Mutianyu Great Wall [Youth VS Elders] Play Raiders

The reason for choosing Mutianyu is very simple. When I went to Badaling to see the Great Wall, it was watching people. When I arrived at Mutianyu, I realized that it was one of the most worthwhile places to visit in Beijing. The scenery did not say that because of the defensive Great Wall, the steepness of the road is not comparable to that of Badaling. However, the more dangerous the place is, the more beautiful the scenery is. The Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Huairou District, one of the sixteen new scenes in Beijing.

Why choose Mutianyu instead of Badaling?

Although they are all in the Great Wall, they are in different locations and the scenery is different. I don't think there are any advantages or disadvantages.
In contrast, both have advantages and disadvantages.
The Badaling Great Wall has been developed relatively well, transportation is more convenient, and other facilities are more perfect. However, on the other side of the coin, there are a relatively large number of tourists, and there will be some impact on the viewing, photographing and group activities.
The Mutianyu Great Wall has a higher degree of freedom of movement because of fewer visitors, and it has not been systematically developed here. Therefore, the natural scenery is relatively primitive, but the convenience of transportation is poor.
Put aside the problem of many people and fewer people. Badaling is convenient because of its convenient transportation and it is not suitable for people of all ages. Mutianyu is the real climb of the Great Wall, with steep slopes. There are quite a few foreigners visiting Mutianyu now. It is said that the Great Wall of Badaling is quite famous in China. However, in fact, it seems that the Great Wall of Mutianyu is more attractive to foreign countries. In the end, it is said that the best Great Wall in Beijing is the wild Great Wall that has not been developed into a classic, such as the Great Wall of Arrows. It has always been the classic route for outdoor crossing.
It is not the black Badaling. Its world-famous reputation is undeniable. Therefore, its overcrowding is also a fact. Why don't we find a way to avoid the crowds and choose Mutianyu, which is also a national 5A scenic spot? In fact, many friends who know how to play will even climb Mutianyu several times a year.
In addition, Mutianyu can fully take into account the needs of young people for adventure and hiking, as well as the elder’s need for “barrier-free” travel.
The following sections are divided into two sections to introduce how young people and their elders can swim in Mutianyu.
Play one: natural oxygen bar, through the Castle Peak, caress the city wall - youth walking Raiders
gameplay 2: full accessibility, to avoid the crowd, relaxed and comfortable - elders accessibility Raiders

How to get to Mutianyu?

Longer public transfer time, recommend self-driving or travel agency trains
1. Bus No. 1, 916 bus
Dongzhimen take No. 916 bus - Huairou North Street - transfer to Shajing Dongtai bus (every half hour) -
Take Mutianyu roundabout Dongzhimen bus No. 916 - North Huairou Street (about 1 hour) - Transfer to a taxi to reach the scenic spot (50 yuan, with good luck, carpool with people, about 10 yuan per person, you can also get off On the opposite side of the station, wait until you cross the road to Mutianyu Great Wall. Note that there are no routes and stop signs, so be sure to ask the locals where to wait for the specific bus.
Line: Exit from Dongzhimen Station Exit B of Metro Line 2 along Dongzhimen. Take the outer street 200 meters to the east, enter the public transportation hub, find the Bus 916 bus (Dongzhimen-HuaiRou North Street), and then get off and find the black van to reach Mutianyu.
 Advantages: 1, all the year has 916, all year round There is a small black car;2.Because it is a BRT, the time may be faster (not yet certified.)
 Disadvantages: 1, to change the car, so trouble!2, Dongzhimen roadside free guide to the grandfather did not recommend this!

2. Bus Route No. 867 (More stations, no speed, no traffic, 2.5 hours)
Dongzhimen starts at 7:00 (every half hour) - Hongluosi Scenic Area (10:00, 12:00) Two classes) - Mutianyu Great Wall roundabout, returning to Hongluo Temple twice in the afternoon at 14:00 and 15:00, returning to Beijing every half an hour from 15:00, and returning the last train to 17:00.
Line: From Line 2 of Dongzhimen Subway Station Exit B, walk 300 meters east along Dongzhimen Outer Street, then walk 500 meters to the north, you will see a bus stop station and find “tourist line 867” in the innermost part. (Dongzhimen - Hongluo Temple). Note: Although the terminal is written by Hongluo Temple, it will not be under the Hongluo Temple. It will still be open to the Mutianyu parking lot. This ticket seller will remind everyone.

Advantages: 1. Depart from Dongzhimen every morning at 7:00 and 8:30. Return from Hongluo Temple at 14:00 and 16:00 every afternoon. Time is fixed; 2. One-stop, no worry; 3. Dongzhimen Road Free guide to the side of the grandfather recommend this!
Disadvantages: 1, there is only a car from March 15 to November 15 every year, no winter; 2, relatively fixed time, freedom is not high; 3, belonging to the bus, that is to stop more than 30 stations. Time: 2.5 hours from Dongzhimen to Mutianyu.

Second, by car: Beijing-Chengde Expressway No. 13 (Northern Taiwan Estuary) - along the road signs to reach the area
Special reminder! Please be sure to arrive at the formal and exclusive large parking lot of Mutianyu Scenic Spot.
As soon as people arrive in the area, there are counterfeit parking lots to guide you. The counterfeit parking lot is very small. There is a small slope, a few trees on the ground, and there are chaos on the ground. After you stop, you will be told that the car can only be parked here. They are responsible for pulling you to the entrance of the scenic area and recommending the cable car and ferry ticket, which is 25 yuan more expensive than buying your own ticket.
The formal area parking lot, the entrance has a very regular doorman, is a very formal large underground parking lot, please look good signposts.

Tickets and opening hours

1. Various tickets
Great Wall tickets Adult tickets: 45 yuan/person; Great Wall tickets Student tickets: 25 yuan/person
Voluntary payment items:
Ferry ticket: 15 yuan/person; One-way ticket for ferry ticket: 10 yuan/person
cable car adult Round-trip ticket: 120 yuan/person; One-way ticket for the cable car: 100 yuan/person
Return ticket for the cable car: 60 yuan/person; One-way ticket for the cable car: 50 yuan/
slide Adult return ticket: 100 yuan/person; slide adult One-way ticket: 80 yuan/person; slide ticket children return ticket 60 yuan/person
1, it is recommended to buy a ferry ticket, the scenic gate to the entrance to the city is still quite far, the car needs to walk about 5 minutes, walking estimate was 15 minutes or more, along the way It is a slope, with farmhouses and people on both sides.
2. The cable car is an enclosed car, the slide is open air, and the legs are vacant. The cable car and the cableway are not an entrance. The cable car is closer to the entrance to the city and must be distinguished.
Second, the operating hours
Summer 7:00-18:30
Winter 7:30-17:30
If you do not hurry, do not plan to climb the Great Wall, you can choose to arrive at 3 pm, play 2 hours.
One can better avoid the crowd (although there are not many people already), and secondly, you can see the setting sun at the top of the hill. When the weather is good, you must really cry with the unpredictable clouds.

Natural Oxygen Bar, Crossing Castle Peak, Caressing City Walls - Youth Walking Tour Guide

The Mutianyu Great Wall has a total of 23 enemy buildings, covering a total distance of 2,250 meters. But do not think it is only 2 kilometers so easy! The straight line is not far away, but the Great Wall is ups and downs, sometimes smooth and steep. It's not easy.
Please see the following description from the bee-friend:
“Mutianyu Pass has the lowest terrain and is only 486 meters above sea level. It rises to the east and suddenly rises up to Tai Kok House (Mu Ziyi) within 500 meters and rises 117 meters. From Muzi 4 (ie, Zhenguantai) to Muzi 19, the ups and downs are relatively flat. From Muzi 20 to the highest point of Niujiao, only about 10 enemy buildings pass from Mutianyu. The 486-meter-meter rise was 533 meters, reaching 1,039 meters. It is spectacular."
Here is a map of the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu.

First, the more full course of walking miles
red arrow: the route to the city
green arrow: down the route

1. Enter the Great Wall from the South ticket gate, reach the No. 6 enemy building, walk to the No. 1 enemy building, and return to the No. 6 enemy building on the former road of Tai Kok House.
2. From No. 6 enemy building to No. 14 enemy building, No. 14 enemy building has two iconic landscapes. You can also choose to go down here.
Landscape One: Loyal to Chairman Mao
Landscape Two: Mutianyu Stele Stone Must Be Photographed
3. If you do not choose to take a cable car or walk downhill from No. 14 enemy building, you can proceed to No. 23 enemy building.

This was captured in the enemy building on the 14th. At around 5:30 in the afternoon, the setting sun lingered over the clouds and hit the green hills with a golden touch. PS: People are not very few!
Second, clothing, equipment, recommendations
1, clothing
Mutianyu obvious differences in elevation, so the temperature difference between the mountains below the mountain, the spring and autumn winds larger.
It is recommended to wear a light wind jacket to prevent sweating and cool down after the sun goes down.
2. Equipment
Mountain supplies are not sufficient and it is recommended to bring enough drinking water.
Friends prepared for long-distance hiking can bring some bananas for quick rejuvenation.
Please wear comfortable sneakers. Those who are qualified can carry trekking poles. They can support them strongly when going down the hill and reduce knee impact.
Special reminder: When going down the mountain, be sure to slow down. Do not run, otherwise the damage to the knee is great!

Full accessibility, avoid crowds, and comfort - Elders accessibility

First, the elders personally concluded that the elders are not convenient for the body to travel, have the following characteristics:
1, can not be long distance walk, physical fitness is greater.
2, especially sensitive to the wind, especially in the consumption of sweat when sweating, it is easier to catch cold than young people.
3, hand and foot coordination with the inconsistent, for the distance, height, speed, there are deviations.
4. There should be no shortage of food and drinking water.
2. Mutianyu's Accessibility Guide
Green Arrow: Barrier-free Section
Red Line: Somewhat laborious

Detailed route:
1. It is recommended to choose a self-driving bus or a travel agency bus, so that there is no need to change the car in the road.
2. Self-driving cars can park in the underground parking lot of the scenic private car. Looking for a straight ladder to reach the ground, there is a bathroom on the ground and you can take a rest.
3, go to the ticket office to buy tickets and ferry tickets back and forth, enter the door to follow the instructions to find the ferry car on the point.
4, to the shuttle bus on the way to the point of the road all the way, along the way is the restaurant and specialty shops, into the area when you can pay attention to the favorite restaurant, out when convenient dining.
5. Take a shuttle bus for about 5 minutes.
6. After getting off the bus, you need to walk 300 meters to reach the next stop of the cable car (that is, the uphill point). The slope is relatively large. There are two types of stairs and slopes. If the physical strength is limited, a human rickshaw can be selected. The price needs to be discussed.
7. At the next stop of the cable car (ie, uphill point), there is a “barrier-free straight ladder” behind the stone wall on the right. You can go directly to the cable car ride or you will need to climb a three-story staircase.
8, very important! ! Tips for getting on the cable car: Under normal circumstances, the cable car does not stop. Visitors need to follow the speed of the cable car to jump on the cable car. This is difficult for the elders. The staff of Mutianyu are very kind and friendly. You can ask the staff to suspend the cable car for you. After the cable car is stable, you can easily get on the train. There is no need to worry about getting off the cable car, and the staff will also call the staff opposite to do the job.
9, the only bit of difficulty is that after the cable car, that is, the location of the enemy building on the 14th, there are about 10 steps, each about 30cm high, need the help of fellow people can safely board the Great Wall.
10. You can enjoy the scenery from the upstairs on the 14th to the Great Wall! According to the elders' strength and strength, it is the best photo point.

It is still the enemy building on the 14th, and there are five characters that are loyal to Chairman Mao in the distant mountains. This is a relic of a historical era.
Third, clothing, equipment, recommendations
1, clothing
Mutianyu obvious differences in elevation, so the temperature difference between the mountains below the mountains, the spring and autumn winds.
The elders are particularly sensitive. It is recommended to wear a jacket that is light and windy to prevent sweating and cool down after the sun goes down.
2, equipment
Mountain supplies are inadequate, it is recommended to bring enough drinking water.
Prepare biscuits and fruits for seniors and quickly supplement sugar and moisture.
Wear comfortable elastic shoes and elastic pants.
Special reminder: Take a good camera and keep it. At this point, take more pictures, will miss the future. Take your patience, be slow and considerate, just like you were when you were young.

Catering points and accommodation along the way

The overall service facilities of Mutianyu are still excellent. The catering and accommodation facilities inside and outside the scenic area are richer, more comfortable and close to the people than Badaling.
(1) Quality Food Street in the Scenic Area: After entering the gate, there is a restaurant and a pedestrian street, which is prosperous and of high quality. The hotel is basically a chain of big brands, in addition to their own brand characteristics, but also integrated into the Mutianyu Great Wall features, so the whole street is very harmonious, it does not seem abrupt.
Dining brands along the scenic spot:
Western food: Laker's Pizza Restaurant, Subway, Burger King, Coffee House, etc.
Chinese: Stuffed Manchu (City's Famous Dumpling Restaurant), Qiangqian Health Noodles, Vegetarian Restaurant, etc.
( Second, the area along the ground outside the grounding gas Farmhouse: Huairou beautiful, has always been the garden of Beijing residents leisure resort, so the catering and accommodation industries have developed more mature, each taste and price are more fair, rarely smash passengers.

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