When does Yuantouzhu cherry blossom open? 2018 Yuantouzhu Cherry Blossom Guide

The flowering period of the cherry blossoms is very short, and it takes about 7 days for a cherry blossom to bloom. The flower language of Sakura is life, happiness, life, and never giving up. The law of fate is the wireless cycle.
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It is said that the speed at which Sakura is falling is five centimeters per second, and he falls into the heart without hesitation. So calm, and the world's people, how speed can we meet with love? Someone in his heart, like this grand and lonely cherry blossom rain, quietly passed away, leaving behind eternal memories in the depths of time. So for love and memory, you are sure not to go on a date with the spring to shower a cherry rain!

Figure: Hearts

Wuxi! Taihu Lake! Header! Conscience recommended, cost-effective king! "Taihu Lake is a must-have place. After all, it's a girl." Don’t underestimate the gimmicks, the Sakura Valley can be hailed as the “China's first cherry blossom viewing area”. When the spring god comes, it extends from the Taihu Lake to the valleys and slopes. The cherry blossoms in the sky are like a cloud and the scenery is in the mountains and green waters. Next, if white snow is flying around, such as the charming and dazzling pink, the beauty is not like the world.

Figure: Hearts

In March, you can swiftly swiftly swiftly speak English. You may wish to set up on the edge of Taihu Lake and set aside a gimmick.
30,000 cherry blossoms are in full bloom here, and the sky full of pink is enough to pick up your young girl's heart, lining the blue sky and white clouds, and the classical Jiangnan Yazhu. It is even more beautiful.
When cherry blossoms bloomed, Shiriyue’s cherry blossoms became a pale pink sea. The breeze blew through the petals, and the petals were dripping and falling. The tenderness seemed to be absent from the human world.

Sakura Guide

As the place to enjoy cherry blossom viewing, Shantou’s unique feature is the “water, land and air” panoramic cherry blossom viewing. Visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms everywhere, regardless of whether they are in the Cherry Blossom Valley, the Changchun Bridge, the Luding Mountain or the lake cruise. The second is that you can enjoy cherry blossoms at night and cherry blossoms combine with the lights. Have to say that in Shantou, night cherry blossoms have become even more legendary. Every day at night, colorful spotlights are on display. Cherry blossoms are transformed by light, transforming all kinds of strange colors and dreams.

The best time for flowering: The early cherry of Taro Taro is usually flowered from mid-March to early April. It is mostly single-lobed or half-branched. According to the flowering timing of cherry blossoms, it can be divided into early and evening cherry blossoms. There are many types of early-opening cherry blossoms, one flowering period (from initial opening, full bloom to flowering), and 7-10 days in late cherry blossoming period, affected by the heating rate. There are intervals of 5-12 days in the early and late flowering period, during which cherry blossoms are opened for some hybrids. At the end of March, Yoshino Yoshino entered the flowering stage, which is the best viewing period. The suitable temperature for cherry blossoms is generally around 20°C, so the specific period of time for entering the flowering period depends on the weather at that time. If there is cold air, the flowering period may be postponed.

Sakura Route Recommended

Walking tour line

Filling the Mountain Gate → Filling the Mountain Hide Show → Yanxiu Bridge → Cherry Blossom Forest → Visiting Sakura House → Renjie Garden → Sakura Valley → Yingyuan Bridge → Sakura Valley Liufang → Changchun Flower Gardening → With a Beautiful Landscape → Shilifang Trail

Bicycle Tour Sakura Line

Fill the mountain gate → Fill the mountains invisible Hide → Ten Mile Trail → Cherry Valley (Sakura edge bridge, Sakura Valley Liufang) → Cherry Blossom Forest (Huangjie Garden, Cherry Blossom Court) → Changchun Flower Garden → Area Warriors

Water Essence Tour

Shantou Ferry Terminal by luxury cruises → Surf on the waves to see all Taihu Lake 72 peaks → overlooking the Three Kingdoms City Wu Jun Shui Zhai → Deng Xiandao Shengjingjingshan Three Mountains Yingbi → Rongshi Villa Qionglou Yuyu → Zhongye Morning Fog Reading Island View→ Shantou

Best viewing point

Best photo location: Changchun Bridge (Devaluation), Cherry Blossom, Cherry Valley, Cherry Blossom Court, Tsuen Wan

Changchun Bridge

Changchun Bridge is located in a pool of Hanwan Xuan and Yuxuexuan. The bridge is arched, and the bridge hole reflects the shape of the sun. On the lake embankment, at the beginning of the establishment of the park, Japanese rare species, cherry blossoms, have been introduced for nearly 100 years. Every flower season, flowers bloom, pink and white, and under the shade of green mountains and waters, especially enchanting, the pool of water will reflect the tourists and the cherry blossoms above the water, so people can not tell, where is the flower, where is the water . Call it "Changchun flower pot." Cherry blossoms fell on the lake and paved a beautiful picture.
In addition, quietly tell you that it is said that the bridge on the longevity walk, live to ninety-nine Oh, try it, but do not look back. 

Picture: Chen Dawang

Sakura is a symbol of love and hope. It seems that she is a kind of magic. It always reminds people of pure romantic love and first love. Every March and April will always be as peaceful and open as the tranquility of adolescent girls, but there will be stubbornness in the bones. When the flowers bloom, the trees will bloom, and they will continue to grow. You see, that cluster of white And pink, is not in the love of the young lover tenderly to tell you?

Cherry Valley

The clear stream in Cherry Blossom Valley is surrounded by cherry trees on two banks, and the cherry blossoms are staggered in layers. When the spring blooms in March, the cherry blossoms fall and fall, and the scattered cherry blossoms floating on the water flow along the stream. "Sakura Valley Liufang."

Cherry Blossom Court

The Cherry Blossom Court is located in the heart of the cherry blossom forest in Shantou. It is an iconic architectural landscape in the cherry blossom forest. It is admired by the cherry blossom court, and is admired by the cherry blossoms and flowers. It is the best cherry blossom scenery in the Tautouyu Scenic Area.

Figure: Subwater clear wave

Cherry Shooting Tips

Attempt to join the background environment at that time

Regardless of close-up, close-range or macro, cherry blossoms are often used as single subjects. Because the form of cherry blossoms is not too colorful, and even the picture is a little thin, it is difficult to achieve very good results by taking close-up photographs at close range. In this way, adding the local shooting background at the time of the shooting scene and trying different compositions in combination with the environment may produce unique results.

Blur the background to highlight the subject

The combination of telephoto zoom aperture is a common shooting method for photographers. First, it can find beautiful branches as the main body, and then find a suitable foreground or background. Both the long focal length and the large aperture can make the range of objects in the focus smaller. The blurring of out-of-focus background blurs the effect of the two together. The picture is very rich and more dreamlike. It is in line with the cherry blossom romance. The telephoto small aperture will make the object on the same level within the focus clearer, and it is suitable for shooting “a single show”, so that the screen is more clean and clear, and the subject is clear.

Appropriate white space

The whole picture is full of cherry blossoms. On the contrary, the photo loses its focus and looks confused. When composing a picture, you should pay attention to the focus of the photo, leave a suitable space for blank space, let the photo have more levels, and give people an endless imagination.


In daylight, if you want to take a photo with a feeling, you can try to use the backlight to shoot. The flowers in the backlight can better show the inner mechanism of the flower, and the flower's edge will produce a halo, which is mysterious and gentle.

There are a lot of tricks. You found out during the shooting process. Oh, I won't go into details here.

2018 Cherry Blossom Festival Related Information

2018 Wuxi Tau Tsz
Sakura Cherry Blossom Festival Time: March 1 - April 22 Twenty- Seventh Tsak Sakura Festival: This year's Cherry Blossom Festival is based on a series of traditional brand activities such as the cherry blossom dance, cherry blossom contest, cherry blossom goddess selection. It will also introduce new ideas to further innovate the contents of the event and attract more domestic and foreign tourists to visit Sakura.

Scenic Spots Related Information
Shantou Shan Scenic Area Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00
During the day of the Cherry Blossom Festival, the admission fee is: 105 yuan. (With Wuxi Garden Card, you can enter the park for free).
Sakura tickets during the Cherry Blossom Festival (night park): Not yet announced, 2017 95 yuan for reference, need to re-buy tickets, can not use garden cards!
Practical Traffic Information
Transportation: Bus Routes & Self-driving
Tours Bus: Take Wuxi Railway Station East Square by K1, K87 by
car: From Wuxi: Wuxi Airport → Airport Road → State Road 312 → Turn right at Gaolang Road → Turn right at Gaolang Road to Baojie Bridge → Turn left to Shantoujing Scenic Area.
Parking: parking within the scenic area, 20 yuan per vehicle, 15 yuan per vehicle.
Dressing Guide
Clothes try to pick colors that are similar to those of cherry blossoms. Red, purple, white, light colors will not go wrong. If the skin is white and clean, that is the right pink, girl bursting with heart! When taking pictures, it is a little further from the cherry blossoms and closer to the camera. The cherry blossoms are suitable for half-length or full body shots. Personal advice, for reference only.


Choose a cherry blossom viewing place, bury the past youth, promise me, please do not go to Japan again, spend so much ticket money is not stupid! Cherry Blossom Paradise is right next to us.

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