Go to Tibet in the end to see what? Five scenic spots with scenic spots

Tibet, the world's five largest mountain line in here one by one row, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is divided into five natural scenery band, turned out of the thousands of customs in Tibet, from the canyon to the snow-capped mountains, from the forest to the grasslands, in this snow-covered, Kind of style can make you fascinated. Tibet to see one by one, choose the most worth seeing is the focus >>>
figure tibetan grassland by leaves


From the map point of view, to Gangdise - Nyainqentanglula as the boundary, north to the Qiangtang grassland as the representative of the grassland Gobi, south to Nyingchi, Shannan region as the representative of the primeval forest, Lhasa as the center, the eastern and western scenery is also very different. Extreme elevation and climate created a very different face of this land, Tibet is a paradise in the world of projection, we come to explore the pattern of heaven ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ 

Figure: The main scenic spots in Tibet. BY pole Tianhe

Tibet, Linzhi - forest, glacier

Nyingchi natural conditions are unique, the climate is pleasant, the main scenic areas are the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Chayu Ciba ditch, Medog national nature reserve, color Jira, Baxingzhao National Forest Park, Yi Gong National Geological Park. Nyingchi area average elevation of about 3000 meters, the lowest elevation of only 900 meters, the climate is humid, pleasant scenery, very suitable as the first station into the possession.

Figure: Lin Chi spring peach blossom open. BY hearsay

Nyingchi must go to the attractions TOP5

1. Basong wrong : more than 3700 meters above sea level, the lake area of ​​6 acres, the lake crystal clear, surrounded by snow-capped mountains surrounded by the famous lake and the Holy Land.
[Car travel Basongco: 170 yuan]
[boat tour Basongco: 270 yuan]
[+ Basongco new initiatives ticket: 560 yuan] (off-road vehicles can now drive directly into it, the following five scenic arrange car extra money)

Figure: Basong measures snow mountain sunset. BY a five

2. Brahmaputra Grand Canyon: a total length of 504 km, the average depth of 2268 meters, the deepest of 6009 meters, the average elevation of 3,000 meters above the world's largest Grand Canyon , the entire canyon area, glaciers, cliffs, steep slopes, The Brahmaputra River is intertwined and called "the last secret of the earth" .
[Tour Grand Canyon: 260 yuan]
[boat tour Grand Canyon: 610 yuan]

Photo: Brahmaputra Grand Canyon (on the way to Suo Song Village). BY bears bear

3. Lulang Linhai: 80 kilometers away from the town of 80 kilometers, is a Yunshan fog in the forest, picturesque picturesque, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, streams meandering, tens of thousands of wild flowers open, is a paradise on earth.
【Tickets: 60 yuan】

Figure: Lu Lang Linhai. BY Nanyang

4. Medog: meaning "secret lotus", is one of the most mysterious places in Tibet, Menba and Lhoba legend, making Mexican shrouded in the mysterious aura, so that many travelers heart longing.

5. Carved ditch : Tibetan means "heaven", the ditch is dangerous, towering, pines and cypresses throughout the cliff, the gap of nearly 200 meters of days Buddha falls from the sky, is the main landscape of the card ditch.
【Tickets: 20 yuan】

Figure: Cage ditch days Buddha Falls. BY Spring City people

Recommended: Nyingchi slow time 3 days enjoy the trip

Reference itinerary:
Day1  Lhasa  →  Basongco (Nyingchi will experience)  →  New measures (virgin forest on foot) [mileage: 356KM, night elevation: 3460M]
Day2  BasongcoYarlung Zangbo Grand CanyonSuosong Village (view Barwa The first village) [mileage: 210KM, night altitude: 2600M]
Day3  cable village (tours Nanjia Buva sunrise) → card ditch (oxygen holy land) → Lhasa [mileage: 498KM, night altitude: 3650M]

Figure: Nyingchi scenery along the way. BY wind sister

Above this line is different from the previous recommendation does not go back to the road south of the ring line, but take the 318 national road from the same road. This is the best route of the road, the winter take the South Link to waste a day without any attractions can play, so the winter is suitable for walking above the route, both can live in picturesque scenic spots, there are local folk experience.

Figure: Nyingchi scenery along the way. BY on the wind

There are two difficulties in the front of Tibet travelers: Tibet public transport is very backward , in the case of adequate purse package is a good choice, but the landscape season changes Large, unstable road conditions, a variety of restrictions on frequent policies, will make your own plans to give up halfway, and then meet the driver does not fly halfway fare increase, will only give you a block of travel.
And Tibet is sparsely populated, almost in addition to Lhasa, Nyingchi, Shigatse these three cities, other places to find a satisfactory restaurant and the hotel are very difficult. To find a boutique car tour groups, these problems are solved, not only for you to solve the various problems in travel, play time is absolutely full.
↓ ↓ click below and take you to Nyingchi ↓ ↓

Figure: Nyingchi scenery. BY blue heart melt

Tibet Xigaze, Ali - Snow Mountain, the wilderness

The largest Tibet - Shigatse, there to Everest , led by the thrill of climbing snow-capped mountains, virgin forest belt, the ancient residence of the Panchen Lama Tashilhunpo , as well as top of the world Mount Everest, the ancient city of Jiang Zi, the border town of Zhangmu, second Dunhuang Sakya Monastery . Is the combination of the top of the world and the historic city.

Figure: Shigatse Temple in Shigatse. BY blue heart melt

Ali region , west of Tibet, the world of bliss, Ali gave birth to the beautiful and beautiful Shiquanhe and Xiangquanhe, hidden "universe center" Gangrenpuqi mountain, mountain holy lake dense appearance, but also the home of wild animals.    

Figure: Ali area scenery. BY small animal Jin Jin

Shigatse, Ali area will go to attractions TOP5

1. Everest base camp: located in the south of the flannel temple, a group of tent hotel surrounded by the middle of a flag and a side of the Everest Protected Area banner. Mount Everest, Tibetan as "Our Lady", elevation 8844.43 meters , the world's first peak, located in the middle of the Himalayas on the Sino-Nepalese border, Tibet Xigaze area Dingri County is the south.
[Everest National Park Tickets: 180 yuan]
[Everest base camp sightseeing car: 25 yuan]
[Everest base camp into the mountain fee: 400-600 yuan] (commercial car 400 yuan, 11 more than 600 yuan)

Figure: Everest base camp tent. BY small fan

2. Tashilhunpo Monastery: The founder is the Dalai Lama, Gondun Juba, the fundamental dojo of the Gelug Sect, and the Panchen Lama in the West.
Tickets: 100 yuan / off-season 50 yuan (off-season for the November 1 - April 30)

Figure: Tashilhunpo Temple. BYWESAINT

3. Gangrenpuqi + Ma Pang Yum "The mountain of holy mountain":
Gang Rinpoche, the world recognized mountain , was Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Bon, ancient luxury that the common identified as the center of the world, One of China's most beautiful and stunning ten famous mountains.
[Kailash Mansarovar area ticket: 200 yuan]
Manasarovar, Tibet one of the three holy lakes , the birthplace of four major rivers of Asia. It is the most holy lake, the most ancient and the most sacred place in all the holy places of the Indian Buddhism.
Laon wrong, called Ghost Lake , elevation 4574 meters, is the micro saltwater lake, drinking water undrinkable.

Figure: Ma Pang Yum fault. BY 13 crazy

4. Guge Dynasty ruins: This is a large-scale, vast area of ​​the ancient city of the plateau, a large number of cultural relics, for the study of Tibetan history and ancient architecture provides important physical information. Ancient Guge, like a huge maze, will hide many of the secrets of western Tibet.
【Tickets: 200 yuan】

Figure: Guge Dynasty ruins. BY small animal Jin Jin

5. Zada ​​soil: millions of years ago the erosion of the formation of a special landscape, the total area of ​​about 5,000 km of soil, composed of the unique wonders of the world.

Recommended: 48 hours, Everest through the trip

Figure: Everest Road. BY a five

A Latin American railway, the legend of the plateau, the Lhasa and Shigatse distance to draw to 3 hours by car, along the Yarlung Zangbo Valley scenery, is a letter of the tourist railway. Reduced time, we went straight to Mount Everest, very suitable for time is not enough but with Everest you:
Day1  Lhasa (by Z8801, 08: 30 departure) - Shigatse (11:25 arrival) - 342KM - beads peak base camp (around 19:00, do not delay en route to see Everest sunset) 
Day2  Everest Base Camp (06:00 departure) - Jiawu La mountain Pass (07:30 arrival, watch the sunrise Himalayan panorama) - Shigatse ( 14:00 or so to arrive in Shigatse) - Tashilhunpo Temple (if you can not visit, you can see the sunrise in the morning after the sunrise from the base camp to return to Shigatse) - Shigatse Railway Station (by Z8802, 18:40 departure) - Lhasa ( 21:33 arrive on time in Lhasa)
↓ ↓ go straight to Everest please stamp ↓ ↓

Southern Tibet - Canyon, Fairy House

Shannan is located in the south of the Nyainqentanglula Mountains named here is the birthplace of the Tibetan nation, the first temple in Tibet, the first palace, the first piece of farmland are located here, can be said that the soul of Tibet.

Shannan area will go to the attractions TOP5

1. Yang Zhuo Yong wrong: with Ma Fang Yong wrong, Namco wrong, and said the three holy lake in Tibet , sheep Zhuo Yong measures 4441 meters above sea level, is the largest inland lakes of the Himalayas in the lake, its shape is very irregular, in the sun Of the irradiation, the lake color level is extremely rich, blue and green alternately, very spectacular.
【Tickets: 40 yuan】

Figure: Yang Zhuo Yong wrong. BY Lu Wenya

2. Ram Lau measures: the area is not large, but in Tibetan Buddhism has a special status, each visit to the Dalai Lama, the Panchen Lama and other large living Buddha reincarnation of spiritual life, have to this view of Lake Bu phase. Many good faithmen came here to pilgrimage, many people with the view, see the different, is said to be reflected from the lake to see their own future.
【Tickets: 50 yuan】

Figure: Ramla wrong. BY Ning Lexi

3. Lubu ditch: from the alpine world ridge steep down to subtropical humid areas, like a small Medog . Loeb, Tibetan means "good place". Here the climate is pleasant, beautiful mountains and rivers, flowers, all year round evergreen, in full bloom all kinds of wildflowers can not be called, called the Western plateau a must. In the ancient wood and bamboo forest and the mysterious virgin forest along the road through the cliffs can be seen everywhere cliffs, frolic monkeys and birds.
Lhasa to take the day Yong measures, 320 km, about 6 hours by car
【Ticket Price: Free】

4. Yongbulakang: is the first palace in the history of Tibet, is the Princess Wencheng and Songzan Gambo summer palace, built on the hillside, can ride up the mountain (30 yuan), the film "painted skin Ⅱ" in Tibet One of the places.
【Tickets: 30 yuan】

Figure: Yongbulakang. BY small sprayer

5. Sangye Temple: is the first monk monk monk in Tibet, the center of the Buddhist temple at the end of the Tibetan style, the middle of the Chinese-style, the top of the Indian style, so Sangye Temple is also known as the three Temple. Wuzhen Hall closed at six o'clock in the evening, the temple's East Gate closed at the same time.
【Tickets: 50 yuan】

Figure: Samye Monastery. BY blue heart melt

Recommended: the flames of possession of the South - Cangyang Gyatso Mysterious 3 days tour

Day1  Lhasa Departure - Yarlung Zangbo River Observatory - Yalong River Valley scenery - Yapu La Snow Mountain - Take the day Yong measures (the center of the Central Harvest ) - overnight stay Lebougou Scenic Area
Day2  Le cloth ditch depth tour ( Wolf valley , Sino-Indian self-defense counterattack battle site, the hills of the Kerry measures the palace , Menba style, separated by a river in southern Tibet ) evening bonfire party , scenic tour can be provided free of charge
Day3   Le cloth ditch - Yongbula Kang - Sangye Monastery - Back to Lhasa
↓ ↓ Looking for Sanken Gyatso Poke ↓ ↓     

Northern Tibet Qiangtang - grassland, lake

Here are the average elevation of more than 4500 Qiangtang grassland , Gobi, grasslands, lakes, mountains, can see a large group of wild animals, is China's largest wildlife habitat.

Figure: Northern Tibet prairie. BY Lvhang

Qiangtang grassland scenery TOP3

1. Nam Co: Tibetan "days Lake" means, is China's second largest saltwater lake, is one of the three holy lakes in Tibet . She is like a piece of jasper falling in the sky, inlaid in the beautiful grassland of the northern Tibet.
【Tickets: 120 yuan / off-season 60 yuan】 (off-season: November 1 to April 30 the following year)

Figure: Namco wrong. BY a five

2. When Jayong Yong: The oldest holy lake in Tibet's oldest Yongzong worshipers is also the fourth largest lake in Tibet, where it was the seat of the royal palace of the elephant dynasty, one of the most concentrated areas of the Tibetan relics The
【Tickets: Free】

Figure: When yongyong wrong. BY a donkey

3. Animal world: in the vast Qiangtang grassland, Tibetan wild donkey, wild yak, Tibetan antelope is "no man's land three big family" , possession of wild ass running like lightning, wild yak has a strolling steady, Tibetan antelope More like a wizard in the wilderness. In addition, the brown tigers, spotted goose, where the number of animals assembled, throughout Asia, the whole world will be amazing.

Figure: Qiangtang grassland. BY Lvhang

Recommended: Wild Big North Line · Wild call

Tibet North Qiangtang grassland belongs to no man's land, where traffic is extremely poor, very inconvenient to stay, walking this area, only through the following "Ali big north line" , where the wild call you, forget the city everything, return to the dream In the faintly visible wilderness.
↓ ↓ release nature channel ↓ ↓  

Tibetan Lhasa - La North Link Humanistic Landscape

Holy City Lhasa, 3560 meters above sea level, as most people arrived in Tibet, the first stop, there are too many places worth to go, Lhasa city monastery is the most intensive in Tibet, these buildings to Lhasa as the center, along the Lhasa The surrounding valley extends in all directions and gradually forms the unique landscape of the temple in Tibet .

Figure: Barker Street by people. BY a five

Lhasa area will go to the attractions TOP5

1. Potala Palace: Tibetan Songzan Gambo to marry Princess Princess and Princess Wencheng and the construction of the main building is divided into two parts of the White House and Red Palace. Visits need to follow all Buddhist taboos. Can not take a hat, can not take pictures, can not stamp the threshold and so on.
【Tickets: 200 yuan / off season: 100 yuan】 (off-season: November 1 to the end of the following year)

Figure: Potala Palace. BY vanilla lemon

Weekly peak of the Potala Palace tickets, choose not to shop "city day trip" in order to protect your trip to Tibet will not miss the most important stop of the Potala Palace. In addition, even if it is easy to buy tickets off-season, follow the tour guide to explain, through the Potala Palace, to understand another culture, is also a very good choice, after all, visit the Potala Palace, understand the human history is more important than the scenery The
↓ ↓ Potala Palace Visit Channel ↓ ↓

Figure: Barkhor Street Street View. BY text

2. Jokhang Temple: has 1,300 years of history, is the earliest civil structure of Tibet, the integration of Tibetan, Tang, Nepal, India's architectural style, a Tibetan religious architecture of the eternal model. This temple is the most famous Sakyamuni 12-year-old figure, not only because of its historical and cultural value, in the hearts of Buddhists, see the Buddha is like to see 2500 years ago, Buddha deity.
【Tickets: 85 yuan】

Figure: Jokhang Temple Golden Summit. BY cow

3. Sala Temple : Tibetan Buddhism, one of the six main monastery, Lhasa three major temple built the latest one, belonging to the national key cultural relics protection units, it is the most famous Lama debate , time for every day at three o'clock.
【Tickets: 50 yuan】

Figure: salad temple. BYJacky

4. Tribute tung Temple: 830 years of history, Tibetan Buddhism Zhigong Kagyu school ancestors, the existing 205 monks. It has all the most famous celestial burial, many people travel thousands of miles to send the dead to the burial. One of the world's most famous two celestial burial sites is India's Siwu mining celestial burial ground, the other is the tribute temple Tianzao Tao.
【Tickets: 30 yuan】

Figure: Tribute Temple. BY Zyyy

5. Zayeba Temple: It is one of the four monasteries of the Nyingma School, one of the four major tectonic temples of the four major sects of Tibet. The characteristics of the hole is the temple, the temple together.
【Tickets: 30 yuan】

Figure: Zayashi Temple. BY clown is not ugly

Recommended: Lhasa city flash gold · local people escort

In the eyes of many people, Tibet's humanities are more fascinating than the scenery, the car is also good, free exercise, their fun to enjoy, can not be more in-depth understanding of local culture, walking Tibet, Tibet, the best way is to let The locals take you to play, personally tell you about the Tibetan history and culture and customs.
↓ ↓ looking for locals ↓ ↓

Figure: Tibetan grassland. BYCHAO_er


Snow mountain plateau mountains and rivers, grass and trees, because the two words of Tibet, added a lot of divine, for Tibet, although we are just passing, but passing by, must not miss!
We are in Tibet, full time online for you to provide full travel services in Tibet.
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