What are the resort hotels worth exploring in Qiandao Lake?

Here, it is the most beautiful place in China by CNN. Here, there are many people who enjoy watching the lake and seeing the mountains. Here, it is the back garden of the Yangtze River Delta and Qiandao Lake. Maybe you know that there are countless landscapes in Qiandao Lake, but maybe you don't know, there are many resort hotels worth visiting. Even for these hotels, it is worth going to Qiandao Lake again!
intercontinental exterior by _e1b2bf

1. Thousand Island Lake Intercontinental Resort

Intercontinental exterior by @禛安婧

[Keywords] private and quiet, all-island vacation, invincible lake view, service intimate, suitable for parent-child travel
[recommended level] ★★★★★ The
exclusive Interstate Resort of Qiandao Lake on the Laoshan Peninsula, the geographical location is "blessed" Sitting in the invincible lake view, private and tranquil, is the first choice for many people to come to Qiandao Lake for vacation. There are 13 kilometers of private roads here. When you get on the island, it is like driving a quiet and beautiful paradise, green mountains and clear waters, green trees and safflowers. Everything is like a dream.

Intercontinental Deluxe Room

The hotel has beautiful lake and garden views, as well as private yachts and 3 large swimming pools. Each room is furnished with natural hardwood floors and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer great views to the guests. For those with children, there is also a special children's playground, which allows children to have fun in the hotel.

View of the lake from the lobby by @cheerchan

In addition, there are many romantic and heart-warming scenes. For example, you can see the Chinese restaurant in the Lushan Garden on the lakeside. For example, you can use the “frame view” in the eight methods of the garden to get the view of the lake in the lobby of the gods. When you look at the calm lake through the window, look at the mountains in the distance. Jing, the moment is really refreshing, I can't wait for time.

Lushan Garden Chinese Restaurant Lake View by @禛安婧

Address : Luanshan Peninsula , Luan
Tel : 0571-88818888

2. Hilton Qiandao Lakeside Resort

Entrance to Hilton Qiandao Lake Resort

[Keywords] high-end private, mountain view, service intimate, private beach, quality enjoyment
[recommended level] ★★★★★
Located on the shore of Qiandao Lake, Hilton Qiandao Lake Resort, on the mountain lake, is the Qiandao Lake area The international hotel with the longest lakeshore line is known as the “most romantic hotel in Qiandao Lake”. The appearance is grand, atmospheric, and the interior is warm and romantic. If you like to enjoy the hotel, then come here.

Hilton Lake View Twin Room

Standing on the private balcony of your room, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain views, and then match the lake view, wake up every morning in the beautiful scenery. What is most worth mentioning is that there are also superb suspension pools and private beaches, which are especially suitable for big friends and children to come on holiday.

Hilton Private Beach

Address : No. 600, Huanhu North Road, Chun'an County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (near South Lake District)
Tel : 0571-65086666

3. Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort

Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort Exterior

[Keywords] Good location, good service, good service, beautiful lake view, high comfort, Southeast Asian style, suitable for family
[Recommendation Index] ★★★★★
Sheraton Qiandao Lake Resort in the center of the town, but in the middle of noisy Quiet, mountain and water, complete facilities, high comfort, and its home garden is very Southeast Asian style, very suitable for a young and old to vacation.

Sheraton Club Lake View Room

Most worth mentioning is that the hotel has lake view in almost every room, and the lake view room has a 270-degree large balcony. In the room, the window is opened and the lake is beautiful. The scenery is beautiful. In such a place, drinking tea and sunbathing in the sun is really pleasant.

Sheraton Swimming Pool

Address : No. 600, Huanhu North Road, Chun'an County, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province (near South Lake District)
Tel : 0571-65086666

4. Thousand Island Lake Green City Resort

Green City balcony overlooking

[Keywords] Good location, good service, beautiful lake view, high cost performance, suitable for families, suitable for vacation
[recommended index] ★★★★★
Located at Qiandao Lake Green City Resort in the center of Qiandaohu Town, surrounded by water on three sides, facing Qiandao Lake Center Lake District, eat and wear everything, very convenient.

Greentown 270 Degree Lake View Suite

The lake view room here has an extra-wide balcony and floor-to-ceiling windows. It just sits on the balcony, watching the wind blowing up the ripples of the lake, watching the rays of the sun shine through the thick clouds and refracting on the lake. It's really great! In addition, there is a children's playground and swimming pool, and the children have to forget to go home.

Green City balcony view

Address : Xin'an North Road, Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an County
Tel : 0571-6508 6666

5. Qiandao Lake Warm Island Zhejiang Travel Resort

Warm Island Zhelv Resort Hotel Chalet

[Keywords] private and quiet, island-wide vacation, combination of simplicity and modernity, noble and elegant, cabin, suitable for families
[Recommendation Index] ★★★★
This hotel on the warm island is a superb environment in Qiandao Lake. The island-wide resort is quietly far from the city centre. There is a single-family villa and the first log cabin of Qiandao Lake. With the green jade and the long flowing landscape, it combines simplicity and modernity, openness and privacy. In which it is often mistaken, "the island is in the lake, people are The feeling of the lake.

Warm Island Zhelv Resort Hotel Executive Lake View King Room

In addition, there are also complete facilities, children's playground, swimming pool, gymnasium, and it is very suitable for family and children.

Warm Island Zhe Brigade Open-air Tea Bar

Address : Warm Island, Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an
Tel : 0571-65012888

6. Qiandao Lake Yunshuige Boutique Hotel

Yunshuige lobby

[Keywords] unique, full of design, lakes and mountains
[recommendation index] ★★★★★
Different from other resort hotels featuring lake view and Southeast Asian resort style, hidden in the waters of the Qiandao Lake Bridge Uniquely, 12 soho villas have smooth lines, two-storey villas on the upper and lower floors, and transparent living floor windows on both sides of the living room. The lake and mountains outside the window are unobstructed, which really lining the style of the hotel.

Yunshuige Room

The reason why it is unique here is that it has moved the most beautiful landscapes and objects of Qiandao Lake. The things that are visible or memorable in Qiandao Lake, such as the clusters of reeds on the shore of the sunset, have been carefully processed into practical lamps and decorations, carefully embedded in every corner of the hotel. Walk in it and appreciate the subtle beauty of those precious.

Yunshuige Restaurant

Address : No. 18, Jixian Road, Qiandaohu Town
Tel : 0571-65181111

The resort hotel in Qiandao Lake is a quality guarantee with a pleasant mood. Spring blossoms, it is better for us to meet Qiandao Lake, pick a hotel, watch the mountains, watch the water, watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, and spend a holiday, can you?

7. Qiandaohu Runhe Jianguo Resort Hotel

Qiandaohu Runhe Jianguo Resort Hotel Exterior

Key words from the pier near, good service, beautiful scenery, suitable for holiday
[recommendation refers to the number of] ★★★★
Lake Run and Jianguo Hotel is located near the center of the Lake District tourist pier, convenience. Built along the coast, the hotel is surrounded by lakes on three sides. It is located in the most beautiful lake area of ​​Qiandao Lake. The open window is the endless lake, the morning or the sunset, always let you see different beauty.  

Qiandao Lake Runhe Jianguo Resort Hotel Presidential Suite

It is worth mentioning that there is a bicycle rental point at the entrance of the hotel. If you are interested, you can rent a bicycle to take a romantic cycling trip along the roundabout.

Thousand Island Lake Runhe Jianguo Resort Hotel Buffet Restaurant

Address : No. 298, Menggu Road, Chun'an (near Menggutang Cultural Park)
Tel : 0571-65089999

8. Qiandao Lake Medea Grand Resort

Exterior of the Meridian Resort, Thousand Island Lake

Key words from the pier near, cost-effective, service warm, suitable for Family Fun
[Recommended refers to the number of] ★★★★
located in the banks of Lake MeiDeYa Narada Resort & Spa, quiet, and just opened four years, however, the overall More new. The hotel's architecture is dominated by modern Chinese style, elegant and luxurious, with complete facilities.

Medina Junyi Executive Lake View Twin Room

In addition, the hotel also has a pottery living hall and a children's playground, which is very suitable for friends of all sizes and provides bicycle rental service for everyone to travel. In the early morning of Qiandao Lake, I had a cup of tea, leaning against the balcony of the room, smelling the smell of the lake, and it was good to watch the children scatter in the pool.

Qiandao Lake Medina Junyi Resort Hotel Garden View

Address : No. 488, Menggu Road, Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an
Tel : 0571-64988888

The resort hotel in Qiandao Lake is a quality guarantee with a pleasant mood. Spring is warm, not as good as we meet in Qiandao Lake, pick a hotel, watch the mountains, watch the water, watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, and spend a holiday happily, ok?

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