Beautiful Huairou travel guide (attached to the attractions, theme lines, food accommodation)

In Beijing there is such a "spring flowers have autumn months, summer cool breeze winter snow" place, it is Huairou. Just that Huairou you may not have any concept, but you know that the essence of the Great Wall where the vast land of Mutianyu it? Do you know the name of the North Rhododendron? Do you know the most complete water entertainment project of Yanqi Lake? There is that "race location, Jiangnan wind, all in the water Great Wall," the yellow city of the Great Wall it? There are a variety of scenic spots close to nature, but also with the old Beijing memories of the Erguotou Museum. Ground gas, then you can live here, with children to pick; tall, then, there can be a wide range of holiday inn to let you choose. In this, only you can not think of, no you can not experience. Let me introduce you now!

What is the geographical relationship of Huairou?

Huairou belongs to Beijing, located in the northeast of Beijing, about 50 kilometers from the city. Huairou area is very large, including many well-known attractions, such as close to the nature of the Qinglongxia and Yanqi Lake, feel the history of the classic car museum, Beijing Erguotou wine museum, as well as a variety of emerging film base, such as the United States and the United States Sheng film and television. A variety of games and games can be achieved here.
In the choice of traffic, we recommend traveling by car, or to participate in small package group, so more convenient to play. If the public transport travel, you can take the Octopus 916 of the feeder bus, direct access to the vicinity of the area, but the traffic between the scenic area is not yet convenient, need a separate taxi. Although Huairou has a train station, but this approach takes time, and not convenient, so do not recommend yo.

Huairou will hit the card area TOP6

01. Mutianyu Great Wall
02. Hongluo Temple
03. Yanqi Lake
04. Qinglongxia
05. Huanghua City Water Great Wall
06. Lenggou virgin forest park

01. Mutianyu Great Wall

Compared to the famous Badaling Great Wall, Mutianyu may be slightly inside the show some. But as the Great Wall, where the scenery did not say that because of the defensive Great Wall, the road is not steep than the Badaling than the ratio, but the same more dangerous place where the landscape is more like. Because Mutianyu Great Wall visitors less, so here the activities of the higher degree of freedom, and there is no systematic development, so the natural style is relatively more primitive. Mutianyu Great Wall of the mountain peaks, vegetation coverage of more than 90%. Former British Prime Minister Major, former US President Bill Clinton and many other foreign leaders have to play Mutianyu! But there will be some inconvenience in traffic.
Crawling Tian Yu Great Wall or very costly physical, poor physical fitness can choose to sit cableway, cableway can only reach the hillside, or after a long way to go, so the cable will not lose too much beauty. In addition, the Great Wall, whether it is water or food prices are high, it is recommended to bring some, the Great Wall Hill at the foot of the restaurant is still very convenient.
Tips: here special rainbow trout, but true and false difficult to distinguish, the price is also uneven. It is best to have the locals with, or learn some recognition skills yo.
adult tickets: 40 yuan / person; Great Wall student tickets: 20 yuan / person (postcard tickets plus 5 yuan)
ferry two-way ticket: 15 yuan / person; ferry one-way ticket: 10 yuan / person
cable car two-way : Adult: 100 yuan / person, children half price; cable car one way: adult: 80 yuan / person, children half price
tour fee: 200 yuan / times
scenic area Tel: 61626873/61626876
opening hours:
summer 7: 00-18: 30; : 30-17: 30
Mu Tianyu on how to play in the end can refer to "to avoid the crowd! Mutianyu Great Wall [Youth VS elders tour] play big secret ~ ~   "This Raiders yo.

02. Hongluo Temple

It is said that to the red snake Temple must go Guanyin Road, to Guanyin Temple worship a worship, because here for marriage and seeking children are special spirit. This is not really we do not know, but I can tell you that the scenery here is particularly good. Hongluo Temple named after the legend of the red snail fairy. It is back by the Red Luoshan, south of Hongluo Lake, elegant environment, ancient trees towering.
Leisure tour, then we can take the Royal Bamboo Forest - Temple District - Guanyin Road - Goddess of Mercy Temple this line, both respect the Buddha, but also to see Hongluo Temple famous male and female ginkgo and wisteria pine. If the physical strength is good, is like a small mountain climbing partners, you can choose the Imperial bamboo - five hundred Lohan Park - Health Road - Ridge on the promenade - Goddess of Mercy Temple - Zhongtian door this route, to reach the Zhongtian Gate when the whole temple can be panoramic view The In the cultural corridor there is a snack street, hungry, then you can eat there.
in Dongzhimen long-distance bus station by 867 direct access to Hongluo Temple area, about 2 hours by car. But also by 916 approaching Huairou North Street, a taxi to Hongluo Temple, 20 yuan or so.
Price: 80 yuan / person / round trip, 50 yuan / person / one
stroke slide Tel: 80 yuan / person / round trip, 50 yuan / person / one stroke slide Tel: 60681118
Opening hours:
April - October: early 8:00 - evening 16:30; November - the following year March: early 8:30 - evening 16:00

03. Yanqi Lake

The water is wide and the lake is clear. If it is photography enthusiasts, very recommended early morning or sunset to the time here, you can take a great photo. If it is from the perspective of a fully equipped water park, where more suitable for parents and the elderly, young people may feel that everything is too calm here.
Yanqi Lake inside the slow-line system full length of more than 13,000 meters, of which there are forest under the cliff, the lake's plank road, and so on, there are more than a dozen viewing platform, if it is love enthusiasts certainly like here. Yanqi Lake is surrounded by a lot of hawthorn, if it is autumn, that a red lantern really beautiful it
Traffic: Dongzhimen take the 936 bus can direct
tickets: 34 yuan / person, student certificate half price
area Tel: 69661696
can rent a smart tour guide to explain, in the phone point of view, there are line planning and experience the attractions recommended, very convenient.
Weekend can go to Yanqi Lake vacation, live a good hotel, enjoy the lake view, relax.

04. Qinglong Gorge

Qinglong Gorge in addition to Castle Peak surrounded by green water, as well as well-preserved ancient Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty. Qinglong Gorge has a reservoir dam, the whole area is divided into two parts: the south of the high Gap Pinghu District and the east coast of the extreme sports venues.
In the southern part of the lake, the scenic area provides a lot of water sports, we can take a cruise or speedboat in the water around the tour, enjoy the scenery on both sides of the river, you can also choose bamboo in the shallow water or hand rowing, or play bumper, Walking ball and other water games. Summer lakes and swimming pools are open to the outside world.
If you like the more exciting entertainment, then go to the east coast of the area it. In the Qinglongxia scenic area on the east coast with bungee jumping, rock climbing, downhill and other extreme entertainment. The bungee jumping platform is about 60 meters from the surface of the water. It is the tallest bungee jumping platform in Beijing. The total speed is about 300 meters and the gap is as high as about 30 meters. The climb is as high as 25 meters. These projects are very challenging and irritating.
In addition, you can also walk in the Qinglongxia scenic area, along the hiking trail and on (or take the sightseeing cable car, one-way 10 minutes), to reach the peak area of ​​the peak - Jade Emperor, along the way you can enjoy the ancient Great Wall in the mountains Ridge in the meandering twists and turns, the weather is clear, in the Peak can also look around Huairou City.
peak season in the Dongzhimen station by 936 direct scenic area, about 2 hours. Off the season by 936 in the Qinglongxia intersection (from the scenic area 3km), take a taxi to the Qinglongxia scenic area.
59 yuan / person; student tickets 32 yuan / person; speedboats 60 yuan / person; sightseeing cable car one way 30 yuan / person, from 50 yuan.
Opening hours:
8: 00-17: 00 (scenic area is only about every year from March 15 to November 15)
Scenic area Tel: 89696781/89696694

05. Huanghua City Water Great Wall

"Look at the Great Wall around the lake, view dragon exploration Bay, tours vicissitudes of ancient chestnut garden, see the cliff mountain pool." Compared to the other Great Wall, Huanghua City, the Great Wall more than a beautiful, less that a vicissitudes of life. The magnificent scenery of the scenic area, the Great Wall magnificent, both Jiangnan Water Village elegant charm, and outside the country outside the magnificent scenery, can be said to the north and south scenery in order to one, so "Jiangnan King, plug the wind, all in the water Great Wall" reputation.
The Great Wall of the Great Wall is a lake under the Great Wall, if you want to enter the peninsula in the lake, there are three ways:
walking sightseeing: from the scenic entrance to the big steps to the reservoir dam, take the plank road cliffs Hao Ming Lake week, about 2 km to reach the lake Heart peninsula (here view the water in the Great Wall), along the Great Wall of the lake, enjoy the landscape color. From the peninsula before the trip to the beach, over wooden bridge, involving the creek, travel 2 km up to Black Longtan, along the cliffs, streams, scenery cave.
Easy leisure travel: from the scenic entrance to the big steps, to the reservoir dam, take a boat or boat (20-25 yuan / person / one way) to the lake peninsula. In the peninsula rest, view the Great Wall into the water, enjoy the mountain wind blowing, leisurely comfortable. Dangqiu Lake, can be close to touch the Great Wall, feel "boat line blue waves, people in the middle of the painting" wonderful.
Seeking nostalgia tour: from the scenic entrance along the gentle road to the Great Wall gap, in addition to close contact with the ancient Great Wall, across the library bridge to the lake peninsula, landscape landscape, the Great Wall in the water. Line to the Ming Dynasty chestnut garden, see a hundred years old trees, but also eat the original chestnut it
From the yellow city of the Great Wall not far from the place there are grilled fish, local pool feeding, now known to kill, quite fresh. The most popular way to eat is grilled rainbow trout, skin cork tender sprinkled with a variety of spices, called a fragrance. Many young people will ride in the weekend to Huanghua City, eat a grilled fish to drink a beer, it is comfortable. Overall, this place is suitable for family and friends together, there are mountains and water, surrounded by farm homes, children can climb here to climb the mountain to fight what the water.
Transportation: Dongzhimen take the 867 or 936 bus to the home transfer "Huairou - Water Great Wall" direction of the bus can be direct.
Tickets: 45 yuan / person, student tickets 22 yuan / person
Area Tel: 61651111/61651818

06. Lama ditch virgin forest park

The name of the trumpet ditch is because the entrance is small, and the inside is more and more broad and named, we can brain up what trumpet look. One can see the flowers on both sides of the lane welcome, from the entrance to the trumpet virgin forest park, nearly 10 km of flowers paved.
Loudou ditch of the fall can be said to be the best scenery of the season, the mountains and plains of the maple leaf forest, oak forest, birch forest, the color is very rich. But here the mountain is more steep, get up to have some physical strength requirements. Up the mountain can take a tour bus, but the price is a bit expensive, 4km road to 30 yuan per person. Tour bus to the hillside, go up 500m is a large birch forest, which is particularly suitable for taking pictures.
From the birch forest and then up to the top, are mountain dirt road, climbing difficulty is not big. Down the mountain can also be a car, but the birch forest down all the way the scenery is very beautiful, so it is recommended to walk yo. But pedestrian trail because it is gravel road, down the mountain will be more slippery, be careful to go.
Tickets: 40 yuan / person
area Tel: 60627640

How does the photo play?

Huairou District well-known attractions are numerous, but also doomed it has a wide range of scenery. No matter what time to Huairou, you can see holding a long shot guns in front of the sky, the Great Wall of the Great Wall, If you have the heart of love photography has been restless, but do not know how to arrange the route to shoot to the most beautiful scenery, according to the following route to walk it.

One, record the beauty of the Great Wall route

① Mutianyu Great Wall

As the 5A scenic area of ​​Mutianyu Great Wall is not a huge name, where you spend enough time to shoot all day, whether it is morning sunrise or evening sunset is so wonderful.
Recommended route: Mutianyu Great Wall shooting sunrise - Chaoyang shooting the Great Wall scenery - afternoon shooting Mutianyu Village, North Village, Tianxian Village - sunset before returning to the Great Wall shooting sunset
② Xiangshui Lake Great Wall - Huanghua City Water Great Wall

Xiangshui Lake Great Wall, also known as donkey saddle the Great Wall, up and down there are steps, more easy to climb, the mountains and plains than the wild flowers more than a gentle. If you want to shoot something different, maybe you should look to the Great Wall of the Great Wall. Peach blossom open season, with the lens through the laminated squid shot into the lake among the Great Wall, do not have some flavor.
Recommended route: early in the ring water lake scene shooting sunrise - morning shooting Xiangshui Lake Scenic Area - afternoon shooting kite valley, yellow city water Great Wall - Huanghua City Water Great Wall sunset

Second, the natural landscape of the journey

If you do not have much interest in the Great Wall, why not try to close to the natural landscape. Four distinct seasons, every minute in the interpretation of the different scenery.
③ Lenggou virgin forest park

Was haze shrouded in Beijing autumn and winter is not really want you to escape? Would like to rush into a quiet white birch forest, in the absence of the mouth of the mouth of the mouth of the fun? Then to the trumpet ditch virgin forest park, where in addition to fresh air, but also allows you to shoot amazing pictures, whether it is clear sky under the birch forest, or late at night the bright stars, are beautiful to make you Intoxicated. There is no modesty to say that the most beautiful natural folk in autumn is here.
Recommended route: monkey ding mountain shooting sunrise - morning shooting birch forest - afternoon to elm shop village, under the Hebei village of the total government, eight flag square, Manchu style museum to shoot
④ Yunmeng Wonderland - Glass Temple White River Bay

Mention "Qifeng everywhere, rocks rugged, waterfalls Baizhang, Lake deep water clear" you will think of where? Zhangjiajie No No No, in Huairou Yun dream fairyland you can see such a view. There are known as "the first drift in Beijing North" of the White River are shooting natural scenery good choice, two distance not far, suitable for a day to finish.
Recommended route: early morning in the Yunmeng wonderland shooting sunrise, the sea of ​​clouds - afternoon to the White River near the shooting canyon, small Dujiangyan and along the folk culture
⑤ Baoshan town - long whistle Manchu Township - Tanghekou Town

The highlight of this line is Baoshan Town, Baoshan eight scenic spots, namely Tianmen Lake months, North Bay Huanxi, 牤 Niu Lan sink, plate Yao Tai Taiwan, Baihe Tsui embankment, fish Island tobacco tree, Glen Oriole and South days Guanlan. Listen to the name to know the way the scenery must be good, can not be gathered eight calls "Dragon" to see your luck slightly. In addition to Baoshan, Tanghe Town, the riverfront park is also very beautiful, is a good place to shoot sunset.
Recommended route: morning in Baoshan shooting Tianhe "Baoshan eight" - afternoon to the long whistle Manchu township shooting simple village - evening to Tanghekou town of the river park to shoot sunset

Third, experience the ecological leisure routes

⑥ Yanqi Lake - God Church Valley - Hongluo Temple

To say that shooting large ecological, that red snake temple and Yanqi Lake is certainly going to go. In addition, the God Church Valley is also a good choice, the valley of a stream of water through the flow, the four seasons, the natural formation of the mandarin duck pool, Longtan wide surface, there are people playing the water rowing. Scenic areas of the mountain steep, rocks Tiancheng, beautiful. And some people say that the distant mountain scenery and wild Great Wall even beyond the scenic landscape itself, it is worth a visit.
Recommended route: Yanqi Lake Fanzaki Road along the sunrise - morning in the Yanqi Lake International Club will be shot in the afternoon - to the temple and Hongluo Temple shooting
⑦ Qinglongxia - Glen Shen Tan - Baiquan Mountain

This route is based on the Qinglong Gorge, as the scenic area of ​​the Qinglong Gorge must live up to expectations, in addition to sunrise, as well as the lake scenery, and visitors to the frolic can become the subject of shooting. Not far from the Baiquan Mountain and Glen Shentan are a good place to shoot ecological themes.
Recommended route: Qinglongxia sunrise - Qinglongxia lake scenery, bamboo rafting water - afternoon to Baiquan Mountain, Yu Road River Bridge, Glen Shentan shooting

Fourth, the agricultural sightseeing is also good to see the shooting line

⑧ Provence Lavender Manor - Huairou facilities agriculture - Longshan viewing kiosks

If you are interested in shooting agricultural production, this route is very suitable. The color of the ocean composed of flowers, enough to make you intoxicated, can not own, this is the Provence Lavender Manor - North China's largest single lavender manor. In addition, there are eco-industrial parks and planting base can let you really into the agricultural production.
Recommended route: Huairou Reservoir sunrise (wide ditch, Guojiawu village) - morning shooting lavender manor - North Room San Chuk Yuen South fruit North Industrial Park - afternoon shot Yang Song Town Aerospace Longqin Ecological Industrial Park - Beijing Senhai food Bacteria planting professional cooperatives base - Huairou Reservoir shooting sunset (Longshan viewing kiosks)

Fifth, film and television culture through the shooting

⑨ star of the United States and now the film and television city - deer world - shadow base - Yancheng water street

Like cos play? Want to go back to ancient times This route is very suitable for you, alley reverberating the horseshoe landing crisp sound, wearing a costume girl in accordance with the flower wall. Star US this Sheng film and television city, shadow base, Yancheng water rhyme long street can instantly take you back a hundred years ago.
Recommended route: morning shooting video city, deer world - afternoon shooting shadow base - Yancheng water rhyme long street
⑩ classic car museum - Beijing Erguotou wine museum

Outdoor shooting environment is not good, want to take the camera practitioners can go where? The two museums are sure to meet you. Classic car museum can let you see the traces of the years and vicissitudes of life, as well as the progress of the times. And Erguotou wine museum can be said that the classic memories of the old Beijing, a pot of wine, a group of friends is a pleasant afternoon.
Recommended route: morning shooting classic car museum - afternoon shot Erguotou wine museum

What does parent-child play in Huairou?

In addition to a scenic landscape photography, Huairou also has a lot of suitable for parent-child projects. Whether it is with the children to do some rare experience, or live in the farm just to enjoy a few days Qinglong's grandchildren are very good. The following to come to you one by one to introduce:
First, and children to do porcelain - high two river painting factory
two, five all-around - hand is still creative experience base
three, the most intimate contact - deer
four, with children Into the history - classic car museum
five, the most close to the choice of nature - characteristics of farm homes

First, and children together to do porcelain - high two river painting factory

In daily life, we always use a wide range of porcelain, have not thought of with their own children to personally experience the production of glazed pastel porcelain? In the high two river painting factory you can not only take children to learn traditional ceramic culture knowledge and production process. You can also visit the production workshop, kiln and various exhibition halls, when the children see the professional hand-painted staff will feel very novel, and heart admiration.

Read the show of professionals, the children must have been eager to do it yourself. Parents and children can choose ready-made porcelain white tire, in accordance with the previous teachings of the production techniques, personally draw a pastel porcelain. It takes about 2 hours.
But the drawing of the finished porcelain also need to burn, 3-5 days after the kiln will be delivered to your home yo.
Opening hours: Saturday 9: 00-12: 00,13: 30-16: 30
Price: 258 yuan / double, 1 adults 1 children (6-8 families to open a class)
Address: Beijing Huairou District temple town High two river village 861 (Jingcheng high-speed Huairou city exports 1 km north-east red and green lights turn right 1 km)
Tel: 010-89609489

Two, five versatile - hand is still creative experience base

Why is it all five? Because there are stone house, leather house, dyed house, huts, mud house five characteristics of the experience of the house. In a room named for raw materials, you can play and imagine making your own unique work. Of course, there will be a professional assistant teacher in the side to assist.
In addition to the experience of the house, there is a comprehensive area where you can sell their own works, free platform to give you yo. Can not sell to see if your craft is attractive to you. If you just feel in the experience of the house to play the fun, you can also go to the material supermarket to buy a richer hand material

Price: five experience housing 80 yuan / person, experience time 90 minutes
Address: Huairou District, Beijing Dazhong Fu Le Village East, No. 756
Tel: 010-89688888 turn 8837

Third, the closest contact - deer world

Figure byfanqie04

Deer the world is very suitable for children to go, close to the film and television city. Go in front of a hall, there are some children to play things, there are some on the introduction of deer, there are animal specimens. Through the hall to the backyard, there are a few deer is not captive, so go after you can see everywhere spread the deer walk. The hall of the carrot 3 dollars a box, you can feed yo, you can buy two boxes. In addition to different varieties of deer there are alpacas, camels, small pig, rabbit, etc., so very popular with children like. Morning, afternoon, a deer diving performance, you can ask in the hall under the specific performance time do not miss friends.
Tickets: 25 yuan / person
Opening hours: 09: 00-18: 00
Tel: 010-61675598

Four, with children into history - classic car museum

One to the museum entrance, you will see two props, a p40 Flying Tigers painted aircraft, a tank model a bit like 62 tanks smaller version. Which show a lot of cars, a total of two layers, the car is also very good maintenance, different categories show. Each is an antique, mostly domestic, such as buses, military vehicles, agricultural vehicles and so on. There are many previous countries led the special car, there are historical witnesses above, bullet-proof car can see before the bullet marks. The second floor is still a lot of classic models abroad.
The scene has a micro letter can play voice to explain, but not every car has. The staff is very warm, and slowly around the whole journey about an hour or so.

Tickets: 50 yuan / person, the elderly students half-price
opening hours: April to October 08: 30-17: 30; November to March the following year 09: 00-16: 30
scenic Tel: 61677039

Five, the most close to the choice of nature - characteristics of farm homes

In addition to the scenic spots of parent-child travel, have not thought of living with children in the suburbs alone, clear the lungs?

Figure: Huairou Yuyuan
similar to the map of the farmhouse, four or five rooms, you can live ten to the individual yard, now off the season as long as the package down 1800 one night. And friends and family together, bring their own children, adults in the yard at night playing cards chatter, the children in the yard picking persimmon hide and seek, adults seem to get back to childhood, and the children are also rare outdoor activities in the parents The way of the year.
Who said that children must travel to play the attractions, we choose the opposite of the trip to live a farmhouse, okay.

The power of walking, Huairou walk on what choice?

Huairou away from the city, the vegetation coverage area is destined to have a natural purifier, so the fresh air Huairou is suitable for some outdoor sports. Which is a very good way to walk, and the local also has a well-equipped wooden plank road.

One, God Church Yu wooden plank road

Now is not all love to the glass plank road? We choose to go to the wooden path along the cliff. God Church Valley in addition to the mountains can see the distance of the Great Wall, there is an alternative play is that the whole 7.5km of the temple of the temple. There is a mountain of water on the road there is the Great Wall, that is no worse than the glass plank road.
Plank Road from the night to enter the valley area, extending to the temple area. Has been along the Yanqi River and the road, there are flat and comfortable, but also climbing wide open, in the Yanqi Lake on both sides of the meandering walk through. Natural formation of Longtan, mandarin duck pool, and both sides of the mountain lush will ease your fatigue on foot all the way. Because this way you will be from the bottom up through the Church of God Church, the official land, Shangguan, stone four villages, so do not have to worry about half the way, the plank on both sides of the restaurant, accommodation barbecue, the format of various farm homes You come to rest
Comprehensive evaluation, this is very difficult to follow the path, it is suitable for outdoor sports enthusiasts. If not in a hurry, while walking to play the basic time-consuming half a day or so.

Second, Yanqi Lake wood plank road

If the above article is the primary route, then 13.9 km of Yanqi Lake wood plank road is a moderate difficulty. It is recommended that you go by car, the car parked at the starting point of the APEC5 parking lot.
This road is full of scenery, according to the water and the construction of the path along the cliff, near play water fishing fish, overlooking the Great Wall of flames, eyeful of green mountains and rivers beautiful. If the time is abundant, and the whole journey is not very confident, may wish to live in the surrounding houses overnight. Morning to the plank road running, accompanied by the birds of the tweet, big mouth breathing fresh air, to their own body and mind to a complete liberation. If only one day time is noway, the cruise ship can rent a car or boat tour lake. Walking on the way there is also a bike rental point, so do not worry too much. Along the way the public toilet is also a lot, before the trip can be completely assured, do not have pressure.
It should be noted that some of the road section is not covered, summer travel, then we must remember the sun yo.

Third, the speaker ditch door sightseeing trail

Speaker ditch gate elevation is relatively high, frost-free period is also short, so the fall will be earlier than the urban area (probably one month in advance). In late September, the city's hot and dry has not completely dispersed when more than 1000 meters above sea level ditch door has been a golden one.
Where the trail is very gentle, only 2.4 km in length, it is suitable for a small leisure out with a leisure movement. Looking at the red maple leaves along the way, golden birch forest, listening to the spring flowing, it is to enjoy Oh.

What can not miss the food?

01. Famous - Huairou chestnut

To say that Beijing, there are a few did not eat Huairou chestnut it?
Huai-ching is known as "China's chestnut town," the reputation of the Qing Dynasty, "said the old news test" recorded in the "chestnut to Huairou better". And the most stressful way to eat chestnuts is "sugar fried", with sand into the iron kettle, add caramel set on the fire on the frying heat, chestnut which roll and stir fry Sunburn, cooked chestnut was reddish brown, peeled fruit Loose, soft, fragrant, sweet, snack treasures.
So, to Huairou must eat a chestnut, how to pick? I'll tell you.
Look at the color : some raw chestnuts look bright and bright, color, such as chocolate, which is vintage. New chestnuts are lighter in color, the surface like a layer of thin powder is not too luster.
Look at the villi : Chennai chestnuts on the tail of the hair is generally less, only a little bit in the tail. New chestnut tail of the villi are generally more.
Look at the surface : see the surface there is no insect eye.
Look at the head : the first kind of big head, very gratifying, but this chestnut water, sweet little less. The second kind is small, but this is generally mountain chestnuts, the real green food, sweet taste yo.
Look at the shape : to choose a round, side of the flat, this sugar content correspondingly high.

02. Delicious delicacies - rainbow trout

Eat rainbow trout, it must come to Huairou. Huairou rainbow trout are spring water, cut slices can not break, succulent elastic, because it is good breeding environment. Rainbow trout common eating one is braised a raw meal is a grilled fish Here to give you a detailed introduction to the various eating.

Braised is the most common practice of a rainbow trout, and other braised fish is similar, but the rainbow trout has one of the biggest benefits, is not fragile, fleshy integrity, which is Huairou rainbow trout biggest feature, verify it is not fake Product, you can use this method yo.
Raw raw sashimi is very different from the salmon we often eat. Salmon color pink, texture clear, eat flesh thick slightly a little tired; and rainbow trout is white, cut into a transparent sheet, crisp taste, did not eat it is recommended a try it. However, some shops may not be much of the dander, so it is best to find some of the larger restaurants and then try.
Grilled fish is the most common practice in the surrounding folk village. Whole roasted, paragraph roasted, tin foil roasted, which the whole baked shape looks good, paragraph baked taste the best, the most popular roasted tin foil. In the baked when sprinkled with some cumin and chili noodles, some taste like Xinjiang barbecue. This baking method, the best fish to eat, Sauvignon and coke crisp, but the fish is too thick, will appear a little taste light. But a fish at least a pound half or two pounds, recommended section of roast, delicious also cost-effective.
So, since it has come to Huairou, why not try rainbow trout? You will not regret it.

Where does Huixing live?

Living in the city of people, most aspire to pastoral life. To the Huairou, boarded the Great Wall, swim clear water, smell flowers, habitat, bed and breakfast, air quality perennial bar, to find a full of Beijing full of dwellings, sitting on the mountain fruit trees four seasons, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, "Oxygen" an excellent choice.

National Olympic Village

Set foot on the thick bluestone steps, open the ancient courtyard, see flowers, see grass, see the fish, see the treetops. Once into the dream, isolated from the hustle and bustle. The faucet is the spring, fruit wall floating on the smoke, which is the country of the country presented to your safe and secure.
Guoxiang Village in the arrowhead at the foot of the Great Wall, not far from Mutianyu Great Wall. Live here, you can spring tours flowers, summer rainbow trout, autumn moon, winter view of the sunrise. Guoxiang Township has 40 sets of their own characteristics, strong local flavor, modern facilities to improve the mountains in other homes. Courtyard clean and comfortable, both to contact with nature, but also experience the rural life, there are football, tea, Zen Road and other theme leisure room, so that you and your family, friends, better communication and entertainment.
Address : Huairou District Bohai Town Tianxian Village
Contact : 010-60638858  

Qing Dynasty mountain China

Located in the heart of Huairou Mountain, "Qingming Mountain China" is a high-end leisure resort hotel, with 19 independent courtyards, each courtyard has 2 rooms and a living room. Each building looks like a farmhouse, the interior decoration comfortable and luxurious, the natural life of the village and the star hotel to enjoy the fusion, creating a quiet paradise.
Live here, not only can eat authentic farm meals, but also provide steak and other Western food (to call in advance to make an appointment). But also can bring their own food barbecue, is not very comfortable. It is worth mentioning that the hotel also provides children with a children's game area, dig sand, trampoline, water battles and other activities will certainly not let the children "do nothing".
Address : Huairou District Baoshan Town at the junction of the village
Contact : 010-61617320

Leisurely mountain house

Want to live in a romantic little hut, hide and seek during the day, at night to see the stars, to meet your fairy tale dream? Located in the Huairou District trumpet ditch "leisure cloud mountain house" probably can meet your requirements.
Feiyun mountain house has a characteristic huts, stone house 30, all houses are built on the mountain, secret and stable, there are independent courtyards, courtyard there are swings and coffee table, people full of surprises. Here set of ecological farming, planting, catering, accommodation, sightseeing, meetings, health as one. Not only a resort, there are longevity spring and birch forest two viewing places, there are dedicated to the guests of the fishing sites and lakeside restaurants, live here, the family can relax.
Address : Huairou District Lamaqiang virgin forest park near the door
Contact : 010-61670298

See also the Great Wall

  "The environment and see the Great Wall," the location is very praise, the South has a magnificent steep ancient Great Wall set off, north of the black Tuo Shan, high 1534 meters, you can look at the Great Wall, Fitness.
This guesthouse has only five rooms, the design of the room is simple and characteristic, specially reserved with a rustic red brick wall. The yard was carefully treated by the owner, very chic, the terrace super big, but also barbecue, sitting in the yard or on the terrace to look at the Great Wall, the mountains of the Great Wall meandering, really a big enjoyment.
Address : No. 43, Xizuizi Village, Yanqi Town, Huairou District
Contact : 18301223500; 15718833728


In the south of Mutianyu Great Wall, a lush chestnut forest, there is a lotus full of pond, there is a fine hotel, a natural into the restaurant, which is fishing Tang seclusion resort hotel.
Fishery has 21 different styles of exquisite rooms, there are business space, book bar, bar, forest coffee bar, sun room and other facilities. To promote the seclusion of the landscape and suburban vacation health, for the limited time of the city petty bourgeoisie to provide free music to relax the corner, for the need for quiet art creators to provide closed space for thinking, for the physically and mentally exhausted people to provide venting health habitat The Suitable for quiet tea, meditation, vent, let you feel good for years.
Address : Huairou District Bohai Town Jingyu Village Fishing Tang Resort
Contact : 400-836-1977; 13601206901

Great Wall home

Do you want to see the Great Wall in bed? Or in the hillside to eat an open-air breakfast, so warm sunshine sprinkled on the body? Mu Tianyu area within the "Great Wall home" will be able to achieve your desire. Where the environment quiet and pleasant, so you feel the charm of nature, in the room you can wait and see the Great Wall of the infinite majestic.
Great Wall's home has different design style rooms, as well as the Great Wall landscape villa, the rooms are located at the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, some rooms have a small swimming pool. You can choose to eat Western, Chinese and farm rice, some rooms with a kitchen, you can personally cook cooking. Live here, you can watch the moon full moon, looking into the Great Wall, buffet barbecue and so on.
Address : Huairou District Mutianyu Great Wall around the island 60 meters
Contact : 010-61649958

Ancient Time Inn

The courtyard is located in Huairou District, Jiudu River Town, crossing the mouth of the village, the courtyard is located in the second half of the mountain, the hospital sitting 500 years of history of the city wall, in front of the ancient plank road, through the famous mark "crossing", also known as " "
Inn by the main courtyard "Road time" and a small courtyard "leisurely" composition. The guest room is one of the highlights here, 6 rooms each have a different theme: pick up, Chihiro, travel, Vatican, Pinellia, Lin language. Road Inn is also very rich entertainment facilities, table games, mahjong, open-air cinema, outdoor barbecue, DIY baking and so readily available.
Here, as long as you are willing, you can accompany aunt pick vegetables, to help neighbors farming, with the Wang Xing "Great Wall" climb wild Great Wall, or simply in the courtyard wantonly waste time, accompany the boss with tea, barbecue, ~
Address: Huairou District Jiudu River Town Road crossing the village
Contact: 13521625836  

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