Sichuan is so big, where to look at giant pandas? - Incidental keepers develop Raiders

Giant Panda: A kind of rare and protected species that is not dependent on talent and depends on the value of the color, specifically to sell Meng for a living, sought after by friends all over the world. The main habitat for giant pandas is the mountainous areas of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu in China. Sichuan is home to the largest number of giant pandas because of its population. But Sichuan is so big, where can I see the giant panda? Please listen to me.
panda base

Says serious, wilderness want to stay the best to dispel thoughts, although the news occasionally reported that only the giant panda broke into the villagers such a thing, but first of all this is particularly fortuitous event, the world only Giant Panda also only 1600, the chance of a small one can imagine; second is the panda naive, they have all been meat, although environmental changes now eat bamboo, but the paw teeth are not degraded, Risk of anger is comparable to other bear species when angry. So, go safely and promised to see where the panda, the following few places enough for you to see.

First, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base (referred to as Panda Base)

1) tickets

Ticket price: 58 yuan     
Opening hours: 08: 00-18: 00

Here are a few of the most convenient from the nearest one in Chengdu, Chengdu area departure 40-50 minutes can arrive, the number of giant pandas next to Ya'an Bifengxia, the focus is to engage in breeding research here, so every year 5 August, there will be newborn baby panda, yes, it is the kind of bright red hairless mouse-like size.  August - the following year in April can see the bear kid uphill on the tree all kinds of embarrassed grandmother scene, easily sprout your heart. Panda is the greater the more lazy, mainly due to the body to become more and more need to maintain physical strength, but very little bamboo nutrients, it requires continuous eating, and then eat more will certainly be tired, rest and then eat Relatively young baby is very active friends. Giant pandas like to climb trees, especially like to sleep on the tree branches, one is comfortable, of course, the main reason is because such a rest in the field is relatively safe.

It is recommended that you book online in advance, a lot of people line up to buy tickets will be delayed for some time, in advance to buy a scenic spot in the ticket gate brush QR code into the park, convenient and cheap ~    

In addition to the park there are giant pandas outside the panda (red panda: the following figure this way) and free-living peacocks, swan what. Suitable for family paternity, couples and friends, three or five friends ... Park in addition to tour there are park staff can provide explanation services, money and wayward, please go to the zoology and botany to discuss with you, of course, staff is limited, and are paid The park is mainly to see the giant panda, generally do not have to explain.

2) About transportation

1. Zijia: Panda base away from the Chengdu area only 10 kilometers, easy navigation will be able to. However, during the holiday is not recommended especially by car, believe me, or you will be tortured crazy parking spaces.
2. Bus (Need to transfer): 198 and 87 is the road you can reach the area next to the door, 1,49,53,63,64,69,71,83 Road can be transferred to these two buses (the time-consuming Longer, not very recommended).
3. Subway (transfer required): Line 3 is also convenient now, get off at Panda Avenue station, but after leaving the area there are about 6 km away, but do not worry, out of a shuttle bus, Tickets can be purchased for free ride; Shuttle bus operating hours are 08:00 to 14:00 in the morning.
4. On the honeycomb to buy 1 day free exercise of travel products, regular tourist buses, round-trip transportation up to 29 / bit, plus the tickets around 82, convenient is 4 classes -08: 00,08: 30,10: 30,11: 00. Kuanzhai Alley departure is also back to the width of the alley, worry and effort, suitable for living in downtown Tianfu Square, People's Park, Chunxi Road near friends.

If you do not want to turn public transit subway travel Lawton recommended day trip products, traffic tickets have to get ~    

Elderly students and other special groups to the area to buy tickets can also choose only the return transport ~    

Second, China Panda Conservation Research Center Dujiangyan base field research center

1) tickets

Ticket price: 58 yuan 
Opening hours: 08: 30-17: 00 

Panda Paradise ~

The wild-type research base is located in Baima Village, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City, about 50 km away from Chengdu City. The difference from Chengdu Panda Base is that there is a wild-type training center here. Most of the adult giant pandas are wild here Put the transitional training. From the protection of rescue giant panda, everyone's purpose is not to keep them housed in a cage or cage, the establishment of this base is also declared that the protection of the giant panda has embarked on the world's largest artificial breeding herds home, Therefore, the planning of the site pays more attention to restoring the most natural environment of the giant panda. Most of the open area can see the captive giant panda, the entire base area is large, the open part of the minority, the entire park slowly tour down 2 hours enough.

2) About transportation

1. By car: Chengdu departure by Pixian 1 hour and 20 minutes can be reached, there are high-speed fast road conditions are better, occasional traffic jams holidays.
2. Intercity high-speed rail: starting from Chengdu North Station or Xipu Station, half an hour you can reach Dujiangyan station, out of the high-speed rail station there are about 8 km away from the area, you can take a taxi, you can also take the 202 bus in irrigation Wen junction stop 14 bus arrived (about 3 km walk ~).
3. Panda rarely go to the market alone, because there close to Qingchengshan Dujiangyan, so most of the travel agencies are packaged together with the sale of the trip, but personally feel that some day to play some of the three places tired, of course, I am more lazy, so The trip is also quite suitable for holiday friends.

Third, China's giant panda research center Yaan Bifengxia base

1) tickets

Scenic Area 120 yuan Wild Animal Park 130 yuan 
Opening hours: Bifengxia Zoo 08: 30-16: 00; Bifengxia Scenic Area 08: 30-17: 00

Pik Gap Scenic Area Panda base

Bifengxia in Ya'an, Chengdu, driving over the past two and a half hours to be here mainly divided into two districts, Panda Park in the scenic area, buy tickets to the scenic area contains a Panda Park votes. Recommended index Samsung half here, for several reasons:

1. Bifengxia ecological particularly good, plus Ya humid air, summer has become a good place for summer, a beautiful clear air. However, it is not suitable for winter ~ (mainly the tickets are relatively expensive).
2. Although the number of pandas here a lot, but here is ecological stocking, and Panda Park tour is a way to go in the same way, compared to the Panda base and the Panda Valley is not high tour.
A word! Far, go to Bifengxia to play plus or minus at least a full day, if the scenic area and zoo want to go, then also need to live over there for one night.
In summary, Bifengxia suitable summer summer leisure, parent-child activities are not bad, a variety of animals in the zoo, but also to see Meng Meng da panda. But if you just want to see the panda, then the price is not very high here.

2) About transportation

1. By car: The whole journey into Ya 2 and a half hours, about 150 kilometers.
2. Bus: Chengdu South Gate Tourist Terminal Chengdu to reach the Bifengxia green can arrive in the morning 07:30 - 19:30 almost 40 minutes, the fare 44 yuan / bit. You can also take a car to Ya'an and then transit from Ya'an.
3. The other one or two days free exercise products, autumn and winter belong to the off-season, summer to go more people, and some tickets with packages and the kind of accommodation on the 2nd package will be cheaper than their own single booking. However, different services, we a lot of reference.

Fourth, Wolong China Giant Panda Research Center

The China Research Center for Conservation of Giant Panda consists of three major research centers: Wolong, Dujiangyan and Bifengxia. However, the Wolong base near Wenchuan was severely damaged in the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and 32 giant panda houses were severely damaged. Among them, The giant pandas have been urgently transferred to other bases and provinces and cities and are not yet fully open to the public after the reconstruction in 2012. Coupled with the distance, do not recommend that you go.

Giant panda base breeder Raiders

A lot of pot friends after watching the sprouting da panda are particularly want to close even hug this group of Meng things, but we are not just people embrace the national treasure, in addition to a higher status and particularly important figure to visit, the current Panda base has no open contacts with tourists in close contact with the project, mainly for the pandas are considered healthy. If you are true love of panda, but you are not related experts, then you can work hard to become a giant panda keeper! ! !

1) Feeder benefits? !

You can enjoy the national treasure class doorman services ~ Ahhh, the style is wrong ah ~

You can also enjoy the national treasure level thigh services ~  

Look at them each day love each other

2) breeder to develop conditions

Is it right? Happily burst ~ Come take a look at how to become a giant panda breeder ~
Feeders are divided into two types, one is the contract workers are a volunteer, contract workers conditions are simple, the following is the official announcement Information:
1. Abide by the law, dedication, with good interpersonal skills and team spirit, love the cause of giant panda protection.
2. Good health, no infectious diseases. Age below 35 years of age, men 165cm above, women 158cm above, have a certain physical strength, can work hard.
3. College degree or above, major in animal husbandry, veterinary and biology is preferred.
Wages: Monthly salary varies from 1600-2200 yuan; according to the annual performance appraisal award, the preparation of external use.
Employee benefits: Five insurance one gold commercial insurance holiday welfare annual medical examination public welfare donations employee activities vocational training accommodation staff meal.

The main task is to carry fresh bamboo, prepare food, feed panda and clean cage. The breeder also exchanges with the giant panda a lot, cultivates the feeling, will also train the giant panda, lives physical strength to live mostly. Of course, in addition to these you can also a variety of molested panda and shoot a lot.
The other is a volunteer, which is mostly foreigners in the base, because you want to become a volunteer in addition to physical conditions have to pass also need to pay a fee to the base, volunteers, there are no other wages you friends.

In addition to these two ways outside the Panda base there will be some cooperation and exchange activities, interested friends can inquire about the next area oh ~  

I believe all of you are here to see the true love ~ why not pay close attention to Sichuan to see this group of Meng Meng style!


After reading the above introduction you are not going to Sichuan where to look at the problem of pandas is not so puzzled it, I hope my finishing can help you find suitable for sending a few places, panda so cute ~ do not hesitate, we are waiting for you >. <

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