area covers an area of ​​4.92 square kilometers, the scenic area has preserved the beautiful Ming and Qing Dynasties building more than 300,000 square meters, stretching across the Promenade Shuihe Pavilion more than 1.8 km. There are vertical and horizontal channels of nearly 10,000 meters, ancient stone bridge 72 different shapes, river density and the number of stone bridge are the most ancient towns. There are various types of scenic spots within the residential style rooms and various grades of resorts, a number of well-equipped conference centers and business clubs; visitor service center, tour buses, sightseeing boats, water buses, drinking water, natural gas, broadband networks , Satellite TV, electronic patrol, flood lighting, star toilet and intelligent travel parking facilities and other facilities.
All shops in the West Gate belong to Wuzhen authorized to operate, so all stores in the West Gate are not bargaining that almost all are clearly marked price, nor will they encounter hawker hauling. But no matter eat or drink or goods, I think the price is very reasonable, and there is no high price behavior, it is very gratifying. In fact, like the netizen said, West Gate is a bit like a closed theme park, the scenic area has been underwritten by the travel company, all rooms and shops are owned by the unified management of scenic spots, originally thought that such a commercial management will make the area lost its features, but the experience Only after this feeling of management not only provides visitors with convenient but also to make the area more orderly.
I live in bed and breakfast boss and I said that they do not live in the area, but the family as a unit to be recruited into the management of scenic spots B & B, so that tourists can better understand the feeling of the local B & B. In other words, we live in the B & B does not belong to them, they and the area is only an employment relationship.

【South Gate】
East Gate West exit to the south at the end of a small street, are shops. Do not charge tickets, tourists rarely, nor the norms of the area, if the time is not a lot do not recommend browsing.

About transportation

In order to facilitate the inquiry and reference, traffic introduction is divided into three parts, the first part of the surrounding cities from and to Wuzhen trips Tongxiang, the second part of the Tongxiang Bus Station from Wuzhen station bus, the third part of the Wuzhen Wuzhen station from the area Bus, the last part is the traffic between the East Gate, we can ask for it ~

[Surrounding cities and from Tongxiang Wuzhen traffic]
1, Tongxiang, Wuzhen to shift around the query:
2, Wuzhen - Hangzhou:
Hangzhou North Station - Wuzhen: There are six classes a day, departure Time is 8:00, 9:45, 11:45, 13:20, 15:00, 16:35.
Wuzhen - Hangzhou North Station: 6 classes a day, departure time 8:00, 9:45, 11:45, 13:20, 15:00, 16:35.
Hangzhou Changyun Passenger Transport Center Station - Wuzhen: the first class 7:00, the last 18:20, a total of 36 classes.
East Railway Station Bus Station - Wuzhen: departure time 8:25, 10:00, 12:00, 13:50, 15:45, 17:10, a total of 6 classes.
3, other online real-time online booking, booking site:
Tongxiang Qiyun Co., Ltd. (Wuzhen):
Wuzhen in Zhejiang Province:
Jiangsu and other places to Wuzhen:
Shanghai South Railway Station to Wuzhen:
Xiaoshan Airport Airport Bus:

[Tongxiang Passenger Transport Center - Wuzhen Station]
K231 Tongxiang to Wuzhen Station The
following is a detailed schedule of the timetable may not be the latest update time, the shift should not be a problem on the day shift, the need to take the night bus advice to call the picture to confirm

Wuzhen Bus Station - Xizha Scenic Area - Wuzhen Bus Station] K350
As almost all of the buses are directly arrived Wuzhen bus instead of reaching the area so take K350 from the bus station to reach the scenic entrance. April 8, 2016 K350 (Wuzhen Station - Xizha Scenic Area - Wuzhen Station) Bus line for the following optimization and adjustment:

1, operating hours:
Day shift: Wuzhen bus station - Xizha scenic - Wuzhen bus station (6: 10-17 : 40), on average every 5-10 minutes;
night shift: Wuzhen Bus Station - Xizha Scenic Area (18: 00-19: 45)
 2, after adjustment routes:
Wuzhen Station - Plant Primary School - Wuzhen land tax Dongzha scenic area) - Xinhua junction - the Third People's Hospital - Xizha scenic - Wuzhen Park - Fen Dun Village - East Gate Scenic - Plant Primary School - Wuzhen Station.
【Between things gate】
As the thing gate is the two scenic spots, a little distance between, walking can go, said online about ten minutes away. Between the two places free car can take an average of every 15 minutes a bus, running time up to 10 o'clock at night.

About accommodation

East grid

Dongzha all for the B & B, local residents since the reconstruction of housing, uneven environmental facilities; landlord enthusiasm, you can Wuzhen bus station shuttle, do not necessarily include breakfast, you can order in major travel sites, where to go, such as eLong.

West gate

In addition to a few large converted into a hotel, the other all for the B & B. These B & B have been transformed, the room more perfect facilities, the layout of a unified style. Each bed and breakfast is managed by a "landlord" and offers a complimentary breakfast.
Whether it is online booking a good room, or to find the room to be found at the entrance of the area need to be unified registration check-in, the scenic entrance can be checked baggage to the accommodation points free of charge, visitors can light-body tour; check-out luggage can also be returned free of charge Scenic entrance, passengers continue to play after the entrance to the scenic area to receive luggage. This is very humane, but also to provide visitors with great convenience. Want to give Wuzhen a!

About tickets

【East Gate】 Tickets 100 yuan, single use;
Note: Many of the East Gate landlord will say that contains tickets, in fact, even if you live in the East Gate to want to be free of charge must also be after 9 pm to be brought in by the landlord if you Sooner morning want to go into the East Gate So after 5:30 pm you need to take the landlord to take you to buy 25 yuan into the ticket, and whether it is free tickets or 25 tickets can not visit the attractions inside the East Gate, such as dye house and the former residence of Mao Dun And so are formal tickets can be entered, we measure.
【West Gate】 Tickets 120 yuan, single use; if living in Xishan scenic area, or designated hotel outside the West Gate, after the ticket can be purchased by card and ID card for a number of temporary permits to enter the West Gate;
Note: West The grid has already canceled the night-view ticket of 80 yuan from 2013, and the ticket price is 120 both in the morning and in the evening, and is not available for sale before 9:00 am and after 10:00 pm.
Xizha night lights are very beautiful, it is recommended that you can live in the area at night, so seven or eight in the morning when the tenants have no tourists, the area is very quiet.
【Vouchers】 150 yuan, you can go out the same day things gate once; if you live in the Xizha scenic area, you can apply for two days after the ticket vote, the next day before three o'clock to the East Gate, but also can West gate for many times out of the temporary card.

About sights and maps

Just like you go to Disney does not need to follow the same picture, I think to Wuzhen to solve the food and shelter outside the really do not need to do what Raiders, as long as you take a map in the passenger service center or too troublesome you do not even want to take the map Then begin to walk along the bluestone road or the river, always have your favorite scenery and let your heart move moment.
If the time is not up, do not rush rush, slow down to have time to enjoy the scenery, there are many cafes and restaurants along the river, sitting by the window watching the boat slowly across, guess their story, or vent their hair Trance, good boss put a music more perfect. Do not play alone in this ancient town?

If you are an obsessive-compulsive disorder patient, go out and make sure you do every step of the plan, then refer to these two maps and you will see all the sights, snacks, restaurants and shops on it.

About spending

In fact, the level of consumer spending in Wuzhen and other scenic areas has been very low, the scenic area of ​​mineral water also 3 yuan a bottle of accommodation, then there is a cheap one or two hundred CYTS, when the off-season B & B also two Three hundred, a little better resort may be hundreds of thousands of the price, this should be based on individual consumption level may be. Scenic hotel prices are also very reasonable.

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