Came to Dujiangyan, see the faint Qingcheng Mountain and Hanhan giant panda!

Dujiangyan and Qingchengshan are two very popular spots in the vicinity of Chengdu, and they are often visited together for a day trip. Came to Chengdu, Dujiangyan and Qingcheng Mountain is bound to come. Dujiangyan, a concept is where the ancient water conservancy project; another concept is Dujiangyan City, attractions Dujiangyan and attractions Qingcheng Mountain are located in the jurisdiction of Dujiangyan. In addition, Dujiangyan City, there is a pandas for wild panda research, and a panda rescue and disease prevention and control of the Panda Paradise. Let's take a look at these four places, respectively, how to play?

The Origin of World Water Culture - Dujiangyan

Dujiangyan was built by Li Bing and his son more than two thousand years ago and is still playing a role today. There are great water conservancy projects, as well as the spectacular natural beauty, Dujiangyan we deserve to see, under the profound Chinese culture and the wisdom of the ancients.
Dujiangyan scenic spot as the main point of the
fish mouth, flying sand weir, Anlan cable bridge, Qin Yan floor, Aquarius
[fish mouth] refers to the mouth of the diversion ditches, Dujiangyan water conservancy project is the most spectacular and most worth a visit , Can be regarded as the essence of Dujiangyan. A pebble made of pebbles, flat like a fish head, hence the name. The function of the fish mouth is to divert the Neijiang River and the Outer River so that the river will fly down into the outer river during the rainy season while reserving enough water during the dry season to flow into the Neijiang River so that the crops in the Chengdu Basin will be irrigated and the water for residents will be protected.
[An Lan cable bridge] Dujiangyan scenic area connected to the fish head and QinYan floor, a wooden cable bridge, across the turbulent flow of the Minjiang River, when the water is large, the spray can be photographed directly to the feet, very exciting shocking.
[Qin weir floor] overlooking the best panoramic view of Dujiangyan, vision is great. Why Qin Yan floor? Dujiang "weir" is built in the "Qin" State
[weir], also known as "spillway" is the second largest Dujiangyan water conservancy project. Its surface is ordinary without it, but its function is huge. It not only can clear the flood and divert water through clever design, but also has a powerful sand discharging function. It is the key point of Dujiangyan in ensuring that the Chengdu Plain is not affected by the flood. Especially when there is plenty of water in the summer in Minjiang, it is very much appreciated to enjoy this project. To the two temples where the Yulei overlooking the weir is the best point of view. The weir on the weir can watch the water pouring into the magnificent scene.
[Aquarius] Li Bing is actually a manual excavation of a width of less than 20 meters of the canal, but the role is extremely crucial to the strict control of Neijiang into the Chengdu Plain flow. Looks like the bottle from the height, hence the name. Aquapark overlooking the best location is the top of Fulong view, you can see the surging river through the Baojingkou grand scene.

Dujiangyan tour route
can be seen from the navigation map, Dujiangyan is mainly about two viewing routes, the middle by the Anlan cable bridge connection. From the heap park into the area, all the way along the left side of the road went to the mouth of the fish, from the right side of the Lanlan bridge over to climb up Qinyan floor can see the panoramic view of the project. After the next Yu Lushan, came to the Temple of the Second King, along the Song Mao Road can go to the treasure bottle mouth, Temple, West Street, to the scenic outside of the South Bridge.
Sightseeing car can sit inside the scenic area, more time-saving, but the scenery is relatively rough. Not in a hurry, it is recommended to walk. After entering the area along the main tourist routes to go just fine.

Dujiangyan "Dujiangyan" live performances
Dujiangyan daily there is a water culture show live, learning called "Road Solutions Dujiangyan," 10:30 am every day, performance of 60 minutes, magnificent, the scene is spectacular. From Dujiangyan scenic north gate walk about 5 minutes up to the performance of the entrance. The "Drainage Ceremony" of the local population is held each year on the day of Ching Ming Festival. Its scale and scenes are more grand and magnificent than usual cultural performances.
Tickets: 90 Dujiangyan scenic spot tickets, water ceremony 180 yuan, the two package is 220 yuan. Scenic tourist car from 15 yuan, one-way 10 yuan (Beiting - fish mouth).
How to reach Dujiangyan from Chengdu?
Intercity trains: Intercity trains between C and Dujiangyan have been opened between Chengdu and Dujiangyan, and can be reached at Chengdu Railway Station or Xipu Station on Metro Line 2. The journey takes about 30 minutes and the fare is 10-15 RMB / person . Take the 4-way car (2 yuan / person) after leaving the station and get off from the park, where the scenic ticket office is located.
2. Automobile: Take a direct bus to Dujiangyan in Chadianzi bus station in Chengdu from 7:30 to 19:00, About 45 minutes
by car ; 3, Zijia: irrigation into high-speed half an hour west of Dujiangyan.
4, scenic train: Chengdu Wuhou Temple Visitor Center, Kuanzhai alley to Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain scenic train, similar to the one-day tour routes, including fares, scenic tickets and explanations. Through train price Dujiangyan 148 yuan, 268 Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain.
5, scattered spelling day trips or parking spaces: one day tour cheaper than scenic train, a car with a guide, with meals. Parking spaces only provide pick / send, Chengdu directly from the area.
1, the first time it is best to guide to listen to explain the visit, or their own cursory basically do not understand the project contains the wisdom of how many ancients.
2, from the fish mouth to the weir weir a short distance, take the scenic tour bus convenient, but will miss the scenery along the coast, not in a hurry and companions stroll along the way is also a good choice.
3, South Bridge outside the area at night lights are good to see.

Famous world famous Taoist mountains - Mount Qingcheng

Famous Taoism, known as "Qingcheng world quiet", but also to Chengdu to travel to the land, usually with Dujiangyan tour. Qingcheng before the time of the former Hill and after the mountain. What is the difference between the two?
Qingchengqianshan, a relatively small area, most of the temples and temples architecture, half a day can swim. Into the Qingcheng former Shan Shan Men, 15-minute walk to Yile nest, there are two lines, one is to Moon Lake, is the direction of cable car ride, the other is the direction of walking up the mountain.

Take the cable car must pass the moon Shenhu (the ticket is 5 yuan), after disembarking can take cable (Moon Lake - look around, round-trip 50 yuan, one-way 30 yuan). From the four look a little longer you can go to the Shangqing Palace, and then after the big red days, the Tung Wah Temple, about half an hour, you can go to Laojun Pavilion. Laojijia 1260 meters above sea level, is the culmination of Qingchengqian Shan, Qingcheng panoramic view here, when you will be issued by the admiration.
Down the mountain, you can return to the original ropeway. If you walk down the hill, from the Laojun Court, according to the original road back to the Dazhi days, and then along the right hand side of the road, via Longqiao Road to Tianshi Dong, this section takes about two hours, along the path along the cliff can enjoy the magical The throw pen groove. Tianshi Dong Qingcheng Castle is the largest Taoist temple, the legend is that Zhang Tianshi practicing acquired place. After visiting the Shizhan-dong, go ahead and walk through the five-dong, Shanyin-kiosk, natural paintings, Jintong Pavilion and Yee Wo Woo to return to the gate. Cable car up the mountain, the whole walk down the mountain about five hours or so.

Qingchengshan mountain area larger, deep forests, along the streams are dense, beautiful, maintaining a very primitive nature, the climbers love the latter, is the purest, very few cultural landscapes, street vendors rarely, let You are fully integrated into the nature of thick green. Pure climbing, Tai Shan Temple from the foot of the mountains to the Peak Baiyun Buddhist temple, need to spend a day. So it is best to start climbing before noon, once the time is late, you need to stay in the "second village" two-thirds of the mountain.
Qingcheng mountain after a Tai'an town, is the only place into the mountains. There are snacks in the town, historic Tai'an Temple, it is also worth a visit. Across the ancient town to the mountain climbing door. The whole mountain tour line is ring, you can choose from the left or right start. The left is Wulonggou, a lot of waterfalls, all the way upward requires physical strength and endurance; to the right can Cuiying Lake, take the ferry boat, up to the Baiyun Guzhai to the cable car station. Tai'an Temple can also be the foot of the mountain take Jinli cableway up the mountain. Friends who have time and energy can consider the full climb, the mountain is not particularly steep, that is, the distance is very long. Usually exercise more, it is estimated that about five hours to go the whole journey. Some routes are wet (with streams), pay attention to safety.
Most tourists are going to the former mountain, and then the mountain is more suitable for climbing friends, the scenery is really beautiful. If the former mountain and the mountain are tour, it takes two days.
Tickets: Front Hill 90 yuan, 20 yuan after the mountain.
Qingchengshan ropeway it? Before the mountain, after the mountain cableway.
[Mountain cable] Moon Lake City - four look at the view, one-way 35 yuan, 60 yuan two-way; Moon Lake, the ticket is 5 yuan.
[The mountain cableway] the first half of the Jin Li cableway: Feiquan Square - stalagmite Church, one-way 30 yuan, 55 yuan two-way; the second half of the white cable: another village - Baiyun Buddhist Temple, one-way 45 yuan, two-way 70 yuan . After the lake Cui Ying Lake Ferry 2 yuan.
From Chengdu to Qingchengshan?
1, intercity train, Chengdu Railway Station and Metro Line Xupu Station has sent to Qingcheng Mountain C-prefix intercity train trips although not to Dujiangyan more, but also more dense and very convenient. Fare 10/15, about 40 minutes by car. Get off, turn to take bus 101 Dujiangyan City (fare 2 yuan), to the front mountain area. After getting off the bus, you can reach the front mountain scenic entrance through the scenic tour bus.
2, the car, as a result of the small mountain road to the Qingcheng Mountain after the mountain pass restrictions, there is no direct bus from the city of Chengdu Qingcheng Hill behind the mountain. After going to Qingcheng Mountain, from the Qingchengshan high-speed rail station for a small bus, round-trip ticket 25 yuan, full car before departure, departure time is not fixed. Qingchengshan Railway Station to Mount Qingcheng Hill ticket office about 40 minutes.
From Dujiangyan scenic Qingcheng Mountain?
Dujiangyan scenic heap Park Station, take the Dujiangyan City, 101 bus, fare 2, can be to Qingcheng Qian Shan. If you want to after the mountain, you can Dujiangyan City 101 bus directly to the Qingchengshan high-speed rail station, from the high-speed rail station for a small bus, round-trip ticket 25 yuan, full of a car before departure, departure time is not fixed. Qingchengshan Railway Station to Mount Qingcheng Hill ticket office about 40 minutes.

Wild Giant Panda Gathering - Panda Valley

Research Base of Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Center of Dujiangyan Breeding, referred to as "Panda Valley", is located in Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City and is a place where you can get close contact with a group of cute pandas.
Mainly carried out here is the study of giant panda in the wild, from ambulances, artificial breeding to wild letting go, let the giant panda return to the wild nature. The giant panda life here is very large venue, but also to imitate the wild environment. The giant pandas here will no longer live only in "villas" and will remain in the open-air for a long time until they are fully released to the wild. Super good air quality in the park, superb sanitation, suitable for parent-child travel, panda will fight, climb trees, very stay Meng.

Panda Valley construction time is short, many have not developed, quiet! few people! Visit, then walked for half an hour you can finish, take a slow look, about 2 hours. The greater the chance of the morning to see the activities of giant pandas, noon hot weather, pandas into the summer house, so it is best to panda valley in the morning.
Tickets: Adult 58 yuan
from Chengdu to Panda Valley drive about 1 hour's drive. From Dujiangyan scenic or Dujiangyan high-speed rail station to take a taxi to the Panda Valley only takes 10-15 minutes.

Giant panda gathering place - Panda Paradise

China Panda Conservation Research Center Dujiangyan Base, referred to as "Panda Paradise", is located in Shiqiao Village, Qingchengshan Town, Dujiangyan City. It is the first specialized institution and popular science education base for the research on ambulance and disease prevention and control in China. At present, there are 30 giant pandas and 4 red pandas, many of them turtles send pandas, Taishan, Huaxing, Huamei, etc., and Pandas Panpan. Giant pandas going overseas will also be sent out from "Panda Paradise".
The existing Panda Paradise tree-lined, green bamboo, flowers, fresh air, I must say that the living environment of the giant panda is too paradise.
The park can watch the panda up close, you can also participate in parent-child activities, to make panda nest panda head.
Panda Paradise tour map

Tickets: 60 yuan for adults
Transportation: From Chengdu, you can take the HSR to Qingchengshan Station, turn 102 bus to Shiqiao Village Station to the next.

Dujiangyan where to live tourism? How to arrange itinerary?

Dujiangyan tourists, usually from Chengdu, the majority of day trips, so the day return to Chengdu accommodation is very common. However, Dujiangyan's tourist reception facilities are also very good, Dujiangyan City, Qingcheng Town, there are many hotels and guesthouses. Qingchengshan before and after the mountains is also throughout the hotel accommodation, Mount Qingcheng Mount another village after the mountain can also be accommodation, convenient for mountain climbers.
>>> Chengdu Hotel Booking Direct   >>> Dujiangyan Hotel Reservation Direct   >>> Qingchengshan Hotel Reservation Direct   travel arrangements, we look at a map, about the general location. Generally speaking, starting from Chengdu, first visit Dujiangyan, then to Qingcheng Mountain, passing Panda Valley on the way, the direction is very smooth. Panda Paradise, close to Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Spot, is usually combined with Qingcheng Mountain for a day to play. If you look at pandas, choose one of Panda Valley and Panda Paradise.