What are the Art & B&B Hotels in Guilin & Yangshuo? Send the most beautiful accommodation map!

As an international tourism metropolis, Guilin has gradually emerged as many B&B hotels. They either have unique private courtyards or have unique interior designs. The service personnel are mostly people who are familiar with the local area and can bring many to everyone’s travel. convenient. Today we recommend 8 unique hotels in Guilin and Yangshuo for you to enjoy not only a good night's sleep but also a good mood.
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First, Guilin downtown

1. Downtown - Find a Food

Most of the accommodations in the city center are convenient for travel and have all the facilities and facilities in the vicinity. It is also easy to find the local cuisines that the locals like at the center, so that visitors can also experience in depth and integrate into the local area. Suitable for young people, couples who like to live or live. Individual traveling alone.

Guilin Shiphouse Tea House Boutique Inn

The decoration of the light Japanese style wind, the change of shoes at home, quite home comfort, Zen tea taste in public areas, Kung Fu tea sets are also free to use, some high-end room type is also equipped with tea in the room, in the room can be Enjoy a river view while tasting tea. Located in a downtown area, close to the river, surrounded by a lot of local food, the boss is Guilin local dad, recommended delicious and fun are all talk.
Address: No. 8 Shijiayuan Road, Qixing District, Guilin
Price: 376 yuan
Tips: All room types are double rooms or standard rooms, limited to 2 people, bath room can accommodate 3 extra beds.

Guilin Youyi Lakeside Living Boutique Hotel

It is adjacent to the most beautiful lakeside of Wuhu Lake, and is decorated in the original wood style. The hardware in the room is an international brand name and it is extremely hard to take care of the body and mind. Located in the center of the city, it's easy to get around and there are many local foods around. The hotel prepares a rich and rich Chinese and Western style breakfast for every staying guests, as well as Guilin rice noodles. Go out to the Sun and Moon Twin Pagodas, lakeside walks, morning run are all very relaxing and beautiful things on the journey.
Address: Junction of Jiaotong Road and Wumei Road, No. 5, Qihu South Road, Xiangshan District
Price: From 277 yuan
Tips: Only 2 adults will be allowed to carry a child under 1.2 meters in each standard room. Travelling with children and adults, no extra beds are charged for extra beds. For multiple children, extra charges apply.

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2. Far from downtown - find clean

The location far from the city center may not be particularly convenient for transportation, but it is expensive and the two hotels recommended are all on the waterfront. It takes about 30 minutes to drive from the city center. It not only has beautiful scenery, but also has no disturbance and can enjoy rare The vacation time is ideal for family vacations.

Guilin Xiongzhijia Riverview Boutique Inn

Located on the bank of the Lijiang River, the inn can enjoy the scenery of Guilin and the rooftops of the property. The hotel's terrace BBQ, self-service laundry, kitchen and other facilities make it convenient for families to travel, and can enjoy a relaxing time without leaving the house. . The innkeeper has a great affinity and usually meets the guests in person. He also organizes guests to barbecue, eat hotpots, watch movies and other activities from time to time.
Address: No. 45, Longchuanping, Xiangshan District, Guilin, near the Yongjiangping Pier on the border of Minjiang River.
Price: From 122 yuan
Tips: Family friends with children in advance to inform the boss, the boss will be reasonable arrangements for the room to stay.

Bear House by Network

Guilin Sheshan Residence

Adjacent to the picturesque Laoshan Bridge in the downtown of Guilin, close to the Lijiang River, the decoration of retro style features professional staff and warm smiles for the hotel. There is a lot of extra points for the hotel. The pavilion provides a more casual and comfortable experience for holiday travelers. The hotel has a variety of room-type family rooms, can accommodate up to 3 large and 2 small, for the parent to travel more intimate and convenient services.
Address: No. 20, North First Road, Huancheng, Diancai District, Guilin
Price: 208 yuan
Tips: There are 8 family-friendly rooms and suites for up to 10 people, suitable for families.

Sheshan Mansion by network

Many tourists will choose to go to Yangshuo after they arrive in Guilin, but some people do not do a good job of Raiders, will set the 3-4 days of accommodation in Guilin city, the same day from Guilin - Yangshuo, in fact, this arrangement will look a little In a hurry, you cannot play in depth and experience impotence. It is advisable to stay in Yangshuo for 1-2 days and slowly enjoy the beautiful landscapes and culture and arts.
From Guilin to Yangshuo, it takes about 2 hours to get a bus and it takes about 4-5 hours to take a cruise. The two modes of transportation are somewhat boring. It is better to choose a day trip. Local leaders will lead the way and eat local food all the way. To explore the little-known mystery, to play all the way, you can also reach Yangshuo

Second, Yangshuo

1. Near West Street - Looking for stimuli

Yangshuo West Street is the most famous pedestrian street in Yangshuo. It can be said to be inaccessible during the tourist season. It can only move slowly with the crowds; the bar and nightclub are even more comfortable in the evening, as if they are beckoning people in the city to release pressure. , Unleash the bondage, and enjoy the madness of these days. So what's a good night's sleep in such a lively neighborhood?

Yishangshan Yangshuo Taosu Xijiekou Store

Just 300 meters from West Street, away from West Street, away from the West Street, you can enjoy a wonderful location. There is a terrace on the 2nd floor, you can easily overlook Yangshuo Castle Peak, and you can also rent a bicycle. You can wander around. . The hotel's public areas are decorated in a modern style. The floor-to-ceiling windows around the building make the lighting and ventilation in the house very good. The interior of the room is simple and pure. It is the first choice for young people to go to Yangshuo.
Address: 21 Yangshuo Tao Road
Price: Starting from 128 yuan
Booking Method: Booking on booking

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Yangshuo Small Chiang Mai Boutique Hotel

Exotic Thai style decoration, the room walls, decorations, bedding, furniture, etc. are all well-designed and selected, people can not help but come together to put their hands together to say "Sawadikar", the hotel entrance There is a cute pet bird, guests will come and say "hello", add a touch of fun, only 500 meters from West Street, location is very convenient, especially suitable for couples to stay.
Address: No. 29, Chengbei North Road, Yangshuo
Price: 128 yuan

Little Chiang Mai by network

Little Chiang Mai by network

2. Avoid the West Street - find peace

In addition to the famous West Street in Yangshuo, there is also a more quiet, more suitable holiday resort known as the Yulong River. Compared to the mountains and rivers of the Lancang River, the Yulong River can be said to be a bridge, and it is sure to be a wonderful thing to be able to live near such landscapes!

Yangshuo Yuanyue Shevashe Hotel

Located at the foot of the Moon Hill, surrounded by green mountains, the environment is pleasant, with a large swimming pool. The style of decoration blends with the local characteristics of the local residents in the north of Guangxi. Local is yet modern. The room type has a variety of room types, such as a terrace view room, a parent-child room, etc., to meet the family travel needs. The public areas of the hotel are uniquely decorated, and the furniture used is also high-quality logs. The restaurant of the hotel can also serve various kinds of Chinese and Western foods. The characteristics of Guilin's local beer fish, 18-stuff, and other specialties are also very good.
Address: No. 42-1, Qingdi Village, Gaotian Town, Yangshuo (next to Longtan Pier)
Price: From 489 yuan
Tips: There are 5 types of rooms available for family-friendly families.

Monthly home by network

Monthly home by network

Yangshuo Qixin Jiuyin Inn

A Zen-inspired hotel, a chic yard full of stones, a pavilion like a thatched cottage, and people walking down here slowed down. The over-sized terrace can admire the scenery of the Longhe River. The designer separates a bamboo fence from the downtown area. It has a big meaning in the city. There are nine rooms on each floor, and the ninety-nine room is one. It is the meaning of the nine hidden. . The naming of each room also has their story.
Address: Chuanyan Village, Gaotian Township, Yangshuo, near Dabanshu Scenic Area.
Price: From 469 yuan
Tips: Each room allows up to 2 children under the age of 12, no extra charges no extra bed; over 12 years old children charge 128/person extra bed.

Qiyin nine hidden by network

In Yangshuo not only to live well, but also to play well! Actually, in addition to the Yinziyan where tourists flock, Yangshuo has many quiet and beautiful niche sights waiting for you to experience. If you want locals to accompany you for the entire journey, you don’t need to worry about traffic problems such as traffic jams and transfers. You can also easily enjoy the beautiful scenery of the local scenery, ride along the Yulong River, take artificial bamboo rafts, enjoy the quiet time of the old county, and learn about the local cultural history. Go to Welfare Town and follow the master to learn to draw a fan and take Yangshuo home.

Third, the conclusion

Guilin and Yangshuo are both very developed tourist destinations. The choice of hotels is also very much natural. The hotel recommended by the hotel in this article not only incorporates local characteristics in the decoration, but also can better experience the different styles of hotels in these places. , And the service is more intimate and more humane, hoping to help people with selective difficulties, if there is any problem, please contact us in the comment area.

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