Chengdu Panda base to see the red net? Peace of mind fun exclusive Raiders sent!

Since there is iPanda live, giant panda has been fire to lawlessness, "God made" again and again, frequently brush microblogging WeChat and WeChat circle of friends. How can you not come to Sichuan to see this big wave of network red? This article not only to introduce the secret to play panda base, but also for you about the "red net" interesting story behind, definitely let you value the fare!
alarm your panda has been disfigured

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu - Universe network reunion

Sure many people remember such a picture of patience: Panda baby crawling around, accidentally fell face to face, a bear face!
Distressed at the same time, we have to compliment the photojournalist, which can be rated as the 2016 world's best photo ah! To know there are more than 3 million followers of iPanda Panda Channel, there are countless pro-moms who are active in the post, not to mention that CCTV's Facebook also uses the Panda Momo to get the hits and can imagine how attractive our national treasure is It ~

Speaking of "net red panda," the first thing that emerges in our minds is the panda babies who are selling iProsts on the iPanda platform. After all, every day in the video and animation turns bombing, they want to powder they are hard ah!

Although some cities can see the panda zoo, but then one or two, lonely, not very Hi, totally not enough ah!
The research base of giant panda breeding in Chengdu is the base with the largest number of pandas and the most complete distribution in the whole world at present. Most of the "red reeds" are now reared here. At least once again to see dozens of one-off enough to addicted!

Location and transportation

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Breeding Base is located in Chenghua District, Chengdu, North Panda Avenue, No. 1375, more than 10 km from the urban area is not too far away.
Past traffic is also very convenient, by car, taxi, public transport and train through a variety of ways.
1. Self-driving map navigation in the past on the line, positioning accurate and easy to find. Taxi is generally tens of dollars, a few people more cost-effective.
2. Public transport two options: Subway Line 3 Zoo Station Transit bus 655 to the Panda base station, or transit bus (to the base station bus there are 198,655, etc.).
3. Qingcheng Mountain, Kuanzhai Alley, Jinli and other popular attractions at the front door there are scenic train Panda base directly without transfer, the price of 10 yuan.

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base entrance

Tickets and sightseeing car

Tickets price 58 yuan, half-price special documents. Buy on the buy site is 54 yuan, 60 yuan with electronic voice guide package, with two-dimensional code can be directly admission, do not change paper tickets.
Tickets need to produce on-site ticket ID, sometimes not required, but just in case or bring it ~

Admission tickets

Sightseeing car is a two-way 10 yuan / person. Can take a sightseeing car at the door directly to the moon delivery room, and then slowly stroll down, do not repeat the up and down. If you do not hurry, like walking if you can not buy sightseeing car.

Sightseeing car ~

As a scenic area to be punched in Chengdu, Panda base playability, cost-effective and ornamental are enough. But to play Panda base, there are three major challenges: 1. The park is large; 2. The complex distribution of venues; 3. Super people. Based on the actual situation, you want to play comfortably Panda base, or have more reliable Raiders God assists, or have the old driver take the road play.

The other day, just go to the Panda base will be a little waste. In the afternoon, you can stroll around the city for food, drink, drink tea, and learn about the city's iconic architecture, delicious cuisine, leisurely dialects and comfortable and comfortable living. For business trip to the surrounding or travel to the surrounding people in the transfer, it is recommended to choose the following one-day trip, within 6 small groups, local Aboriginal play, comfortable to experience the characteristics of Chengdu, and then suitable .

Swan Lake cozy

1. Weekends and more holiday tourists, on-site admission tickets have to line up. So recommend online ticket ~
2. The park is very green is very ecological, after all, is where the national treasure. Bamboo faint, a kind of ambush ten ambush ~ In addition to the Panda Museum, there are artificial garden park, Swan Lake, Rose Garden, with ornamental.
3. Park is not too much commercial configuration, only a rare panda souvenir shop and Swan Lake snack bar.
4. If you have a long time to bring some fruit, snacks or lunch. There are tables and chairs in the park, pretty cozy.

Uncover the four "red net" mystery

Nearly a hundred pandas in the mountain ax have more or less the chance to show their faces. For example, Qiqi, sister of Qifu, blessing of Fusun, sister Fu, "Cranial coal" have received iPanda's "exclusive page."
Here to debut in which stand out, red to purple of the four main characters "Red Net" to see their special "hype" skills, diligent, tricks and more stunned!

Four big net red sky group, first to collective bright phase ~ (picture material from iPanda official Bo)

However, as the saying goes, the waves are pushing the waves. Days of the group "bear" was born out of the red net can have good efforts to maintain the heat, beware of "little fresh meat" to seize the layout oh ~

Petite extortion: odd one

Shock! Well-known net red actually made such a thing for nanny ~ (picture from iPanda official blog)

Although odd one because of all kinds of awkward black history famous, but always an aluminum paper, there are shame and sweet side ~

Look at this watery ... black eyes! (Picture from iPanda official blog)

Birthday : July 1, 2016 (the name is derived from here)
Gender : Female
Relatives : Mom's fate Sister odd fruit

The main story 1 :
In the odd is still a very young age, staged in the live broadcast incontinence, but also with their body sucking urine ... ... Gee tut, with "self-black" way to obtain a certain reputation.

Use your body to dry the urine ... a strange baby, you are pretty spell! (Picture from iPanda official blog)

The main story 2 :  
More worth mentioning is that recently by selling Meng on the news network. More than 50 seconds of video Ridge is like the same as the brown sugar, no matter where the daddy, it clinging daddy's legs tightly. This move made it to become ax ax "masters", embarked on the "Bear Health peak!"

Main story 3 :  
Odd start a "BMW" mount, but always fall as a joke by everyone riding hard households. I did not expect yesterday to popo out of the latest odd a "side riding BMW" video, a snow shameful! We odd baby is still very ambitious!

Look at this cute little eyes ~ (The picture comes from iPanda official Bo video)

Yan value : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Reality
Index : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (well-deserved universe network red!)
Identify the way : head with wifi, hind legs have white hair, short legs, and riding riding 666

Senior movie actor: Fushun

Odd after a bully sister, and Fushun became popular after his sister crazy fight ... ... the same is a panda, why the treatment is so poor?

Birthday : July 14, 2016,
sex : male
relatives : mother Chifu sister blessing

Main Deeds 1 :
In September last year, Axis Hill first organized 23 collective debut, the Fushun relying on the "fall onions" a fall fame in the international popularity. Photographers snapped pictures of the camera into the Reuters 2016 picture, "Time Week" 2016 animal pictures, "Atlantic Monthly" 2016 news pictures.  

Main Deeds 2 :  
Then in the "2017 Panda Day New Year" at the annual meeting, Fushun once again demonstrated a self-cultivation network red - engage in things! Other babies obediently pose, it wow to go to ground; other baby pat sit, but it is while the nanny hand soft to jump to the ground, scurrying ... ...

Main Deeds 3 :  
Often be pro-mom: feeling Fusun is not the blessing of the natural, otherwise how will easily fall across the shoulder, butt rub, bite head ~ and others are particularly distressed, "maternal love mountain" incident. Blessing, ah, where is your mother, obviously mudslide!

High energy early warning! (Picture from iPanda official Bo video)

Main story 4 :  
pro-mom not wait to see, but fortunately there is a male god. Elf King Li Peisi in front of Fushun no resistance, the second change is a foolish brother, but also breastfeeding is to say that the Sichuan dialect Fushun like ~

Look at the god of love this loving eyes (picture from iPanda official blog)

Yan value : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Reality
Index : ★ ★ ★ ★ (Although famous earlier, but compared to the odd one of the spoiled skill is slightly inferior ah)
Identify features : collective activities most beats out of place, so that the nurse Dad is uncertain about that it is, there are unique stunts, "Eighteen Dragons roll down" ~

Undoubtedly on the tree: bamboo shoots

Birthday : July 26, 2014
Sex : Female
Relatives : Mom's hairy father Xiongbin brother Mao bamboo

Main story : Its fame has to start with this year's New Year's Day, when 23 breeders held "23" Panda babies born in 2016 in "2017" shape. At this point the reporter found that the tree next door was actually still hanging a panda - although the 2014 version of the bamboo shoots missed the New Year's team, but to pay attention to the sword go Polaris, even successful steal the spotlight!
This is a common panda card out! Obviously a panda, partial to be a monkey! You can not find her on the ground forever. Because the bamboo shoots are not on the trees, they are on the way to climb the trees. There is every reason to suspect that the bamboo shoots may be "monkey"!

The nanny introduced it, in fact, because MaoDun 2014's buddies are now gone somewhere else, and she often feels lonely. So I will climb to the tree to see other panda baby play ~
Sounds a little sad, so feel good with wood. Fortunately, there are netizens care ~    

In order to steal the spotlight is really resorted to the power of the prehistoric ... ... (Image from iPanda official Bo)

Yen Value : ★★★★ (older, the value of Yen also dropped)
net red Index : ★★★ (more introverted, likes to be alone, feeling weaker than another few exist)
to identify ways : It goes without saying it ? Look for the tree! In addition the bamboo shoots have been 2 years and a half, compared to the previous two red slightly larger size ~

"Printing" when no ink: little gray

Gray less shiny debut! (Picture from iPanda official blog)

A wink tease you ~ (picture from iPanda official blog)

Date of birth : August 19, 2016
Sex : Male
Relatives : Mom results (small gray is the tenth child)

Main deeds 1 :
Small gray as big name. Due to genetic problems, when I was born, like the older brothers and sisters, the parts of my body that were supposed to be black were light gray, probably because there was no ink when God printed. So harvest the "small gray", "small lime" nickname. Unique strong coat color recognition, comes with the red net properties of small gray ash Bo concern can be described as effortless. Netizens are always the first to find him!  

With another panda in a clear distinction (picture from iPanda official blog)

Main deeds 2 :  
every day be beaten: small gray also has a sad heart of the past. When everyone plays together, other pandas like to discard it, so they do not care about it. So it only sleeps from home to go home. It is only a single form of the body had no choice but to run where the milk nanny, chasing like big brother ... ...

Injured back ... (Photo from iPanda official blog)

Main story 3 :  
iPanda sent the latest report, a small gray hanging on the tree, a nibble toward the nurse's head. Angry nurse turned odd side of the transfer ~ ~

Yan value : ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Yan value or full score ~)
Net red index : ★ ★ ★ ★ (Although with the flow, but the lack of masterpiece shows that acquired efforts is still very important)
Identify the way : Now close to the normal panda coat color, but also vaguely left some mark), a little fat, limbs are extremely uncoordinated, the performance of abnormal slide when playing Caton!

Although drooling online every day, but the real base to see when the giant panda look 懵 *: Which is odd? What is the relationship between QiFu and QiYi? Who is blessed, who is blessed? Who hold the thigh? Is the bamboo shoots on the tree? What is the difference between them?
In addition to the base of staff, ordinary people across that far, it is difficult to recognize ~

However, outside each venue there will be a sign indicating " Today's Guests ". When you see the names and understand their stories, you will be able to distinguish them from your personality traits.  

pandas daily places and games are not fixed, will rotate.
So if directed at a net red go, we must be patient and more looking for.

See the red net necessary preparations

A few thoughtful little suggestions that can make you "watch the cats" more pleasing:

Weather and time

1. Panda is more afraid of heat, the sun, when the temperature is high, they will go back to bed to sleep.
2. Around 9 o'clock in the morning there will be panda feeding link, at this time they are the most lively, the most adorable, wonderful moments not to be missed ~
3. Weekends and holidays, more than 10 o'clock is the peak tourist season, into the park and Take sightseeing cars have to line up.
In summary, pay attention to view the weather, arrange a good time, peak travel ~

Look at the details of the lens

In order to give the panda babies plenty of playgrounds and protection measures, visitors can only watch on the fence. If people can not squeeze too much in the front row, it is easy to see.
So if you have a camera or a DV, it's useful to have a larger zoom lens to get closer to the details on the rear row of flowerbeds and to capture some fun little videos.
Mobile phones can be done, but after zooming in resolution is not too high ~ Below to share a few I tried my best to shoot the rolling ~

Beast beasts seen King Bear!

Flexible shuttle ~

Where is the panda hidden?

Want to see more pandas, you need a pair of goggles!
Sometimes separated, the size of the panda baby is relatively small, may find a long time can not find their shadow wow ~
At this moment may wish to look up - looking toward the branches, tree branches, there will be unexpected surprise Oh. After all, in addition to rolling children, climbing trees is also one of the necessary skills popular!

Come, find a total of a few pandas on the tree?

1. can not deliver any food to the panda.
2. Can not roll over the railings. Although it looks harmless to humans and animals, do not forget that pandas are carnivorous. In particular, do not hold the children on the railing or railing!
3. National Treasure like quiet, although we see the Red Net will be very excited, or try to restrain ~


Read the "red net" who are famous history, there is no one want to see the impulse of the deity?
Haha, through the absolute geographical advantage of living in Chengdu to see after ~ The biggest feeling is: value back fares!
Too envious of base keepers, you can enjoy the socialism "bear" hair ~
look 100 pictures online, it is better to take a look at the wow ~ ~ After all, the panda baby soon grew up, the value of the will Falling yo.

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