Chengdu Giant Panda base play Raiders

Come to Chengdu, how can we not look at the lovely national treasure giant panda? Chengdu Giant Panda Base is the place with the largest number of giant pandas in the world. It is not only a research institute for giant panda breeding, but also an ecological park that simulates the wild habitat of giant panda. More than 100 giant pandas are kept. Here, you can watch the pandas live through the fence or glass window, lucky enough to see their naive appearance in outdoor activities; fortunately, the baby room can see the newborn baby panda, be careful Meng cry Oh.

can I hug you? Baby ~

Not long ago, our national treasure added another "Elven King Daddy", "Hobbit" in the handsome wizard king, "Galactic Guard" in the most villain, when the god of the giant pandas that Moment of a moment is completely Meng.

Crooked crooked, who in the end who is rare ah! National treasure to see the gods also do not hold up ~ ~

Although the male god said to the giant panda hug, pro pro on the pro, but because the national treasure is too high, our average tourist still can not hold slightly ~

Panda base nearest downtown

Address: Chenghua District, Chengdu, Sichuan Panda Avenue outside the North 1375 (15 km from the city center)


1, bus: Take the bus from the city to the zoo bus station, where the 198a or 198 can go to the Panda base.
2, Scenic train: From the narrow alley or the Du Fu Thatched Cottage these areas have through train, without transfer, for foreign tourists can play multiple attractions within a day, very convenient.
3, the airport - Panda Base: Take Shuangliu International Airport bus 303 Road to the "Provincial Stadium Station", transfer 99 Road to the "Zoo Station", and then change to 87 or 198 Road to "Panda Base Station" that is, full About 37 kilometers, takes about 2 hours and 20 minutes.
4, Chengdu North Railway Station - Panda Base: 9 bus ride to the "Zoo Station", change to 87 or 198 Road to the "Panda Base Station" that is, about 11 km, takes about 1 hour.
5, Chengdu - Panda Base: Take the bus to the zoo bus station in the urban area, change to 87 or 198 to Panda Base Station. Time-consuming about 1 hour and 30 minutes
6, a taxi: taxi from downtown to the Panda base for about 50 yuan.
7, a taxi feel expensive, and bus trouble is too troublesome, you can buy a day trip [ticket], directly to the area, but also from the round, but also contains tickets.

Scenic train timetable:

Specific departure time:
Wuhou Temple / Jinli (starting point) - Panda Base (25KM)
Departure time: 8: 30-15: 00 (half an hour)
Return: 9: 30-18: 00 11:30 without departure, all other shifts are half an hour)
Kuan Alley (starting point) - Panda Base (25KM)
Departure time: 8: 30-14: 30 (every hour)
Return time: 9 : 30-17: 30 (every hour)
Chengdu East Railway Station (departure point) - Panda Base (30KM)
Departure time: 8: 30-15: 00 (every hour)
Return time: 9 : 30-18: 00 (every hour)
Panda base (starting point) - Sanxingdui ruins (43KM)
Departure time: 12:30
Return time: 15:30 30:00 (back Wuhou Temple)
Panda Base - Airport: Take Wuhou Temple or Kuanzhai Alley Shuttle Bus to Airport
Panda Base - Dujiangyan: Take Wuhou Temple or Kuanzhai Alley Shuttle Bus to Airport

Ticket Information:

Tickets: 58 yuan / person (online buy tickets in advance than the scene to buy cheaper); sightseeing car one-way 10 yuan / person, with the next.
Sightseeing car running lines: the starting point of the gate → Giant Panda Sunbuchen station → Panda No.2 villa station → Panda delivery room → Giant Panda Moon delivery station → Giant Panda Villa → Panda kitchen.
Opening hours: 07: 30-18: 00, all year.
Scenic resort and tour guide services: At the entrance to explain the service station, in addition to ordinary commentator, there are 18 senior researchers can serve you, in Chinese, English, Japanese, Cantonese four, you can also go to plant and animal experts Oh ! In fact, the explanation is relatively simple, if not included package to explain the service, in fact, it is not necessary to ask a tour guide.
Chinese: 1-4 people 50 yuan / time, 5-19 people 100 yuan / time. English: 1-10 people, 100 yuan once

1, the best 8:30 or so to the base, have the opportunity to see the activities of the panda, you can also avoid the surging tourists tide .....
2, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in the lobby on the first floor of the museum A visitor service center, free Chinese and foreign tourists to provide microwave heating, drinking water, baby strollers, wheelchairs, canes, umbrellas, sewing kit and other convenience services.
Ps: I heard that the toilet in the base is knocking luxury, sofa, sitting area, automatic toilet everything.

How to quickly find the giant panda?

A lot of friends come back to play with me to complain that "spicy area is really easy to get lost," "turn around or did not find the moon delivery room," "Panda in the end where ah?" Although the base marked map is very clear, but after really went in, it is quite easy to get lost, after all, are trees, it is easy to find directions Oh. Let us see below how to quickly find the traces of panda?

Giant pandas live in dense bamboo forests at an altitude of 2600-3500 meters, perennial temperatures below 20 ℃, like cold heat. When the weather is cool, giant pandas will be active in the outdoor playground, when the outdoor temperature rose above 26 ℃, the giant panda will be back to the indoor summer. If the hot weather in summer comes, such as the outdoor playground did not see the giant panda, the giant panda moon delivery room, the giant panda house, the giant panda villa two, panda sun maternity ward, indoor panda villa and other indoor visits Visit or consult the nearest staff.
Into the scenic door to the left is the visitor center, you can go get the map, marked with all the attractions above, there are suggested routes, you can refer to follow the recommended route to go, you can also freely arrange the map looks in the distance, in fact Not only in the distance, but also height, need climbing! If the family with children may wish to take a sightseeing car in front of the scenic area to go to the furthest moon delivery room and then walk back and click on the spots to play.

There is a giant panda museum near the gate of the base. Postcards with panda postmark can be sent to the Panda Post Office. You can also watch some documentaries about giant panda at the giant panda cinema, for an additional fee. In addition to the giant panda, you can also see the small panda (similar to a small raccoon), black-necked cranes, peacocks, egrets and other small animals, be gentle and gentle to be friendly.

Villa No. 1, Villa No. 2

Villa 1 and Villa 2 are places for adult pandas, where you can see pandas playing, eating, sleeping and other everyday activities.

Moon delivery room

The moon delivery room is similar to the sun delivery room. It is the place where pregnant panda is born and the newborn red panda and young panda live everyday. There are newborn pandas to meet every day usually at 2-4 o'clock in autumn, the panda breeding season is the autumn good. Juvenile panda in the womb of the moon is well worth seeing, the panda baby is generally 3,4 months old, and some tickling turned over, while others lie quietly while sleeping, stay cute and cute, every tiny move Can cause crowd of cheers.
Moon delivery room is round, half indoors, half indoors. At almost 9 o'clock in the morning, almost every outdoor delivery room was fat and eating. Chubby hand grasps the bamboo flexibly, his mouth peeled open the outer layer of the old skin, one by one, you can eliminate a bamboo effortlessly.

Sun room

Located in the heart of the giant panda breeding area, the Giant Panda Sunbuilding is the place where the giant panda is waiting to be born and the newborn panda and the young panda live. The giant panda's kindergarten is one of the most popular places in the whole base. Case is not allowed to take pictures.

1, the characteristics of the giant panda base is to see the panda was born just not long, the sun and the delivery room of the moon need to line up to enter, and very slow, it is recommended peak travel.
2, time tight friend suggested that 10 yuan from the door to do the first car battery delivery room, because this section is uphill. Then come down from the moon delivery room.
3, the maternity ward and the sun maternity ward is basically the most popular place for scenic spots, but to wait until the fall, there will be a newborn baby panda. Because the panda baby is light sensitive, do not take photos with the flash!

In addition to the giant panda there is a national treasure you do not know?

Out of the panda playground came to the red panda field, is another species, others called scientific name panda. Midway will encounter free-range peacocks and swans, the giant panda did not lose the adorable panda, and more relatives, walking at your feet pondering, full of enthusiasm, walked straight up to tourists stood up, in fact Meng to not ah.
The main activity area of ​​the red panda is near the villa and the shed. There are annotations on the map. You will see the red panda walking along the trail. Maybe you have not passed through your feet. Do not miss it.

Is it necessary to take a scenic tour bus it?

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base currently has 1,000 mu. If you walk for about 3 hours, you will usually take halfway electric sightseeing car. If less people are advised to take a sightseeing car directly, Enter, choose Ha!
Travel sightseeing car fare: ¥ 10 yuan / person.
1, sightseeing car travel lines: Ticket Office → Swan Lake → Giant Panda Charm Theater → Little Panda Activity Center → Giant Panda Sun Production Room → Giant Panda Villa 2 → Giant Panda Moon delivery room → Giant Panda Villa 1 → Giant Panda Moon delivery room → Giant Panda Villa 2 → Giant Panda Sun Production Room → Panda Activity Center → Giant Panda Charm Theater → Giant Panda Villa 14 → Ticket Office. .
2, tourism and tourism car hair class, closing time:
high season (April - October - October): 7:30 ~ 18: 00; low season (November - March - March) 30;
3, sightseeing car limit each row by 3 people, shall not exceed; children over 1.2M please purchase tickets.

Site and surrounding attractions and service facilities introduced

1, the gate starting point, the surrounding attractions: the Giant Panda Museum, Butterfly Museum; peripheral service facilities: tourist service center, explain the service station, gift shop, bathroom;
2, giant panda sun production station, the surrounding attractions: Giant Panda Villa, Panda No.2 playground; peripheral service facilities: gift shop, bathroom;
3, Panda Villa No. 2 Station, Attractions: Giant Panda Villa 2;
4, the giant panda moon delivery station attractions: Giant Panda Moon delivery room; Peripheral facilities: bathroom;
5, One Panda Villa Station, Attractions: Giant Panda Villa.

The most entertaining parent-child activities

With children to see the giant panda, is a highly cost-effective parent-child activities. Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Base has nearly 100 naive giant pandas, children's love of them is self-evident. Panda Hospital here, panda kitchen, panda delivery room, etc. to bring more fun to children's play house, but also rose knowledge!
Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base should be the easiest place for you to see the giant panda when you arrive in Chengdu. The most important educational function here is to make you aware of the status of endangered species, the need to protect natural habitats, and the protection of human beings , The basic needs of captive populations and the interaction of human and non-human animals. You can participate in activities such as "day keeper" feeding the panda under the guidance of the staff of the base and taking care of the young giant panda.

You do not know about pandas?

What did the ancients call the giant panda?
Through the textual research on ancient books such as The Book of Songs, Shang Ci and Cihai, the giant panda once had more than 30 kinds of names, such as 貔 貅, 貘, white bear, iron beast, razor beast, bamboo bear, flower bear and auspicious beast. "Shan Hai Jing" describes "like a bear, black and white beast, eat copper and iron, produced in that smell Hill Road South".
Giant panda can run fast?
In fact, giant pandas are good at running. One day they can climb 30-40 kilometers in the mountains and walk freely even in the steep and dense bamboo groves. When they encounter danger, the trees are faster than others. However, under normal circumstances, still like to sit, lie, or yo-yo.
Giant panda call more like a bear or a cat?
Giant panda's cry is neither like a bear nor a cat. When it was first born, it could express the sound of "creak", "wah-wah" and "cuckoo", grow up and express "xiwang" and "emu" Angry music. But not very often after the adulthood, probably because eating bamboo is too busy.
Giant panda eat bamboo?
The giant panda mainly consumes 50 kinds of bamboos in the mountains and subalpine. But actually it is omnivorous. In addition to bamboo, it also likes to eat apples. Wild pandas can occasionally eat small animals and breeders can occasionally prepare for giant pandas. The amount of meat to supplement nutrition.
Panda how to sleep?
The panda sleeps half the day in a day, does not have a fixed position to sleep, can sleep on his stomach, hangs on a tree, sleeps on a wooden floor, sleeps like a quadriceps, sleeps in the sun A hand covering her face to sleep.
Why is the giant panda so rare?
Giant Panda breeding has three difficulties "estrus is difficult," the females have only 2-4 days of estrus per year, and males delay estrus during artificial rearing. "Breeding condoms is difficult" because ovulation of short estrous females is difficult to grasp; Childhood survival difficult ", panda baby development is very low, if it is twins, female panda only choose a parenting.

Where can I eat in the base?

There are not many restaurants in the Giant Panda Base. There is only one specialty full bamboo feast and two light meals cafes. If you are not interested in these foods, you can choose to go back to the downtown area to have more choices. If you have children, you can bring some light snacks , Eating in the park, please pay attention to environmental protection, do not litter Oh.
Bamboo rhyme restaurant
Chinese restaurant is located in the beautiful Swan Lake southeast side, covers an area of ​​nearly 900 square meters, with two floors up and down the size of 7 rooms, can accommodate more than 300 people dining, Chengdu is the only bamboo culture restaurant, indoor Decoration and dishes, tableware all reflect the Chinese giant panda culture. Chengdu giant panda breeding research base bamboo rhyme restaurant can provide about 80 people in the conference room rental, chess leisure, coffee break and other conference services.
Features meals: full bamboo feast
Full bamboo feast contains: bamboo shoots, bamboo-sun, as well as bamboo bird's nest. Bamboo shoots have bamboo shoots tip, bamboo shoots, old mountain bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, arrow bamboo shoots and Luo Han bamboo shoots; Dictyophora series Dousun cover, bamboo placenta, bamboo hairy belly, bamboo fetus, bamboo sun eggs.
Rose Garden Restaurant
Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base Rose Garden Restaurant is located on the east bank of the beautiful Swan Lake. It covers an area of ​​more than 200 square meters. It has 16 tables of open-air round tables and more than 20 indoor deck seats, which can accommodate more than 200 people at the same time. Rose Garden restaurant beautiful environment, seasons flowers Yan Yan.
Featured meals: coffee, pastries, light meals
Panda cafe
Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base Panda Coffee House is located in the beautiful Swan Lake south bank, coffee house full of wood structure, covering 200 square meters. Has more than 10 open-air seats, indoor deck more than 10 seats, can accommodate more than 80 people dining. Around the coffee house surrounded by trees, quiet and comfortable.
Specialties: Italian coffee, cakes and light meals

Panda base shopping?

Inside the scenic area there are tourist souvenir shops at the front gate, souvenir shops at museum halls, souvenir shops at Panda Bookstore and Sunbuilders Souvenir House. The wooden house structure and interior decoration all adopt the bionic layout, there are colorful panda theme derived souvenirs, as well as giant panda album and DVD.

Admission Tips:

1, quiet visit, in the area do not loud noise, just send unusual, sharp sound, it will disturb them. Giant pandas like natural quiet environment, sensitive to the noise, so be quiet to visit Oh!
2, do not use the flash If you take pictures, it is best not to use flash, especially panda cubs, their eyes are very sensitive to light, flash is likely to hurt them.
3, do not throw food and throw litter Do not feed animals or litter, may lead to infectious diseases or misconduct should not eat food, do not base the bamboo feed panda, because pandas are daily food Is the rationale for feeding staff.
4, here is a smoke-free area, so during the visit is not smoking.
5, if it is summer to see giant pandas, it is best before 10 o'clock in the morning, the weather is hot, they hide in the air-conditioned room not out.

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