You may not know that Longji terraced fields are open to play!

The first time I arrived at Longji terraced rice field, I went to safe terraces. At that time, I understood it literally, thinking that the safe and strong Zhuangzhai, Jinkeng Dazhai, Jinzhuzhuangzhai, and Huangluo Yaozhai all waited for me on a hilltop, thinking that they could finish it all at once. Efforts to remember that the pictures I saw were not the same as on the ground. I didn't get a surprise in the travel book, but it gave birth to a lot of curiosity. To Longji terraces must be on foot, climb along the Qingshiban Road, and the terraces in the eyes follow your movement and change the curve. To eat the chicken made with springs, pure and fresh. May wish to live in the Diaojiaolou, stepping on the wooden floor, and pushing open the carved windows. The terraces are sweeping and magnificent.

Where is Longji terraced field? Is it an attraction? Or a village?

Longji terraces, 80 kilometers from Guilin. With the reputation of “the crown of the world's terraces,” the most classic are the Pingzhuang Zhuangzhai terraces and the Jinkeng Hongyao terraces. Longji terraced fields were built in the Yuan Dynasty and were completed in the early Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 650 years. The ancestors who built the land on the Longji Ridge certainly would not have thought that the terraced fields that they opened out with their sweat and life are now precious world heritage sites. The total area of ​​the scenic spot is 66 square kilometers, and the terraces are distributed between 300-1,100 meters above sea level. Most of the slopes are between 26-35 degrees, and the maximum slope is 50 degrees.
The reason why the Longji terraced field is famous is its grand and majestic momentum. Southern China is a hilly area, and it is not surprising that there are terraces in the mountainous areas. However, such large-scale concentration of terraces like the Longji Ridge is rare.
Longsheng County is a minority mountain county under the jurisdiction of Guilin City. It lives in Miao, Yao, Dong and Zhuang. It has a long-awaited natural scenery and simple folk customs. Peaceful Zhuangzhai terraced land : It was developed earlier, it is more famous, and there are more tourists. The villagers are mainly Zhuang people. Jinkeng Hongyao Rice Terraces: The main terraces of the Yao village are the Dazhai Yao people, which is later than the Ping’an development. The residents are mainly from the Yao nationality.
Be sure to look at the map below before you go to play to avoid getting lost.

There are a few terraces? Which piece is the most famous? What kind of people are fewer and better?

Longji terraced field is a general term for a large scenic spot and consists of a number of Zhuangyao villages, including Jinkeng Dazhai (Jinkeng Hongyao terraced field, hereinafter referred to as “Kengkeng terraced field”), Pinganzhai (Xiangnang Zhuang terraced field, hereinafter referred to as “ Safe terraces ") Two Dazhai as the core area, as well as Longji ancient Zhuang Village also gradually gaining popularity. In addition to these three large-scale main stockades, Huangluo Yaozhai and Jinzhuzhuang Zhaizhai have also developed some play points to attract tourists.
As far as the terraces themselves are concerned, Ping'an Rice Terraces and Jinkeng Terraced Fields are the two most important terraces with the most central view, the best landscape and the most convenient transportation. Pingyao terraced land is the earliest development and its reputation is also relatively large. The facilities in the village are also relatively mature. The shuttle bus from Guilin is also the nearest point of departure. Therefore, it is the choice for most day trips and tour groups. The development of Jinkeng terraces is relatively late, and the traffic is not very convenient. However, the landscape is more spectacular and the tourists are relatively few. Accommodation conditions have also improved a lot. In recent years, many self-help and photo enthusiasts have also been favored.
1. The most famous terraces: Ping'an Rice Terraces, because of the earlier development time of Pingzhai Village, the spread of fame became even wider. The Pingan Village where the Pingyao Terraces are located and the streets along the ancient Zhuangzhai Village will sell tourist handicrafts, souvenir shops and restaurants. The route up the hill has also been paved with stone staircases. This piece is mainly the Zhuang people's activity area, so here is the carrier of the Zhuang culture.
Highlights: The view point of Ping An Village on Pingtian Terraced Fields is high, and the highest point is the Kowloon Tigers. This is also the main attraction of the terraces. Another famous sight is the Seven Stars with the moon.
2, fewer people resort to photography upstart: Jinkeng terraced fields. Late development time, commercial atmosphere is not yet very strong, folk customs are also very simple, terraced scenery is more splendid, larger scale, wider area, is better protected and more primitive terrace scenery. This terrace has been built with ropeways to facilitate visitors to go down the mountain. Jinkeng terraced fields are located in Dazhai and Tiantouzhai, which is the cradle of Hong Yao culture. (Hong Yao people think hair is the essence of human blood, and women's hair is a symbol of life, so Hong Yao women are mostly long hair)
Aspect: Yao Diaojiaolou, sunrise and sunset, star photography, terraced fields
Jinkeng cableway Tips: Jinkeng terraced field sightseeing cableway is a single-line circulating four-person hanging type cableway with a total length of 1380 meters, a drop of 310 meters, and 113 balconies. The time on the cableway is approximately 20 minutes. If walking uphill and reaching the Golden Buddha, it takes about 1.5 hours.
Ropeway Information: Dazhai Scenic Area Gate No. 3 Viewpoint Golden Buddha Top, 60 yuan one way, 110 yuan round trip, operating time: 9:00-17:00
Two terraced landscapes of various ages, for now, Jinkeng terraced fields The original ecology is more suitable for self-guided tourists. You can spend a night on the terraces to experience the fascinating scenery of the terraces.

How to get to Longji Terrace from Guilin/Yangshuo?

From Guilin, about 80km  1 , Longji line directly to Jinkeng, about 180 minutes! RMB 50 per person
Specific travel time: Departures: April-October, 9:00, 12:00, and 15:00 daily, and other months only 9:00.
Specific ride location: Guilin Station opposite Kai Yue Hotel or Xiangjiang Hotel may be the parking lot of Guilin North Station. Please note that there is no waiting for this trip.
2, Guilin city can carefully go to the Qintan station to take the shuttle bus, direct and shuttle buses to the two
Longsheng bus to send a car about 20 minutes, fare about 40 yuan, sit and get off at the junction, in Peace intersection and other shuttle into the stockade. The bus takes about 2 hours to enter the Longji Scenic Spot parking lot. After that, it transfers to the scenic line bus (40 yuan/person) and arrives at the entrance of the Ping'an Rice Terrace/Kengkeng Terraced Field scenic spot. It enters each Zhai scenic spot, and then passes through the safe terraces and fields on the stone road. Road/Ropeway on Jinkeng Terraces. (Note that this method of transportation is very difficult to get people, and it is not recommended to bring old children. There are always many people at the train station and bus terminal who come forward to ask if they want to take the bus to Longji Terraces. The prices of these people are extremely high. And at the end of the day, you will be sent to the public bus described above, and then leave, do pay attention to not to be taken in.)
3, chartered:
Guilin - Dazhai: van 400; commercial vehicle 550 
Dazhai - Guilin: van 350; Business Car 500

Yangshuo goes to Longji, about 3 ways: 1. One
way to transfer to Yangshuo : Guiyang takes you to Guilin in the early morning. Before 9:00, you arrive at the Guilin Railway Station Square and take a panoramic view to the bus directly to the terraced scenic area gate. This is the most convenient and fastest way. of!
In Mode 2, it is relatively slow. Yangshuo takes a bus to Guilin Bus Station. At Guilin Bus Station, it takes a direct express train to Longsheng County. It transfers to Longmen County in Longsheng County. This way needs to transfer to the green car in the scenic area, and the green car can go to each Stop at the gate of the grand terrace and walk uphill again.
2. Directly
from February 9th this year, the terraced pit in Jinzhai Dazhai has a shuttle bus to Yangshuo. Terraces and Yangshuo train twice every day. The time is 8:30 and 13:30. There are fewer vehicles and time is missed. No way (usually during peak season) Reference frequency: Yangshuo - Jinkeng Dazhai: 8:30, 13:00; Jinkeng Dazhai - Yangshuo: 9:00, 12:00.
Departure point: Yangshuo Taolu Road Bilian Lotus Tourist Parking and Jinkeng Dazhai Parking. You need to book one day in advance.
If you are not in high season, you can take the first express train from Yangshuo Bus Station to 6:45 at the express train to Guilin. Every 15 to 20 minutes, the fare is about RMB 24.
3. If you
have more chartered buses, you can charter/drive to/in West Street or on the Internet. Order a day tour of the travel agency and pick up people around Shima Disk about 8:00 in the morning. Yangshuo to Longji chartered: 700-800 yuan.
In addition, the Longji Scenic Spot ticket is 95 yuan, which can be searched and purchased on major internet platforms. Generally, there are discounts. If you are driving, you need to purchase tickets for the scenic area or charge it at the gate of the scenic area.

Tips: It should be noted that the requirements for vehicles that can enter the Longji Scenic Spot can be restricted to seven cars under the Jinkeng Dazhai parking lot, and seven cars must be transferred to the green car. The bus must be parked in the parking lot of the scenic area and must not enter the scenic area; the type of car that can enter the scenic area: the scenic area line car (special car prepared for tourists by the scenic spot, the round-trip cost is 40 yuan/person), and the self-driving car (less than 7 blocks), Villagers own vans and so on.
Therefore, the general transportation can only reach the entrance of the scenic area. Generally, non-self-driving scenic spots need to be replaced with special-purpose vehicles.

How to connect and plan routes between terraces?

In general, planning from Jinkeng to Ping’an is more reasonable than planning from Ping’an to Jinkeng:
1. Travel by car. Take a bus (Dazhai-Longji) at the Dazhai parking lot for 10 yuan and get off at Erlongqiao in 30 minutes. Transfer to the bus (Longsheng-Ping) at 10 yuan and arrive at Ping An parking lot in 20 minutes. .
2, walk to. Most travelers will choose a way. In general, people who walk from Ping An to Jin Hang are more likely to get lost than Jin Hang to Ping An, so it is recommended to use Jin Hang as a starting point for hiking.
From Jinkeng on foot to Ping’an Road, there are a few forklifts that need attention:
1. From Tiantouzhai to the “Xi Shan Xi Le” viewpoint, you can walk about 10 minutes to see the signs guide to safe terraces. The steeper path above is to go to Ping An, and the gentler path is to Xishan Yile.
2. The overall route is: Take the road up the hill. It takes about 2 hours to get to S6 village. Come out from the village, go down the hill and walk along the road for about 2 hours. The first arriving Pingyao terrace site will be the Kowloon Tigers. Go to the ancient Zhuangzhai, ancient Zhuangzhai have Yijiangyuan to watch, in the afternoon you can go to Pingan Village, watch Huang Luo Yao Zhai Changfa Village (Transportation: From the entrance area / Dazhai parking lot / Ping An parking lot, three locations can be Take the bus, 12 yuan, 25 minutes or so, get off at Huang Luo.) Long hair show, then return to Guilin.

Dragon ridge to play a few days? Two nights a night? Is it convenient to go from Guilin to Yangshuo?

To complete the panoramic tour of Jinkeng Terrace and Pingan Terrace, it takes at least 2 days. Because the Longji Terraced Mountain is a small multi-way mountain with numerous winding roads, it is basically walking on foot. Therefore, it is not advisable for guests who have sufficient time to skip the terraces in order to catch sights.
If you only look at Jinkeng, two days is enough, in the evening recommended to live in Dangzhai here on the Jinkeng side, more hotels here, accommodation is not bad; the next day to get up early to see the sunrise Jinkeng, then down the stockade in the stockade During the trip, you will go on a hike and return to Guilin in the afternoon, especially on the eve of the Golden Autumn. This is how most people come to Longji.
If you need to take a look at Ping An and Gu Zhuang Village, take a look at Chang Fa Village's performance. You can also arrange it according to your own situation in the afternoon of the next day.
The overall plan is as follows:
Day1: You can take a car or drive to Dazhai (self-driving parking in Dazhai parking lot), and then walk to Tiantouzhai accommodation. In the afternoon, you can visit the thousand-story ladder and the golden Buddha top to watch the sunset. After returning to the property, you can see the stars at night when the weather is fine.
Day2: Get up early and head to the Xishan Mountain to watch the terraced sunrise and photography. Then slowly go down the hill, walk to the fork to the peaceful terrace course, and cross the mountain to cross the path. It takes about 4 hours to go to the Pingtian terraces. Self-driving can go directly to the Dazhai parking lot and drive to Pingan Village or Gu Zhuangzhai. (You only need to purchase one ticket. You can freely shuttle between scenic spots and large stockades and no need to purchase tickets.) Is
it convenient to go from Guilin to Yangshuo? It is more convenient to travel from Guilin to Longji, which takes approximately 3 hours and the road is stable. There are more corners near the Longsheng area.
Because Yangshuo and Longji are in the opposite direction of Guilin. If you travel from Yangshuo, you will need to go through Guilin for about 5 hours. It takes a long time to drive and most people cannot stand. It is therefore more convenient for Guilin to travel to Longji.
Note: Regardless of whether you are going to Longji or returning, the car may be overcrowded. It is advisable to contact the owner of the Longji accommodation (there is usually an inn at the inn) in advance to contact the bus to reserve the seat and avoid the phenomenon of no seats.

If you want to stay in Longji, how to choose accommodation?

See the high terraces!
Let's look at accommodation at Jinkeng: Jinkeng terraced fields are roughly classified by geographical location. Dazhai is at the foot of the mountain, strong circles are on the hillside, and Tiantouzhai is on the hillside. Recommended Sumita Tazhai, the stockade more hotels, more selective, the following analysis of the pros and cons of accommodation everywhere.
1. Dazhai: Located in the foothills of the scenic area, the entrance is the car square, near the scenic area gate, there are many hotels, there is a choice, compared to the mountains, where the food and shelter prices are lower. In Dazhai Village, you can look to the right side of the Golden Buddha, and to the left, you can see the heights of the Xishan Temple. Those who arrive in Longji later may choose to stay in Dazhai, so as not to climb in the dark (note that the time for stopping the ticket at the entrance of the scenic area is about 17:30. If this is later than this time, it may not be possible to enter the scenic spot. The hotel on the ridge is late to the scenic area due to special circumstances. It can be consulted whether the hotel owner can enter.) Golden Week tourists for a long time, here is more than 200 yuan more than the price of the peak a lot cheaper, ordinary accommodation can be done for tens of dollars. Too heavy baggage can also be used as a stop. The downside is that it is quite far from the main observation deck of Jinkeng.
2, the strong world: the advantage is located on the hillside, terraces in the surrounding, under the Dazhai can be seen, there are thousands of ladders. Remains independent, quiet environment, more convenient from top to bottom.
3. Tiantouzhai: Above the fringe, there are relatively many hotels on the hillside buildings. It takes about 20 minutes to climb from Dazhai. The place is elevated and the horizon is open. Although looking out at the Golden Buddha, the No. 1 viewing point, Xishan Pleasure, is nearby, and it is very convenient to see the sunrise in the morning. Going to Ping An Village is also near the road.
4. The Big Mao Community: The Big Mao Community is located on the hillside at the top right of Dazhai Village. It is a 30-minute walk away. The following is the Dazhai, which is the Golden Buddha Top. There are currently 3 hotels and the observation deck at the top of the Mao Plaza in the morning. It is also a good choice to see the sunrise.
5, Golden Buddha Top: Golden Foding is located in the top of Maomao, and walks up 30 minutes from the stone road in Taimao. The advantage of Golden Foding Hotel is: It is located at a high place and is surrounded by all sides. King, this is the only place that can be reached by ropeway.
6, near the West Hills music: the highest point. The highest hotel in Longji Terraces is located near this area. The panoramic building (Longji landmark building, it takes 3-4 hours to climb here. Guilin and Yangshuo have a direct bus to the Panorama Hotel). Building, Wanjing Building and Dazhai Hotel, Meijinglou, Jinmei Pavilion, Tiantouzhai Hotel Concentration Zone.
The accommodations in Ping'an Terraced Area can be selected to live in Pingan Village or Guzhuang Village. The Pingzhai Village was developed earlier and the facilities are also better than Jinkeng. Complete, but the overall price will be higher than the gold pit, and it is not convenient to watch the sunset at night or to watch the sunrise on the second day.

What are the accommodation conditions? How is the cost? Which village is the residence concentrated in?

Longji accommodation is generally due to climate and other reasons are wooden Diaojiao Lou, the first floor is a restaurant, kitchen, accommodation on the second and third floor. Due to the poor soundproofing of wooden buildings, the rooms were selected as high as possible and close to the room. During breaks, talk, walk, and watch TV as quietly as possible so as not to affect others' rest. Smoking friends should pay more attention to fire prevention.
The accommodations on the bottom of the terraces are not very good. It is advisable to reserve the accommodations at the top of the terraces (panoramic buildings, etc.) or in the central area (such as Tiantouzhai). The downside is that you need to embark on your own. If you take a drive, you can find a few local special back carriers. The Yao’s aunt’s back luggage, and Sumita Tszhai’s car that can be used by others to ride in local people’s vans, generally go for about 10 yuan, and you can’t go directly to the door of the accommodation. Because it is a terraced road, you need to walk again. Walking time is 5 minutes - 20 minutes.
Costs range from 100-400 rooms, Golden Week will increase prices to 300-800 a room, accommodation is concentrated in Dazhai and Tiantouzhai.

The best view point of terrace photography

Jinkeng Terraces Main Viewpoints:
Terraces of thousands of terraces (closest to the stockade, wide field of vision, terraced fields, considerable sunset)
Xishan Yule (the highest point, see the sunrise, the most moody)
Golden Buddha Top (see the sunset, terraced landscape, the most Spectacular, farthest, you can see the eagle wings and gold wire hoist and the sunset landscape, and it is also the best place to take pictures.
Pingtan terrace viewing platform: Kowloon Five Tigers and seven stars with the moon.
Seven-star terraced terrace with moon: 7 hill packs, 7 hill packs are piled up in the middle of the block field, and they look like 7 twinkling stars, guarding the curved moon field of Longji.
The five tigers in Kowloon: "Kowloon" refers to the nine hill beams that the main ridge of Longji points out here. The "five tigers" refers to the five slightly raised hills and small features.
From the Kowloon Five Tigers to the Seven Stars with a monthly spend of about 40 minutes, the seven stars with the lines of the moon is more distinctive and mellow than the Kowloon Tigers.
Ping'an terraced fields have more vegetation, and the colors of each season are relatively richer than those of Jinkeng terraced fields. However, the reflection of rice transplanting season terraces is not as bright as the atmosphere of Jindang Dazhai terraced fields.
The best season recommended:
In mid-April, irrigation began in mid-June. In the middle and late of June, the irrigation and transplanting season began in
. In the middle and late September, the landscape of greenery , the middle and late of September, and the middle and early November, the golden dragon ridge (yellow, Jinkeng terraced fields will be harvested during the National Day.)
Mid-to-late mid-December-February in mid-April Silver-wrapped (Kengkeng terraced field view area)
Annual activities recommended: Longji Rape Blossom Festival (April-April), Longji Spring-Ploughing Festival (May-June), Red Clothes Festival (Clothes Clothes Festival, Lunar June 6), Longji Autumn Culture Festival (Night Dragon-ridge, September-October)

Weather and morning and evening time influence on shooting terraces

Terraced field shooting, stressing the beauty of the lines, the most beautiful time of the terraced fields there are several: irrigation period, green season, golden harvest season, snow-white days.
1. From late May to mid-June (a week before and after Mang), this half-hour or so is the best time for photography. Water flows from the top down the ditches and fills the fields. The fields are mirror-like and smooth. The locals, who sometimes work, whispered. Shooting angle of the shooting period is best to choose backlight shooting. Metering to avoid sun highlights metering, otherwise it will be underexposed.
2. In mid-July (summer-to-summer-summer) is a good time for the second shot of Jinkeng terraced rice field. The vigorous growth period of rice comes and the terraced fields are green. Under the back light, the terraces on the terraces display rich green lines and are full of vitality. This is a good time for the work. Shooting time choose sunshine day, as early as 8 nights 5, it is the best time for photography.
3, 5 days before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival is the 3rd time for good shooting, terraced fields are golden, colorful, farmhouse huts covered with red pepper before and after, stockade harvest scene. In the morning and evening of autumn, early morning and evening are more likely to occur, and sometimes mysterious Jesus light is encountered. The morning fog is refracted by the sun. The tone levels are rich and the perspective is strong.
4, winter snow is also a good time to shoot terraces. The terraced lines in the snow scene are even more striking. A white field ridge is like a mountain dance silver snake. However, in Jinkeng, the snow landscape is more difficult to meet. In addition, to Jinkeng in addition to shooting terrace scenery, there are style and folk customs and other good photography creative subjects, do not miss.
In addition, the best time for photography in Jinkeng terraced fields can also be the season when Longji Rape blossoms bloom. It begins to bloom in early March, and is the most prosperous in mid-March. The yellow flowers and sea are connected to one another. The photography time is sustainable. Ten days or so.
It may also be a clothes festival (Lunar June 6th), “June 6, Shishishu, women's clothes, and farmland”, and the villagers will bring their own clothes, flower skirts, and decorative tools to the sun. On the clothes racks, large areas of red, black, and green complement each other. There will also be many large-scale traditional programs on this day. Fans who love to documentary and character photography should not miss it.
Photography Tips:
1, the irrigation season is the season of Longji rain, the camera equipment should be prepared to prevent rain and moisture, plastic wrap, raincoats and other plastic bags can be used. 
2. Shooting of terraced clouds and misty landscapes. Clouds often work best when the heavy rain just stopped, and the good time is short-lived, so when it rains, go out, select the attractions and shooting angles, and wait patiently. It is often the ups and downs of climate change that are most likely to shoot atmosphere films. There will be haze in the morning. Get up early and go to the viewing platform to take a good position for photography.
3, the use of polarizers, polarizers in the textbook to eliminate the reflection of objects, increase color saturation, darken the sky, so that white clouds are more white, in addition to textbooks, polarizers in the case of scattered light and clouds Taking a terraced field can enhance the contrast of scenery. Shooting Tanaka's water is a little brighter than not using a polarizer.
4, in the choice of film, with strong contrast, high-definition film as the first choice, terraced lines have a sense of beauty, and strong texture, rich tone layers, with black and white film terraced scenery but more charm.

Longji terraces travel tips

1. For meals, local spring chickens, wooden barrel rice, etc. are recommended, and prices are high.
2. For mountain conditions, the hotel is concentrated in the middle of the hill. When you go to your accommodation, you need accommodation or take a van operated by a local person.
3. Jinkeng is a poor mountainous area and lacks medicine and medicine. It is best for filmmakers who go to Jinkeng to take some commonly used drugs, such as cold medicines, anti-inflammatory medicines, dysentery medicines, traumatic injury medicine and snake medicine. Bring a bottle of exterminator to spray the room and avoid fleas.
4, eating habits are not gregarious, you can bring some food. Such as canned fish, ham, mustard, milk powder, cereals and the like.
5, Jinkeng terraced field attractions are far apart, and there are many paths, unclear routes may get lost, walking in the terraces as far as possible to take the stone road.
6, Longji Sambo: Longji pepper, Longji Yunwu tea, Longji wine,
7, Longsheng climate changeable, greater temperature difference, and spring rain, remember to bring rain gear, wear non-slip shoes and so on. 
8, before the show can ask whether to charge, so as not to drop some
9, Longji scenic spot is a gathering place for ethnic minorities, play when you need to respect the local customs and habits.

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