Come to Sichuan and have a close contact with the national treasure giant panda

Land of Abundance, the hometown of pandas, the appearance of national treasure panda that comes to Sichuan's friends must go to have a taste of her style. As a Sichuan player that must have some understanding of them, and below I will introduce to you a few Sichuan can see the location of pandas.
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First, Chengdu giant panda breeding research base

Recommended index: ★ Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base, more giant pandas, convenient transportation, half a day can get, a day can add the gourmet food in Chengdu tour. Whether it is local people in Chengdu, or foreign tourists every one of the most recommended place is here.
Tickets: 58 yuan / person. Travel sightseeing car fare: 10 yuan / person.
Opening hours: 07: 30--18: 00, open all year
Transportation: Bus: From the city by bus to the zoo bus station, where the 198a or 198 can go to the Panda base, the Panda base is still far away from of.
Scenic train: From the wide alley or Du Fu Thatched Cottage these areas have through train to go, eliminating the transfer.

Here is the Panda breeding research base, but also the national tourism AAAA level scenic spots. Base on the initial rescue of the remaining 6, based on the hungry giant panda, starting from the original only 6 giant pandas, catching a giant panda in the wild from the case, based on technological innovation, has been breeding large Panda 143 tires, 214 Aberdeen, there are 152 existing (as of 2015).
Giant pandas live in dense bamboo forests at an altitude of 2600-3500 meters, perennial temperatures below 20 ℃, like cold heat. When the weather is cool, giant pandas will be active in the outdoor playground, when the outdoor temperature rose above 26 ℃, the giant panda will be back to the indoor summer. If the hot weather in summer comes, if you do not see the giant panda in the outdoor playground, go to the Giant Panda Moon Delivery Room, the Giant Pandas Villa, the Giant Pandas Villa, the Giant Panda Sun Studio, the Giant Panda Villa and other indoor visits Visit or consult the nearest staff.

Where a few giant pandas can be seen in Sichuan, it should be that the location of the giant panda breeding base is the closest to the urban area of ​​Chengdu and a place that can come into contact with the national treasure. Chengdu area in the past plus half-day trip tour can be done almost. Then there is a half-day to go to Chengdu to experience the leisure life, you can go to eat the most authentic food in Chengdu. This experience is the real day, if you are worried about finding the most authentic restaurants, it is better to let the locals take you to find food and experience the most authentic Chengdu.

① can be set off to the panda base in the morning, the afternoon back to Chengdu continue to visit the attractions in the city, eat Chengdu food at night, then the panda base + Chengdu area day trip to get.
② there are giant pandas within the scenic area, as well as "red panda" is a small raccoon, is also very cute. In addition the environment inside is also very good, flowers and plants are very easy to film Oh ~

Second, Ya'an Bifengxia giant panda base

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Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ Ya'an Bifengxia, where most of the more brave and more giant pandas, take 2 days time to visit, if it is to see the pandas here, then a waste of time, Ya'an as the western Sichuan throat, 318 State Road Through the land, passing through adjustable time to reach Bifengxia area enjoy the rainforest scenery and our lovely panda. As a locals in Chengdu, weekends can visit the area can also watch the 2-day visit to the giant panda is also a good choice.
Tickets: Wild Animal Park tickets 180 yuan / person, Natural Canyon Scenic Area tickets (including Giant Panda Park) 115 yuan / person. (Online booking will be cheaper)
Opening hours: Zoo: 8: 30-16: 00
Scenic Area: 8: 00-16: 00
Panda Park: 9: 00-11: 30 pm 13: 30-16: 00
Scenic Area Panda base 11: 30-13: 30 for the closing time, the national treasure, "lunch break" declined to visit the
traffic: 1. to Chengdu New South Gate Tourist Terminal take the "Chengdu - Bifengxia" tourist routes.
2 can go to Chengdu Shiyang Express Bus Terminal take the "Chengdu - Ya'an" shuttle arrived in Ya'an Ya'an tourist station in the transfer "Yaan - Bifengxia" passenger bus or take a taxi to Bifengxia. (Ya'an Passenger Transport Center to Bifengxia Scenic Area there are 16 kilometers away, taxi 50-60 yuan)
3. Self-driving: ① walk into the Ya-speed, high-speed exit in Yaan, toll station after the turn left; ② go Into the temperature 邛 high speed

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Ya'an Bifengxia Scenic Area is divided into natural scenic areas, eco-zoo, giant panda base, where you can enjoy the dense jungle, considerable variety of national protected animals, but also the national treasure giant panda, after the 2008 earthquake Wolong Panda all moved into Bifengxia base, where the giant panda in China has become the core area of ​​protection and research.

① scenic temperature is lower than the Chengdu 4 ℃ -6 ℃, please bring the appropriate clothes;
② Ya'an Yucheng alias, according to the recent weather forecast to bring the corresponding rain gear;
③ scenic walkway mostly stone staircase pathways, wear flat shoes Comfortable.

Third, Dujiangyan Panda Valley "wild-oriented research center"

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Dujiangyan Panda Valley, less giant pandas, convenient transportation, one day can add Dujiangyan or Qingcheng Mountain tour.
Tickets: 58 yuan / person
Opening hours: 08: 30-16: 30, all year.
Transportation: Located in Baimacun, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City, it is about 50 kilometers away from Chengdu and 2.1 kilometers away from the city of Dujiangyan.
Bus: First from Chengdu to Dujiangyan (in the major bus stations have to Dujiangyan car, Sichuan car ticketing network can be ordered ), from Dujiangyan Passenger Transport Center ride to the scenic Qingcheng Mountain Mountain tourism minibus, 5 yuan to the Panda Valley. Scenic Qingcheng Mountain Scenic Area - Dujiangyan Ferry Terminal Central Hill minibus stops at 5:00 every day to receive the car. Because of the more remote, taxi drivers basically do not want to play table, from Dujiangyan high-speed rail station in the past, can negotiate a price of 25 yuan.
By car: Panda navigation can be found directly into the navigation, we must see clearly Dujiangyan Panda Valley Kazakhstan.
Motor car: 12306 above scheduled from Chengdu to Dujiangyan motor car, arrived Dujiangyan Railway Station, there are also Huan Shan tourist minibuses can take.

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Here is the branch of Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The giant panda will carry out the training of wild transition training here and gradually adapt to the field life. On January 11, 2012, six wild-type pandas trained came to Chengdu Dujiangyan Wildfaction Center from Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. Finally, it will accommodate 30-40 giant panda wild training.

Fourth, Sichuan Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve

After the 2008 earthquake, the giant pandas in Wolong have all been moved to the Ya'an Bifeng Gorge. Wild giant pandas exist in the reserve (but we certainly can not see it), so here only the giant panda's observation station . If you want to see the panda's friends at this stage may be no solution.
Now Chengdu to Siguniang Mountain Barong Hill Tunnel opened to traffic, from Chengdu to Siguniangshan only 4 hours to reach Wolong only 3 hours. With the convenience of transportation, we only have to wait and see if the country still needs to invest in the construction of Wolong Nature Reserve.

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