Go to Taihu Lake in Wuxi, and visit these attractions right!

Whether it is a sightseeing bus or a transit vehicle that has reached the gate for the rest of the journey, it should be walked in. This gate leads to a temple that can be eaten in a simple manner—Kofukuji Temple.
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What are the attractions worth visiting?

Shantou gongpai

No matter if it is a sightseeing bus, all the rest of the gate must be walked in.

Shantou gongpai

This gate leads to a temple that can be eaten plainly - the Kofukuji Temple.
The Kofukuji Temple is located on the slope of the Shinto-Tingjeong and there are mountain roads between the cliffs. There is a “spoonful” of the name of the fountain on the roadside. It is named after “a pool of active water is gathered and scattered and 36,000 ares”. At the top of the cliff is Kofukuji Temple. In 1924, Yang Hanxi gave a spoonful of springs to the mountains and donated them to monks. Such as the original line of soldiers, took off their outfits, and cut their hair. He moved the Kofuku-ji Temple (aka Karenji Temple) in Houshan. Although the original temple is small, it was built in Xiao Liang. Guangfu Temple was completed in 1925. The name of the temple includes the meaning of "the land of the people and the people of the land, and the land of the fortune." The temple stands among the green trees in the valley and there is a wind in the deep mountain temples. In front of the temple, there are ancient gates, three arches, and gongs and drums on both sides. There are brick carvings at the "Kofukuji Temple" and the Tianchi book. Tianwangdian is the first building, and the four King Kong, Maitreya Buddha. Middle patio, hatchback for Guanyin and Dianzang. The pavilion was built by Sakyamuni, Kasyapa, and Auntie. In 1979, it was remodeled by the Huishan clay figurine research institute, making it a Huishan clay figurine style. The "big circle" of the temple was written by Zhao Puchu. After the temple there is Tsai Yuk-san's "retreat" and the mortuary "Wah Yan Seishi." The "Cultural Relic Showroom", "Jade Buddha Hall" and "San Sheng Ge" have been added. Inside the ostrich eggs, the ancient painting "Avian Birds" and the iron whip of hermit Yang Ziyuan of the late Ming Dynasty.

Seven-masted sailing boat

Seven masts.

Shantou Lighthouse

Tau Tau Lighthouse.

Cruise ship

This is the cruise that we take. Cruise for 30 minutes or 20 minutes. Catch it. If you don't reach 20 minutes, you have to wait another 20 minutes.

Taihu Lake Xiandao

Taihu Lake Xiandao

Taihu Lake Xiandao, formerly known as Sanshan, commonly known as the Turtle Mountain, is a group of lake islands in the area of ​​Zhangtoutou, with a total area of ​​12 hectares. It consists of four small islands: Dong Ya, Xi Ya, Da Ji, and Xiao Ji. It has a total area of ​​about 2 square kilometers and a circumference of 2.5 kilometers.

Taihu Xiandao Archway

This is the Taihu Xiandao Arch.


Shuiliandong, a place where monkeys perform at the entrance, is quite rich in “special flavor”.

Hui Xianqiao

This is the Xian Xian Bridge.

Star Pavilion

From the path to the Star Pavilion, you can go straight to the Temple of Heaven.

Milky Falls

Milky Way waterfall.

Lingyin Palace

Lingbi Palace, seven stories and four corners, is 38 meters high and has a jade statue.
Jade Emperor of the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor is very shocked

From Taiyi Xiantan overlooking Taihu Lake

From the Lingyong Palace's stairs to the back door is Taiyi Xiantan, overlooking the Taihu Lake

Great Lakes Archway

Great Lakes Archway

Formerly known as the Hengyun Mountain Villa, it was built in 1931 and features a classical structure, a northern style, a bracket connection, a glass roof, and cornices. In 1975, according to Guo Moruo's poems, his handwriting was collected. The letter “Taihu Lake Best Place” is the handwriting of Mr. Guo Moruo’s old man. On the right side of the archway, there are brick-arched arches. On the front and back, there are brick-engraved “interested” and “interesting”. To come to Shantou, we have to use ferries to get here. The ferry docks here, so we call it "Lee involved." The ferry boat will send visitors here. I do not know where the "Peach Blossom Source" is. Into the archway, standing on the wall, decorated with phoenix wear peony. Behind the wall and building water, “Hanwanxuan” water sluice, Hang Xuan hung a “mountain and lake painting”, the Department of Qianlong handwriting. In 1929, Rong Zongjing, a Wuxi national industrialist, built the "Jin Garden" there. There is a photo wall behind the archway, with a pattern of “Phoenian Peony” between the walls, and Phoenix and Peony are auspicious. The entire photo wall blocked the scenery in the courtyard and played the effect of wishing to suppress it. In 1934, the owner of the park was located at Yandaidian Street outside Beijing's Di'anmen Gate. It is said to be the home of Yuanmingyuan. The archway is quaint with arches and the lake is surrounded by surrounding forests and islands. The northern side is Zhongmushan Island. It is now home to the Taihu Lake Sanatorium. The opposite is the Daishan Mountain and the Xiaoshan Mountain. The trees on the mountain are green and beautiful.

Cliff Stone

Cliff Stone

The Hengyun Stone Wall is a famous scenic spot in Shantou, where the strange peaks and rocks are surrounded by a natural Dashuiwan. The cliffs are engraved with the words “horizontal cloud” and “inclusive of Wuyue”. This was written by Li Yuan, the Wuxi county in the late Qing Dynasty. In the 8th lunar month of Guangxu (Year 1891), Liao Lun was on the eighth day of the first month of the year with his friends. He felt that there was an imposing appearance on this boat and he was pleased to write a pen. The title book “Including Wu Yue” and “Hengyun” was placed on the stone wall. Lake Mountain increases color.

Cliff Stone

Practical small traffic tips

After purchasing the tickets, you can choose to take a coach to the terminal.
Important information:
Tips 1 : After taking the train to take 1\K1 road, you can reach the entrance gate to
Shantoujing Scenic Area. Tips2: I didn't know the free bus for the first time, along the scenic spot. Take the gate to the hidden mountain area or simply ask people to find a free shuttle bus to the pier. You don't have to spend money on sightseeing tours unless you want to see a different journey.

The friends who went to Wuxi to take a car to note their regrets, Wuxi station and Wuxi high-speed rail station together but the interior is not clear, need to bypass the underground passage, very time-consuming, pay attention to allow enough time waiting for the car

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