Fun Qinghai the most practical route 1-7 recommended, there is always a suitable for you ~

Many small partners to Qinghai time is limited, can not take the Great Ring of Qinghai Province, Qinghai, how to arrange and optimize it? To Qinghai's most famous, cost-effective attractions finished, do not take the costly mistakes, this may be the most concern of many small partners a problem. As for how to solve this problem Well ~ listen to me ~
black horse river star

Why Qinghai so beautiful

Qinghai Province as a bright pearl on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an average elevation of 3500 or more, surrounded by mountains, it opened in Qinghai Province, a lot of small basins. Here is the tea card salt lake known as the sky mirror, also known as the most beautiful sunrise of the Black River, as well as the thrilling city of Satsuma landscape ~

Desert camel team

Qinghai Lake rape

If you want to see these beautiful scenery, then ring the Qinghai Lake ring line to meet your needs. But if you have limited time, you can play well for one day. Then I put Qinghai Province, the most scientific and practical optimization of the most practical Raiders to share with you, I hope to come to the northwest of small partners to help.

Qinghai Lake day tour small loop

Xining - Riyue Mountain - Dantam River - Qinghai Lake - Lake Road - Sand Island - Gold and Silver Beach Prairie - Atomic City - Xining
This line is almost 350-400 km, one day more relaxed walk, desert, lake, There are grasslands, cattle and sheep, there Gesang Hua, rape, Wang Luobin lyrics "In that distant place, there is a good girl people have to look through the nostalgia of her tent ~~~~" This song is created Gold Silver Beach Prairie, very beautiful.

Qinghai Lake Tour on the 2nd Link Caramel Salt Lake

D1: Xining - Tar Temple - pull Jishan - Riyue - Dantang - Qinghai Lake - Jiangxi ditch - Black Horse River - Chaka Salt Lake;
D2: Black Horse River Sunrise - West Lake - Bird Island - Central Lake Road - Prairie - Silver Beach - Atomic City - Xining.
This trip is relatively good, time just two days more than 800 kilometers of travel is not nervous, around the Qinghai Lake turn around, so we must live in the dark horse River night, you can choose to see the sunrise and sunset in the Black Horse River, and the sky Mirror - Tea Lake is also coming to Qinghai must see.

Sea Lake + Chaka Salt Lake + Qilianmenyuan Qinghai Province, Inner Ring three-day tour

D1: Xining - Tar Temple - Riyue - Dantang - Qinghai Lake places: Black Horse River;
D2: Black Horse River Sunrise - Chaka Salt Lake - Qinghai Lake Lake - Sand Island - Atomic City - Dadong Hill Altitude 4122 meters) - Qilian prairie (China's most beautiful prairie) Places: Qilian;
D3: Qilian County - 227 National Road (China the United States Road) - Gate source rape sea - Ganshigaoshan - Daban Mountain Tunnel Return to Xining end of the trip.
This line of about 1,100 kilometers, it is based on the two-day tour extends north to the Qilian Menyuan (million mu of rape sea) and China's most beautiful State Road 227 State Road, do not go back, take the road, then you can say Qinghai, the United States hit the net, is the first choice of the 3-day tour in Qinghai Province, along the scenic door Cauliflower sea sky snowy sky Baiyun grassland sky Qilian Mountains sunrise Qinghai Lake sunrise.

Qinghai Lake - Zhangye colorful Danxia - Qilian Menyuan four-day tour

D1: Xining - Tar Temple - Riyue - Chaotanghe - Qinghai Lake - Tea Lake Salt Lake Accommodation: Black River;
D2: Black Horse River Sunrise - West Lake Road, West Lake - Sand Island - Atomic City - Dadong Hill (4122 meters above sea level) - Jinyintan Prairie - Qilian prairie (one of the most beautiful six prairies in China) - Qilian Zhuoer Mountain Places: Qilian County;
 D3: Qilian County - A soft temple -227 State Road State Road) - Bodoukou Scenic Area - Zhangye Colorful Sunset in Danxia Accommodation: Zhangye;
 D4: Zhangye departure - 227 State Road - Gate source rape flowers (7. .8 M) - Ganshigaoshan - Daban Mountain tunnel to return to Xining end of the trip.
This line is based on a three-day trip to the north and extends to Zhangye, Gansu, colorful Danxia - where God knocked paint bottles, this trip Zhangye more overnight accommodation. So you can choose to see the sunset and sunrise in Zhangye Danxia landform.
Qinghai Gansu's four-day tour has no turning point, is also a small loop, every day the scenery is different, this line is a unique line, but also I alone to explore the line of walking, unique style, beautiful scenery, Danxia landforms, grasslands, Lakes, deserts, Gobi, snow-capped mountains, Qinghai's most beautiful sunrise, tea card Salt Lake - is a great line.

5-6 days in Qinghai, Dunhuang "Little Central"

Qinghai Dunhuang "Little Ring" This line is the beginning of Qinghai - Dunhuang end, which includes all the basic four lines of the four spots, stretching from Zhangye west to Dunhuang, are taking the first line of Qinghai Gansu attractions.
The drawback is that after the end of Dunhuang, when you return is not very convenient (although there are flights and railway stations in Dunhuang, but less optional train less). If you plan to go to Xinjiang after the end of Dunhuang, this line is just right for you. It is even closer to Xinjiang from Dunhuang.

6-7 days to try Xining, Qinghai Province "Grand Link"

The "Great Link" of Dunhuang in Qinghai is the end of Xining, starting from Xining. It has a total length of 2,800 km and runs exactly along the Qaidam Basin.
Gansu Qinghai front line attractions do not go back, the famous attractions along the Qinghai Lake, Chaka salt Lake, Qaidam Basin, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Qinghai Water Jadan devil city, Yumen Pass, Yangguan, Mingsha Crescent Moon Spring, Jiayuguan Great Wall, Zhangye colorful Danxia, ​​Horseshoe Temple, Zhuoer Mountain Scenic Area, Qilian Mountains, Daban Mountain, Qilian Prairie, Menyuan mu rape.
Finally, the return of Xining, the end of the return of more traffic (you can choose to leave from Xining, Lanzhou). This loop is the best value for money in the five northwestern provinces a loop, the number of days moderate, moderate mileage, moderate fares most important attractions are many, are the domestic front-line attractions it ~


Qinghai Qinghai-Tibet Plateau this shining pearl has not let you love this love around the corner just want it? Whether you are a long holiday or two or three days of a small holiday can come to Qinghai Lake to go ~ the beauty here will not have any limitations because of your time, so do not hesitate to find a reliable driver, let's Get on the bus!

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