Where is Guilin fun? In addition to traditional attractions, there are these occult mysteriously

Although Guilin is a traditional destination in China, there are still many secrets. It is worth our exploration to find out how to play a new trick in traditional attractions. And listen to senior portraits of playing coffee. You will find that the original Guilin is also a mystery of a small minority and there are also embarrassing foods other than rice flour.
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First of all, let's listen to Guilin's travel route designer who discovered the beauty of Guilin's niche.

First, why go to Guilin?

 A senior Guilin game cafe once said with pain: "Guilin's landscape is so famous that it hides a lot of other interesting things." So what is Guilin's new game besides the landscape?

1 Historical and cultural atmosphere of Guilin

In 30,000 years ago, there were primitive people living here. From the Qin Shihuang period, Guilin was introduced into the civilized era. In the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang sealed the sun as the Guilin Yaowang. In Duxiu Feng, Jingjiang Wangfu and Jingjiang Wangcheng were established. The city walls are the best-preserved Ming Dynasty walls in the country.

2 Yangshuo outdoor extreme sports

In addition to the traditional scenic spots of the Ten Mile Gallery, cycling, bamboo rafting, rock climbing, cave exploration, etc. These outdoor sports are always inextricably linked with Yangshuo. The famous outdoor sports attract many young people who love outdoor activities. Full of youthful vitality and vigor.

3 Explore the nucleus

The uninhabited ancient stone city, the long-awaited Xianggong Mountain, the ancient town of welfare of intangible cultural heritage... These places may have never been heard, but they are the essence of Guilin's travel. Fantasy, more than the traditional attractions reflect the depth of this destination.

Ancient Stone Castle by bikego

Second, popular attractions minority gameplay

The phrase "Guilin Landscapes One World" brings Guilin to the eyes of Chinese and foreign tourists. As time goes by, the scenery here is still the same as the mountains and rivers. The scenic area is still a traditional model. The attractions are mountains and seas. What new tricks can these traditional attractions play?

Look at a video to experience the subversive traditional Guilin B surface ~

Cheung Pei Shan Park

The label of the attractions in Guilin city, last year's location for the movie of Jackie Chan's big brother, is far more like an elephant in the booze of the river.
Traditional gameplay: buy tickets to enter the scenic area, board elephant trunk mountain, reach the summit in 15 minutes, and blow a hair to see the Lijiang River.
Tickets: 80 yuan/adult, locals can enter with ID card or student ID

If you want to enter the park, you can purchase tickets in advance at the Ma honeycomb mall. You can check tickets after 30 minutes, which is cheaper than on-site tickets.

Niche play: Drinking coffee while facing the coffee shop on the other side of the river while overlooking the trunk on Elephant Trunk Hill not only saves on ticket fees, but also provides a panoramic view of Elephant Trunk Hill. Sun and Moon Twin Towers are also close at hand. Liangjiangsihu Park Also at the foot. Stay away from noisy crowds and watch the peaks, green trees and green waters quietly!
Location recommendation: Recall coffee, use Baidu map navigation to reach the
consumption: 30-50 yuan per capita

Yuanshan Xiangshan by bikego

2. Jingjiang Palace

The palace of Jingjiang King of the Ming Dynasty and the blue-striped city wall outside the government tells the imprint of history. Once you enter the city gate and walk on the boulevard, it seems that there is a feeling of passing through. The outside of the city is a modern, small city. It was back to the ancient times, and walking in this costume is no exception.
Traditional play: Enter Jingjiang Wangfu Scenic Area, visit Wangfu and Duxiu Feng
tickets: RMB 99/adult, student card can enjoy preferential

Niche Play: Touching the ancient city walls of the Ming Dynasty and watching the inscription “Sanyuan and No. 1” on the wall, walk on the boulevard to memorize the history, walk through the old residential area to the wall, change the point of view to the shuttle flow, turn around Step out of the city of Kings, step into the residential area, and dive into the alley to drink sugar water.
Recommended by Sugar Water Shop: Xu Alu Sugar Water Shop
Recommended Sweet Water: Corn syrup, exclusively for childhood memories of Guilin people

3. Yulong River rides water

The Yulong River is a tributary of the Lancang River. Unlike the Grand River of the Lijiang River, it is like the beautiful beauty of everybody. The bamboo poles are also more original and more peaceful.
Traditional play: bamboo rafting
admission ticket: 130 yuan -180 yuan, less than 1 meter and 65 years old can not take bamboo rafts, the specific rules of the day announced implementation shall prevail.

Yuyu Yulong River by Network

Niche play:
Bamboo rafting + water-skiing with a single raft drifting will soon be boring. It's better to go rafting with bamboo rafts and experience the scenery of Guilin. It is an exclusive riding trail that avoids many people and more vehicles. , In-depth experience of cycling, the scenery of the mountains and rivers, the most in Yangshuo scenery. Passing the embankment, take off your shoes, barefoot, and play with water.
Rental bicycles are recommended: There are many car rental shops along the Shili Gallery and you can choose the right bike.
Bamboo Rafting Recommended: Golden Dragon Bridge Pier - Harbin Port, beautiful scenery, quiet, without modification of the beauty.

If you want to take a bamboo raft alone, you can purchase tickets in advance at the Ma honeycomb mall. According to your own needs, you can choose a suitable road section to take a bamboo raft instead of taking a full ride.

4. Xingping Ancient Town

Because RMB 20 is famous for this location, numerous Chinese and foreign tourists have come here to punch cards, but in fact, the ancient town of Xingping is more suitable for stopping than Yangshuo West Street.
Traditional gameplay: Visit the ancient town and take a 20- yuan
ticket with bamboo rafts. Tickets: Xingping-Jiuma painting and mountain transportation, 90 yuan/person

20 yuan by bikego

Niche play: B&B drinking tea, slowly strolling around the street to taste the food
, watching fish eagles sing late, more and more high-quality homestays are rooted here, drinking tea on the hotel’s terrace, overlooking the ancient town’s panorama, is also a local slow life. The old town has retained some old and old buildings. There are still some local people living here. Many cuisines are worth exploring. If you have enough time to stay overnight is also a good choice.
B&B recommendation: Dian Yi: Oversized terrace overlooking Guzhen
cuisine Recommended: Mandui Shaboda: Authentic local Guilin cuisine, 18 broiled, beer fish, authentic delicacy, affordable
with hand ritual recommendation: Rongdi Songhua sugar: sell now Now done, crisp, high cost performance with gifts

After reading this, did you think that you used to know Guilin before? Following the introduction of Guilin’s new gameplay, I’m sure that everyone can have a good time, but if you have a local senior playing coffee with you on your journey, you can find another way to take you deeper into the local area while enjoying the locals’ love. The specialty food, or the kind of 6 people in the private group, is not even better! Not only is it fun, but it also solves the traffic problem in Guilin to Yangshuo.

The fish eagle reflected in the yellow cloth sings
in the days when the fishermen in Guilin rely on fishing to maintain their livelihood. Osprey is their best fishing tool. They carefully domesticate the osprey so as to cooperate even more with the tools they rely on to survive. Tacit understanding. Now, the Osprey does not have to work hard to fish. It has become a photo prop, and it is also a new way of existence under the changing times. It may seem a little helpless, but at least, it also plays a role. Between these mountains and rivers, under the sun, quietly watching a fish eagle show, photographing the most culturally-inspired humanity scenes ~
location: Baidu search "yellow cloth reflection" to arrive at the
cost: the average fisherman will take the Osprey in Photographs on the shore, if you want him to perform fishing performances need to pay another, the price can be discussed, usually 100 yuan -200 yuan once.

Osprey show by network

Recommending a day trip to Yangshuo not only allows you to play all of the above subversive niche games, but also enjoy the exclusive experience of the Osprey singers. In addition to fun, there are local people who are familiar with the locals and drive. Comfortable private cars are at your service. There are difficulties for them to solve them with standard Guilin dialects. Can someone dare you?

Third, the occult mysterious special experience

1. Ancient Stone City Quest

Absolutely secretive, the entire ancient village is built with local shale unique, rocks, green trees, a mysterious and fresh breath paved from the sun just sprinkled, adding a glimmer of light for the large art film. It is now uninhabited and is about to disappear.
If you are lucky, you can run uphill and sell local jelly, sweet and sour, refreshing.
Location: Yangshuo mysterious territory, Baidu map search "Ancient Stone City" navigation can be
tickets: The general situation is free, foreigners may encounter the situation of local villagers charge, 5-10 yuan / person

2. Asakayama ascends

You can climb to the top in 15 minutes to see the mountains and valleys overlooking the first bay of the Qijiang River. When the sun goes down, you can see the bamboo rafts on the return trip to draw a layer of curtains on the Lijiang River, as if it were only a big phoenix. If the sun just sprinkles It is as if the phoenix is ​​reborn.
Location: Opposite Jiuma Painting Mountain, Yangshuo County, Baidu Map Search "Guilin Xianggongshan" to reach
tickets: 60 yuan/person, children and adults with the same price

Mekong Hill by bikego

Mekong Hill by bikego

4. Welfare ancient town fan

Since the 1990s, the fan culture has risen here and continues to this day, becoming an important intangible cultural heritage in China.
Now there are two large painting workshops in the ancient town—Peng and Mohs. They can all experience the fan. Mohs is the largest one. Master Mo has also been interviewed by CCTV. It is a famous local painter and tradition. Fans of handicraft inheritance, and often international friends in his workshop to experience the fan. The new experience takes away memories of your own.
Location: Baidu search "welfare town" can be reached
Tickets: No
fan-painting fan Experience fee: 100 yuan / person, 4 people, about 60 minutes

5. Watch the sunset through the mountains

A long-term perspective can be experienced once in Guilin, because the unique karst landscape, the peak is not high, 20 minutes to the summit. The special experience of Dengchuanshan lies in overlooking the rural scenery and the alternative view outside the landscape. At sunset, look down at the smoke and look up at the colored clouds that were reddish by the setting sun.
Location: Guilin Qixing District, Baidu map search "wearing mountain scenery" can reach
tickets: 30 yuan / person

Wear mountain sunset by bikego

Wear mountain sunset by bikego

Fourth, traffic information

High speed rail

In December 2014, the Guangzhou-Guangzhou, Nanguang-Guangzhou high-speed rails were fully opened. It takes only 3 hours from Guangzhou to Guilin and Yangshuo and only 2.5 hours from Nanning to Guilin.
Beihai to Guilin train time: 8:30-18:20, 10 trips, 5 hours drive
Changsha to Guilin express train time: 7:10-16:30, 12 trips, 3.5 hours drive from
Wuhan to Guilin express train time :7:05-14:40, 8 trips, 5 hours drive

2. Aircraft

Guilin Liangjiang International Airport can fly from anywhere in the country, but the airport is small, throughput is limited, and there are fewer voyages.

Tips: During the
summer season and holidays, there is a large flow of people. It takes about 2 hours in advance to reach airport security.

3. Guilin - Yangshuo

Car: Guilin Bus Terminal, Zhongshan South Road, fare: 14 yuan -20 yuan, time: 07:00-21:00, every 20 minutes, 90 minutes.
Sightseeing bus: Pingshan Bus Station in Guilin, ticket price: RMB 50, time: 8:30-18:30, once every hour, and it will take about 90 minutes.
Ships: Tickets: 190-210 yuan, including Chinese food, 9:00 or 9:30 in the morning from the Mopanshan pier on the ship, along the river, the run about 4 or 5 hours. 

V. Conclusion

Through this strategy, we hope to help everyone re-recognize Guilin, a destination that has been tagged with "traditional" labels, to re-explore the secrets of Guilin's niche, and welcome everyone to collect and praise the Raiders. If there are any problems not mentioned in the Raiders, , you can also leave a message, we will promptly help you answer   

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