Chartered to see the Great Wall - Jiayuguan play Raiders!

In the train, we passed by the snow-capped mountains and grasslands and saw the sheep and sheep in pieces. Finally reached the Great Wall on the dark before the biggest pass, but also China's largest pass --- Jiayuguan.

Jiayuguan Great Wall how to visit the most convenient?


Jiayuguan attractions are not many, but are quite far away, and traffic inconvenience, if you do not want to report mission, you can only take a taxi or chartered. Holiday taxi in the area, we all understand. . So I chose the chartered car, the master was the day before yesterday to send us to the hotel, chatting with him on the road, it is OK, a day 160 , want to go anywhere can be. The route is set by us.


I checked online before the morning, then the weather a bit cold, just suitable to climb the Great Wall , at noon to Jiayuguan off the city , the afternoon to the world's first pier . Because we spent a long time in the cantilevered Great Wall, lunch was simple and we ate in Guancheng. I suggest eating local features if you have time.


Coupons in three places are 120 , student tickets 60 .

Jiayuguan must see 3 spots

- Cantilever Great Wall, fancy love

Cantilever Great Wall only a short period of time, you can climb to the top in a short while, but in the vicinity there are a few hills, you can climb up to take pictures, the feeling is also very good, there are many open spaces on the mountain some people spell The words, fancy show love ah.

Jiayuguan off the city, people follow

Jiayuguan off the city is really quite big, we are shopping for quite a long time, mainly a lot of people. In order to take a few pictures of people I fight.
The beginning of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty, the starting point of the pass, the East is the Shanhaiguan, plans to have a look after.

- The first pier of the Great Wall, the ancient Great Wall starting point

The first pier of the Great Wall and the starting point of the ancient Great Wall lie behind the Ruilai River. It is formed by melting glaciers on the Qilian Mountains and walking on the suspension bridge to experience its spectacular steepness. You can also go to the museum's glass viewing platform to feel, anyway, I am a bit afraid of high altitude, so stay for a while and quickly go back ~ ~

Jiayuguan train precautions

From Jiayuguan sat Dunhuang, all the way to Dunhuang.
In this need to remind friends will take a train in Jiayuguan, we must go early ~ There is only one ticket entrance , and there will be a lot of people do not line up, the most annoying is that no one tube.

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